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LS 400/LS 430 Electrical Questions & Problems



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The biggest "challenge" for your car battery is in cranking the engine. These days most starter motors are reduction geared and therefore require less cranking amps than in days gone by. Additionally with all the electronics in control, especially EFI, engines simply start a LOT quicker.

    I would wager that a small garden tractor battery would supply enough AMPS to start an LSes V8 but accordingly would not have a very long life.
  • j7wildj7wild Posts: 14
    Wwest, so the guy at Auto Zone conned me then?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    No, just good salesmanship...

    Except for lightening your wallet slightly more than necessary he did you no harm.

    Manufacturers of late have become a bit more conscious of weight vs MPG issues so while the higher capacity battery will undoubtedly weight more than the OEM it will also likely last longer.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The CD player in my brother's 91 LS400 will not change discs nor open the CD door but will play the CD currently in position. I traced the problem down to a pico fuse in the "head" unit. Does anyone know of a shop that specializes in Lexus radio repair...??
  • j7wildj7wild Posts: 14
    that's the Toshiba 6 disc changer in the trunk?

    same I have on my 1992 LS 400?

    same happen to mine, wouldn't open or change disc and I even try the reset on the remote control on the dash

    took it to Lexus, they couldn't fix it

    took it to a car stereo place, they told me don't bother

    so it's still in the trunk, just doesn't work anymore
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    I don't think it pays to fix these old things anymore. I'd just replace it.

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  • j7wildj7wild Posts: 14
    you are correct; I feel the same way.

    but I wouldn't even spent the money on a new car stereo for a 16 year old Lexus with 200,000 miles on it

    my nephew is turning 16 next year and is going to start to drive - I am thinking how selling the car to him - his first car, a Lexus!!

    my first car was a 1976 beat up old dodge van with no ac and am stereo
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    1991-92 LS400 radio often blows one of the fusible links inside the radio head. Specifically the one that passes the B+ from the dome fuse through the radio and then out to the CD. C21 pin 4 from the dome fuse into the radio and then through the fusible link to C9 pin 6 out to the CD. There is a second fusible link for the acc B+ out to the CD but that one doesn't blow.

    Anyone have experience with this...??

    Radio aways operates even with the fusible link blown and CD works perfectly until the fusible link blows, days or weeks apart.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I am in the process of wiring in an external fuse in parallel with the internal pico fuse. Shall I copy you on instructions...??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    B+ (battery 12 VDC) pin at the CD player connector was shorted to ground. Provided a B+ power bypass around the connector and all is well.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    CEL on my brother's 91 LS was due to failure of the EGR valve vacuum modulator.

    Over $100 at Lexus of Memphis and needed to order.

    In stock (92 Camry) at Hutton Toyota for ~$70.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I'm just finishing up installing replacement aftermarket seat heaters for our '95 LS400. In the process I discovered why the OEM ones failed...POOR DESIGN.

    The OEM seat heaters are designed poorly in that the elements can too easily come in contact with the metal frame of the seat. That's why both front seat heaters had failed.

    It turns out that there is a TSB that covers this flaw for the '95-'00 LS400...5 years to discover and correct an obvious design flaw. The TSB reads that it only applies under specific customer complaints and only while the car is still under the factory warranty.

    So if you own a '95 to '00 LS400 and your seat heater(s) have failed now you know why, TOO LATE...
  • I have a 2004 LS 430 and the keyless entry stopped working. I can't lock or unlock the car or the trunk. I have had it to the dealer ( they had it for 2 months ) to recalibrate the remotes to the car, with no success. The car has 56,000 miles on it and the dealer doesn't know what's wrong with it, the Lexus factory technican has checked it out and even been in contact, I am told, with the engineers that built it. They can't get an error code on any of the diagnostic equipment, pin pointing the problem. They think it is something in the wiring harness or a computer that is fastened to the inside of the firewall that requires the whole dashboard to be removed to get to it and that may not be the problem. The dealer has suggested an aftermarket remote to lock and unlock the car, or just live with it ( why did I buy a Lexus, if I have to do that ).
    I have been in contact with Lexus, but unforntunately they were not much help. The dealer suggested that I don't fix the car, because it will cost thousands of dollars to repair. I went back to Lexus and they said take it back to the dealer and the dealer will basically rebuild the car, at my expense. That's a bit scary folks.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with the keyless entry, because I don't really want to give my dealer a blank check to fix it. ( I'm not sure they know how for starters )

    Thank You
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Metallic window tint film...??
  • No, only Lexus original tinting. The keyless entry was working fine, then just stopped.

    Thanks for the suggestion though
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

    The keyless entry problem in my 2004 LS 430 with 56,000 miles on it, has been solved by Burdick Lexus in Syracuse,N.Y. These people investigated the problem and found two major components at fault, and they only had my car for a week. The first component was the Theft computer assy ($892) and the second was the Reciever door control unit in the trunk ($754), along with labor ($1,100) for a grand total of $2,746 to repair my LS430. The car is working like it should now and is enjoyable to drive again. When I first reported this problem to the Lexus Corporation, asking for some help in paying for some of this, because Dorschel Lexus in Rochester, N.Y. had no clue what was wrong it and didn't even want to try to fix it, and that's after they had my car for two months, Dorschel did offer some lame suggestions that I just live with it, or they can install an aftermarket remote to lock and unlock the doors on my $65,000 Lexus, for only $200. Lexus Corp thanked me for bringing this problem to their attention and informed me that they have sent this issue to the Lexus Headquarters in California, so that they can make a better product. How do you make a better product without the solution to the problem. Well now, thanks to me for paying for their research and development on this problem, they now have the answer. Lexus Corporation dropped the ball on this issue as far as I am concerned. It's too bad that I couldn't sell them the solution to their problem.
    On a very bright note though, for people in Upstate New York. Burdick is an outstanding dealership and they are huge in automobiles not just Lexus. I personally would like to test drive one of their BMW's and they also have Hummer along with too many more manufacturers to mention.
    I thought that anyone that has seen the keyless entry problem that I posted might be curious about the solution to the problem. Well here it is, so if your car has the same problem that mine did, it will cost you a smooth $2,800 to fix and don't count on Lexus Corporation for anything. I should state that my car is out of warranty as the Lexus Representative pointed out to me several times and they did not have to do anything toward helping with the cost of this rare component failure. I'm fine with that, I don't have to purchase another $65,000 Lexus either and neither does anyone else in this country.

    Have a Great Day
    Mike McNeil
  • I have read postings on various websites that are similar to my problem, but not quite like mines. My interior power will not work at all! Nothing on the inside works (no heat, radio, dash, seats, etc.) nor will my head and tail lights work. I was told I had an electrical problem (which as not been diagnosed by an electrical technician) The vehicle drives fine, but I can not use any electrical devices for the car. I was told the problem is draining the alternator, which I just had one replaced. I did notice that if I turn on the hazard lights, I can see it blinking on the dash and it works outside of the vehicle as well. I tried to turn on the headlights, but they did not work, but I could see where I tried to put the lights on high beams.

    If anyone has experienced this problem, please advise!!

    Thank U
  • flatlanderflatlander Posts: 25
    This mirror is not adjusting from the dash controls although it will fold in or out. Is this problem common and/or fixable w/o buying a new replacement mirror?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited June 2010
    Blown fuse or failed relay.

    Most likely the lighting system "integration" relay assembly/module mounted in the dash panel approximately above the driver's left knee.

    Check to see if the "flash to pass" headlight function works and if so the integration relay has failed.
  • lexus401lexus401 Posts: 2
    i have 91 ls400 when i drive it after it gets warm i hear a whinding noise sounds like power steering but its not. after driving 15-20 miles noise gets louder then dosent want to shift in 2nd or 3rd gear rpms will rev when accelerating but speedomonitor gets stuck at 20 mph????my lexus has 128,000 miles on it so i dont think its the transmission.issue # 2 ,when i step on brakes reverse light comes on. heater and a/c and clock lights dont light up. i checked fuses their still good. cant lock or unlock door with key....Please help!!!!!Thank You.
  • j7wildj7wild Posts: 14
    I had a similar problem on my 92 LS 400 where it wouldn't go faster than 30 mph at night with the headlights on and the engine over-revs and when I stepped on the brakes, the instrument panel dims out.

    but if I turn the headlights off, it would speed up to normal speed.

    I took it in and they found that the bundle of electrical wires that in the trunk next to the left hinge of the trunk were shorted out from over the years of opening and closing the trunk; and the hinge catching that bundle of wires and cutting into them.

    They replaced several of the wires and now the car runs normally!
  • lexus401lexus401 Posts: 2
    Thank you for info I checked the wires in trunk hinge and found 2 cut wires 1 is white 2nd is yellow.dont know if it fixed transmission problem yet but i will keep you posted.. Thanks again.
  • forelioforelio Posts: 2
    Ok my lexus's radio does not work throughout the day(it does not turn on). At the same time everyday when i get off work at 5pm the radio turns on and works fine. It is the stock radio and the issue is powering on and off. Thank you for any solutions or ideas : )
  • lise19lise19 Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2001 Lexus LS 430 -just went on a road trip- I was using a GPs- plugged-into the front lighter -after several hours of driving I noticed the Low battery signal on the GPS come on-clearly the GPS wasn't getting power to it to re-charge. I figured it might be a fuse so I stopped at an auto parts store and replaced with a 15 amp as directed by the manual. After several hours
    it blew again, I replaced it again and finished my journey so it is an intermittant short. Do I need a special Lexus fuse or does anybody have any idea how to fix this? I'm killing my back each time I contort my body to replace it! Thanks!
  • dandydon2dandydon2 Posts: 77

    Your message is a little confusing. The GPS first indicated that the battery was low, so you replaced a fuse. Then you said "it blew again". Did the fuse blow out the first time or did you just assume it had?

    I had a similar experience with my 2004 LS430, in that the GPS kept saying it was low on power. Turned out the problem was that my car battery was failing. When I replaced that, the GPS problem went away.

  • lise19lise19 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply. The fuse had blown and then blew again after a couple of hours.I replaced the fuse both times and it is currently working and charging-However I was hoping to not do a repeat performance of constantly replacing the fuse. I was on a 7.5 hr road trip today however! May be I should have the battery checked out- altho it is about 1.5 years old- I'm in FL. and the heat kills batteries!
    Maybe that is getting ready to go too!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The GPS charger, cable, or cigarette lighter plug, has an intermittent short.
  • dandydon2dandydon2 Posts: 77

    Depending on how your LS430 was ordered, there may be a second cigar outlet in the back seat, just below the front seat center armrest. If it is on a separate circuit, you could at least keep the GPS operational while you are tracking down the short.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Cigarette lighter outlets are notorious for shorting out because people often put adapters into them which aren't quite the right fit--due to cheapo engineering---and so they tug and twist and this often damaged the wiring or the socket itself.

    I'd consider adding an auxiliary 12V outlet from a kit you can buy, and installing it perhaps in the glovebox. I'm sure a radio shop could do this for you for not a lot of $$$.

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