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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • dsmith424dsmith424 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Canyon has started to make a noticable hissing sound instead of the usual turbo whine liken noise lately and I have also noticed the torque has been reduced as well,I apologize i dont know much about trucks and im trying to learn on my own.I really cant afford mechanic shops and i have some tools so any wise willing persons out there please help.thank you!
  • I read you message and found I have the same problem with a lot of the same tried repairs and still cant fix it. What did you do to finally fix it.
  • The light finally stayed off after I changed the MAP sensor.
  • bob88kimbob88kim Posts: 1
    Our gorgeous '05 Canyon with THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND miles requires replace of cylinder head. GMC issued extended warranty to 7 years/100,000 miles--WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RECALL and not an extended warranty. We've been through the GMC Customer Service saga from hell for almost two months (and without our truck), passed off from one "District Specialist" to the next, only to end up with them covering a mere 50% of THEIR $1,800 MANUFACTURING DEFECT.

    IT GETS WORSE: The replacement cylinder head that the dealership received from GM WAS ALSO DEFECTIVE!!! We paid $41K for this truck, bought it because our last GMC had 180,000 miles on it with no major problems, have supported GMC religiously for 20 years, only to find out that they're willing to lose a loyal customer at the cost of $900. Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE customer service, especially from GMC, and they've made it perfectly clear that SELLING is their number one priority and not customer service. What happened to their customer service "taskforce"? We will not be part of the "GMC Family" again until someone at GMC takes responsibility for reimbursing us for this nightmare and we will continue to warn others about it in every forum possible. Do the RIGHT THING, GMC, and back up your product so that we can be pro-GMC again.
  • olddog74olddog74 Posts: 2
    The noise you are hearing is the timing chain & it is common on 3.5 for the chain to make noise when first started . You are ok as long as the noise stops as soon as the oil pressure comes up but if you are hearing this noise while driving you need to get it checked out very soon
  • olddog74olddog74 Posts: 2
    Check the bottom of your exhaust manifold where the catalytic converter is attached , they are bad for breaking in that area & that could be your noise & your torque loss
  • 2004 canyon: 3.5 at idle: truck sounds like a washing machine with marbles in it; about 1500rpm; the sound quiets down: does not affect shifting or engine power or torque while driving onbly 2 idle: Need your input thanks savinhill bill
  • Have a 2006 chevy Colorado z71- some days won't start - wait 10-15 minutes- finally start up- read several complaints on this about the colorados. I would think this would be a security issue and a insurance issue if they knew . Being there is so many issues with this, is there a recall as there should be or do we indure the cost of repair?
  • Can't find my owners manual & don't really trust the dealer.

    The question is can or should a full synthetic motor oil (mobil 1 for instance) be used in the 5cyl engine without detrimental effects?
  • Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have had nothing but problems with my 2006 Chevy Colorado as well, from waiting the 10-20 minutes to start up, it also has a kill switch which I HATE! I'm currently having electric problems, and problems go on, does anyone know if these trucks are in recall or is there a GM customer service on this thread that can help me with more accurate info, it's getting really frustrating, I keep taking it to the mechanic and it just keeps getting worst, HELP PLEASE!!!!! my email address is
  • russ95russ95 Posts: 16
    All of my '04 Canyon various electrical problems were resolved when I replaced the very expensive and very inadequate original battery with a much larger Group 65-850 battery from Costco. It is way too big to fit in the factory enclosed case but fits perfectly on the base and in the original position. Since I installed it on 5-30-09 I have only replaced 2 light bulbs! Zero electric problems. The truck has been used hard for over 150,000 miles including lots of towing trailers up to 4,500# up very steep mountains so they can be decent trucks. No serious mechanical repairs ever. See my previous post #695.
  • Hello,
    I took my chevy colorado in to victory chevrolet dealership in petaluma california at 70000 miles right after buying it from the dealership with cracked manifold-they replaced it and the head through GM,is there a 100,000 mile warranty after that from GM? it just cracked again,i took it to a pep boys repair station-they inspected it and found that the only chrome bolt had backed off,i am now looking at another replacement at 167000 miles,Pep Boys said it cracked because the new bolt backed off,can you help
  • k9kopperk9kopper Posts: 1

    So, if I had known then what I know now..... I guess I should kiss the ground and thank the Lord. I have an 05 Ext. cab Colorado z71 4wd. Everyone who sees it thinks it's brand new they don't believe it's an 05. A point I am proud of. 6 years ago (approx.) I picked up a tap in the engine. I continued to drive it until 8 March 2014. My "poor baby" suffered a myocardial infarction and it was unable to be resuscitated. sniff The number 3 cylinder is out. So I now have a beautiful well kept truck with no engine. Well the engine's still in it but you get the idea. I have 199,000 miles on this truck. I replaced the starter a few years ago, replaced the front brake pads (they didn't need it and rotors were fine) at 101,000, replaced the rear brake pads last year (they didn't need it) and replaced the right front hub assembly the end of January 2014. It was a good truck for me. I had considered putting a used engine in it but after reading all these horror stories I don't want to spend the money on an engine that seems to be extremely unreliable. What do y'all think?

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