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Lincoln MKZ Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mcebmceb Posts: 4
    I'm curious if 2010 MLKs have arrived yet to your local dealer and anyone bought one yet and how much did you pay?
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    I went into a Lincoln Mercury dealer yesterday, and they showed me a car which they had sold to a business for a promotional drawing the business was holding.
    The person who won the drawing took cash instead of the car, so it is technically a used car since it was owned but not driven by the drawing winner.
    It's a 2009 Lincoln MKZ, 3,5L V6 Duratec Engine, 6 Speed Auto Trans.
    MSRP 37,790. They will sell it for 29,800 including a 1 yr vehicle maintenance package, or without the maintenance package for 28,700. It has about 37 miles or less on it.

    Negatives are:
    Low headroom. I'm 6' tall, just about all cars with sun/moon roofs give me about 1" of space or less above my head. The only one I found with a little more room is the Honda Accord. So I can get what I guess is a great price, and deal with the annoyance of the roof brushing my hair.

    The other negative is that I planned on black or at least dark upholstery, and this is white or off-white leather.
    I know that it'll take me a few days only to spill coffee on it, or drop food on it, etc.
    So I can pretend that I'll stop eating/drinking in the car, or deal with the fact that the clean upholstery for the driver's seat may end up stained very quickly.

    I just saw it late last night. Took it for a very short test drive on local roads, as I was mostly absorbing the situation.
    I'm going to have to decide very quickly - like today - or it'll probably be sold to someone else.

    Haven't owned a new car in my life, so would appreciate your responses to the price and my comments. Thanks.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,604
    no matter how 'good' the deal, this is not the car for you, too small.
    $1200 for a 1 year maintenance package?
    i have a fusion, close relative. over 15k, i would have paid about $175 for total maintenance. sine i get free oil changes, i paid about $100.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • I finally am getting closer to buying a car. It is between an 2009 Acura TL Tech and a 2010 Lincoln MKZ. I requested internet quotes from several of the local Detroit Acura dealers and only one from a local Lincoln dealer for an ultimate pkg MKZ. I received good honest out the door quotes from the Acura dealers via internet. The Lincoln dealer (Hines Park) gave me an awesome price, so I went in yesterday with my check book. Amazingly enough, they would not even consider selling me the car for that price. Here I am a person in Detroit, that would consider changing brands from my super dependable Acura TL to a Lincoln, who doesn't work for an auto company, can afford the car, got completed jacked around! I am trying to be a good citizen and buy American, but come on! Why would they give me a price that isn't real?I just asked for an internet price. They don't know me from adam and why would they make assumptions without asking? I will try one more Lincoln dealer and then just go buy the Acura. Can anyone tell me why it is so hard to do a simple transaction? I am more than willing to go out of state to get a decent deal. I did ask for an internet price from a TX Lincoln dealer and had good honest communication. Of course, since I didn't go to the dealer with my checkbook, maybe that is not true. I will post again if I go to the Acura dealer Monday night with my checkbook and they don't honor their out the door price either. :mad:
  • Just purchased a used 06 MKZ with 32 thousand miles, Silver frost, Nav system, Moon roof, Memory and heated seats, ETC. Purchased through a Ford dealer $18,800 out the door. Still has a 6 month factor warranty. This was a needed FAST purchase, as our 03 Buick was totaled due to another driver turning in front of us at an intersection. Low speed crash, but damaged to the crumple zone, and to expensive to repair, thus the loss. This is the wifes car, she liked the looks and color of the MKZ, thus in 2 days after being informed of the Buicks demise, she is now driving the MKZ. Still trying to figure out all of the controls and features.
  • mkz_manmkz_man Posts: 3
    I experienced same vibration at low speed and 2K RPM, there is definitely a tech serv bulletin, took back to dealer and they replaced a manifold bracket...vibration gone!
  • mkz_manmkz_man Posts: 3
    Anyone aware of "lifter noise" problem with MKZs when first started? Will go away after reving engine a bit or driving a few miles.
  • mkz_manmkz_man Posts: 3
    Anyone aware of "lifter noise" problem with MKZs when first started? Will go away after reving engine a bit or driving a few miles
  • I am curious which you ended up with. I am trying to decide between a 2011 TL or a 2010 MKZ. I have been driving Lincoln LS's for the last 10 years, so I now what features I get from Lincoln that are in excess of what Acura base cars provide. My concern is the residual value. Looks like the Acura beats the MKZ by about $1500. My concern is the Premium gas that is required for the TL and not for th MKZ. That would most likely eat up the extra $1500 in residual value real quick. If your purchased the TL, do you use Premium gas?
  • I have the same problem i to need help
  • What

    What do u mean by a (tech serv bullein)
  • bettebette Posts: 3
    Couldn't have been better. Did most of it online, took few test drives to make sure it was as expected and bought it. Nice rebate, negotiations were easy, includes 4yr 50K miles free service and under 29K for one with sunroof/chrome clad wheels. I know the 2013 is all new but this one fits me just fine. 5K miles later and so far, so good. Great on highway which is where it's driven most always, comfortable, takes regular gas, fits easily in garage, looks good and has more than enough pep for me. The jury is still out on the durability of the chrome clad wheels, sound system could be a little better.
  • That's a great price !!

    Can you please tell me which dealer and what options did you take on the car. I am assuming that this is for Hybrid.

    The best quote I have gotten in Texas is $33,200 for MKZ Hybrid with 202A trim.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    Anyone buy a 2012 MKZ recently> With the redesigned 2013s in production and about to go on sale, I assume dealers are blowing out the 2012s at bargain prices.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462

    If you own a 2013 or 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, a reporter would like to talk with you. Please email [email protected] no later than Friday, June 13, 2014 with your daytime contact information.

  • jraserojrasero Posts: 12

    Two months ago bought a CPO 2011 AWD MKZ with moon roof, chrome package, and premium paint. Had 38k miles and was in great shape. I bought it at Lincoln of Wayne in NJ and the experience was great. I highly recommend Wayne. They don't have the lowest prices but they have a great selection and a sales staff willing to work with you and help you even after the sale. Car invoiced at $19,800 I believe but I got it for around $19,200 with .9% interest. The 2013-2014 are great cars but are 50% more money and have been filled recalls and problems with the MyTouch systems. I was looking at an Acura ILX and TSX, but the TSX had no real upgrade over the 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L I was trading in besides maybe the badge on it and the ILX while tech savvy and fuel efficient drove like a Civic, which would have been a huge step down from the 3.5 Honda. The only semi disappointing thing is the MKZ AWD MPG which is rated at 17-24 or 19 combined, but I have been getting 20-21 mpg while my Honda 3.5 got 22 mpg. But yet again Honda doesn't even offer a AWD Accord unless you get a TL SH-AWD

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