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Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems



  • Hey Marcky, I'm having almost the exact same issue with my 2005 CRD. I was wondering if you have had any luck finding a solution to your problem. let me know, that would be great!

    Happy Jeepin,

  • willy33willy33 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your answer?
  • I have the same exact problem with my 2004 Jeep Liberty 4x4 3.71L, except when I turn the OD off the shaking/vibrations don't happen. But I only turn the OD off when I am driving in the city not highway. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially the inexpensive kind.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
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    Does THIS sound anything like your problem? The article refers to Torque Converter Shudder.

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  • I have a 2005 jeep liberty 4x4 when I started having problems with it shifting I would pull off the highway turn it off restart and it would shift fine. Now it will not shift out of first gear. Anyone have this problem or have a fix?
  • Everyone:

    My 2005 Jeep CRD transmission was acting up and kept throwing very strange codes (temp sensor failure, among them) and shifting oddly (wrong shift decisions for the load, throttle position, and/or RPM). Ended up replacing the solenoid pack and that resolved everything. It was a bolt-on repair, but required removing the bottom of the transmission (valve body) to reveal the solenoid pack; $240 for the part and about 4-8 hours of wrench-turning (depending on how well equipped your garage is).

    Roadrunner, it sounds like you have a TCM and/or Solenoid Pack and/or wiring harness issue. Is the ECM setting any code(s)? It must be. I am not an expert, but locking in first gear sounds like a "limp in condition" or a failed/failing solenoid pack. If the signal from the TCM to the solenoids isn't being honored, that could be causing your condition.

  • Almost forgot: All of my comments assume two important items: 1) the transmission is otherwise healthy and 2) the shift selector and shift linkage is correctly tensioned/adjusted. If the linkage for your shift selector (shift knob) to the tansmission is loose, it will wreak havoc.
  • i have renegade 2003 and since a few days stop shifting i change the selenoids pack., filters ...... and more and still the same problem . you r talking about some wire harness could u please give me the name of them of the number parts of the wire please ......
  • please i all ready change selenoids pack ,,,,, some help with the wire harness for my jeep renegade 2003
  • Hello Roadrunner can u tell me the part number for the solenoid pack ? and where did you buy it ? thanks joe
  • marckymarcky Posts: 12 -REMAN-Fits-all-years-/261143582388?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=i- tem3ccd5ed6b4&vxp=mtr

    There is a link to one. But I would recommend that you purchase a new one. These parts are a pain in the A$$ to replace, because you have to take the bottom of the tranny off to get to the part. Not difficult, just messy and time consuming.

    I replaced mine and all of the shift problem disappeared.

    I do recommend you research this or contact the dealers parts department for specific guidance... Jeep had to replace a bunch of these and subsequently changed their production line part to a certain colored connector. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the updated part is white with the green gasket?
  • marckymarcky Posts: 12
    This question keeps popping up, so I thought I would start a new thread.

    You guys are definitely experience torque converter issue aka TC chatter. In our jeeps, the TCU signals the torque converter to lock-up (by openning a solenoid and allowing pressurized tranny fluid into the TC). The factory set point for TC-lockup is around 52'ish miles per hour. Under light acceleration, especially when towing, my truck used to try to TC-lock up and you could feel and hear from pretty ugly shuddering. I noticed that, once past that 50'ish speed range, I didn't have the problem.

    One person mentioned that turning off the OD helped. That's diagnostic of the problem; turning off OD instructs the TCU to never TC-lock-up.

    I did try running a couple of thousand miles with a friction modifier, that doesn't help. The TC is metal-on-metal, not tranny clutch material.

    I did some checking and my factory 2005 CRD TC was replaced under the recall with the "more robust" TC and (I am guessing) the dealer applied the detune flash to the ECU to drop the engine torque output by 10%. That's what the recall called for; nerf your turbo. :(

    If you continue to have this problem, the only ABSOLUTE way to fix it is to increase the line pressure in the Tranny by putting a resistor on the "tranny pressure valve" (it's a solenoid that increases the pressure throughout). There is a shift kit out there that also replaces the accumulator springs for more snappy shifts (which will also improve your tranny life span). And..... probably replace your TC with an after-martker (ehem *cough cough* properly engineered *cough*) component. If TC replacement becomes necessary, I stronly recommend this

    These suncoast guys have built stronger TC's that will stand up to the pummeling from a torque-ey CRD.The Green Diesel guys recommended this part so as to handle their "FT ecotune" that takes the motor up to 335 ft/lbs of torque, even in lock-up.

    Good luck all. Hope that was helpful.
  • cachedogcachedog Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Liberty converted to RHD for mail delivery. After 3+ hrs of stop & go it will attempt to shift from 2nd to 3rd and not complete the shift. Once out of 2nd gear it will not drop into 3rd. The engine revs up and will not finish the shift until I take my foot off the gas and engine revs drop. Usually only happens once or twice a day. Some days no problem. No obvious sequence of events to reproduce the problem. Valve body, filter and fluid were replaced with no change. 45000 miles on vehicle.
  • I have owned a 2004 jeep liberty since 07 and had no problems with it at all till now, the thing is that the automatic transmission will shift but the thing is that in order for it to go from second to third theRPMS go all the way to 5 or 6 until it shifts once I get to third it seems that it won't shift to fourth gear and the RPMS WILL STAY AROUND 6 without shifting I wonder if any of you guys have had this problem and how have you guys solved it I'm really frustrated cuz I love the damn thing any response will be gladly accepted
  • marckymarcky Posts: 12

    What engine and transmission do you have? 2 or 4wd?


    Is the TCM/ECM setting any codes?

    What your describing could be caused by any number of things. Starting with the easy stuff, the most likely cause is the tranny fluid level. Confirm that you have enough and that it's the correct type for the tranny. If the fluid is the correct type, relatively fresh, and the fluid level is correct, make sure the shift cable is correctly tensioned. I doubt its the shift cable, but it's worth checking.

    Depending on your mileage, you may need a rebuild....

    Again, it's tough to say, without plugging into your ECM to "see what the ECM/TCM is seeing and what it is commanding your tranny to do".

    Good luck!

  • Yep. I have had the same problem. Exact same symptoms. I went back to the dealership. Their solution was to replace the valve body and reflash the computer. $1000.00 later they sent me home and said, " You will have to teach your jeep how to shift again." OK sounds like BS but after a week or so it did stop, BUT, I have to wonder if just reflashing the computer would have worked. After 6 months of smooth shifting I am starting to have the same problem. I can't believe that the valve body has failed again.
  • My 05 liberty 3.7 is having trans issues. Was in the drive through line at Mc d's when I let off the break and hit the gas all it did was rev. Put the car in park and back into gear and no issues. Driving seemed fine then another stop at a stop light, same issue. Idea's???????
  • Thanks for your ideas marcky, yep my lib is a 4wd and it has 175000 ,miles on it so I'm assuming is all wear issues I'm having, I will rebuild the transmission and I'm looking into the parts right now, hopefully that will solve the issue if the issue is not fixed then my next option will be make a conversion into a 5 speed manual transmission. By the way what brand name would you suggest for me to get that transmission rebuild kit.
  • Hello! Having issues with my 2004 Jeep Liberty Ltd's transmision. I rarely use 4wd except for reversing out of a muddy driveway at my farm, but the last few times I did this, the next morning I could barely reverse out of my parking spot (in 2wd). Feels like it's grabbing and pulling, makes a weird noise, and adding gas doesn't help. Seems to go away after about 20 seconds once you start getting into a higher gear. Took it to a local shop 2 weeks agi and they thought that maybe it was my brake pads that were stuck in the rotars, so they replaced the brake pads, rotars and calibers ($780 later..). It had been driving 120% better these last two weeks but then yesterday I once again had to use 4wd to reverse out of a muddy driveway, and when I tried to reverse out of my parking spot again this morning the same problem was happening! It's fine once I get going on the highway, but worse in really low 1st gear (like 1-2 mph) and especially bad when turning in reverse. Throughout the day it's gotten better, so I took it back to the local shop today and they reccomended I take it to a transmission specialist. I test drove it with the mechanic and the problem wasn't happening. But then he had me drive it a bit in 4wd, still no problems, then pop it back into 2wd. Problem started back immediately. I plan on taking it to a specialist, but would like others opionions so I'm a bit more prepared when I go in and they don't lie and tell me the entire transmission has to be replaced. It's something that is specifically linked to using 4wd, and then taking it back to 2wd. Doesn't sound like an entire transmission problem. Thoughts? :-/
  • ron3210ron3210 Posts: 1
    looking for some help I have a 2003 jeep liberty while driving it stop and put it to park made a grinding noise then put it in gear but nothing
  • My 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet v6 3.7L 4x4 has the shudder issue. 80k miles. When on a slight incline, 4th gear, or slightly accelerating in 4th gear, around 50 - 65mph, the vehicle shudders and starts to lose power. If I press the accelerator to force a downshift, it shifts, no shudder, no issue. Went in for service. They updated firmware for the ECU or TCU not sure. Seemed better for a few days. Then same problem came back. Took it to a different dealer. They said since the computer learns my driving behavior, I must have driven it wrong after reprogramming the ECU the first time (wow). So, they recommended another reprogramming. Same problem came back (no surprise). A couple of times, I had a check engine light flashing, but it cleared up.

    Recently (second issue maybe? or related? don't know.), I'm feeling hesitation on acceleration after stops at red lights around 20 - 30mph. It hesitates like it's losing power, getting power, losing power, then it takes off normally.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,284

    Same problem came back (no surprise). A couple of times, I had a check engine light flashing, but it cleared up.

    You are describing an engine misfire, not a transmission issue.

    Recently (second issue maybe? or related? don't know.), I'm feeling hesitation on acceleration after stops at red lights around 20 - 30mph. It hesitates like it's losing power, getting power, losing power, then it takes off normally.

    Again this is more likely an engine performance issue/misfire and it needs to be diagnosed and repaired. A flashing check engine light means you have a catalyst damaging misfire occurring. The transmission doesn't have a chance to operate correctly if the engine is not running right.

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