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2009 Mazda6



  • if what you say is accurate, just jump on a 2009 . . their price will keep going down as the weeks go on . .
  • The problem is that the only remaining 09's have manual transmissions. Talking to the salesman, I guess they have a crapload of those all over the country but no autos. The 2010 appears to be the exact same car, right down to the ugly (IMO) zebra pattern on the cloth seat and console. I was hoping they would change that.

    Basically a 2010 model has different packages but is the same car with less discounts. What is the point of buying one right now?
  • the person I was responding to only wanted a manual transmission. I think there are quite a few v6 left over, too.
  • Oh, I know. I was complaining more for myself as I am in the market for a car as well. Personally, I would want an automatic and the V6's gas mileage would not be good enough for me. I test drove a '2010' the other day and it wasn't any different than the '2009' I test drove a month ago. Except in price I guess. :(
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I just checked on the MazdaUSA website (using the 'Search Inventory' function) and found-

    31- 2009 Mazda6 i Touring AT
    49- 2009 Mazda6 i Sport AT
    54- 2009 Mazda6 i Grand Touring AT

    All within 250 miles of Atlanta (my location) it looks like there are still quite a few 2009 models with automatic transmission here in the Southeaat! :)
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • if you want a good deal, you will probably have to wait until cash for clunkers is over with. I would say buy at the end of September or October would be better.
  • t_ridert_rider Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a 09 i Touring w/ automatic and convenience package. Do you think $20,700 before TTL is a good price?

    Secondly, my current car (Accord) has been so problem-free I feel spoiled by it. In 8 years it has needed only 1 unscheduled repair, and it remains rattle-free to this day. Am I going to be disappointed by the Mazda6's reliability, fit and finish given this experience?
  • Bay Area mazda dealers are offering $7,000 MSRP on the remaining 2009 Mazda6 this a good price?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Do any of the 2009 MAzda 6 models come with the ipod interface thru usb port?
  • There are 3 ways you can use your iPod with a Mazda6,

    1) Opt for the ipod dock. This addon is a built-in USB interface that will display song/artist titles on the radio display when playing ipod music.
    2) A headphone mini jack inside middle console. Just need a mini to mini cord, works with any MP3 player, but doesnt display song titles.
    3) Bluetooth. If you have a bluetooth-enabled MP3 Player, opt for bluetooth in the car. The Mazda6 supports wirelessly streaming music to the radio and display song/artist titles on the radio display besides hands-free phone use.

    FWIW, I use option 3 with my iphone rather than getting the dock and have been pretty happy about it.
  • I've owned 2 Honda Accords (89 Lxi, 02 SE). i thought the 6i Touring was a nice sporty change vs the 09 Accord. I bought it in February and I think i made a mistake. i've had two mechanical issues so far. The right front bumper kept popping off and the alarm kept defaulting to valet. now, after 10,000 miles, the check engine light just came on. I've only had two oil changes since. what a mess. you will not get the reliability that you've grown accustomed with a Honda.
  • I have had my 09 6s GT for a year now (13K miles) and I haven't had any such problems so far. Of course it's too early to compare to our camry we had for about 10 years. The camry had pretty much no issues for about 7-8 years, except for the stupid check engine light that kept coming on and off which we ignored. But the drive was so mind numbing to me (my wife didn't mind it) I was pretty much waiting for the day to get rid off the camry. Now I enjoy my Mazda6 everyday, I'm impressed at how well it handles for a midsize/large family sedan at this price point. The more aggressive I drive it the more I enjoy it. BTW, I recently drove my friend's 09 accord, definitely better driving experience than the camry but no where close to the Mazda6.
    Regarding sheer reliability - only time will tell for me. I doubt it will be as reliable as the camry, but as long as it's just one or two minor things here and there I would take the Mazda6 absolutely anyday compared to a camry or accord.
  • I have had the Mazda 6i GT with Bose + Nav. ($32k after taxes and all fees) since 11-29-08, it now has 7500 miles and has been great.

    I had not had any real problem till this week:

    - Hear a slight squeek from my serp. belt, when shift is on D.
    - My front left shock also has developed a squeek. (Once and a while when getting off the car - I weight 200 lbs.)
    - My A/C is not working.

    I haven't been able to take the car in since I will be needing it for the next 3 weeks. Aside from that the car has been great, crazy the pull you get from this 4 cyl engine.
  • What is the highest number that you've cranked the Bose volume up to?

    I had it at 25 and wasnt sure how far it goes up. Anyone know off the top of their heads? I read the owner's manual but it didnt say.
  • I Always listen to my Bose between 45 and 50. I believe it goes up to 56. Then it say "vol max".
  • adamb1adamb1 Cookeville, TNPosts: 122
    You can easily listen to it at 50 with clear, distortion free sound.

    I have been slightly dissappointed with this stereo as its base response is not what I would expect from a Bose system with subwoofer. The factory system in my Dodge Ram has twice the base though is lacking in mid-range power.
  • Hi, I have a 2009 Mazda6 iGT, currently 13k miles and bought in Nov 2008. I experienced gas pedal vibration last Wednesday night when I was going 60-65 miles on Hwy, it lasted about 2-3 mins. When I released the gas pedal, my speed didn't reduce and car became very noisy. RPM stayed 2000-2500 I think. The next day morning on the way to work, I heard a very loud "bam", "clunk" from my car. I thought I was hit by some flying object, but when I arrived work, couldn't find any damage anywhere. I googled it and scheduled warranty service for this morning since I had to be out of town for a few days. I went in for service this morning, just now the service advisor called and said they could not duplicate any problem and could not find anything faulty. I am very upset and scared. I told them oh did you check this and that I found online, they said they can't because it's not my model but CX-7 and Hummer H3. Then I said, how about the "accelerator linkage" my cousin suggested, they said oh no, it doesn't indicate its the cause so if they open it up, Mazda will probably not cover the warranty! I did not understand why they said that, they are the authorized dealer! Any advice is highly appreciated! :cry:
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    While I was at the mazda dealership for an oil change, I was looking around the new Mazda3's. I noticed that they have a thick firewall (gray fire retardant layer similar to the one on the inside of the hood).
    My 2009 Mazda6 seems to have nothing in the center firewall area, only small pieces on the side. I am wondering if it is correct this way or if they forgot to install it while the car was being built. Can someone with the 4 Cyl 2009 mazda6 please check their firewall area and let me know. Thanks
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Sounds to me like a transmission issue. I remember having a similar issue with a rental Ford Focus while driving from LA to Las Vegas. The car went crazy and started accelerating on its own even though my foot was off the gas pedal, then the engine light came on, and it would only shift into second gear.
  • Thanks. I think so too. But dealer (Oaktree) claimed they test drove and checked entire car, but couldn't duplicate the problem and everything looks great after the examination. Honestly, I've been driving the car for 10+ months, 13k+ miles, I am certain it behaved erotically those 2 times. Although I purchase extended warranty (Up to 5 yr, 75k mi), if they can't really pinpoint the problem, really not much benefit from getting the extended warranty. Oh well, I have swapped the car with hubby ever since and he has not experienced anything wrong with it. Let's pray the problem will never show up again!! (After all, SAFETY is most important, $$ second.) I've been telling everyone how great this car is and I visited every now and then to see other peoples reviews. Mostly satisfied happy owners and I "used to be" one of them......
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I've been driving the car for 10+ months, 13k+ miles, I am certain it behaved erotically those 2 times.

    Only twice in 10 months, that's sad.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    There's just so much material here, I'm not sure where to start.

    It is a Mazda 6, known for its...

    Stick shift? Firm handling? Zoom Zooms? A big trunk?

  • SO SORRY. Erotically...Mis-used the word. Meant to say it has ERROR.
    Can someone tell me how to edit my previous posting? Thanks......... :blush:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Making fun of a new member is certainly not the community thing to do. Obviously he meant erratically. As it happens, his first language is not English and it's an understandable mistake; the two words sound very similar.

    Do either of you have anything helpful to offer? Or perhaps an apology?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    "Can someone tell me how to edit my previous posting?"

    You only get a limited amount of time to go back and edit. You will see "Save | Reply | Edit | Delete" to the right in the title bar of recent posts. Once the time for editing expires you will see only "Save | Reply" there.

    Don't worry about it, anyone reading it knew you meant "erratically".
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    I have successfully paired my HTC Mogul phone (Sprint) with my 6i GT via Bluetooth. However I have never been able to import the phone book using the Import Phonebook command.

    Anyone else having the same problem? My phone is among those listed on the website as being supported for Bluetooth headset and Bt Audio. All other phone functions work flawlessly.

    On the same site I found buried in the FAQs (THIS SHOULD BE LISTED IN THE MANUAL that comes with the car) that the phone book must not contain more than 1,000 contacts. So I deleted a ton of contacts that I am not likely to call anyways and got the list down to around 500 contacts. But the import phonebook hangs (well I lost my patience after about 3 minutes).

    I even unpaired and re-paired but it continues to show the same behavior.

    I can't believe they charge $2,000 for this nav and still don't get this to work right.

    Any suggestions? Please email me.
  • adamb1adamb1 Cookeville, TNPosts: 122
    Do you have a large number of entries in your cell phone address book? I initially had trouble syncing my address book. I went through my phone and cleaned out the old, duplicate, and needless entries. It seemed like it was timing out or something during the download. After clean up, I was able to sync my address book on the next try. I don't know what the magic number of entries is and don't recall seeing it in a handbook.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Yes, per my post, the max # of phone book entries is supposed to be 1,000 (per I went through the exercise of pruning my phone book but it still won't sync.

    And I can't add entries to the voice dial phone book either. It says "phone book is full", but when I ask it to list the entries, it says "phone book is empty". I guess it's time to call Mazda?
  • There is a service bulletin to address the problem I reported. It's: SB 01-051/08

    This just got done on my 09 GT 6s and it has indeed addressed the problem. There are 6 different parts that needed to be replaced as part of this SB and my dealership had to order them first. But finally this annoying noise is gone and in fact now the engine "sounds" smoother when starting from idle :D
  • Hi All!

    I bought my Black 09 Mazda 6i Touring just over a year ago. Still in love with it! I am just shy of 21,000 miles (how did that happen so fast?!). I have a question for those of you who are more mechanically inclined. When I am driving at a low speed (in a parking lot or going up my driveway) and step on the brake to come to a complete stop, I hear a noise. It's metallic, seems to be coming from the front end and sounds like a "clank" or "clunk". Kind of like two metal plates coming into contact. It doesn't do it every time I stop, and it never does it at highway speeds or in street traffic. I've asked the service guys to check the brakes and investigate this noise a couple of times. They say everything looks fine. Last week when I was in for an oil change, I asked the service manager to check it again. Without hearing the noise, he said it was being caused by a "pad shift." Something about a gap between the brake pads and whatever they come into contact with (I can't remember exactly what part he said). He also said it's completely normal and after checking the brake system, he said everything is just fine. My boyfriend (who is enough of a mechanic to work on his own car) says he's never heard of it and he doesn't believe the service guy.

    Are any of you 09 Mazda 6 drivers experiencing this noise? Does anyone know what "pad shift" is? Did he just make this up?

    Thanks! :)
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