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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • awcarsawcars Posts: 2
    I posted this on another Edmunds thread. Just in case someone sees this instead of that one. (Sorry if this is redundant. I didn't read all 38 pages of complaints.)

    There are many complaints on Jeep forums about this. It is likely related to the TIPM which controls many items - specifically the fuel pump. I'll paste my forum response below which describes my experience. As I mention, there is a recall pending.
    I have a used 2011 JGC. I first noticed the hard start problem on Wed, 2 weeks ago (9/24/14). It progressed for 2 days before not starting at all. I was able to get the Jeep scheduled for repair the following Thursday.

    Prior to taking the Jeep in, I found the recall information on the NHTSA website and called Chrysler per the instructions. Beyond being a bit short and rude, the lady who answered said she knew nothing of the recall - could only find the info on the brake booster and visor issue. She did confirm that I would be reimbursed IF there was a recall and (clarified repeatedly) IF it was EXACTLY the same problem with EXACTLY the same parts, repair procedure, etc. (This is understandable, but she was obviously trying to avoid any legal issues with insinuating I may be covered.)

    I took the Jeep in and they fixed the problem by replacing the TIPM. My cost was approx. $1,200. They said they made copies of all the warranty documents I gave them and kept them on file for if/when it comes.

    The recall is supposed to begin on 10/24. Hopefully many people will get fixed or reimbursed. Fingers crossed.

    I did forget to mention also... One thing I noticed that helped me feel confident it was the TIPM... If I turned the car on, waited to hear the fuel pump, and then started the car, it would start and run for just a second. If I turned the car on and then started it immediately, it would never catch. I would assume that if there is any logic to it, it's turning off the fuel pump after the car is in the "starting" or "run" position. Once I realized that, I knew it was the fuel pump which I knew was a direct issue with the TIPM.
  • TABATOBNJ@AOL.COM[email protected] NEW JERSEYPosts: 1
    Just a note to let y'all know Chrysler did the right thing after more than a year and nearly 20K miles since I had the TIPM repaired by the folks at AR Speedometer in Tulsa. I sent them a letter with all the documentation surrounding the TIPM repair and they refunded the full cost, including shipping, sales tax, etc. It took them a little while, but they did the right thing after all.
  • bkrneil said:

    My 95 grand cherokee starts fine until the weather starts to turn cold below 52 degrees, then when you try to start it it turns over but stalls right off , it sound like the gas is being shut off, after sometimes 10 or better tries it finally starts like it never had a problem at all, and after it does start the jeep will start fine for the rest of the day. My son is a tech at a jeep dealership and say's it is the first like this he has run into, he has tried many different things to try to correct this problem, but it is still happening , has anyone run into this problem?? help!!

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  • I Know the Post I am commenting on is very old, But it is the only one I can find. I solved the problem that these older jeeps have. Mine didn't want to start then after cranking until the battery was almost dead, it would fire rough idle, then the rest of the day she would run fine until the engine got cold again. Then I noticed if you crank a few times leave the ignition on for about 15 seconds it would start easier. So after a year of dealing with this I decided to investigate deeply. I went thru the complete system and found nothing, Then I sat down and thought for a few to really think about it. Here is the fix to the problem. On the firewall is the computer, unbolt the wire harness and the three mounting screws. Pull the computer out and with a flat head or known as slotted screwdriver. Pry the top plastic cover off, Then you will see the board is incased in gelatin. The board then can be lifted out of the plastic housing, thru the gelatin you will see three round electrolytic capacitors. They will say 220uf 25v. A capacitor is merely a battery in circuits. The ones Chrysler used are cheap Chinese ones. They are dried out and bad. When they are bad like this it takes longer for them to charge up in the circuit if at all. Therefor the computer is not operating and if it is not properly. And it directly operates the fuel and ignition system. So take some toothpicks and keep digging the gelatin away from these capacitors. The computer board is a double sided board, So dig it away on top and bottom. On the bottom you will feel the capacitor leads they are sharp and stick out. Clear the bottom ones very well. If you don't have any 220uf capacitors go to radioshack they carry 35v ones. Buy three packs $4.58 total. The board isn't market + or - so keep track of the minus symbol. only unsolder one cap at a time because you can use the other two as a guide. All three have the minus pointing in the same direction. Unsolder the old capacitors and solder in the new ones. Also here is a trick I taught myself. When you unsolder the capacitors you will see the mounting holes have solder, to put the new capacitors in heat the hole with the soldering iron and jab a toothpick into the hole and pull it out, now the holes are clear for the new parts. Trim the leads and reassemble, the jeep is now good as new. And will last another 20 years or so Lol. Anyhow that is it problem solved.
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