Car overheated for 2 mins now wont start

itsdempseyitsdempsey Member Posts: 1
edited February 2020 in Pontiac
Pontiac Montana 2008

Today I had my upper hose come loose from the rad, and my car overheated, as soon as it had alerted me it was already maxing out in temp, so I pulled over immediately and was towed home. I had reattached my rad hose, and my car had cooled down.. yet it still wouldn't start. It powers up, shows gauges accurately... but when i turn the key my starter doesnt make any noise.

Theres still coolant in my upper reservoir, im wondering if anyones got any ideas as to why it wont turn or attempt to turn over.

Ive got a car hot before, I cant imagine it siezed tho it wouldnt suprise me. It was a very short period of time. Just wondering if anyones got any ideas. I have yet to try and manually turn the engine to see. I was debating unplugging the battery quick to reset it.. not sure what else to try. Suprised me that it wouldnt really attempt to turn back on.
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