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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Posts: 387
    You actually get 19 MPG in your Rado?
    Did you do any Mods to yours.. I pretty much get about 15 MPG no matter what with my 1500 4X4 ext cab with 5.3.
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    My 99 Z-71 LT gets 19+ highway. The best has been 19.8 Even if I drive 80+ MPH I still get over 17 MPG.
    Most of my driving is city - average speed is 25MPH and I get between 15.25 - 15.75.
  • jlj7jlj7 Posts: 5
    I have 5 and 2 year-olds both in booster seats in the back. The only problem I have run in to is the extra strap on newer carseats that comes out of the back of the carseat and is supposed to go over the back of the bench and clip to an anchor hooked to the frame. The owners manual says there is a anchor hook behind the rear seats. If you fold the bottom of the seat forward you will see a small bar that looks perfect (i.e. made for the job). This bar is there to latch the bottom of the bench seat down. I have never found a different anchor point and use this as the anchor for the carseat, but you have to tip the bottom of the bench forward, hook your clip from the carseat then lower the bottom of the bench seat back down and tighten the retaining strap for the carseat. I don't think this damages the carseat hook or the bench seat hook. The only inconvenience is tipping the bench bottom forward with the carseat in place because the anchor strap is only so long. I have only been able to hook the strap in place without tipping the bench bottom forward once. The seatbelts anchor the bottom of the carseat great, just pull the seatbelt all the way out after snapping belt into buckle and let back in while putting firm pressure down on carseat (follow directions in owner's manual). After doing the steps a couple of times it goes smooth and the carseats are in there very tight, no lateral or foward movement at all.

    The only other problem is removing and replacing two carseats everytime you need to extend the bed to its full 8-foot length. This gets very tedious. Although, on the bright side, you have an excuse not to do the conversion for every mook that comes along.
  • For the info on carseats...The 4 year old is in a booster using the shoulder and lap belts (the seat isn't belted in, the booster seat is just to get the lap and shoulder belt set correctly...The 2 year old is still in a five-pt harness, which means that the seat will have to be anchored using the lap/shoulder belt combination...

    I went to a dealership today, but of course it was closed...Are the reat seats the 'locking' kind, where if you extend the belt all the way out, and let it go back, they will lock in? If that's the case, then I shouldn't have a problem...Its only the seat-belts are DON'T lock that cause me problems...Then I might have to use a H-clip to get it to work...

    I'm also going to try and talk the salesman into letting me take an AV home for a day or so, so I can drive it around more than just a test drive to make sure it is what I want...After all, a 30K vehicle is one heck of an investment.

    Thanks again,

  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Posts: 387
    Did you do any mods to your truck????
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    100% stock - I just went over 30K - but have been getting this kind of MPG since about 5K. I used M-1 oil last change but so far have not seen any improvvement in MPG. It has been 5K and I am due for a change, will stick with M-1 since I already bought it, give it one more chance - if no improvement I may change back to penzoil.

    Not sure if it matters but I have always used 5W30.
  • jlj7jlj7 Posts: 5
    The seat belts in the back seat are the 'locking kind' no H-clip necessary. They work great!

    We have both of our kids in the same 5-point harness seat, one on each side. Our 5 year old is small for his age. Maybe he would grow if we just used the seat as a booster and used the lap/shoulder belt. ha ha

    Don't hesitate on buying an AV. I watched the progression of the AV on the internet for over a year (starting before it was produced), read every thread on this site and looked at information on other trucks I was considering (i.e. F-150/250, Ram, 1500 and 2500 Chevy/GMC crewcabs).

    I test drove the AV a couple of times, my wife loved it and so did I but I still didn't buy (I get buyer's remorse easily). My wife was getting tired of me talking about buying a truck and told me just to buy one. I had talked myself out of the AV for various reasons/concerns (which have turned out to not be a problem) and decided on a 1500K CC. Test drove one at a different dealership than the one I had drove the AV. When I got done with the 1500K CC test drive I immediately drove to the original dealership (I liked their style better) and bought my AV THAT DAY!!!

    I have not looked back and have NEVER regretted my decision. I have not had one ounce of buyer's remorse (which I might add is EXTREMELY unusual for me). I once spent 2 years looking for the right watch to buy and after spending all of $50 on it still wondered if I bought the right on. I know, pathetic, but my point is I never buy spur of the moment and always have some regret after buying but not with the AV.

    I could not be happier with my AV. It is the best vehicle I have owned. I still get excited when I leave the office and see it waiting for me in the parking lot. I love to drive that truck.

    Hope this helps
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Posts: 387
    That is unbelieveable! I have been getting a consistent 15 with a lot of highway mileage. I also use M1 synthetic 5W 30...

    Hmmm can u say Hypertech III and Flowmasters!!! LOL
  • Well, I know I said I was in final negotiations to get an AV, but after working out the payments with the salesman, even at $200 over invoice, $400 to go get the vehicle, and $2002 rebate, after adding in the $3800 I still owe on my current lease, the payments (595/mo) are just out of reach...FOR NOW...

    However, if I am lucky, GMAC will be doing the lease-out program in Sep, when I am 6 months out, and I can get out of the lease for nothing, and if I am REALLY lucky, they'll still be doing rebates of some kind at that time...

    Until then, I'll just have to be patient and stick with my Impala until things are so upside-down...

  • belljobelljo Posts: 15
    I too can obtain the 20 MPG, here's the trick. If you have the Electronic climate control system be sure you have it in the Off position, otherwise the A/C pump with cycle..regardless. Next keep your speed a constant 65MPH and you to can hit 20MPG. FYI, I have 20K on the truck, drive 1100 miles a week and the 3.whatever gear. Stick my foot in it, run it up to 75 with the A/C and it's a constant this beast!!
  • wxman87wxman87 Posts: 1
    Just got my AV two weeks ago while in MO and when drove it back to CO I noticed a "hail" like noise at speeds over 70MPH. Believe I have isolated to the plastic covering the hood hinge area. Has anyone else noticed the plastic vibrating at highway speeds or as in my AV's case not even sealed down?
  • I have been reading this message board and looking at Avalanches for about a month now. My first choice would be a Pewter 2wd, bench seat, Z66 on-road package, and 4.10 rear axle. Sunroof nice but not required. I own a 24.5 foot Searay Sundancer that I estimate the towed weight to be about 7500 lbs, thus the 4.10 axle. I tow infrequently however.

    Dealer has offered me a deal on a Pewter 4wd, AN3 power leather buckets, Z71 off-road package, 3.73 axle, ZM9 convienence package, CF5 sunroof, BVE assist steps, and V54 luggage carrier. The sticker is $38,446 plus $720 destination.

    Vehicle was "returned" after previous buyer's financing fell through (noted a February temp tag on the rear bumper). It has 600 miles on it and is missing the 3 piece bed cover. Dealer has offered to sell for $23,978 plus $1,421 for replacement bed cover. $25,399 "feels" like a good price. Vehicle is considered new with full warranty and the $2,002 rebate is figured into the above price. By my calculation the "invoice" is $34,295 less the $2,002 rebate or $32,293.

    I am concerned about the 3.73 axle regarding my towing requirements, but could probably get by since I tow infrequently anyway.

    What do you guys think? Do this deal, or wait for 2003 model and try to order my first choice? All opinions/suggestions are welcomed. Hopefully I will be in a position to start contributing to this message board in the near future. Thanks!
  • mdennishmdennish Posts: 16
    i just returned from a 3 day vacation,low desert,high desert,interstates, country roads, with little stop and go driving and i averaged 19 mpg with speeds from 35 to 80 mph, i agree with belljo re: the ac, the elevations i drove were from -30 feet to +7000 feet, the temp guage never got to midpoint, and the transmission temp. guage never got past 190degrees, with temps of 50 to97 degrees [ambiant temps], better mpg than my former f150 ex cab truck with less hp and torgue, so far i am very pleased with my av! dennis
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Sorry for the late reply; been out of town. Like I said, 19+ is on cruise in the summer. Normal summer commute mileage (mostly w/light traffic) is 18. 5.3L/4x4/3.73/265x75/ext cab. Only mods that could affect fuel mileage are Mich A/T tires, an Access bed cover, and HPIII. Normally run it on premium w/the HPIII 93oct programming, but the best mileage I've pulled out of it was last June running on 87oct across southern Illinois and Indiana at 72 on cruise with a light load; a bit over 20 mpg.
    -- Don
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Whether this deal is for you really depends on whether you want to "trade" the 600 miles on the vehicle for the 4wd, leather, etc. You should be able to buy a new bench seat Z66 (without sunroof) for around 26K, a figure very close to the offered price on the 4wd. If you find that you need to do a change-over to a 4:10 gear, that'll be another expense (maybe $700-$800 from what I understand - ask the dealer). The real benefit, it seems to me, is the increased resale of the 4wd down the road plus, of course, having use of it during ownership. I've been shopping these and have decided on a Z66 but, if offered a deal similar to yours, I would snap it up.
  • dogsportdogsport Posts: 4
    I also got a pewter Av that was returned when the financing didn't go thru. It had 500 miles on it, was a 4WD with the 4.10 gear. My concern was how was this broken in, did the 1st owner adhere to the not going over 55 miles an hour for the 1st 500 miles and when he was asked to return it, did he take it out and drive it hard before he brought it in. I got a good deal, it was of course under warranty, so I went for it. But with the 3.73 gear and the 4WD, you are over the limit of 7100 lbs towing. If anything goes wrong and GM finds out how much you were towing (I don't know how they would find out) it would void your warranty. Good luck.
  • dogsportdogsport Posts: 4
    Has anyone else had a problem with the GM bug deflector working on their AV. I ordered it thru the dealership and had them put it on. I'm pretty sure it deflects the bugs right into the middle of the windshield. I took a trip this weekend with probably 6 hours on the road, and I couldn't believe the amount of bugs on the windshield, and its only the middle of April. I'd hate to see what will happen in the middle of summer.
  • dwy73dwy73 Posts: 1
    Just picked up a Black Z66 with the 5.3 and 3.73 rearend. Traded a 2000 Sierra. Logged 18.9 MPG on a 700 mile trip in Florida. A/C on. BTW does anyone else have a steering noise? Mine usually occurs at low speed, when cutting the wheels from right to left ala a 3 point turn. I get a low groan and vibration thru the steering wheel. Fluid is full. I've never heard this before in any vehicle. Anyone else? I'll let you know what the dealer finds...
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  • ggmts01ggmts01 Posts: 1
    Rumor has it in 2003 the excessive molding on AV's is going to be optional
  • avnutavnut Posts: 10
    Hi! Have put 600 miles on my new AV, a Victory Red Z/71 with sunroof and leather. So far, I've been fielding admiring questions from friends and perfect strangers every day. I must have "converted" it 50 times already. This vehicle gets FAR more attention than any I've ever owned, even more than my Z/28. So far, I love it! I picked it off a dealer's lot for $9700 off the sticker ($8400 off MSRP). I had to settle for the 4:10 axle but love everything else including the Onstar.

    Some people seem concerned about theft. Well, here are a few inexpensive steps you can take to cut it down further. Put on a locking gas cap (Stant part 11591 - $10) and locking lug nuts (Use a 7/8" O-Ring or rubber band to retain the wheel cover plastic lug). Always lock with the key fob and I recommend Onstar which will track a thief. Maybe you have noticed, the windows are etched with ID #s so unless the AV is "chopped" there is a good chance of recovery should it get stolen!

    And remember, "flash" your fellow AV Owners. We are in good company! We've got an SUV that converts to a truck that rides like a car.
  • xpara504xpara504 Posts: 4
    I'm interested in the Avalanche and I've read where the cladding will be optional on the 2003 model. I also read in Autoweek or Motor Trend, that the fender wells were going to be rounded instead of straight. Anyone else read about this? What other, if any, 2003 information is available.
  • akuma007akuma007 Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me why GM designed such an ugly truck like the Avalanche?
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    bueaty is in the eye of the beholder... can anyone tel me why people ask questions like this on a site devoted to the vehicle??
  • avnutavnut Posts: 10
    Mr. akuma,

    Well, GM designed a CUTTING edge design, not an imitation of all the other trucks out there. And yet, I'm beginning to think admirers outnumber loathers... Today, I took my new truck to Les Schwab (I know, I know, it's too early to be looking at 20" wheels and 3" lift...). I just went in for some lug nuts... I parked discreetly, and yet, 3 people came out to look over the AV. All praised the design and thought the red looked fantastic. Actually, the contrast sorta grows on you. The paint is so easy to keep clean and the cladding protects from door dings, rock chips, and dirt!

    I was "very bad" and took my new AV "off the speedo" today. Well, at over 100, it is as smooth and steady as a rock! I always have to see how fast a vehicle will go. Tomorrow, I'll have my buddy pace me in his T/A. Anybody know the TRUE top speed of this beast???

    Happy Trails, and keep on "Flashing."

  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Thinks the Av is gorgeous. But then his right leg is 2 inches shorter than his left and he's just now starting to notice.
    -- Don
  • the top speed of a av is computer controlled to a top speed of 100 mph this at a low rpm of about 4000 in third gear this can of course be bypased by haveing your copmuter reprogramed hmmmmm 4000 rpm in 3rd wonder how fast 6000 in 4th would for the reason as per goverment and all otheir car makers have to put limiters on suv's and pick ups because of safty and tire limatations as in speed ratings on truck tires
  • avnutavnut Posts: 10
    Thanx JohnnyCat8! Well, there really is no reason to go over 100 in the AV. That's why we buy a Camaro or a Vette. I guess I've tested my new AV to it's max design speed. It was smooth, quiet and steady as a rock at 100mph. I really don't need it to go any faster because the gas stations are somewhat far apart here in the Northwest.
  • lol and you didnt even ask how i knew th top speed was 100???? i guess im like you i to have to top every car i own to it's top speed at least my 2002 mustang gt dose'nt have a limiter ..well i admit i havent had it over 130 yet not enought road with out trafic here in sacramento california but i may try it again. as all of you if you have been in the troubles room i am in my 2 av my first one was lemoned and i got a replacment (after 88 days total in shop im glad it was replaced) and this one was a big upgrade at no cost went from a peuter 2x to a red 4x4 with all but the hole in the roof and not a bit of problems except the 2x got 18+ mpg the 4x4 gets about 17 on a good day avg of 15-16 but as a gun owner would say youd have to pry it out of my dead cold hands befor id give it up
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