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Chrysler Sebring Water Leaks



  • Water Sloshing you drive. My sebring convertible had the drain hole plugged with a plastic plug The hole is located in front of each of rear tire, inside fender at rocker level. This is a mfg defect, when i purchased it new.

    The hose that drains the top storage compartment were left inside the fender, rather then installed thru the rocker drain hole. all the water that normally ends up in the storage compartment and drains to the ground was draining into the fender and rocker wells. when they reached their max. or you hit the brakes the water would spill out under the carpet. ....Solution: pull the plug and fish the hose thru the hole or remove inside panel and insert thru hole. ..................apparently mine was not the only one with this mfg defect and others.
  • neismanneisman Posts: 4
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    Early Sebring convertibles had trouble with water leaking past the rubber weatherstrip that fastens to the "A" (Windshield) pillar. That weatherstrip goes in one piece from the bottom of the door window, over the top of the windshield and down the other side. It seals the front of the door window and the front of the convertible top.
    Early gaskets were smooth on the "A" pillar where they contacted the window. Later Chrysler changed that weatherstrip to include a ridge that kept water from entering the car. I bought the later weatherstrip at a junkyard and installed it on my 98 Sebring, stopping all leaking.
    I don't know in which year the change came about.

    Karl at
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    rbender posted a great pictorial about this -- check out his post:!vuserName=rbender

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  • I have had my 07 Sebring Touring Sedan since 10 and this is the first time I have had this problem. We live in Texas and often have bad rain storms, well this past Saturday it rained very hard and my car was out in the rain. After the sorm cleared I noticed when I drove it and came to stops it sound like water was being thrown at me. Well today I slammed the door on purpose and you could hear standing water in the back door. To my surprise I poured water by the window in this crack and thats where its coming from. My window seal is not keeping the water out.
  • im going to try looking for these. i bought this 99 and i started to hear a slosh in the passenger side. not in the door. i went to the guy i got it from and was trying to explain what i heard cause i was going to try to get a shop vac down the side of it. it wasnt in trunk or door, and wasnt coming from firewall but it made the passenger floor wet. he said the car is made to drain so he didnt see how it would be holding water. his wife had showed up so he was in a hurry to get going. so tonight it rained like crazy. the slosh was horrible on way home. it started going to the passenger floors and i heard it mess with a speaker. i had made sure the radio is off but if made a wierd noise and the lights on display went off. the power locks stopped working, and the lights on the rear view mirror stopped too. hope thats just a fuse.... :cry: i had one these cars before and never had this problem
  • rbenderrbender Posts: 30
    Do check around the door seals, Bottom of the door there will be rubber seals and they do stick the car. gently pull them away from the paint and check for the slots when you find a slot clean it and insert a large paper clip to keep the rubber seal from sticking again. Once I inserted the paper clips and made a habit of cleaning them once a year I have not had a water problem with the doors again in my sebring
  • there are some adjustments that could be made. it is best to get the service manual to help with that.
  • I live in PA and we just went through monsoon season or so it seems. Anyways, the rain was going sideways and every which direction. I do have leaks but this last past storm proved that I need to do something about them since I had two HUGE puddles on the floor right behind both front seats. I was looking to buy new seals to see if that would help or maybe something completely after market that was designed better rather just buying new seals, but an old style. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • silverstreak5silverstreak5 Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    If it is the chrysler sebring covertable, best of luck with that. I have had nothing but water problems since owning the vehicle brand new back in 08. I even contacted chrysler itself with no help. Check all of your drain plugs, some can be found on the bottom of your doors, (they look like little slits in the metal) use a paper clip or something of some sort to clean them , they trap dirt alot. i have puddles alot, on the passenger side front floor. there are drain plugs located in the trunk area at the wheel wells located under what lookes like electrical tape. they tend to collect water and spill out into the car somehow, ending up flooding the back seat floors from what i have heard and read. i havent had that happen yet .....
    I now have rain that pours in my car at the seal/ window drivers side corner front. when the car is parked and raining.
    now sometimes my electrical panel for the speedometer goes out along with it. also adding sometimes if it rains a few days, my drivers electric window doesnt want to drop down automatically when i open and close the door.
    this is such a headache and i hope if u do own the chrysler covertable, you dont continue with these problems i have as it seems to add more and more.
    best of luck..... boston area
  • This video was very helpful to me in fixing this problem. I have a 2005 sebring convertible.
  • many sebrings I see come in that have a leak on the floor that cannot be found comes from the piece of foam between the door and body under the windshield seal it has two Christmas trees in the back side it, to fix this problem remove the five screws that hold the windshield seal on. Clean all the gunk that collects under it, brake cleaner sprayed on a rag works great, place some rtv right above the screw holes (any will work) and put back together. can also rtv the foam piece but don't use brake cleaner on the foam and make sure it is dry
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