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Just bought a new 2020 Outback. Since it has Eye Sight, I’m wondering what folks do with their EZ Pass transmitter install location. Per the manuals, the normal place I usually mount the EZ Pass is apparently a no-go zone because of the Eye Sight cameras (mid windshield at the top). Anyone have experience with this? In the Northeast, lots of people have EZ Pass, so I’m hoping some owners have real world experience. Googling has been all over the place. Any experts out there?



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    Do you have to use the bulky transponder? Check with your issuing agency to see what options are available.

    In Colorado, we have a sticker that goes onto the lower left portion of the windshield; no issues with our 2015 Outback with Eyesight.

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    I don't use mine every day so it stays in the glove box until I need it. Then I just lay it on the dashboard. That may, or may not, be an option for you.

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    I just installed my EZPass today to the right of the eyesight camera on my new 2020 Outback, with half of it over the sunshade film. Mounting it any lower might place it in the field of view of the eyesight camera. I'm hoping the sunshade film doesn't block the signal. I'll have a chance to go through some tolls next week and will report back if it doesn't work.
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