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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    It is difficult to believe that all of the 4.0 Pacificas with the 6spd transmission are bad, but I suppose it is possible. The only good thing about my Pacifica was that it got 18 in the city and 23 or 24 on the road for the 5000 miles that I had it.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I just read this post. My bitter experience started when I arranged with the salesman from I purchased my car to come in on a Saturday and simply have one of the techs go for a ride in my car. He arranged for this to happen at 10:00 AM. I drove the 45 minutes to get there, lingered around for awhile and then the salesman and I went o the service dept. The salesman told the service writer that I was there for my 10:00 appointment to have someone drive my car and the response was, "We don't have time for that sort of thing." I am not one to blow my stack, but I should have. I drove back home- another 45 minutes, and the following week I took the car to a much closer dealer. They claimed that they repaired various things on two visits, another dealer said that of my list of ten (10) things that did not work as they should there was nothing wrong. I took the car back to the selling dealer on December 31, 2007 and parked it next to their service department door. I filled out the night drop envelope and left a typed list of the problems. I put my keys and the list in the envelope and pushed it through the slot. I called on January 10, 2008 to see how things were going and was told that they did not know my car was there. I wonder where the envelope was for ten days.They recently sent me a letter asking if I am ready to purchase another car from them. he Chrysler attorney who waspresent at mysecond arbitration said that the problem was that I took the car to too many dealers. She said that it should go back to the selling dealer. I agreed, if she would be responsible forgetting it there and give me a car to drive. The rental car that I was to receive never matrialized and this somehow became my fault. She then took the car to yet another dealer and did not give them a complete list of what they were supposed to do. I contacted her at one point while the car was there and asked if she would have them check a few other things, and her response was that she would not because we did not agree on them at the arbitration.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I was that someone who really gets 21 to 23 mpg local! We have the 4. L engine and the 6 speed automatic transmission. Unless you have a heavy foot, 13-14 local and 17 on the freeway says something is really wrong!!!!!!! Unless you drive in LA or some other plugged up freeway place. There is a possibility if you use the same gas station, you are getting really rotten gas. Which I rather doubt is the problem. The dealer can get a "pliot" put in your PAC and you drive with it connected to the cars computer and it records everything. Including gas mileage but not limited to just mpg. This records everything! That will prove your issues and they will have to do something then.

  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I can back you up on this. I have the '08 Pac 4.0L 6-speed and I consistently get 27 highway and 22 city driving conservatively. I believe the 6-speed transmission makes all the difference compared to the 4-speed. I had an '05 Pac 3.8L with a 4-speed and the mileage wasn't near as good with the smaller engine because of the 4-speed. Anyone who doesn't get consistently in to 20's with the 6-speed either has a lead foot, drives with their foot on the brake, has the parking brake engaged or they need their car serviced. I should mention that I have the two-wheel drive and not the 4-wheel drive. I would imagine the 4-wheel drive wouldn't get near as good of mileage.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    As you have probably figured out, I did not drive my Pacifica a whole lot in the year that I had it. On one trip taking my daughter to OSU it made periodic loud thumps, I believe from the transmission or torque converter. When startingthe car sometimes there would be a terrible shudder and the engine would quit. I attributed this to the converter also. The first Pacifica that I was going to drive when I bought mine did this shuddering so the salesman, who apparently has a poor memory, decided that we should drive another car. My car did not do it until it was about a month old. Since none of the dealers experienced it, they concluded that nothing was wrong. People are probably getting the impression that I did not like the car. It is a catch 22. I thought that it was a good looking comfortable car, but it was simply unpleasant to drive because I never knew what was going to happen.
  • i have 2007 chrysler pacifica how i can check transmission fluid level with out going to dealer
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    If your PAC is under any warranty connected with Chrysler should the transmission seal be broken you will forfit any warranty. This transmission is sealed and perhaps a transmission shop could get change the fluid, but why would you want to? Look at the Owners Manual, I believe the tranny gets changed at 60,000 id schedule B is used otherwise it's 102,000 miles.

    How do you like your PAC? Is the PAC a AWD or a FWD?

  • is awd 4.0 and i love this car so far. I have 47000 on my PAC no problem . I just had 45000 service in the dealer . I just don't trust them . they supposed to change the oil in my transmission but just doesn't look right . i can see some silicone and don't look to clean.
  • I too was reading of all the folks who've had transmission problems and started wondering if I should be scared. My car is one of the first PACs made (I think manufacture date is 10/03). But from what I am reading here, it seems that cars that have the most issues are the ones with the 4.0L 6-speed (mine is the 3.5L 4-spd. w/ AWD). One complaint is I average only 16 MPG (mostly city driving), but now I see it is better to get a couple MPG less with an older design than have to spend $3K on a new transmission. So, I guess I was lucky to buy a new PAC when I did. As a matter of fact, when taking all things into consideration, it is the best car I have ever owned -- from reliability, design, comfort, and usability standpoint. I have all the options, and feel that the telematics (DVD, NAV, Satellite radio, Bluetooth) are better integrated than on my wife's new Lexus IS250. Too bad Chrysler couldn't keep the quality going ... instead of having had to kill the car so early, they could have had 2010 Pacifica's for sale now.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Very seldom is silicone used on the pan any more especia;;y the newer vehicles.

    Thats not good that you don't trust the dealerships Service dept. Will they allow you to watch at a distance? Our dealer is fantastic, been going there for almost 8 years now. I trust our dealership, but watch as much as I can.

    Our 2007 AWD touring is a great vehicle. We had to have the torque converter changed by a recall, was yours in that bunch too? We have had the motor mounts and a starter go bad under warranty. We have close to 58,000 miles on the PAC. There is only one thing we don't like about the's not paid for yet.
    The pac's have taken a real beating we owe just about double what the high blue book is.But with the life time power tarin and we got the Max Care Service Contrac, which is also lifetime we feel it just might be the last vehicle we will have to buy for a long time.

    The book calls for using 89 octane, but we use the 87 and when we tried 89 we saw no difference at all. The engine is sure a powerful one. Better than any V-8 we ever had in our 4o years of marriage. We really are pleased with our pac too. Do you have a trailer you pull or was 45,000 miles just what you wanted to change the fluid at?

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The 4 spped auto trans is reliable, and is just this year (2009) being dropped. The 3.5 is the basic engine the 4.l is designed from, so the 3.5 is a solid engine. The 3.8 is a true gas hogvery few get good mileage from it.

    The Dodge Journey took many of it's design ideas from the PAC, however the Journey is a cheaper to make vehicle made with cheaper non union Mexican labor. The fit and finish are very good on the Journey. The PAC was an expensive vehicle to make and never made what was expected in profits. As you say the pac is a ver fine vehicle and too bad Chrysler did not promote the vehicle as I think that would of increased sales. I only a couple of times saw a TV ad for a PAC.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    According to Mitchell 1 it takes a scan tool and special tool 9336. As for the RTV sealer, that seems to be what most manufacturers use now. In many instances gaskets are available aftermarket. I would not mess with the transmission. Let the dealer check the fluid because if you have any transmission related problem and they find that someone else has touched it, that will be their easy out.
  • I have a 2005 pacifica FWD. Problems: Last year tight rod was bad, replaced it. This year, O2 sensor is not on, replaced it. Last month, sway bar broke, replaced it. This week, something weird happened, all the light inside is out, speed is not moving, though I can turn on the car and drive the car. Oh, one time last year, weird thing happened too. I turned of the car, the lights were fleshing even when it's turned off. I put in the key and started the car, car started good. It did for about 10 minutes, the everything normal. This week, everything inside blackout, speed is not working, though the car run and normal. Any body knows what wrong with this car? I love American make cars, but this makes me starting to doubt the American cars.
  • I have a 05' Chrysler Pacifica 3.8l eng and i am having problem with my fuel gauge when i get to a half a tank the needle goes all the way down to the E and when i crank my car i have a hard time to start it when i have it below the half i just want to know what is the problem and how can i resolve it
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Sorry to hear about your problems dc2005. I had a similar problem to yours with the weird instrument cluster light failure. I posted the problem to another forum and never got a response. I never found a solution either except to get rid of the car. See my original post below.
    Chrysler Pacifica
    Instrument Cluster Dark & Remote Lock Failure

    I have a 2005 3.8L Pacifica bought new in July '05 (out of warranty) with only 27k miles. I've had a remote lock and instrument cluster failure twice now a few months apart. The way I notice it is when I go to remote lock my vehicle I don't get the horn and light confirmation. I get back in the vehicle and power it on and the instrument cluster is dark, no illumination or display. The vehicle still starts (luckily) and everything else seems to work fine. After it sits for awhile, the instrument cluster comes back on and everything appears to work fine again. The last time this happened the check engine light illuminated so I finally got some fault codes to troubleshoot this problem. I did the 'on acc on acc on' trick to get the fault codes to pop up on the odometer. I got two fault codes u110c (No Fuel Level Bus Message) and u0140 (Lost Communication With Body Control Module). Has anyone else experienced this glitch? Anyone know the possible cause, solution? Since my vehicle is out of warranty, I don't want to waste an expensive service fee to troubleshoot this intermittent problem. I can't seem to find a TSB or Recall that specifically addresses this problem. Thanks for any help. (Oct 19, 2008 | post #1)
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My daughter has a 2005 that goes through headlamps with a degree of regularity. I replaced the harnesses, which is a TSB, but it does not seem to make any difference. She has now become quite proficient at replacing the bulbs.
    There is a TSB on the right front door switch which seems to affect an awful lot of stuff.
  • OK, I know search is my friend, but my head is spinning after reading about 50 different posts. I would like to hear what has decisivly worked to fix a few issues. 2007 Base model with AWD and the 4.0. We bought it cuz my old car decided to eat its motor 500 miles from home and the local Chrysler dealership was the only one open at 0730. Its not a bad highway distance runner, and when pressed, it goes like a raped ape. BUT thats about the only thing I still like about the car, due to all of the migranes its giving me.
    ISSUE 1: The infamous right turn noise. Had this since day one. Been in and out of the shop a half dozen times. They tell me they cant duplicate the problem, finally, I dragged the service manager and the MAYBE 18 year old punk mechanic out the the car and got it to do it the first turn I took. 2 days later they said the problem was tire pressure, they charged me 60 bucks plus to patch 3 of the tires, still does it. REALLY had about enough of this.
    ISSUE 2: The transmission SUCKS. Clunk and shudder going into drive. HATES going into OD, or even 6th gear unless I force it by putting it in manumatic mode. On a 2000 mile trip to see the Mouse in February, I got a whopping 19.5 miles to the gallon, cruise control set at 65 the whole way. Had it in the shop about 5 times for these issues. First time they said there was a TSB, but the computer was down, bring it back in a few days. I bring it back, they look at me like I just sprouted a second head. Third trip, they replaced the motor and transmission mounts. No joy. Took it back, they shrug thier shoulders.
    ISSUE 3: New one here in the last few weeks. Been running hot, smells like melted metal and plastic. The boost fans dont help much in stop and go traffic. My wife has had to pull over and let it cool more then once. Tonite she was sitting in a parking lot getting coupons togather for a grocery run and people knocked on her window saying there was smoke pouring out of it. She got it home, and sure enough there was smoke coming out of it. Looked like it was coming from around/under the transmission. Before I could slide under the car and localize it my ever helpful 4 year old shut the motor down and it went away. Wound it back up and blasted it around the block, and it started smoking again, but not enough for me to tie down. Of course, when I called the shop AGAIN they had all left for the day, despite being 15 minutes before thier stated closing time.
    SO, any help would be great. Im to the point of just eating the negative equity, taking a rediculous interest rate, and just getting rid of the thing. I love it, dont get me wrong, and the AWD is awesome due to the fact I'm one of those lucky people that is essential staff and am required to be at work no matter what the weather, but I'm at the end of my rope.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Lookin the backof the owner's manual. I should tell you how to file with the National Center for Dispute Settlement. It took some time, but it worked for me. Chrysler bought the car back with no charge for mileage.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    You don't say if you bought it new or used. New would give you a better way to take care of the issues, used has limited options.

    Either way I would go to the Owner/ manager of the dealership you bought it from and address your issues with him/her. If you get blown off ask for the Zone rep to get involved. Always try to work with the local people first. There is a chain of command that is defined rather like a rope of sand, never the less it is a connecting way to resolve issues.

    19 mpg is not real good for the 4.L engine with the 6 speed auto. But how do you drive? I can easly punch it a couple of times and get less than 19. Are you going by actual fuel burned divided into the miles; or are you going by the computer in the car?

    I think your issues can be resolved, but perhaps your dealer is not up to par?

    If you have the Chrysler Max care Service Contract (extended warranty) a free rental car. If you don't I suggest you get one as there are many reasons, like if you bought you PAC new then the Max Care is lifetime as well.

    I am reluctant to call your Pac a lemon just yet. Give it a little bit to see how the dealership reacts.

  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    Don't feel bad, my car is doing the same thing especially the front end noise and they keep saying that there is nothing wrong. Well maybe I just need to hit a huge pot hole and finish breaking any thing and everthing under so they will fix it......

    I am stuck with this pile of crap because like you said they won't give you anything for a trade in. I have the lifetime warranty on it but, the way it looks it is useless!!!!! I hate this car!!!! I haven't had the smoking yet but, I have heard the fan motor sounding like it was gonna fall apart when I am idled. It only has 21,000 miles on it now and I have had nothing but problems when it reached a whopping 1,000 miles in it. I will never buy this kind of car again.....
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I will be very honest with you in hopes to help you see a way to help your self. Be determined to make Chrysler fix your PAC or buy it back! To do this your attitude needs to change. You need to be in control of every step, not the dealer. You have rights and how you work these rights either makes you a winner or a typical "I am stuck with a bad car" buyer. One mustisyou have to have an attitude of calmness and a cool temper that never can be let go off! There is no way to get arround you have to establish a working relationship with either the Service Manager or the Owner or General Manager. Do what ever you have to get on the better side of these two people. If you go to these people with a sour attitude or bad mouthing them or Chrysler you will shoot yourself in the foot.

    I always find something to praise the dealership or the tec's or something, because these people are use to hearing sware words, threats, and anger. Be noted for a kind word and be as pleasent as you can. Remamber how the sales person treated you? (I hope it was good) You have to apply kindness and a pleasent attitude to get anyone to want to help you. Only you can have these people working for you, so butter them up good. Ask for the Zone Rep to get involved. Ask this of both the service manager and G/M. This is a very good strart, and you should get done what you want be it a buy back or fixing it to please you.

    I have experienced 2 replacements from Chrysler. A 1996 Dodge caravan and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. So what I am saying is how I worked with the dealers and the Zone Reps to get what i felt was fair.

    Using the Lemon Law will get results, but you will not get near what you can if you are going by what i suggest.

    Hope this helps. farout
  • Well I hoped it wouldn't happen to me but it did! 2006 Chrysler Pacifica 52000 miles, transmission locked up in the driveway of my house because the torque converter went bad. Brought it to a experienced transmission shop and they rebuilt the tranny and installed a new torque converter(tc). That one lasted a week. I developed a shudder at 35 mph and 1800 rpm. They pulled the tranny and and found metal shavings coming out of the new tc. After cleaning out the tranny they installed another new tc. This one didn't last 2 days and it was shuddering even worse. Brought it back and they installed a 3rd tc. Before they gave it back to me they test drove it and it shuddered again. My mechanic is now installing a 4th tc and replacing mounts and he says that if that doesn't fix it he won't know what to do.
    Ok, from some of the more experienced Chrysler owners, very simply what are my options? I have no warranty, bought the car less than 10,000 miles ago from a used car lot, and have spoken to the chrysler cust service people but haven't been satisfied with them. Anyone? (i am pretty sure i could find the answer to this question in other posts but at this point i am just pissed at the world)
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Is your transmission man using after market converters, or are they coming directly from Chrysler. I believe that your car has the aspd automatic, and they are not as problematic as the 6spd.
  • I just left the mechanic and they let me have my car. It isn't fixed yet. They actually took the car to a tranny guy they know at a chrysler dealership. They reprogrammed everything and it didn't get better. They checked all the part #'s and everything is good. At this point it has had 4 tc's installed.
    The problem now they feel is the actual fluid. They bought fluid from chrysler and (i think it was +4?) the next step is to bring the car in after the holidays and they will tear everything down again. The parts that can be cleaned will be and the clutch plate (which absorbs a little fluid) will be replaced. Their objective is to totally start fresh with this new fluid and see if this was the culprit. Heard of this? Sound like a good idea?
    My transmission shop has been in business for 60 yrs and have been really cool with everything. Other than being without a vehicle for so long it hasn't been too bad. This is the first 06 Pac. they have seen in their shop and apologized for all of the inconvenience and that they too were learning. At no further cost to me. $1800 is what i have paid up to now. I am just REALLY scared at the outcome of all this if it doesn't work. Whatcha think?
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    It would appear that they are covering all bases. If all of this fails, I will give you the phone number of my transmission shop. They are good. That is not saying that yours isn't, but sometimes it takes a different perspective.

    Good luck.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Unfortunatly you did not get a Chrysler Scrvice Contract. (extended warranty) Perhaps the tranny shop is making a very small mistake somewhere. I take my 07 Pac to a dealer that is honest and carefully looks at all areas when doing a job.

    Have you kept the schedule A or b on your servicing the PAC? There is hardly anyone who qualifies for schedule A. The transmission you have needs sericed every 30,000 miles have you done that? If your tranny shop is learnining that is not a good sign at all.

    For $ 1800. that tranny shop sure should stand behind it, The cost is on the high side, and at under 60,000 miles it never should have needed anyting. Do you have a trailer?

    I hope you can get this taken care of, as most PAC's are a very good car.

  • hello can you send me a e/mail on how long it took to get your car buy back thanks :sick:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We started ours Feb. 16, 2007 and we got the new Compass on April 4, 2007 and by May 8, 2007.

    Don't go the arbratation way it takes longer and you pay out more.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    You have me stumped. I cost me no more to go to arbitration. I got back every penny that I paid for the car and was not charged for mileage.
  • jathgajathga Posts: 1
    at time my 2004 Pacifica AWD will slip into neutral before catching. sometimes it happens when I shift from reverse-forward, sometime I'll be sitting at a red light and when it goes green I step on the gas on it doesn't move. I shift out of and back into drive and I'm ok. Am I looking at a total rebuild of the tranny?

    I had the Power Transfer Unit replaced 9 mos ago. Is this related?
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