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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I believe I am dealing with the same issue as you are. I just purchased a used 11 Jp Gr Chk and my starter has been giving me the same issue. How can I get on this class action suit?
  • What state are you in?
  • Well guess what. My dealership called me up and said that my TIPM arrived. I'm all set to have it installed when I can get my Jeep over to them. How about that? Right out of the blue! BTW it took 54 days of waiting and one cancelled vacation to get to this point.
  • I can't believe Chrysler is letting so many people have to deal with this stress and not doing the right thing and RECALLING these vehicles with so many have the same issues. I bought my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee less then a year ago and was so thrilled as I just love this model jeep and had a 2004 Laredo before this but it had alot of miles and died on me last Dec so I was able to get the 2011 and really love it. However a couple of months ago I noticed the screen inside kept saying Key Not Detected and so I called the dealer and they said that it's because I keep in down in my purse. So I didn't think much about it. Then it started hesitating when I would push the Start button and I would have to work with pushing my brake and the start button several times to get it to start. Looked online and saw all the posts about TIPM. Of course my warranty had expired at 39,000 miles and my car is at 45,000. I had started to purchase the extended warranty just before this issue began occuring but it was $300 down and $87/month for 24 months. I really couldn't afford that and so I canceled it. But then I was beating myself up wishing I had it. So 2 weeks ago I went out to start my car to go to work and it would not turn over. I had to renew my AAA membership, they tried their battery to no avail, then called another AAA tow truck to dealer. After having it 1 week they said it needed a new starter for $810. Then after putting the starter in they called and said it still wouldnt' work and they couldn't figure out what is wrong with it and had a call into Chrysler for help. One week later (yesterday) they called me and told me I needed a new TIPM for $1200 but Chrysler had agreed to cover it except for $100. That was the good news. The bad news is that the TIPM is on international back order (I had already known this from my internet search and was thinking this was the problem with my jeep in first place) so I knew it could be several months at least before they even get that part in. They have agreed to pay for 5 days car rental and I told them that is not enough that they need to cover car rental until my car gets fixed. This has been a nightmare. He said this is very unsual for the TIPM to go out and he's never seen before. I just don't know even if this gets replaced if I can trust this vehicle anymore. I am just so stressed about all of this and am going to file a formal complaint with Chrysler. This is a nightmare.
  • Dropped off my Jeep yesterday to get the same news from the dealer. They are telling me that they are not offering any financial assistance on the parts/labor or any loaner/rental program. They only told me if this does go to a full recall I would be reimburse... Who were you able to speak to to give you a hand with it all? Thanks!
  • My suggestion to those that are stranded or do not have a warranty, is to buy your own brand new TIPM directly from the same place that Chrysler gets them. See the link below. This is exactly the same product that you are waiting for, but you will have to pay for it on your own and I doubt you will be reimbursed, even if there is a recall in the future. You will still have to pay your dealership to install it. At least you would be safe and not stranded and you can rely on getting home when you go somewhere.

    Make sure to select the one that is right for your make and model. Mine is the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 2011, which is where this link goes. You might need to tweak this to match your year/make/model. 7119/04692316AI.html
  • gvm267gvm267 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    Everyone having issues with TIPM causing starting, stalling and electrical problems, and there are lots of us....we need to innundate Jeep with emails, calls and hopefully get a class action suit going as they need to do the right thing and issue a recall on this problem. The facts as I understand them are this is becoming a larger and more pervasive problem as the vehicles get older. My 2011 Grand Cherokee has starting and stalling problems, mechanic spoke to his friend at local Jeep dealer and was told this is an ongoing problem with these vehicls. I have 59k miles and can't start it. Stalls out regularly. TIPM is $900 and labor is 2 hours at $100/hr and these are on backorder for about 4 weeks. New OEM supplier of this unit and that pretty much proves the old supplier's units were faulty. Here is some info and I hope everyone emails and calls. The more pressure, the more there is a chance that Jeep will man up and issue a recall. Emal of Jeep Pres and CEO: Customer care phone number: 877-426-5337 open M-F 7-midnight, Sat 8-8 and Sun 9-5, all times eastern time zone. Call, email, write. let's put pressure on them. This needs to be covered by Chrysler...these didn't wear out, not moving parts, they simply are faulty in manufacture.
  • I'm having the same exact problems with my 2012 Durango. I haven't taken it in yet....I'm scared too. I just bought this SUV in January, and I love it but I don't have the extra money to spend. I'm going to be calling my dealership today to set up my appt. Sounds like I won't be driving my Durango for awhile.
  • Well, I got my 2011 Durango Crew back after 2 months. Seems to be doing OK, except my reverse camera seems to take several seconds to come on. Not sure if I'm going to complain about it, yet!
  • johnnymac51johnnymac51 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I made a video of the issue that I am having. You can't hear the truck trying to turn over unless you turn up the volume, but you get the idea.
  • I have the same TIPM problem. This is my 6th jeep and never have had any real problems with any until now. shame on you Chrysler/jeep for not recalling this defect before all these loyal customers had this problem. Yes the vehicle will be repaired, but my relationship with jeep is finished. That is truly a shame. Lee Foster, Oklahoma City, OK
  • thewazzthewazz Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I had this issue creep up 2 weeks ago. Just at 42k miles and the problem started. I went to Dr. Google to help me diagnose the issue and that lead me here. I read the whole thread and started feeling really bummed. I called the dealer and they confirmed most of what was in this thread the worst was the $1200 price tag.

    I just could not accept this as the only option...

    So earlier in this thread there was a suggestion about a shop in Tulsa Oklahoma that could fix the TIPM.

    I called and talked to Allan at AR speedometer and told him about this thread and my issue. He told me that they are just getting started with these repairs and had early success and asked me more about my issue. I explained that it would just crank and crank but would not get any gas to turn over or if it did it would die immediately. He said that his rebuild should fix the issue.

    I took my TIPM out of my 2011 JGC, it took about 20 minutes. Disconnected the negative battery cable (Note: Battery is under the passengers side front seat) unbolted the power to the TIPM lifted the unit and unplugged it from the car (I marked all of the connections so I knew how to put them back in the correct spot). That took the most time because I needed to figure out how to get the clips off without breaking them. I only kinda broke one so take your time with this part.

    Packed it up and sent it USPS overnight flat rate for $38 on Wednesday of last week. The shop got it Thursday and Allan called me Friday telling me that it was complete and back in the mail priority. I gave him a CC payment of $283. $269 for the fix and $14.00 for return shipping. So total of $318.00.

    The part was on my door step tonight when I got home. Took me 10 minutes to put it back in and then the moment of truth. Foot on break, press start button, hold breath and BOOM!!!!! IT STARTED!!!!

    I took it for a quick drive around the block and then started it a few more times just to make sure, now I am posting this.

    So forget Chrysler and their BS. Forget the $1200 and the 6 week wait call Allan and save yourself $900 and a ton of time and pain.

    I really hope this info helps those who find it and maybe Chrysler will pull their heads out!

    Bonne Chance!
  • Good to hear. Allan has mine as we speak. I've talked to him over the past few weeks as I've been trying to narrow down my issues myself. Decided to go this route instead of through the dealer. We can't afford the jeep to sit for weeks or the cost of repairs. Hopefully this will be a sure fix and get us problem free until Chrysler issues a recall.
  • pepo6pepo6 Posts: 1
    Please let me know how your fix go, interested to send mine in for a fix.
  • I've had zero problems since my hardwire fix. Drives perfectly
  • Got it back today and installed in minutes. After sitting for 6 days.....she fired right up!! No issue what so ever. Now time to drive it around and see if anything pops up.

    He told me the TIPM has several relays that are internal and not serviceable unless you take the entire TIPM apart. They are not replaceable like the normal relays you see from opening the cover. The dealer won't even take these apart. The relays inside we changed with better parts and everything cleaned was cleaned up.

    The internal relay that controls the power getting to the fuel pump has got to be our, well chryslers problem. Will report back in a few days.
  • I'm not sure if this has been posted or not. I found this article while researching the issue I've been having. This tells you what wire to test that controls power to the fuel pump. arting.html
  • I haven't had any problems with my truck before the other day. I went to the gas station after driving around running errands. After pumping gas I tried to start the truck and it wouldn't start. There was only a click. All the electrical power works. I have lights, radio, power windows and locks, these all still work. I tried to jump it still nothing, so I removed the battery and had Advance Auto check it they said the battery was fine and giving off a great charge. I also purchased a used starter to replaced the old one with no luck. I had both starters checked by a mechanic and Advanced Auto and they both came back in good working condition. I'm out of ideas although one mechanic mentioned my key may be causing an issue since there is a chip in it and I've noticed that I can remove my key from the ignition while the truck is running. Can anyone help?
  • So my question is "When does the class action lawsuit start?" 2011 jeep grand Cherokee has needed a TIPM since. August 23, 2013. Said it would have been her yesterday guess what, no part. A jeep customer service is not helping. They are "sorry" and "I understand" and "I know it is not easy to be with out a vehicle" and then all the things they could have done for me for the last three months. REALLY! No one every tried to give me any help when I called. Still agreeing with them about compensating us for ALL our trouble. Nice pretty jeep sitting on the lot collecting dust. I'll I can say is I'm not giving up, I have nothing but time. Obviously they think I have time too. Time too wait for a part!

    Hate to say it but really pissed off.
  • I agree, customer service is a joke. They want to reimburse something's for our troubles. But they want to pick an choose. If they are admitting fault to some then why not all. After had jeep since august 23rd. Part was supposed to be here yesterday. No part! What do we do next. I am not giving up. FYI in my small town of approximately 25,000 people there are 7 jeeps parked on the lot not drivable due to TIPM. We need to do something as a group. Because jeep doesn't want to admit fault.
  • Hi there. My question is why did they agree to pay to fix it? I own same year and model has you with the miles with no warranty. Of course a warranty doesn't do any good without a part. I have been on the phone with Jeep since August 23rd. They are so irritating. They don't want to fix the problem. They want to half way take blame but then not pay up and fix it. It isn't my fault. This is not a inexpensive vehicle. But either way, how can you make a living if you don't have a car that the bank still wants your $700.00 payment. Pissed off.
  • Thank you for sharing your experience on this forum. I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo just 2,500 miles out of warranty and having the same hard-starting issues (I have to crank it 5 - 6+ times before it will start - and the last time I drove it almost stalled in traffic.) I took it to my dealer on October 16th, 2013 and they confirmed the cause is a faulty TIPM. They quoted me more than $1,300- parts & labor and wanted a $500 deposit to order the part -but after 3 weeks they still have no idea how long it will take to get it. The folks at the parts counter said there were at least 800 on national backorder.

    This is my wife's daily driver and I really can't afford to wait until who knows when. So I carefully removed the TIPM by first disconnecting the negative battery lead under the passenger seat, then disconnecting the power lead in the TIPM itself, and labeling each wiring harness and corresponding socket before disconnecting the unit. It was easy enough, just be gentle. Most of them have lever catch that pivots to release the harness from the socket; one has a conventional slide-pin (red) that a small flat-head screw driver will depress to remove.

    I called Alan at AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK this morning at (918-640-0659) I told him what was happening, and he seemed confident their repair would address the issues. He has a repair offer EBAY with his address. I will be shipping my TIPM to him this afternoon, and will let y'all know how things work out.
  • 2 weeks in and not one problem. I would advise anyone without a lot of patience time or money to get this issue resolved, quickly, call Allen.

    Best of luck.
  • That's very encouraging. Mine shipped out this afternoon via UPS for $28.00 plus $12.00 to be packed as a computer part; $40+tax all-in. I went through Alan's EBAY posting & PAYPAL for convenience' sake and taped a copy of the confirmation with a note detailing the symptoms to the unit.

    Hopefully he will have it in a few days and be able to cure what ails it.

    I'll let y'all know how it works out.
  • Had the same problem with my 2011 GC dealer would not pay fro the $110 visit plus $1300 to replace it ok and it would be 6-8 weeks ( maybe)!!! Wow my GC is just 4 months and 7000mi over warranty. Luckily it still runs so took it home and the following day went to the same dealers Parts Depart (not service depart) and asked for a TIPM and guess what they (Part Depart) had TWO in stock!!!!! I bought one (thinking now should have bought both!!!). Walked over to service depart and sch. To install the next day ($157).
    Now in contact with Jeep on getting cost covered (have a case manager)
  • Has anyone heard anything about the lawsuit? I finally had my battery die yesterday (was at about 1.6 when it should be at a 12). I was/am trying to hold out for the recall. Working on calling area mechanics (I live in Denver) to see what they know. Have an appointment set for next week with a Jeep dealer who told me to a) get a case number (the lady at Jeep told me it helps with the expedition of parts, yeah right). and b) that there were 2000 parts shipped out to warehouses last week.

    I REFUSE to pay for this as I just bought this Jeep in August. I am desperate to find a solution. I do have the fortune of having Allan, the mechanic from Oklahoma, coming to Denver this week but even with that option, it's still about a week without a car...
  • I thought that "left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" was unique to my dealer, but the more I read about this problem, the more it appears it to be an issue with the whole company. I suppose confusion is what happens when there are so many changes in ownership in such a short period of time.
  • In order to get the recall process going, we must all call the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (I was given this number after speaking with Jeep Customer Service). I called and left a message since it was after hours and the message I received in return is that there is no recall in progress but we can file a complaint.

    Please call: 1-888-327-4236, 8-8 eastern M-F and FILE YOUR COMPLAINT ABOUT THE TIPM!

    If you live in the Denver area, contact me before tomorrow regarding the repair of your TIPM.
  • I am hoping to remove my TIPM tonight and get it to Allen tomorrow. Can you help me figure out how to remove it????
  • Thanks so much for your helpful post here. Our 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee had the same issues. Dealing with the dealer has been a huge pain, as they wouldn't do their job and charged us huge money. After sending the emails to CEO, our problem got fixed right away. Now we are going to get reimbursement for the money the dealer shouldn't have charged at the very beginning, plus the car rental expenses. We are a one car family, so it has been very inconvenience for us. But feels so much better now. We will just be patient now and hopefully to get our Jeep back ASAP. So just write this response here for all the Jeep owners who has been suffering as we did. And hope everyone got a fair treat from Chrysler.

    Thanks again for providing the CEO's email address!
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