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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    This is not my only experience with GM cars by the way. I could name countless other examples of poor workmanship and cheap materials but I'm not going to. Just take my word for it.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    It doesn't take long. Leather durability - almost 14k and the interior still looks like new, but I do take care of it. The 2500s are out there - why only 16" wheels? I have had an ATV in the back of the Av - a difference in dimensions between models and mfrs. The Av is versatile, but it can't do everything.
  • Well with the current $2002 rebate & financing I bought a red Z71 a few weeks ago. It came with the sport leather interior, convenience package, and 4.1 rear differential. I am absolutely thrilled with this vehicle in all areas: ride, power, design, and especially fit and finish. My last new car was a 95 Astro which has proved very reliable but the fit & finish was disappointing. Not so with the Avalanche. I am glad to have opted for the sport leather which includes fabric inserts on the door panels as well as the seats. The seats are extremely comfortable and the cloth helps negate the need for heat. I struggled with the Z71 & convenience packages but am now glad I have them. Anyways, just a five star review for anyone shopping. Regarding leather seats, they need to be taken care of with conditioners to stay looking good over the long hall. The 4.1 rear ratio will cost a bit in fuel but I love the get up and go and it will really come into use towing my travel trailer over western mountains this summer.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    with leather and other than some creases, which any seat is going to have if you sit in it, they look really. The drivers seat is the only one thst even has creases as it's usually just the Wife in it. I've only treated the leather a couple times in 40k miles. And to stay on subject, I hope your Avs are as good as our Explorer has been. Can't get her to trade it for a Yukon.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Check out any 6-7 yo car. No matter
    what brand. They all look creased
    and cheap esp. cars in the sun belt !
    The leather in my 96 caddy is wrinkled!
    Not ripped or anything...But Comfy too.
    Woman wants new car with NO leather !
    Prob. made them too !
    She loves the cloth seats in my truck.
    If she didn't want a new car this year
    i would trade my 01 2500 pickup.
    for a 2500 AV with plow prep of course !
    Syracuse NY winters are brutal on cars....Geo

    BTW: Txyank I had a 94 Yukon loved it and
    plowed with it too ! But needed a pickup
    and had to get one !
  • Question:
    I have been looking at the Avalanche for a few months now. I have driven one twice, and even took one home overnight a few weeks ago. Both my wife and I love it, and intend to use it as a family vehicle. The only question I have is if I should buy the 2WD-Z66, or 4WD-Z71?

    My question comes down to this: Does anyone know how well the Z66 package with traction control really works? I live in Ohio, so most of the time we could probably do without the 4WD and save a little money. Just not sure how well the Z66 traction control and differential lock would be? Anyone actually have a Z66 that has had it in the snow or mud?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    with GM's cloth seat (other than the ugly prints on the light-colored Chevy's) is it's like sitting on velcro. You have to raise up off the seat to shift position! Does help keep you from sliding around in those "esses" though.
  • I too am moving to the other better website, when ever i post a message no one answers me......
  • I'm one of them. My wife and I wanted the extra horses and capacity for the to-be-purchased trailer. We did opt for the more fuel economic 3.73 rear (hmmm, 11 vs 12 mpg :). My boss has the 1500 with the Z offroading package. We both love the AV.

    I check both this and THE OTHER AV web site. More traffic on the other site. :)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I'm facing the exact same issue at mars04. I also live in Ohio. Initially, I was favoring 4WD but as Winter has progressed (and called to mind our recent mostly mild winters), my view is starting to shift more toward the 2WD. The cost is significantly less and, while it is true that much of it can be recovered on resale, it's still considerable. I'm fortunate to have multiple vehicles with front wheel drive with traction control and have never gotten stuck. However, the piece of mind (not an excuse to drive without caution) of 4WD can't be denied. Here, in Columbus, we've had only one day this season where 4WD would have been handy. I, too, would like to hear real life experiences on this issue. Thanks!
  • Well at the other "better" website (I like that) there was a huge debate on this issue. The general conclusion after a long discussion was this:

    1) Get what you can afford. If you can afford 4WD and you want 4WD go with the 4WD. Further the 4WD will probably have better resale value in the end.

    2) In the mid-Atlantic and places outside of the snow belt (I'll assume you live in southern Ohio and not in Cleveland or up by the Great Lakes) the Z-66 package 2WD is more than enough. Even 4WD owners who live in areas where it snows have stated that they drive in 2-Hi or Auto Trac most of the time and rarely use 4-Hi.

    3) No matter what you do if you buy a 1500 series get the Z-66 or Z-71 package. For what you get in either of them the added price is an absolute bargain (heck just price out 17" rims and tires alone).
  • So, what happens if I mention the name of that other, "better" website?
    Am I going to get struck by lightning, or what?
    Let's see...
    dubbya dubbya dubbya dot chevyavalanchefanclub dot com

    Ouch! eww!
    Nah! I'm still here.

    Hey, it's not my website. I don't even know who's it is.

    Go and check it out. The folks over there are very friendly. And, extremely helpful.

    Ok, I'll duck as I click on the "Post My Message" button, just to play it safe.
  • Picking on this " other AV site " when I don't see them blanking out other sites with ford or the mention of the durango owners site. Are they afraid of it? It's one model........
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    IT was stated above pretty good. Get what you can afford.

    I personally think resale value is soley dependant on the area you live in and I cannot see 4wd being that much of an added value when used.

    Heck I would be scared of problems and such from a used 4wd. Not knowing how the previous owner used it or abused it. JUST my 2 cents.

    I plan on having my AVY for so long I will not care about resale value!
  • The discussion about capability in snow is good, but one other consideration you might want to make is whether or not your plans include towing a boat. 4WD makes it much easier to pull a heavy boat up out of the water on a slick or slimy boat ramp.
  • I have never had to use it in the 8 months that I have had my AV. I don't think I will renew OnStar when my year is up. It seems pretty useless to me.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    need it. BUT...........
  • I use my Onstar basically for the cell phone capability. Since it is built in it is more powerful than a portable cell phone, gets great service and is hands free. Also since there are no long distance charges it works out cheaper than my portable cell phone. I use the Internet features on occasion for news and weather.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    It is like never know when you will need it but when you do thank you god.

    PS it also lowers insurance rates due to the theft tracking capability.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    In using the personal calling feature (during the trial period), the people I would call would complain about the quality of the satellite transmission. Also, you can not access extensions, voicemail, etc. that requires subsequent keypad dialing. Onstar is very limited - and at $.67/minute, use of a cell phone is much more economical.

    The safety and security plan is a great feature - but for a couple hundred dollars a year - do you dial 911 on your cell and try to avoid locking the keys inside?
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    I like it for the theft tracking and insurance discount.

    PLus they use analog Cellular for the phone hook ups.

    The satelite is for tracking from what I understand?
  • From what I understand is that Onstar hasn't reached it's full maturity yet. As far as what it can do now I guess the Chevy dealers weren't to informative in their explanations. When I bought my Olds they were very helpful and taught me everything that I could do with it.

    Theft recovery, vehicle navigation, vehicle control, cell phone, and safety features. When your vehicle is stolen all you have to do is call Onstar, they will disable the vehicle and tell the cops where it's located (better than low jack). If you are lost all you have to do is hit the button, the support agent will tell you exactly where you are at, and then tell you how to get where you need to go. The cell phone sevice is pretty good, but it cost way too much. I would only use this in case of an emergency. Also if you ever have a problem with you car, call onstar, if the "service engine soon light" is on they can diagnose your problem while you drive down the road. This can save you from expensive troublesome repairs. Oh and safety is really cool, if your airbags ever go off, don't worry about it police and paramedics will be there soon.

    Now if you upgrade to the comfort service! You essentially have a personal freaking secretary while driving down the road! They will tell you where the nearest Italian restaurant, or cleaners is, or whatever you want. Plus they are a personal navigator whenever you like. Also soon they will include voice reading of emails and voice activated internet searching.

    So really it's pretty cool.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    An Av 1500 or 2500 4x4 or Z71 4x4 with a Plow on the Front, or working with other plow trucks. Where ya gonna put the snow, in the bed, and risk messing up you inners??? Then ya gonna call onstar to complain that the snow hurt the interior?? All this truck will ever be is a soccer mom mobile. Just like the Burbans. If it's all the same I'll keep my 01 Silverado 1500 with a plow package and a nice big bed... And yeah, I don't have leather or onstar either... But then again when you buy a truck you dont' want all that stuff. I say if you want that route, buy a Benz, or other yuppie mobile....
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "Where ya gonna put the snow, in the bed"

    Who in the heck puts the snow they plow in the bed?
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Has you rado forum gotten boring???
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Hummm where else ya gonna put it. You have to put it in someone elses bed or have them put it in yours.. Take a look at our trucks compared to the rubbermaid mobile. Just look at the bed. Not saying the Avalanche isn't a good truck, just not for those who worry about admaging our leather seats while carring lumber back from Home Depot.

    Went down to the dealer yesterday, and saw a couple looking at an avalanche. Funny All I heard the salesman saying was payment, and how the truck could outperform the 1500's and 2500's. Funny considering how it is built on the same frame, and has the 5.3 the same as us!!!

    To me it just looks like one of those storage bins that you buy at Wal-mart. With Legos all over the side... I am sure my girlfriend would want one. But I think she'll keep her Expedition.

    And ryan to answer your question: That would take some plow huh?? LOL One that can reach over the cab to dump!
  • Probably an old question, but I'm just about ready to buy an AV and I wonder what the experience has been on how well sealed to normal rain etc. is the AV bed while covered by the 3 piece hard cover. Will bags in the bed and other stuff be in danger of getting wet?
  • plutolouplutolou ILPosts: 9
    I was wondering what was the general consensus on the Roof Rack. From what I have read some people have been unhappy with them. Whether it be the poor installation or just the poor quality in general. In searching and for new Avalanches I have been weeding out those with a roof rack that is already dealer installed. Plus I feel I will never facilitate the need for a rooof rack. Am I being too narrow minded? Thanks
  • You said:

    Take a look at our trucks compared to the rubbermaid mobile...

    OK, but the same composite bed is going to be in all Silverados. GMC's with 4-wheel steer, and starting this spring ANY Chevy truck with 4-wheel steer will have completely plastic fenders and quarters.

    Sheet metal is NOT the definition of a quality vehicle in the 21st century. If steel is the "gold standard" than how do you explain the all aluminum Audi A-8 (one of the best engineered cars in the world), the fiberglass encased Corvette (C&D 10 best), any Saturn built (with almost all composite panels).

    When the Fed raises CAFE standards and closes the SUV loop hole, you better get use to composites, or plan on driving an S-10 if you still want metal.

    And here is some food for thought, with a composite bed, liner, and top rails in aircraft flooring materials, I'd take a front end loader load of gravel in the back of my Avalanche WAY before I'd do it in a Silverado, Ram, F-150 - if I'm comparing stock model to stock model. I didn't have to pay extra for a bed liner, or rails, or other protection.

    I'll take it one step further. Would you go to Home Depot, but $3,000 in tools, load them up in your truck, and then park in a supermarket parking lot all day in a major city. Oh wait, one more spin, truck has to be stock no after market cargo covers allowed.

    Didn't think so...

    OK, one more pop quiz. With no brush guard, bull bars, or lift kit, would you drag a new Silverado through packed, dense Pacific Northwest blackberry bushes that are sitting 3 feet high? Hey, one of my composite rear quarters costs a whopping $45 and best of all, I can replace them myself. How much will a repaint of that steel cost?

    You know it is funny how people lament how, "they don't build them like they use to."

    The first small trucks frames were hand made.

    Out of wood!
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