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Buick La Crosse New Owners Reports



  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will be looking around just in case. At this point I'm beginning to be a bit paranoid of anything new.
    Perhaps I need to start browsing owner reports, etc. I just can not imagine so many things being an issue with anything new.
    Besides my own experiences, I recall those of other family members and friends that I was or am close to and no one had this luck. Except maybe a school mate whose parents both worked and had a bit more money than most so they traded frequently. They always had Lincolns, except one year they bought a new Edsel. I don't know what all the issues were, but it is doubtful they had it a full year.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    If you've got particular models in mind, you might browse our consumer reviews:

    Most consumers are pretty candid about what they love & hate.


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