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Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems



  • nolatnolat Posts: 1
    i have a good amount of automotive knowledge and this problem has me stumped can anyone help? heres the delema. i have a 1997 dodge dakota v6 3.9L 4x4. recently i noticed my battery gauge dropping when i drove. a few days after i noticed this my truck needed a jump very fequently. i figured it was a bad alternator as this exact thing happened on previous car. i tested the alternator and it came up good. the old battery was still good and would hold a charge on a load tester, but just for a try i replaced the battery with a brand new one with higher cranking amps and its still doing the same exact thing. whenever i start the car with no lights, radio, or heat the battery will get 14v. the minute i attempt to drive it, turn my lights on, turn my heat on, or turn my radio on it drops to just above 8v, and when i trun it off its completely dead and wont even crank. any ideas? id love to hear some feed back as i am without a vehicle. thanks for your time!
  • Same problem but what fusses where blown and any idea how to fix and at what cost? In need of my truck for work. Any help out there?
  • You should really check the big connector in the steering column, maybe even tilt if you can, to see if anything happens. My truck had all sorts of crazy light action going on...But i am super glad i didn't waste a couple hundred on a ctm switch. my big connector was melted out, but with a little patience and a mirror i was able to fix the problem with cheap generic wire connectors.
  • frug4frug4 Posts: 1
    I just replaced the headlights on my 2000 Dakota and now my right front turn signal flashes at twice the speed. I tried wiggling the harness to see if there is a short, but no improvement. Do I need to replace a flasher?
  • I have a 98 Dakota with a 5.2 engine. About 3 months ago when our cold weather first started (it went from about 10 above to 10 below, overnight) my left rear turn signal stopped working. I replaced the bulb shortly afterwards but found that the old bulb was still good, and the new bulb still doesn't work. Not long after that I started to notice some other slightly erratic behavior - the headlights and dash would start flickering lightly (not shutting off completely, just dimming and brightening very rapidly, but enough to notice). I also noticed the truck electrical cut out a couple times, for no reason, but usually when I stopped.

    The battery is a few years old, and was just tested to have about 370 cranking amps, but I haven't had much problem starting it this winter. Last night I went to start my truck to go to work and found my battery almost dead, for no reason. I hadn't left any lights on, nor was the temperature really that bad, maybe about -3. Then about halfway to work, the entire electrical system cut out (while I was driving, not stopped). Lights, ignition, and radio all cut right out, like someone rapidly disconnected the battery then reconnected it again. The truck started again right away, and ran fine the rest of the way.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
  • zzismezzisme Posts: 3
    I had that problem with my 2001 Dakota until it got so bad the lights would flicker like a strobe light! I had to replace the BCM and it cost me $700. When I got it replaced, the windows, door locks, fuel gauge, headlights, everything worked great!

    This is the pickup from hell... I can't get it smogged cause of random misfire codes and some stupid transmission code. (even after replacing the BCM) I've had so many "sensors" and Modules replaced, I'm at the end of my rope. I love my pickup, but I can't drive it.

    Good Luck, I wouldn't wish a pickup like this one on my worst enemy.
  • the gauges in my 96 dakota work just they seem to jump around a lot and my light for the right turn signal is always on in my dash also while sitting idle my rpm gauge like to jump up and down to 4000rpm or while im driving i will be doing 40 but it tell me im doing 110mph all my lights and signals work fine but it gets annoying when your gas gauge lies to you. is it just a loose ground? or how can i fix this?
  • rose37rose37 Posts: 2
    Over the last few weeks the door locks click like someones pushing the button, it does it constantly while the truck is parked. Last night it started starting on it's own, it has command start. We stopped it but 10 minutes later it was running again, ran for 15 minutes then shut down, 20 minutes later it started up again and after 15 minutes shut down. This went on a few times before we finally disconnected the battery.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?
  • can someone please let me know what the fix it
  • ok i bought this truck from my sisters friend she wanted to get a 4cyc car and get rd of the v8 first mistake buying the truck second was keeping it third was driving it the radio was not working right (aftermarket) kept losing the screen i though it was from her brother punching it but now i wonder the other day my service 4x4 light came on i scanned it and nothing came up the cargo lamp would also not shut off and the interior i pulled the fuse and let the truck sit a few days and started it the 4x4 light went off so i pluged the fuse back in now i have no head lights no dash iner or parking besides the truck being a pain in my rear dose anyone know the fix to it i changed the headlight switch we have power to the fuse but not to the headlight switch plug please help i need my truck on the road asap please find me on facebook name henry trapp look for the black dodge dakota plowing snow
  • rislandrisland Posts: 2
    Hello, I have A 2000 dakota RT this morning i went to start and it cranked but did not start i tried again and got nothing, no crank no power. My dash indicators went out and nothing worked. i tried starting again and nothing. i put the car in gear and back to park and indicator lights came on again but went out upon start attempt. I disconnected the battery ond it seemed to be fully charged. reconnected with the same result. i will occaionally get a fast clicking sound but no hint of cranking. when i turn the key to the on position i lose all power no lights horn etc. with the key in the off position i get dome lights. horn or flashers get a fast clicking but do not work. i am at a lose and hope you can help. the truck has not had any trouble starting and has run great.
  • moparman43moparman43 Posts: 1
    Dusty, i kinda got the same problem he was having w/ his, mine is 96 dakota, 3.9 5 speed 2 wheel drive w/ 225,000 miles on her. and i pull my head light switch out, no head lights no driving lights no dash lights no tail lights and my abs and brake light come on and also my tach freezes. shut the switch off, tach comes back, abs and brake light go off. ok well press the brake pedal in, once again, abs and brake light come on, but no brake lights and tach jumps. depress brake pedal, abs and brake light goes off. been told to check grounds, any good ideas ??
  • poorboy4poorboy4 Posts: 1
    i have a 92 with same prob tring to get ansers to i wired around starter relay but now need ac
  • alright so heres the big problem 03 dodge dakota sport 2wd automatic trans mission with 3.9 v6 engine throws a rod i got a 5.9 magnum to drop in it because i was told the transmission would bolt up well they didnt so i looked around for a running 3.9 i found one a year later engine ran strong in the 94 dakota now theres a really big problem all the wiring is different and i no longer have the original engine to switch the parts over so any ideas.
    all help is help so ideas would be wonderful
  • i dont know if you have fixed the problem or not but disconnect your battery terminals for at least 30 secs to a min to make sure theres no power to the computer that way it resets and this may fix your problem
  • we had this same problem in a 90 buick lesaber it turned out the the starter was bad you might look into that
  • fqeladydifqeladydi Posts: 1
    What is the BCM and where did you have it done. I've got a similar "strobe" issue now. My local mechanic has tried everything but isn't familiar with the BCM. Is it some kind of sensor & where is it located. I've got a 97 Dakota. Started having "electrical issues" 3 years ago.
  • zzismezzisme Posts: 3
    The BCM is a Body Control Module. I had it replaced by my mechanic. I don't know where it's located on the vehicle.. but I am sure that's what makes the lights blink.. (and soon the windows won't work, door locks, etc.) Good luck!
  • lee132lee132 Posts: 1
    My rear right blinker ,break light,4 weel drive switch dont work and my power doors lock and unlock on their own and my windsheild wipers come on when I start up my truck and wont turn off i checked all the fuses and that does not seem to be the problem any suggestions
  • Sounds like you have a problem in the multi-function switch on the steering
    column stalk if the right rear blinker doesn't work and the wipers come on
    by themselves.

    Which brake light are you talking about? The high mount brake lamp or
    the actual rear lamps when the brake pedal is applied?

    Power door lock are controlled by the CTM (Central timer module) located
    under the steering column area. It is also responsible for the windshield
    wiper delay function.
  • I AM having problems with my windows in my 2003 dodge dakota, I cannot roll down windows from individual switches i can only roll down from master switch(driverside),i have replaced the master switch checked connections but still cannot roll windows down from back seats or passenger seat. has anyone ever had this same problem????
  • I've got a 2005 Dakota, and the Keyless entry, dome light, dash lights, power door locks, and headlights all stopped working at the same time. Truck starts up, runs and drives fine, no problems there, just a pain because I can only drive it during the daytime without the lights.....I think it maybe the Central Timer Module, but when I talked to the dealership they called it something else, and the cost was around $350.00

    Any other thoughts?
  • dakota4x42003dakota4x42003 Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    I have a 2003 dodge dakota 4x4 4.7l, the problem i am having is i can only roll down windows from the master switch,you cannot roll down windows from there own switch(s).I have replaced the master switch,i made sure the window lock is off . but still problem is same as before. I am lost on this one.. anyone have trouble like this?? any info would gladly appreciate.
  • What could these 2 have in common? Both appear to have happened at the same time. I still have all functions in mirrors, locks, keyless entry, wipers, map lights etc. My son just installed front driveshaft but on the way to do so (rainy drive) the overhead display reportedly went out. My son did shaft the install at school and says nothing else was touched in the processl. The only thing I noticed was an abraded bundle of wires near the front driveshaft (not touching it). One other POI, occasionally, the left blinker will flash at double speed. Truck has 4.7L, 155K miles and is a 2001 quad cab.
  • When I tilt my steering wheel up my ABS light comes on. If I drop it down a couple of clicks it goes out. Does anyone know the reason for this and is there any damage being done?
  • Did you ever figure out what was causing the fuse to blow? I am having the problem with my 93 Dodge Dakota. I dont think it is the after market stereo but the truck original wiring harness ?
  • mechgen1mechgen1 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same prob.the abs light also comes on shortly before it dies and the idle fluctuates then starts dying and displays "no bus".On cooler days with light traffick it might go a few hundred miles with no problem.but on warm(80f or above and/or stuck in traffick)it might die half a dozen times in 10 miles.On cooler days I canwiggle the pcm connector nearest the firewall and can hear the injectors cycle and "no bus is replaced by the odometer reading.At first I thought it was loose or dirty sockets in the connector,but on hot days I have to unplug the connector and let the pcm cool for a few minutes before regaining bus.Occasionally the IAC opens up all the way setting code 303 and the abs light comes on.I'm beginning to suspect a bad solder joint in the pcm.Mine is a "99 dakota slt with a 3.9 and 5 speed.
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