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Subaru Baja Engine Issues



  • dmountdmount Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I want to apologize up front, if I didn't read far enough to find my answer. I have a 2003 Baja, we bought it used. After owning it for a time, it was rolled over( no one was hurt ) and considered "totaled" ( note to self, "don't let kids borrow car!") after some cosmetic work, and a little tweaking of the frame, we started driving it again. After being driven at excessive speeds,(note to self,"refer to last note to self, idiot") it began to make a very loud clattering type noise, I wasn't sure if it had a thrown rod or what, when it starts now it clatters, it will stop at times, and almost sounds like it is separate from the rhythm of the engine, if that makes any sense, could this be a rod, or maybe valves?? thanx :confuse:
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