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Kia Sorento Warranty Questions



  • 25,000 miles, last week, within one year, transmission out, being replaced. informed today water pump is also leaking, being replaced today same time as transmission. loaner car is dirty when picked up, but have transportation. have registered complaints with headquarters in california and also regional headquarters in chicago. lots of lip service and standard verbage. wanted an extended warranty on the mfgr. transmission. they won't put new transmission in because some of the new ones still have problems. my 2011 Sorento is for sale. will not buy another one and hopefully this note will go to thousands that won't buy kia. Their Ads look great, their talk is great.....but real problems with these cars.
  • I had same problems. If you have time, you have right to file a complaint with Federal Govt at and then go to "Vehicle Owners" and then "file a complaint" to initiate a recall. Good luck and we finally got an attorney to fight our case with the transmission, pulling to the right, cruise control, and now sudden acceleration. :lemon:
  • After the stepper motor issue (see other thread) I have dealt with a couple changes of the ignition key & interlock problem.....unable to start car. Occaisionally you have to play a little to get the brake pedal, ignition key & starting. It has improved but still sometimes catches and not want to start. Other issues are the "chrome" front door handles and center console with trim needed charge. THey were flaking of chunks of chrome-like paint. Fortunately got it to the dealerhsip before 60K. They did replace the center console piece after 60K because the first replacement started flaking off almost immediately. Those are the most memorable ones at present.
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