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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • wdjrwdjr Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I have dealt with same problems with my 97 cherokee. replaced everything with no luck. Did the screw thing, and every other thing that was suggested. I finally stumbled across this video on youtube. I did just what the guy said and that was the end of the stalling/not starting problems. Just thought I would drop it on you. The video is labeled as - 96 Grand Cherokee PCM Repair. good luck PS - if you don't see any breaks in the solder (as I didn't either) go ahead and do like he shows. They can be too small to see.
  • danny80danny80 Posts: 7
    I have experience with the 6cyl. There is a testing valve on the fuel rail nearby throttle body. I think the 4.7 has a similar one.
    You can easily test the fuel pressure - after unscrewing the cap you press the center of the valve by fingernail or tool. If fuel sprinks, there is pressure and the pump is O.K. You can also connect a pressure tester to check the pressure more exactly. If no fuel is sprinking (or very weakly), the pump is not O.K., even if you can hear a pumping sound.
  • My Jeep has 230,000 km on it. Bought it 2 months ago.
    Sometimes when I come to a complete stop (usually right after I start the car), the trottle is not responding and the engine sounds like there is no ignition. Sometimes just giving veeery little throttle gets the car going. Once the car is running again there is no problem anymore. When it does stall, putting the transmission in N, the engine will respond normal to throttle input and putting the transmission in D while the RPM is little higher than idle (600RPM) the stalling goes away. The engine has never died nor does it happen when the car is coasting.
    I read somewher that it could be the Flywheel sensor.
    Just yesterday I had all spark plugs changed, no change.
    Any thoughts?
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    well replaced the fuel pump yesterday, it was still able to run but couldnt pump enough pressure up to the rali.

    thanks for the help
  • pjd1280pjd1280 Posts: 2
    replaced coil, plugs . and now vaccum hose. will now check fuel pressure and that pc? thing. I will try anything I can and I will watch that utube video, as I am desperate. this is my oly car and I am stuck close to home un till I fix it. pjd
  • We had the same problem just got it fixed was the ECU module and the Fuel Puump
  • I built the steel bar tightener today and tried it out as my 97 GC has been stalling the last week. Didn't seem to help as the car wouldn't start at all after putting it in. I didn't shorten the screws, but may try that tomorrow. It just seems the only common denominator among all these "fixes" is wiggling wires just right and being lucky.

    In any case, this is pretty ridiculous that this is so common an issue without a word from Chrysler. I'm amazed that no one has died yet as their Jeep stalls out in the middle of the highway or going up some muddy hill.

    I'll share whatever miracle fix I manage to come up with, if that ever happens.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    if it is stalling at random it is your computer,,,, i got a rebuilt one off ebay and gave them my year make and model, vin nbbr and mileage. like $200 . installed it in about 35 min..... and it worked great for about 2 years..... then i went thru 5 (yes ... 5) more at the dealer ($1600 for computer , skim and instrument cluster)because of my skim light coming on and you cannot get new computers (ecu) only rebuilt..... but they did not charge me for the other 4 except for the tow charge in... that is when i sold it.... loved the jeep but need something i could depend on

    good luck
  • i have a 2000 jgc and mine would do the same thing only in any temp the key light would come on in top right corner of instrument cluster i had to get my key calibrated or something like that my key has a chip in it and the car wouldnt recognize it and would not start for minutes to hours
  • Thanks for the advice. Today I swapped the Oxygen Sensors (I'd been getting occasional Check Engine warnings about them periodically over the last year, but it would go away every time after a few miles) but it didn't make a difference. 5 miles into my test drive, it stalled out, then again on the way back.

    I've checked and secured all the grounds, built the metal bracket to hold and support the plug banks even though wiggling them made no difference, and now replaced the two known problem sensors with no luck. I guess I'm really at the point where I have to swap the PCM or break it open and see what's inside I might be able to clean up or repair.

    I'm really surprised that there's so much activity and folk remedies for this issue, but apparently no word from Chrysler over the years.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    yeah... imagine that. a car company not stepping up to the plate to accept responsibility...??
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Try replacing your coil wire and the coil, unless you have a coil for each cylinder. Check the spark before you replace the computer. Get an RMS voltmeter and backprobe the fuel injectors. If you get no reading, you found a problem. The computer sends electrical pulses to the fuel injectors. That's why you need an RMS voltmeter. A regular volt meter won't measure very well, if at all. If you are getting pulses at injectors and spark, I doubt your computer is bad
  • replace all the injectors one might be leaking down.avoid buying parts from junk yards unless,money
  • i had this problem before.simple fix replace the computer,they cost less than $200.i found this out after spending$2000.the code shows primary coil#1
  • also the converter is clogged ,replce it.
  • buy a crank sensor from chrysler and replace it.
  • I have been having the same problem with sporadic stalling, and starting issues. Replaced ICU, TPS, MAP, COIL, ROTOR, CAP. After getting stuck several more times I found a loose plug at my CPU. i jammed a piece of cardboard against it and the antifreeze resevoir. Runs just fine now. I found out the connections are well known for comming loose even though they look fine.
  • marlermarler Posts: 4
    hey i had the same thing going on and i found out this even if you get psi on the gas line when its spitting look at the gas make sure it is holding psi. i learned by watching mine works good than as soon as it started spitting that the psi was also dropping very little it was my pump going bad in fact every one told me that if it was the pump it would not start at all i also read that some jeeps have screws that are to long in the cumputer making it short i dont know that but i fixed mine with fuel pump 1999 cherokee larado
  • marlermarler Posts: 4
    look at fuel pump even if its got fuel it has to hold psi meaning it cant drop and twitch on gauge or motor will be doing same thing
    fuel pump is in gas tank
  • I have a 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 6 cyl. I was having problems with my jeep starting. It would take me from 1 to 3 times before it would start. The battery would sound strong, but it just wouldn‘t start until I tried a few times, but it would always start. The motor could be hot or cold and I always had to try up to 3 times to get it started. It would get sluggish when I would slow down at a stop light or have to make a turn. I would have to give it a little gas to keep it running. Never knew if I was going to pull out and it stall on me. The problem was: The fuel filter, I just had the other one put on about a year ago, so I figured it would last me longer then a year. The warranty is for a year on them. I think I got one from a bad batch someone was talking about on here that is why I replaced it and it worked. Thank goodness for this forum. Hope this helps someone. gl
  • Hi. I have the exact problem. have you solved your problem or not ? Thanks for ideas, what to do with this. I tried everything and the problem still here :(
  • Hi swelms. Have you fixed your problem ? I have exactly the same problem and no ideas to fix it. Tried everything and the problem is still here :( Thanks for tips...
  • Tuesday I noticed when I came to a stop the car would idle really rough. It is a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. Wednesday I get in the car and it starts just fine, drive all the way to work, leave for the day, and as I come to a stop on the freeway it just dies. It wouldn't restart, so I had it towed. The next day at the shop it started up just fine and according to them it would cut off when it got warm. So they replaced the crankshaft position sensor. They told me they drove it 20 miles and it didn't die on them. I get in the car today, go to a light and once again it is idling rough. I call them back and asked them if vibrating is normal and he asked the guy that drove it if he reset the computer. He said, no he didn't. I wasn't able to turn around and let them reset it. Before I go back in there, I want to make sure I know what I am talking about. If I go back in there is reseting the computer really going to do anything? It never threw a check engine light, and when they put it on the machine it never threw a code. I just want to make sure they aren't jerking me around, because right now I really feel they are.
  • I had the same problem. Took me months to figure it out.
    The wiring that runs around the valve cover in the back was sitting on a bolt and had rubbed through. Rubber tube was put on bolt to keep from rubbing wire and causing short in MAP sensor..image
  • About a month ago I went out to start my Jeep and there was just a clicking noise. Nothing else. I did this a couple of times and it didn't start. The third time it started fine. About a week later my radio in my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee quit working. I had the fuses checked and they were fine. It was suggested that I get a new radio. I haven't. This morning I went out to start my Jeep and I again got the clicking noise but it wouldn't start I did this a couple of times and nothing. My husband jiggled the fuse box and the battery cables under the hood and the Jeep started and the radio came on. When I drove to my destination my Jeep again wouldn't start. I opened the hood and jiggled the fuse box and battery cables and it started. What would you suggest?
  • A simple answer would probably be to remove both battery terminals, clean both the terminals on the battery and the connections on the large cables you removed. However, welcome to Jeep Grand Cherokee world. For all of their ruggedness, they are fragile in a number of areas. If the battery is more than 3 years old, I would replace it automatically after having the problem you just described. ALSO, please check where the big black cable from the battery (the Negative cable also marked NEG or - ) connects on the other end. Remove that and sand or wire brush it as well. If you simply can't get at it to remove it, at least be certain it is tight. These vehicles are notorious in a couple of areas. Luckily the battery, voltage and amperage weakness is usually easy and economical to address. The PCM (the computer brain) is also a big problem and it is not easy nor economical but you don't have those symptoms. Good luck.
  • Thank you I will try this but if the check engine light came on for a day and went of during these problems is that a sympton of PCM - I am hoping not!
  • I was curious if you ever located the problem. I am currently experiencing the same problem with my 97 grand cherokee. Any help would be appreciated ive been struggling with it for awhile ive lost count of how many things ive fixed that supposedly were the problem.
  • deressaderessa Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    HI, have u tried replacing the crankshaft sensor...or cam shaft sensor i did and it did help..there doing a recall on the crankshaft sensor... starting ..2013..i still was having a problem with it missing... i have learned mine seems to have a some kind of short ...i can wiggle the wires back in the back that hook up to the coil pack... and on the fire wall and it will quit ..and run right...still trying to figure it out... i was looking for a wire with a bare spot maybe shorting out... anybody else had this problem... hope this might help......
  • have you replaced crank shaft senor they are doing a recall in 2013... on some of the jeep cherokee i know the it they maybe doing it on the 2002,
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