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Honda Civic LX or EX?



  • nr37nr37 Posts: 6
    Ah Sandman,

    How do you always know the answer! Thanks. I can rest now ;)
    I think the thing looks very sharp w/o the extra chrome too. My kids & husband are so sick of me pointing out every Civic and it's trim level to them these last few months, it's good I've finally gotten my own to keep me amused!

    Thanks again!
  • gene2gene2 Posts: 10
    The headrest angle bothered me a lot, too. Adjusting the seatback angle was not an option for me as I like an "upright" seat position. Solution - I spent $95.00 and bought an '07 Accord headrest. It fits perfectly in the Civic seat and has a much less severe angle. Hope this helps. It worked wonders for me.
  • bbb7bbb7 Posts: 1
    I have a new Honda DX-G coupe and I want to know if there is anyway to increase the ground clearance?
    If I do dirve it this Winter I will puchase snow tires for sure.
    But I am really concernred about the low fron clearance and how it will respond when Trying to get off the highway with 8 in snow banks...
    Lift kit >? New Rimms?
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    But I am really concerned about the low front clearance and how it will respond when Trying to get off the highway with 8 in snow banks...
    Lift kit >? New Rimms?

    Just mat the throttle and plow right over it, that's what bumpers are for. I did that in my Miata and had no problems. You are talking about the snow left behind by the plows, correct? You'll plow through it just fine. You can't drive a civic in 8 inches of snow on the road you need a 4x4 with real ground clearance for that. ;)
    But snow trails just take a bit of speed and boom you're through, no drama. I do this all the time in my Subaru and have since it was brand new. It have over 200K on the clock now,so the snow didn't hurt it much. :shades:
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Switch drum brakes to discs easily? I doubt it and it won't be cheap. Odds are good that the ABS controller has a different program on the EX vs. LX and the LX unit won't like what it senses with the new disc brakes. Additionally, you run the risk of needing new abs sensors, new hubs and different parking brake cables, possibly a different master cylinder because these have all been things different on Honda vehicles with disc and drum options.
  • jasonc3jasonc3 Posts: 15
    Wow, i was looking for my car back in October of 2006, and i ended up getting it in early 2007 i think, so it's been a year i've had my 07 Civic Si, and i'm happy i got it! Just thought i'd let yall know! =)
  • radboi22radboi22 Posts: 1
    my front brakes on my 92 honda civi will tighten up and will try to lock up after the car is warmed up. then after it cools you can drive it again. i have change master cylinder because the brake pedal was going to the floor. i have bleed the lines time and time a agian but no change. could it be the booster or one of the lines anyone with any ideas. it kinda sucks bc i use my car for my job. and always have to stop and get my scooter sucks
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Your front calipers sound like they are frozen. Have you replaced them?

    This is common problem with front calipers. Crud and moisture build up behind the piston, and since the pad is wearing down and the pistons continue pushing outward....everything is okay. When the pads are finally replaced, and the pistons are forced back into the caliper, the crud binds up the piston so it is no longer free to float. The hydralic braking pressure forces it out, but when the foot is taken off the brake the piston doesn't float back. Results is that the rotor is continually gripped (and overheats).

    In your case, sounds like you can run until your rotor heats up and expands...gripping the rotor very tight, until it is able to cool down again. If you have had this caliper problem, you may have overheated your rotors and warped them. You'd know this by when you are coming to a stop your brake will feel like it is pulsating. If so, then replace the rotors as well.

    I usually just replace mine at every two or three brake pad changes.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I just clean the dust boots and lubricate the slider pins. I only replaced a set of Honda calipers once, because the dust boots cracked from heat and it just happened again, so I drove them another 90,000 miles with cracked boots and no issues other than cleaning and lubing them at pad changes. At least quality reman'd calipers are cheap at Auto Zone if they truly are piston problems, but I've seen far more issues with slider pins being dry and sticking.
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