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Hyundai Elantra Transmission Questions



  • I had the same problem. I would check that suspension is tight, then take a crow bar and push the drive axle out a little. It is the one on the passenger side and basically goes from your wheel hub to the trans. Can't miss it. You can't push it out, so don't worry about that. Just don't poke your crow bar in more than an inch or two.

    My problem went away by doing this. No idea about the buzzing??
  • himi1himi1 Posts: 25
    Has anyone heared about Elantra 2011 having a new six-speed automatic gearbox? This site states this: x-speed-automatic-transmission/

    So, will Kias get it too?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Yes, e.g. 2011 Forte will get it. 2011 Optima has same 6AT as the Sonata.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
  • Hi everyone, It has been a very rough winter. After getting stuck in a snow bank in my 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS, and stepping on the gas to frequently in order to get out of the snow, i finally got out.

    As I started driving i realized that i could not go above 30 or 40 mph, and that the gears on the shift were not working. No matter whether it was in drive or a different gear, same result. In order to get the car to 40 mph i had to really hit the gas and get the RPMs to 5,000 or almost 6,000.

    Well i got home and then realized i had no reverse, so i put the car in neutral and pushed the car into my driveway. I then shut the car off for the first time. As I decided to bring the car to a mechanic i turned the car on and now everything is working fine, however the transmission fluid is now very dark, almost

    I know this needs to be corrected, but should I just get a transmission flush or a just drain out the current transmission fluid and replace it with new transmission not concerned about cost.. thanks to all for your help...

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    Sounds to me like your transmission went into "limp home mode". Take it to be serviced; there may be error codes to indicate if a problem exists.

    My guess, BTW, is that it overheated. It then generated the errors, entered limp mode, and between the overheating & your driving it the fluid got burned.

    At a minimum you'll probably need the replace the fluid.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Wow, so your problem sounds just like mine, except for getting stuck in the snow. lol I bought a 2010 Elantra in early October, and the transmission went a month & half later, at 1800 miles. (I created a post about this in December). The first bad sign was when I took my boss to lunch one day, it took a second or two to get the car in reverse, it was weird. Then the following day, I was leaving work and I turned right at the red light. I accelerated like normal, however the RPM shot WAY up to 8,000, and for a minute I couldn't get it above 30MPH. Then it was okay, I got home fine. The next morning, I was leaving to run some errands, and the car wouldn't get above 25MPH. I turned around and came back home. I called AAA and they came out and the guy couldn't even get the car in reverse. We had it towed to the nearest Hyundai dealership. They told me 20 minutes later that I needed a new transmission.

    If it's a 2008, I'm under the assumption that it's still under warranty. Do NOT just get a trans I said your problem sounds like exactly what happened to me.
  • I have a 1999 elantra 5 speed manual trans. when I go in reverse and push in the clutch the front wheels lock up but the car stays running if I let the clutch out it will travel in reverse again until i push the clutch in again . This does not happen in the forward gears. anyone know about this ?
  • andra1andra1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Hi, recently I've been hearing a low grinding noise in all gears, and the gear shift slips out of 1st gear pretty regularly (I start in 2nd gear). There's only 115000 km's (not miles!) on the car. Could this be anything other than a transmission problem? Is this common for an 04 Elantra?? Seems early for transmission problems...
  • cs86cs86 Posts: 3
    Have you ever checked or changed the fluids? 115,000 km is around 71,000 miles; if you haven't you should probably start there.
  • sfisher1492sfisher1492 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I'm having trouble shifting into reverse and 5th gear in a 99 Elantra, 144K Miles. It started having problems going into reverse a month or two ago, and now it is also having problems going into 5th. I think it may be stretched/worn shifter cables, can I get an opinion from someone who has experienced this problem? I don't think it is the clutch master/slave, it shifts beautifully into first thru fourth, and the friction point seems at a reasonable level, that hasn't changed, clutch fluid is at the full level. The only way I can get it into fifth is starting from fourth, if I start pushing the shifter to the right before I even leave 4th, and shift it pretty hard and quick, then it goes into 5th most of the time, otherwise it keeps trying to go into 3rd if i shift "normally". If I am in neutral and push the shifter all the way to the right, then forward, it goes into third every time. It feels like it is putting some extra strain on things, and I would like to fix it, just want some confirmation on the diagnosis before I spend time, $$ on shifter cables.
    Thanks, Steven :D
    P.S. Been doing some more research, I see several mentions of replacing shifter bushings, can this help with my problem? Some are "racing" bushings, or should I stick with OEM parts?
  • I have a 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS with automatic transmission that will drive normally until reaching normal operating temperature wherein it will revert to limp mode and stick in third gear. I have changed all of the speed sensors and the neutral inhibitor (aka, transaxle range switch). The fluid is in good condition and is also the required SPIII. The ECM is showing P1529 which is nothing more than a code stating that the TCM is throwing up its own code and that it wants to be checked. While the transmission is hot I can reset the code and the car will rev up to 5000 rpm's in first gear and then do a hard shift into 3rd and yes, limp mode. I am assuming this has to do with heat because I can drive the car normally for 10 or 15 minutes before the issue begins.
  • I have the exact same model and the exact same problem. Did you find a solution and if so What was it? Thanks
  • tulsaboytulsaboy Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    I resolved the issue after taking it to the dealer and verifying that it was the output sensor. I was a fool and had the car running fine until I took it to clean the engine. I was tired of working on it as dirty as it was. After I exposed the output sensor to water it shorted which, as it turns out, is what caused the issue in the first place months before when I washed it the first time. It took me awhile to put the two incidences together. The dealer described it to me as the #3 output sensor. Yes, I suspected that it was that but I wasted my money anyway and they did turn out to be correct.

    Before I took it to the dealer I even replaced the ECM which I found a replacement for on Ebay for under $30. My advice is that if it comes up as a P1529 or any other code that refers to a generic problem with a sensor on the transmission then you start with the input or output sensor as they are actually sitting on the transmission itself. All the other changes I made could have been avoided.

    Good luck
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