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Chevrolet Equinox: Meet the Members!

tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Let's have our "member" chat here. I only ask that if you raise issues you think will have general interest then please post or repost your message and responses in the appropriate specialized topic.

Thanks and enjoy!

tidester, host


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    bob36bob36 Member Posts: 2
    i pur. 2005 chev equinox awd as you are driving it starts to whistle not all the time. what could it be bob36
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    rvothrvoth Member Posts: 147
    Love the AWD system in the 08 equinox, we've had 20 cm of snow and -25 C temp, in the last 6 days and this truck just bears down and claws right through the snow. Amazed.
    GM has been very good with us we had the original battery replaced just last friday because it was shorting out and not holding a proper charge. Really showed up when the temp goes down to -20 -30 celuis when you need alot of cold cranking amps to start the vehicle.. :)
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    calypso3calypso3 Member Posts: 5
    Same here but played in 30 cm. of snow with my 05 FWD. Equinox. I'm starting my 4 th winter and never had problems. This year even better because I'm on winter tires for the first time.
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    rvothrvoth Member Posts: 147
    The Equinox would have superb traction with winter tires, I have great traction going forward but not so good braking traction. A set of nokia winter tires 235/60/17 for my LT equinox and it will handle any ice snow covered roads. Just like the weather we are having now. :D
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    bob36bob36 Member Posts: 2
    I purchase a 2005 chev equinox awd when driving it sounds like an airplane landing. not all the time but quite a lot. What could it be? thank you bob36
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    laserbluelaserblue Member Posts: 313
    First, were does the sound seems to be coming from?

    Let be tell you what happened with my 05 Equinox, could be the same thing.
    There was a humming sound coming from the back and I made some little tests to see what it could be.
    When rolling I put the truck in neutral, the sound was still there, rev the motor, the sound didn't change, put the truck in park (motor running), no humming sound. The faster I drove, the higher the sound was. It was a sound like I'd be rolling on tractor tires. Letting the truck roll by itself (on neutral) the sound would change when the truck was slowing down, going down a hill on neutral the sound would change picking up speed.
    Had to change a left rear wheel hub bearing. That was it, no more humming sound, it was riding on air.
    Hope this helps.
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