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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • I have the same car with the same problems, bought a used tyranny and TC and it worked better but not right. I'm starting to think the tyranny cooler built into the radiator is collecting tyranny dirt instead of the transmission filter. My reason is my tyranny/raditor return hose popped after my tyranny was installed (the NEW fluid was dirty looking coming out of that cooler) with the hose repaired and fluid added the Tranny seems to be working better) I'm considering adding an in-line filter on the out side of the radiator. It might even be the tranny fluid is breaking down the radiator.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I would be more inclined to think that there is a problem with your used transmission. It could well have been full of dirty fluid when it was installed.
  • greg135greg135 Posts: 4
    i have 2007 Pacifica 4.0 51000miles I recently change oil in the transmission. Now sometimes when I stop on the traffic lights seize on me . And also after the oil change when I'm standing up hill I have to hold the brake, otherwise rolls back. any one now what wrong with that tran?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Who did the transmission oil change? It sounds like the wrong fluid was used. Chrysler has a rather expensive fluid in the 6 speed and that's why you can't check it. Do you know what fluid was used? Was it a dealer or a transmission shop?

  • I too think many Chrysler transmission problems are fluid related after checking out fluid sold at gas stations I found many carry only one type and are labled so that they seem to be right untill you read the fine print.
  • greg135greg135 Posts: 4
    fluid and filter they got from chrysler . now his saying that looks to him that my torque converter is bad!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Some 07's had a recall on the converters. Mine was one. If you bought your Pac used there may not be any recourse. However if your Pac was made up and until Dec. 06 it should have been replaced. You can call any dealer and they can run you vin. to find out.

    When you say "they" I assume that means a tranny shop? I think I would like to see the bill they paid for that at the Chrysler parts dept. To many places buy parts from AutoZone ect. A trans oil and filter and labor runs $149 to $180. The dealer I use all the time says it will cose me $179. I have 65,00 miles on our Pac now and maybe somewhere about 75,000 to 85,000 I may change it.

    What made you change it now? These trannys are great IF you start out with everything working out right from the first. Our Pac did have clunking and shuddering and after the TC was replaced it took a reflash and 4,000 miles to finally work like a great tranny should.

    I hope I am helping a little.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    July 13, 2010. The transmission Torque Converter went out with 74,477 miles on ot. The transmission became stuck in frist gear and would not shift up. Had to drive to the dealer 70 miles away, while stuck in first gear. The info center said I was getting 10.6 mpg. I believe that to be true, as I could see the gas gauge go down rather rapidly.

    The Service tec. said the TC was faulty. With the new TC I notice no shudder, or anything that reminds me of the first TC replacement.

    The best thing was now I do not need a fluid and filter change! That was done while doing the R&R of the TC. We still really like the PC.

    Anyone else have the same thing happen? Would like to hear from someone else on this forum.

  • grubby1grubby1 Posts: 1
    I am interested in your recall on your tranny. We have an 06 pac and have had trouble with the transmission shuddering for the last 15000 miles (70700) on it now. Out dealer told us there was never a recall, but it sounds like yours was built in 06 as we're assuming ours was. Are we getting the runaround from the dealer? We were just told yesterday (7-21-10) that there is no way of really fixing it short of a new tranny and we would have to wait for it to quit working. I don't really like those odds can you shed any light on the Chrysler recall.
    Thanks a bunch
  • Just to sum things up on my 06 pacifica : tranny went out, bad tc, rebuilt tranny w/ new tc from chrysler at local shop, developed shudder immediately, transmission in/out more than 5 times with new tc's, new motor mounts, and at long last they took the whole damn thing out and replaced it with another tranny and new tc and problem gone! HERE is the kicker! They took my old tranny and put it in another 06 pac and had no problems with it at all. So I guess that tranny just didn't like my car. Took about 6 months for resolution for me. Oh and by the way I bet your 06 pac has a bent front right strut too, just like mine and everyone else's.
  • Have an 04 Pacifica, was running fine then told trans and motor mounts and everything else under the sun was wrong. So fixed a few things at a time. First tires, then oil change and tune up but after that when my husband was driving it from the shop the trans was stuck in second gear, then it just stopped on him. Since Chrysler reorganized the nearest dealer is about 20 miles away. Had it towed and was told the engine locked up and the trans is shot. Bought it used in 07 and even took it back for the dealers repair guys to check the noise I was hearing and was told that was the car's emissions. Did normal tire changes and oil changes and nothing out of the ordinary was wrong. Then all of a sudden this. A little over 100k miles. I still owe on this car and if we trash it, I will have to pay a note on a car I have to pay 11k to fix. Is it common for these cars to all of a sudden just fall apart. It was a great vehicle. I took it to the dealer I think once for an oil change but other than that we took it to local guys. The engine light came on briefly before it locked up. I am so trying to avoid something drastic with my finances. Any help?
  • I drove from Georgia to Pennsylvania and while I was out of town, driving down the road, it was like the tranny shifted into neutral without any warning! No wining, no slipping, no clunking... I thought my wife's purse hit the shifter. I attempted to shift through the gears and nothing happened, we could have been killed! I called a local transmission mechanic, he came out shifted through the gears and said that the transmission needed to come out at least $2000. I decided to rent a uhaul and tow it home. $1000 later I got it home had it towed to my local Chrysler dealer, they said it would cost $2662 to repair it, they said that it was probably the converter or possibly the pump. I had it towed home. I am planning on pulling it out myself, any suggestions, could a piece of metal or trash have plugged up something? It happened so suddenly, like a fuse blowing or a switch turning off, it seems hard to believe the pump or converter failed like that!
  • My car just did the same thing. Not sure what the problem is. Took it to the repair shop. They think it is the filter not sure what else. If you know of anything new please let me know and I will do the same.
  • I am hoping to pull the pan again this week and see if anything else can be checked before I pull the tranny out. I pull the filter right after it happened and changed the fluid but it didn't help. I'll keep you posted, if you hear of anything let me know.

  • I have an '04 Pacifica and it's sitting at the Trasmission shop right now. This is the 2nd Chrysler vehicle we've owned (in a row) that have had transmission issues (did a rebuild on a 2001 Dodge Crew Cab Truck). It has been slipping out of gear, or so that is what it feels like, and the shop today told me it did it seldom on their three test drives and they feel it's a seal at this point. But to fix that, they have to pull it out and rebuild, an expense we cannot afford right now. I had the fluid flushed in 2/2010 when we had our 60K check. It's been doing this longer than that. I was told we could drive around on it and if it gets worse, bring it in to have it done. I can't justify $2000+ to fix this at this time. Does anyone else have this issue? The first time I brought it in they thought it might be the TC, but nothing was mentioned about that today. It's very frustrating as I love this car, but can't bring myself to do this fix at this time. We have 79K on the car right now. The shop manager told me it's the same transmission they put in the Dodge Caravans and they are seeing a ton of those between 80-125K coming in for the same thing. Anyone have any words of wisdom?
  • Does anyone know a workaround for a 05 Pacifica that is stuck in park? Dealer says no - must have it towed.
  • I have an 04 pacifica with 186,000 miles now havent had problems until the other day it felt like the someone hit a parachute button . we stopped right then and fluid was leaking out all over ..called a friend with a trailer it cleaned off and the valve body solenoid plate,.(on the front top of the tranny ) had 2 holes burnt thru it.we were lucky it didnt catch on fire... had to replace this item but did it my self after we replaced the valve body solenoid it would not start ..called a few dealers and one finally told us to check the ground wire that runs from the tranny to the was broke in half ,this probably caused the problem in the first place.. not sure if this helps but you might want to see if anyone has replaced this ground wire ....2nd gear is the default is now running but stuck in second, was told that a sensor might be bad will find out in a day or two.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    You might have a bad torque converter. Had something like this. We have an 07 AWD Touring. Got stuck in 1st gear and it had to be replaced. The 07 has the newer 6 speed auto, which is a good bit different. I hope you get it fixed.

    with 186,000 miles what engine do you have? If you have a 3.5 L did you change your timing belt? Also who and how much did it cost you for spark plug tune up?

    We now have 77,200 miles on ours. at 102,000 miles a tune up and timing belt are to be replaced. With the 4. L engine, it must be done by then or the LifeTime Powertrain warranty is void. We plan on driving this until it won't drive any more. Chrysler will loose money on us, that I am sure of unless we get in a wreck and can't fix it. We pray that won't happen.

  • My 2005 is still sitting in my driveway, I found a used tranny with 38000 miles at a local salvage yard for $600, I will pick it up tomorrow and do the r&r myself. I got 2 quotes on someone else rebuilding it, the cheapest was $2662. I'm not looking forward to doing this but for $2000, (that is a months wages for me) I need to do it myself. I have never changed the timing belt on the car, I didn't even know it had one. I will check and change it if necessary during this project. Other than this sudden transmission failure I have been very happy with the car.
  • agickagick Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have an 05 with the 3.8l engine with 80k the transmission has come on in the past but always cleared within a day or 2. The light has come on again and it has stayed on for a week. The only thing that I notice is that when shifting into park or shifting thru gears while sitting it shifts hard. The tranny has never been serviced that I know of and we purchased it with 30k on it. Any thoughts?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The 05 The 05 transmission should be serviced every 30,000 miles. The 5 speed or 4 speed auto trans has a filter that just by normal ware needs changed along with the fluid. If you have pulled a trailer its forsure every 30,000 miles!

    Perhaps with luck, just a filter and fluid change will do it. If you have a great Dodge or Chrysler, Jeep dealer ( as I do) that's where I would suggest to go. Too many "Transmission Specialists" and garages screw up this pretty basic service.

    Did you get an Owners manual? There is what the Chrysler says should be dome on certian mileage intervals. This is a good general rule of thumb to follow, I think so anyway. A good quality filter and fluid change should be somewhere about
    $ 149. to $170. .

    I hope this helps and let us know how it turns out.

  • amberhamberh Posts: 2
    I have been reading through this forum with hopes to find a good direction to take with an 07 Pacifica I just bought last week.
    It only has 50,000 miles on it, and drives great overall- on Monday I put new tires on it, which were slightly larger than the factory tires- I keep seeing posts on having the pinion factor set in the transmission- but think it may have been a coincidence
    either way, upon driving my Pacifica back from the tire shop it was having a very hard time changing gears, and for about an hour after that I was able to get it to drive completely fine, except it did not seem to want to go into 5th gear. I took it into my local Chrysler dealership to have the transmission serviced. The tech found chunks of metal on the magnet- that were fairly large size- I live in Idaho where buyers rights are an absolute joke, so after a lot of fury I was able to get the dealer that sold it to me to agree to pay $700 toward another tranny at a junk yard with similar miles.
    It dawned on me that a 50K tranny should not be destroyed, and if it is there is a likely factory issue that I should consider before buying the same exact tranny- I see that there are a lot of TC complaints on here- I do not know that much about transmissions as a whole, but am imagining that maybe had mine been let go malfunctioning for the last 50,000mi that it could be what is sharding off metal in the transmission. Before me this car was a rental car, which takes down the chance that the drivers would have been likely to report something such as a shutter.
    I am needing to call the dealer tomorrow in hopes that he has not bought the used transmission yet- and figure out what I should do. Part of me thinks to take the $700 and apply it to the gamble of taking it to the dealership and hoping that it could be as simple as replacing the TC, part says pay the arm and a leg to get the tranny rebuilt, and part says maybe the used tranny isn't all bad
    The one thing that was noticed, when I had a mechanic look at the car before purchase were that the tie rods were slightly bent, which I have seen several other people are experiencing, not sure if it is coincidence or if that says something about the manufacturing quirks of the same time frame
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I wish you had read up on the 07 PAC's before you bought this one. The )& PAC with the 4.0L 6 speed automatic had a Torque Converter recall. It should have been replaced under the factory recall tsb.

    I have 81,000 miles on mine. Mine was replaced at 10,000 miles and at 75,000 miles the TC went out and was replaced once again. The orignal owner got a LIFETIME POWERTRAIN warranty. That's why I bought this PAC and why I intend to drive it forever or my passing on which ever comes first.

    The way it sounds you bought it from some place other than a Chrysler dealer, am I right? I think you could still get a Chrysler extended warranty, which I always do even when I get it new.

    I would NOT let a transmission shop touch this transmission! It may only need a TC.

    The tire size is pretty critical, the trie shop should have told you that as well. The 6 speed automatic in 07 was brand new. It is a very good transmission, but requires some dealer special care that I just do not trust these cheap not factory trained shops, they are over priced and don't have much experience on these trannies.

    Tortion links and tie rods are pretty much the weak spot on most big vehicles these days. I have the tie rods replaced twice and the tortion links replaced twice as well. We live on a very rough gravel and big rocks road. Our road looks like a creek bed. We had three Jeep Liberty's and they did not hold up as ell as the PAC does.

    If you bought this PAC from a Chrysler dealer I think you have some leverage to get something done to help you.

    Let me hear how this turned out. By the way the 4.L engine is s very powerful engine and we get 22 to 25 mpf most all the time. We really like our PAC.

  • amberhamberh Posts: 2
    Thank you for all of the input- I called the Chrysler dealer here, they won't just look at the torque converter or replace it, they will dismantle the transmission, and check everything (which is good and bad as I am on a budget) This whole process will be $1500 before anything is actually fixed or any parts paid for. If I am reading correctly my car won't qualify for a Chrysler extended warranty due to it having over 36,000 miles on it and being the second owner.
    Has anyone had any luck or good experience with any of the other extended warranty companies, most of the input I am finding on extended warranties are complaints that they cover what mostly isn't needed/ powertrain issues- which in my case is exactly what I need- I really like everything about the Pacifica besides the one day of bad driving and the knowing that it will cost me an arm and a leg very soon- if I had my choice I would just have my Tacoma back, because I felt assured that I could trust it to keep me driving and out of the shop, but that aside the Pacifica is all together a very great running car.
    I was looking at Carchex warranties, as they were the one that came up through carfax which made me feel a little more at ease that they were a valid company, and for the price I would pay to have my transmission fixed I could have a warranty that would fix it this time, and cover it for a while after along with other odds and ends
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Just to give you an idea that when ours was new we got the LifeTime Max Care Service Contract (Chryslers extended warranty) with $100. deuct. and it cost $2,750. We got 0% financing with Chrysler Service contracts for three years. The PAC if financed elsewhere. So extended warranties are expensive, but as you are finding out an arm and a leg cost a lot as you will know soon.

    Just so you can know the 4.l engine is a new design as well, but taken from the 3.5 which is a great engine as well. The only things you will need to know is use only 10-30 oil, I use Mobil 5000 and that is what Chrysler uses as Mopar oil. I change ours about 4,000 to 5,000 miles, we go between 2,500 and 3,000 miles each month. thus is 37 months we have 81,000 miles on our PAC. We had front brake pads put on at 75,000 miles. there was still lots of pad left, but I was concerned as we have never got more than 30,000 miles on brakes before. We are on our second set of tires, and most likely wa will put on new ones by mid November.

    The big things to have done are at 102,000 miles the timing belt and a tune up are needed. Thats about 6 to hundred!

    We burn only 87 octane gas and it runs great. For us this is the best vehicle we have ever owned in 41 years of our marriage, and 48 years of me driving. What we like are the heated seats in the cold temp and the Sirius radio. the PAC is so smooth and easy to relax in. Chrysler sure kept this vehicle a well kept secret. The quality and fit and finish are way above anything I ve seen even up to now.

    The main thing I it's not paid for yet. LOL IT would not hurt to talk to the general manager of the Chrysler dealership you bought it from for some help with this transmission problem, maybe they can do some good will effort for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • bs65bs65 Posts: 1
    The engine light on my wife's 2007 Pacifica came on about 10 days ago. The owner's manual says it is OK to drive if the light is on solid and not flashing. Is that accurate in the case described below?
    Today I had Pep Boys read the OBD code (P0732), which suggests, "Incorrect 2nd gear ratio".
    Nowhere have I been able to find anything further on this problem. What are the implications? What might be involved in correcting it?
    I bought the car used, more than 2 years ago, at Car Max. It has about 56K miles and is past the manufacturer's warranty.
    It seems to drive just fine. The only transmission issues I've noticed occur when I come to a full stop, then immediately start again. Sometimes it seems to slip or jump. But If I wait a couple seconds for the RPMs to drop, that doesn't happen.
    Also, I saw elsewhere in this forum that there was a Torque Converter recall on the 4.0L 6-speed 2007 Pacifica. I never received a notice of any such recall. Might the OBD indicator be related to that TC problem?
    I tried to check my transmission fluid, but in the spot where the manual says the dipstick should be, there is a tube with a plug, stamped "Dealer Use Only".
    Should I take it to a dealer, or to a transmission shop?
    Thanks. For your suggestions.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    edited October 2010
    Pep Boys is NOT the place to take you PAC to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The code MAY mean the tires on the PAC are the wrong size. P235 65 17 is the correct size. Check and make sure that's what you got.

    I had my TC replaced at 10,000 and again at 74,000 miles. The recall can be checked by calling you Chrysler dealer and have them run the VIN. If yours has not been replaced I think they might still have the open recall.

    The transmission is sealed. The fluid is a new type in 2007 and often places wont put in the correct fluid as it is expensive, and not allways easy to get. DO NOT attenpt to force the sealed plug open. There is a light that will come on if its low on fluid. The fluod shoul be changed at 60,000 miles.

    PeP Boys hire thecs that are unable to secure a job at a better place. They pay less than $13. andn hour. The readers for the codes are not equal to the dealers. I encourage you to have technical service at least checkes out by the dealer, or call to see what they charge. I would rather pay a dealer $65.00 for 1 hour at a dealer than $ 80.00 for two hours work at Pep Boys. I used to think Pep Boys was great, when I was in my twenties. Now at 65 I have learned that lesson long time ago. I have two dealers that I trust and in the final cost is cheaper and warrantied for longer then cut rate places. Check it out and I think you might agree. I was allways afraid of over charges, and fast expensive work at the dealer, but thats not the case at all. Hope this helps. I would sure like to hear how this turns out.

  • I have a 2007 Pacifica that is stuck in park. I did what the manual says but did not work.... any suggestions? Has anyone had this happen to them?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The 07 has a touchy transmission. These were the first year they saw service. The very best solution is get to a Chrysler dealer. Don't take it to some transmission shop that is not fimular with all the querks of the 07's.
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