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PT Cruiser Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sometimes a weak battery causes all kinds of weird electrical stuff. I would get some tests done on the car beginning with the charging system. Good luck.
  • Getting 303 code on #3.
    Replaced coil pack, plugs & #3 injector.
    Smell gas with rough-ish idle. Runs fine otherwise.
    What should I do next?
    Thanks, Mike
  • My dash board lights are slowly fading to black. My fuel guage light is out. My speed gauge is half black. Any suggestions?
  • I also have a 2002 PT Cruiser that lost its gauges about a week ago. Took it to my mechanic who verified the cluster fuse (#10) was intact, cleaned body ground connection, and replaced the weak, original battery. VOILA!! ..... cluster gauges restored. He also found that his technical references spoke of intermittent cluster problems that were fixed with re-booting the cluster by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery; seems there might be a small microprocessor associated with the cluster.

    Lost the gauges again yesterday. Disconnected and reconnected the battery and the gauges were again restored ....... but for how long until next time ...... ???

    A mechanic on one of the web forums claiming to have some years of Chrysler service experience suggests it's likely a crack in the circuit board of the cluster and would require the whole unit to be replaced ..... UGH!! ..... probably $$$$!!

    I hope this is a helpful observation for other owners.
  • I have a 2002 PT Cruiser with 116000 miles on her. She is the family car! The headlights, parking lights, dash lights, and the locks all stopped working. Just throwed up and stopped. Does anyone have any fixes for this problem. I have a minimum wage job with bills just like everyone eles. And if any ideas the Fog Lights come on all by them selves. So I had to take the fuse out. Please help me with this problem. Please! I gotta have this car! :( :cry: :confuse: :sick: :lemon:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sometimes when all the dash lights go crazy, it is a symptom of a weak battery. A place like Autozone may be able to test your battery for free. Good luck.
  • C ~
    ***** PLEASE HELP ******** :cry:
    I've been reading your replies to individuals and I like that you are 'brutally honest' with them, it's a trait I emulate in abundance however I hope you can agree that PT convertibles are horribly made. If you can help me I will give you VIN #'s, whatever info you need. I am in a real pickle. I have 1 yr left to finance my 2005 PT that I put 6K down pymt on and it wont even start!!!! I have coddled and babied this car. Only servicing it at Chrysler dealerships--had "GO TOPLESS" airbrused on the back, totally pimped it out--i loved the way this car looked! Now, I am tempted to ruin my credit by having it voluntarily repossessed!!!!! I really dont want to deal with any of this nor can I afford to buy another car. The problem seems to be the PCM on my car however i would let you make that determination. My car was literally at the dealer 2 yrs ago for a MONTH AND A HALF while i had no rental even though my extended warranty from Chrysler allowed me one. During this month long venture my vehicle was supposedly given a new PCM chip which should've fixed the problem. :sick: I noticed the day i got it back that the fog light or light indicator on dash was still on when i got the car back but the dealer told me that it's fine and to never return to their dealership!! Now 2 yrs later the same symptoms my car had then is having all over again except this time it doesn't just stall, now it doesn't even start! My husband saw online that if you pull the 21 fuse it will start if the battery is not dead so we bought a new battery (3rd one so far) and tried it, it now works but everything electrical is just as messed up as it was when the PCM went a second time. Now I'd have to replace my power steering, my carlock key alarm system b/c locks me out of my car! etc, etc. This car is not even worth 3K so theres no way I'm paying a dealership who always lies to me to 'fix it' like they were supposed to the first time 2 yrs ago. HELP! (sorry for venting) :cry: :confuse:
  • kycadykycady Posts: 1
    I've been having ongoing problems with the "fog lamp"; battery went dead last year; theft system was blaimed year before by dealer & removed... On Tuesday I smelled buring while driving 70mpg on the highway. The fog light was on. Wednesday I went to grocery, when I pulled into driveway my lights handle beneath the steerwheel was smoking heavily. A contrail of smoke coming from the handle. I turned off the vehicle & the smoke continued. I was panicked. After getting my fire extinquisher, I monitered the wheel & removed all objects from the car & parked it in the driveway rather than garage. Called Chrysler dealer. Gave me 1-800-992-1997 to arrange for "Special Investigations" unit to come out. Will contact in 23-48hrs. Called today & requested rental vehicle. Have to wait til they call. This is a serious safety issue. FYI...

    I have begun a blog on this & it is posted at:

  • bear49bear49 Posts: 3
    My 2004 PT is acting strange. When I insert the key into the ignition the car dings like the lights are on, they aren't. Then when I start the car and turn the headlights on, the dome light comes on and stays on. I have to turn the dimmer switch into the off position before the dome light goes out. Also when starting off from a stop the car dings once. I'm wearing my seat belt. I've opened the door and manually closed the latch to see if that stops it, nope.. I'm thinking it is the turn signal/headlight/dimmer/Hazard assmbley. Any insights??
  • bear49bear49 Posts: 3
    I had that problem a few months ago, My PT has 105,000 on it. It was the Plugwires. I also had the dealer Flash the computer with no luck. Pulled the plugs out and seen the Carbon tracks down the side of the plugs. Replaced new Plugs and Plugwires. That fixed the problem for me.
  • :) jBeavers;to day i repaired the same problems on my sons 2002 PT. what i found was the power feed wire to the fuse block under the dash had burned in side of the gray molex plug. to repair i pulled out the 40AMP green fuse under the hood that was marked head lights.then under the dash i released the molex lock pulled it apart. i cut the red wire with a white stripe feeding the plug and the same wire on the other side of the plug. went and bought a 50AMP toggle swicth at the auto parts store and wired it between the two cut wires for a quick safety kill switch and problem sloved.All lights on again. good luck! :)
  • Hi out there I have been trying to help out a friend, Pt Cruiser=Problem, the tail/brake lights keep blowing out at automated car wash or heavy rain, tried sealing up lens assembly, back of connectors got long life bulbs, any fix would be great! Thanks "D" Area 51 Racing Lucky 13 send to!
  • Here is the fix, at the area were you untwist the harness to replace the bulb, next to this is a post. In this post there is a hole-fill with water proof calk, use alot on the outside area facing you, this area gets hit by a strong blast of water.
    "D" Area 51 Racing Lucky 13
  • beerockbeerock Posts: 2
    I'm having this same problem exactly right now with a 2003 PT did you ever get it figured out? what was it?
  • bear49bear49 Posts: 3
    I had it narrowed down to the battery or ignition switch assembly I tested the Specific Gravity in the battery and found one weak cell. I replaced the battery and reset the computer now it works fine now. My wife's coworker had the same thing on her 2005 PT but had to replace the switch assembly on hers. Hope this helps..
  • dt76111dt76111 Posts: 1
    just had this problem yesterday- I realize it's been a few months but do you recall which fuse # to pull? My owner's manual indicates the fog light fuse is #21 I think but there is no fuse slot for 21
  • chnybergchnyberg Posts: 6
    My fog lights stopped working around 40K...but would come on intermittently when driving at night with the light on (of course). I pulled the fuse..I don't remember which one it was..
  • beerockbeerock Posts: 2
    excellent I'll give it a shot on my days off.
  • buttons44buttons44 Posts: 1
    Have a problem with a 2007 PT where rear RIUGHT tail light , the bulb keeps blowing out/shattering. This time noticed where bulb INSERTS , locks in place, MELTED area which no makes imposible to lock in positon/hold(so momentarily have duct taped in position) The bulb is SHATTERED, like it exploded..and with te signs of overheating indicated by the "melted" factorwondering what is cause etc/how dangerous etc and more etc. Wondered if replaced the entire tailight if THAT would cure the "shattering" of light bulbs but if is an OVERHEATING or electrical, how do I track that to find way to repair/replace/fix or etc.
    The first shattered bulb, did not comprehend how could have occurred, but when happens AGAIN, and then the Melting, obviously something malfunctioning.
    (am presently on doubletime duty , family member in hospital and can NOt afford delays and certainly do not need stops for malfuctioning tail light and all that such entails as well.
    IF any others have experienced this too , if any have suggestions to resolve, would appreciate.
    (am adding , this is NOT my car, is hsubands and is what available to drive back and forth..HE is in the hospital, recent leg amputee with complications so need reliable transportation, will appreciate any assit of info in this particular matter as am NOT auto mechanically inclined !! Thanks )
  • I have been having a problem with the water indicator light coming on when turning or slowing. I have checked the level and it is fine. I've even filled it above the indicated level to see if that changed the symptom but it did not. I have examined the fill/overflow tank and don't see any wiring going to it but I have not removed it to check in the rear. Does anyone have any suggestions? :confuse:
  • My pt cruiser is having wiring problems with fog lights, they stay on and there has been smoke from the steering column. Is there a recall now or has there been in the past. How to fix this please ...
  • I had this happen last year. The multifunction switch on the steering column is bad and needs replacing. Also it is likely that you need to replace the wiring harness if there is smoke. Something is melted, you can bet on that.
    This happened to me while Chrysler was in bankruptcy and the parts were not available anywhere. I had to buy a junked out steering wheel/column and have them take the parts from that.
  • billybugbillybug Posts: 8
    Many cars have highly recommended timing chain/belt replacement intervals. Does the PT cruiser has a timing chain problem?

  • i have n tail lighys or dash lights all fuses are good and put new bulbs in
  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    2004 PT.. dash lights all went out, guages don't work.. once a month I hear a ding.. everything works for about 2 minutes, then .... gone again.. any clues ?.. thanks..
  • I'm having the exact same problem with the driver side stop/tail light bulb.. However, I have not had the melting issue yet. First time it happened the bulb was shattered. Second time, the bulb had a hole melted into it. Third time it was shattered again, and as a result, I got a traffic warning for driving without a brake light.
    These three incidents have happened within a three month span.
    I've considered getting a toggle fuse for it, to try to alleviate the symptom, but would prefer a real fix - especially if it can be done on the cheap.
    Any solutions will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2001 PT Cruiser, the other night the alarm starting going off. When I went out and checked the car some of the dashboard lights were on like the key was in the ingnition-Air bag/Oil/Seatbelt/Engine. I was able to start the car but 20 mins. later it was dead. Replaced the battery and car ran great the whole day. That night the same thing happened with the alarm and dashboard lights. Has been at the mechanic for 3 days and no resolution. It runs fine all day but in the morning they come in and battery is dead. They can't find anything that is draining battery out. This is my only transportation and can't afford to get anything new. Any suggestions...Please let me know!
  • I'm having the same issue with my 2001. Check out these suggestions at this link s-3.html

    Sounds like many of us are experiencing the same issue, but there isn't a recall (?)
  • i have a 2005 pt cruiser,defroster ,windows,and ac.stopped working.checked the fuses.what else could it be...
  • ifloresiflores Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    This happened to me 3 times. Took it to the dealer and was told that they replaced the battery, bulbs and a wire and was told that would take care of the problem. It did for about a 1yr and a half then the fog lights would not shut off again. Took it to the dealer and was told that it was the steering column that needed to be replaced. Had it replaced and seemed to be fixed. NOT! 3rd time as I was taking the off ramp on the 101 fwy to my destination the fog lights came on, on it's own and the smoke came out of steering column and it started getting hot. I was lucky that I got to my destination and that my brother (a mechanic) was around and was smart enough to safely take out the fuse for the fog lights which prevented what could have been fire, damage to the car or even harm to me. Went to a good mechanic and he replaced the steering column with an after market and I haven't had the problem so far. I did file a complaint with
    FYI, I saw today (3/23/11 on nbcla) on the news that 2 young girls were killed by a rental car (PT Cruiser) from fire that came from the steering column that there was a recall (I was never notified of one) on the steering column but that rental cars by law don't have to have them done. A city official is making it law that car rental agencies have to get the recalls done on their rental cars too.
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