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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid



  • syman1syman1 Posts: 1
    Browsing thro posts here, I noticed that someone bought a CPO 3 years old. 33k miles for $23,500 (2009) . Current listed market prices(dealer asking price) for something equivalent is something around 38k. I dont get it. Was a 3yr old CPO R really selling for that low just a couple of years back. What would be a fair price to pay now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I am so confused at this point.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    Well, I can't speak about that specific deal, but the market has definitely changed. The deal I got on a one model year old with 5200 miles has gone up by at least $5000 to $8000 in the past year. The used car market in general has changed for all cars. Fewer big deals on new cars also.

    There is lots of talk on a Mercedes owners forum and the general consensus is that whatever reliability problems that existed for the R Class were definitely solved on the 2009 and newer models. Possibly also true for 2008 models.
  • adkoladkol Posts: 5
    Hi, request to the gurus here: - thinking of buying a private party R350 '08 with 35k miles.

    1) How reliable are the cars? What kind of annual maintenance am I looking at?
    2) What would be fair price - has nav and ent system.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    Its hard to guess the value. It depends on where you live. Check out used prices on or autotrader and set the area search to 500 miles. Looks like good low mileage. Reliability was worse for the 2006 and 2007 and best on mid 2009 and newer. 2008 models are in the middle. Check to see if the engine number is in the range for the cam sensor problem. Not all cars in the range have the problem, but it can be expensive. Service and oil change is required only every 10,000 miles and will cost $250 to $400 at a dealer, less at a good independent specializing on German cars. The transmission fluid will require changing and flush at 40,000 miles so get a price on that. Tires only last around 30 to 35k on average. You can have a dealer pull up the service record for that vehicle ID no matter what dealer serviced it. No problems yet on my 2010 with 28k miles and I love it.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    The engine problem I mentioned is also called balance shaft sensor problem.
  • adkoladkol Posts: 5
    Thanks 'gforaker'. I am looking for this in the DC area. Do you know where I can check on the engine issue - any link?
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    Get the serial number and call your local dealer service dept. They can look up the engine number and tell if your engine is in the Balance shaft problem area. They have a number of service bulletins.

    Service bulletin is here - link title

    From another forum:

    M272 (350) engine up to Serial #468993 or M273 (550) to 088611. The material for the balance shaft sprocket and the timing chain guide wheel (idler) was modified on engines past the serial numbers listed above.

    If engine #is within range, reference DTB S-B-03.30/08j JUN09 for repair under factory warranty or extended warranty. Out of warranty have SM involve MB rep covering dealership to consider/approve goodwill repair given defective part was installed @ production

    Not all engines in the range will have problems. This affects all MB cars with the 350 M272 engine, not just R Class. MB is now helping owners with the problem, but the help varies according to your relationship with the dealer.
  • adkoladkol Posts: 5
    Thanks 'gforaker'. I got the engine nr as 27296730937118 - how do interpret from this? Thanks so much for your help - really appreciate it.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    I'm no expert, but it looks to me that your last 6 digits "937118" are above the problem area 2729..30 468993 listed in the bulletin. Your local dealer SA could tell you for certain.
  • veena1veena1 Posts: 1
    I got an offer from a local on Mercedes Benz on R350 for $8000 less on MRSP. The MRSP of the car is 62,525 and he offered it for 54,525. Is this a good price for this model. The price includes premium package 1, parktronic, 7 seat option, blind spot assist, panorma sunroof, rear seat entertainment, heated front seats.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    It sounds like a good price to me. The R class will not be sold any more in the US though it will be sold in most other countries.
  • you should be able to get at least 10k if not 12k off
  • adkoladkol Posts: 5
    edited August 2012
    Hi, would you consider a price of 25k on a 'good' condition 2008 R350 gas with the Harman stereo / backup camera and less than 40k miles fair?

    private party sale (I am the buyer in this transaction)
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    I just did a search on autotrader for 2008 and 2009 models within a 500 mile radius and that seems like a decent price. It depends on options and condition. Having the car checked over by a dealer or good German independent garage would be recommended.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I guess you mean R350, not R380. That sounds like a good buy. Tires are expensive, so I don't know what 'good' means. However, if you have the back-up camera, you have a good package of upgrades. Snatch up the extended 100K warranty before the 50K runs out. You have to buy it from a MB dealership... with these cars you WANT THE EXTENDED warranty, in my very experienced opinion.
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