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Ford F-Series Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • I've owned my '98 F150 for almost 3 years. The lights on the instrument panel haven't worked since I purchased the truck. I have pulled out the light switch and cleaned it using compressed air. This didn't help. I checked and confirmed that all wires are attached. Would this be a defective switch?

    Also, the door alarm counds every time I open the door. It sounds as it would if I left the key in the ignition and exited the vehicle. I suspect that the problem may be in the steering column. By shaking the key switch will stop the alarm bell for a few seconds and then the ringing comes back. I tried tightening the steering column housing and this didn't work. Does anyone know about this problem and how to fix it?

    Thanks for your help.
  • I had some knock off blue lights from ebay about 2 yrs ago that burned out something in my wiring. I can sometimes change a fuse and that works for very limited amount of time until it blows again. Indicating to me that there is a short from burning or slpit whatever. Also this light only not working in the low beams, in high beams both work. I have cut the plug off which i thought was the orginal problem but did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start or what part of the harness might be affected? any and all help is much apprecaited.
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  • I had a similar problem on my Harley a few years back when I ran a bigger xeon bulb (wattage) than is recommended. it ran really hot and actually melted some of the insulation on the harness behind the reflector (but i didn't know that at the time). i wound up putting the orig bulb back in and it would just cut off and then come back...made me think I had a loose connection but never did find one. eventually i began blowing the fuse to the lights (and all sorts of stuff...BAD on a motorcycle) and i finally found it by pulling the bulb, reflector, and the wires out as far as i could and i noticed the bit of melting/clumping of wire. i separated stuff, taped it, and haven't had a problem since. i also don't use a higher wattage bulb anymore either. FWIW and of course YMMV
  • I have a 2006 f150. I hooked up a boat trailer to it and only have a working brake light and turn signal on the right side,no running lights on either side. Any suggestions??
  • Hello, I'm having a leak issue in the area of your truck did could you tell me if and where you located the water leak coming in any help would be great Thanks J
  • Hello, I'm having a leak issue in the area (fuse panle) of your truck did could you tell me if and where you located the water leak coming in any help would be great Thanks J
  • I have an '03 F-250 Super Duty 4 dr Gas, Had the plugs changed, oil changed,
    and rear brakes done.
    Now when I accelerate from a red light the ABS light comes on and the speedo freaks out for a few seconds....
    then the light goes out and the speedo starts to act right.
    Also it seems to have a rougher ride and less power.

    Please Help.
    Thank You,
    Kenny Brooks
  • hi i just bought a used 87 f350 two wheel drive dually.the anti-lock lite in the dash stays on and im not that educated with anti-lock systems.
  • I have an '01 Ford F-350 V8 and have a fuse in the engine box that keeps blowing. It is the one that controls the running lights and the dashboard lights. If I "hotwire" the fuse, the running lights will work; but the dashboard lights still won't work. I don't know if it is the light switch itself that is bad or what. I can't find a short anywhere...

    anyone have any suggestions?
  • I have the exact problem - '99 F150. Door ajar & interior light (&back light) and ding, ding stays on when door is closed. Did you replace the door switch assembly? Please let me know how you resolved this. Thanks.
  • On my 08 f350, crew, diesel, srw, 60K, the back up sensor will sometimes be off when I start the truck. Pushing the botton doesn't do anything it stays off. If I shut the truck off and start it again it may be on or off. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Any one else noticed this?
  • Can anyone help me i have a 03 f150 super crew and i have had the battery go dead twice now while the truck was just sitting. Also the battery light comes on an the ABS light and the radio and climate control light goes off at the same time. Had it in to my local shop they tested it an said it was just a bad cell in the battery. But i can see it happening once but not twice in a month. Any help would be great thank you :sick:
  • I recently had a battery changed at Walmart. The battery lugs were in bad shape so I had them replaced. They used the existing wires. They were in good shape. A month or so later I had no battery. I wiggled the positive terminal a bit and got a good connection. Happened several more times. I tried a different battery and replaced the positive lug again to no avail. Thinking there might be a common connection which may have been compromised during the twisting action of the wires during the replacement. This 2001 F-150 4.6 has different battery wiring than anything I've owned before. Any ideas???
  • Hi:
    I have a 1999 F350, Lariat, CC that I recently purchased with 104,000 miles. When I am driving the truck all the sudden the open door light comes up and no door is open. When I stop the truck the stop light stays on for a while and then turns off by itself. What could be causing this problem? Also, I have noticed an oil leak in the front area. When I touched underneath I could see a lot of oil build up in the area. Could this be a hose that is loose?
  • I have a F250 Diesel and everytime I try to start my truck the fuel fuse blows. I checked the wire harness for shorts and re-taped all wires. The truck worked for about 3 weeks and now the problem has started again. I've checked all wiring again, and cannot find a problem. does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  • I have a F250 Diesel and everytime I try to start my truck the fuel fuse blows. I checked the wire harness for shorts and re-taped all wires. The truck worked for about 3 weeks and now the problem has started again. I've checked all wiring again, and cannot find a problem. does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  • sekjrsekjr Posts: 2
    How do you remove the chrome bezel from around the front lights cluster.
    I'm trying to replace a bulb in the upper clear plastic lens, and access from the inside is impossible....

    What is the upper clear lens light for?

  • I have the same problem and have done a little research. Mine went dead leaving the heater fan switch on low and when the ignition was turned off, the blower motor kept running. The reason is, that ford trucks are known for a moisture leak in wet weather on the driver's side windshield. Moisture runs in behind the dash over the top of the fuse box where the G.E.M. (generic electronic module) is located. This moisture shorts this circuit board, which controls the heater motor some interior lights, and the one touch power window control on the drivers door as well as probably some other things. I haven't pulled mine out yet, but I noticed that I do have moisture getting in; probably will do it this weekend. Mine still works when it's dry, so I'm going to try and seal it up. They (the part) are in the neighborhood of $350.00 wholesale.
  • Probably moisture in the G.E.M. (generic electronic module) right above the interior fuse box on my 2000
  • Thank you that also explains the water drip from my holy [non-permissible content removed] handle. I will check it out as soon as it warm enough. still below 0c here. :)
  • I pulled out the fuse block and the gem. The problem is actually water in the top of the fuse block that the gem is plugged into and it shorts the connections. Cleaned the water out of the fuse block (there was no water in the gem) let it all dry, then siliconed the seams of the fuse block and it's all good. a couple of hours, not too hard, and very few tools. Piece of cake...! If you need directions, I typed up a little thing with pictures. E-mail me at [email protected] and I'll email it to you. (put GEM in the subject heading.
  • I started having problems with my power windows won't move at the same time my wippers and dome light went out it,the wired thing is some times it all works again for a couple min. I checked all the fuses and they are ok. Does somebody know what the problem could be. :confuse:
  • Has it been raining where you are tostado? All those items you mentioned are controlled by the GEM (generic electronic module) on top of the interior fuse box (see the post above) If you think it might be, e-mail me and I'll send you the directions. Email is [email protected]
  • Just bought a F-150 and I have had electrical problems since the test drive. The battery light came on while test driving. They took it to service and after waiting for an hour and a half they said it was a cable they fix, light is off so I buy the truck. Since buying the truck The truck has died twice the battery light continues to come on gauges die right before the truck shuts off. I have owned the truck for 5 weeks and I have had it in the shop 5 times. The service department can't find anything wrong. Its like the truck re sets itself after it has been off for awhile. Has anybody experienced this problem? How did you fix it?
  • nano9nano9 Posts: 4
    parking lights(tail lights) and dash light and lights above the cab and license plate lights not working on my 94 f350 with 7.3 turbo diesel
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