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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I removed the water res, I see the PCM, but I can't find the two screws I keep reading about that might fix my stall problem. Where are they? Anyone have a picture?
  • 1. Instruments do not work.
    2. Checked fuses, swapped relays around - no change.
    3. No Spark.
    4. Tried to use OBD II - unable to communicate with computer.


    Please advise. Thanks.
  • Hey, I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with your jeep.. but i had something similar happen with mine. Though i have a few ideas, take a meter and pull the plug on the fuel filter, next have a friend turn the ignition on and see what the voltages read. It should be somewhere between 10-16 volts. If that fails take off the throttle body, if it is heavily carbonated clean it very well or replace it. My last suggestion if all else fails or if you haven't already got it fixed is to replace the computer. You should be able to find one rather cheap at a junkyard. I hope this helps. And one last thing, make sure you replace the seal on the throttle body, those things are noisy as heck if they have a leak.
  • hi, your problem sounds very familar. i was just wondering where excatly is the crank case sensor 99 grand cherokee limited v6 will not start at all. only turn over. i changed fuel pump and fiter. replaced ignition coil strip. and still wont start. i belive im not getting fire. i just bought crank sensor, so if any tip or info could really help! thx
  • Hi dieselman....the crankshaft sensor is on the back of the engine. If you look on the RIGHT side of the engine, you will see a grey sensor just below the valve cover, this is the camshaft position sensor....follow the wiring from that and it goes into a bundle. There is a connector in the middle of that wiring bundle and from that connector it leads to the crankshaft sensor. You have to access that sensor from the top LEFT side of the engine and from underneath. It takes a small hand and arm to reach between the back of the engine and the firewall to reach the sensor.
  • I have a 2000 GCL - the engine will not even "crank" if the weather turns cool (below 55 degrees.) Once it warms up in the afternoon it cranks, starts and runs just fine. Never a problem when it is warm weather. I have a new battery so that is not the problem. Ever heard of anything like this?
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    that is were i would start. crank shaft position sensor. check your codes at autozone.... it is free... i had an intermittant problem with stalling but it always started back. it was the computer. $190 on ebay... cannot buy new ones anymore... give your vin nbr , mileage, and year and they reprogram... it is vwery easy to replace.... good luck
  • 2000 JGCL will not even crank if outside weather is below 55 degrees. New battery so that is not problem. Once weather warms up it starts and runs fine. Anyone ever heard of this type problem?
  • this may sound crazy did lot of research thinking of buying jeep with lots of new parts but not start. People seem to think it has something to do with security system. Take your key and manually take it to every door and hatch and lock and unlock 3 to 4 times and then try to start it. If this works let me know because then I'am going to buy that jeepl
  • did lot of research try resetting security system by working key in each lock by locking and unlocking 3 or 4 times then try to start it let me know if works. supposedly lot of problems with security systems
  • try this crazy solution i have researched they say it is the anti-theft system screwing it up go and take your key in each lock and lock and unlock three to four times it resets the system and it has worked. sounds crazy but try it and let me know . thinking of buying a jeep with same problem.
  • try resetting the anti-theft system for a no-start lock and unlock each door and back hatch 2 or 3 times then try to start it.
  • sounds crazy anti-theft is screwing up reset by locking and unlocking each door and rear latch 3 to 4 times to reset system.
  • try reset anti-theft system by locking and unlocking each door and rear hatch lock3 to 4 times and see if the gauges work.
  • try resetting the ant-theft system by locking and unlocking every lock with your key 3 to 4 times to reset it.
  • reset anti-theft system unlock each door and the hatch3 to 4 times with the key then try to start it.
  • Ive heard that it could be your anti-theft system for no-starts try the key in the drivers door and lock and unlock it 2 or 3 times and then try to start it.

    If this works write back here. Because I may purchase a non starting jeep
  • try reseting anti-theft system by locking and unlocking driver door with key 3 or 4 times to reset the system.
  • try resetting anti-theft system by locking and unlocking the drivers door with the key 3 or 4 times.
  • I think it may be your anti-theft system thinking someone was trying to steal it . Take key and lock and unlock drivers door to reset system.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    had the problem of guages going wild below 50 degrees..... turned out to be the security key module and the computer..... car would stall periodically but always restarted.......2000 grand cherokee 4.7l
  • I have a 93 grand cherokee. Here recently it has begun to drop rpms while sitting at a stop light and then will go back up to normal, acting like it wants to die. Also when I am driving, sometimes it acts like it isn't getting any gas. I'll push on the gas pedal, it will sputter and act like it isn't getting any gas then if I stomp on the gas, it will go. Also when on the freeway in cruise control, it acts like it isn't getting gas but then after a couple of seconds, will pick back up and go. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter. I have no idea where to start at figuring out what the issue is and if I have to take it to the dealership, I would like to have some indication as to what the problem may be before they change everything and charge me a lot of money.
  • I have the same problem with my jeep and im trying to fix mine to and can't figure it out so please if you find out the problem, please let me know thank you
  • mine was the crankshaft pos. sentser
  • so i just boght a 1996 jeep grand cherokee straight 6 4.0L, it starts fine but about 15-20 minutes into me driving it, it shuts off, i try to start it it cranks but wont start, and it only seems to do it when i stop, i let it sit for a couple minutes and it starts fine, but then a couple miutes later it shts off again, its not showing any check engine lights or anything. i just change the radio in it and thats when i started haveing problems, i doubt the radio is the problem, it seems like just coinsondence, also the belt is kind of squeaking when i start it, and my brake pedal is raise more at some points more then others. ive read alot about it being the ECM and i dont want to replace it and find out that it wasnt the problem, if any one has had the same problem could you please tell me how to fix it, im not the greatest when it comes to cars.

    Thanks :)
  • Could be a few things:

    Crankshaft Position Sensor
    Intermittent Fuel Pump
    Intermittent Fuel Pump Relay
    Intermittent ASD Relay

    Good Luck
  • it is the ecu becas my 97 grand was doing the stalling bite then finally it stalled and wont fire back up becas my break pedle does the same thing and belt squeking can be a few differnt things but any ways it is the ecu
  • Most definitely try the Crank sensor. What you have described is exactly what my 96 did. I replaced the sensor and it has been fine since. Besides its a lot cheaper than a ECM.
  • yes i would do the crank senor.that is what was wrong with mine and it was doing the same thing
  • So i 96 jgc and it just die on me in the middle of the street and it wont start at all. it cranks but no start. i have no spark to the spark plugs and none of my gauges are reading. ive tried used ecms and same thing happens.

    can anybody help with any suggestions

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