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2009 Mazda6



  • numb3rznumb3rz Posts: 15
    When you jumped the car and it worked, my first thought was the battery. Battery terminals do get corroded. If the dealer tested the battery on the battery posts, as opposed to testing it on the outside of the terminals, it may have tested good and not exposed a poor connection. A dealer should know this. I think the dealer just wanted to sell you a battery.

    I would have pulled and cleaned the terminals and put an overnight charge on the battery. Two years out of a battery might be normal if you live in Phoenix. You should get five years, give or take, in a cooler climate.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Two years out of a battery might be normal if you live in Phoenix. You should get five years, give or take, in a cooler climate.

    I know when I used to live in a cold climate 5-7 years was the norm for a battery...actually can't remember changing one.

    Now in central TX...2 years and the battery is done.
  • 626gt626gt Posts: 15
    I have the exact same car that I bought new in Oct 09 - - 3 days after it was delivered I went out to start car and the exact same thing happened except I was unable to jump start car (had to get to my hockey game) & when I came home car still was lit up like Christmas tree but lights all dimmer. Could not start - did not think to jump start. Next AM all power dead, car was towed to dealer and they put in new battery. They claim that the car had been in showroom for months w/ people playing w/buttons etc but not driven much so original battery had died and caused issue. Other 09 driver in CT. had similar battery issues. I think the batter was the cause not sure how else this could happen. Can't speak to trunk release - older cars had cables to electronics would not be issue but new cars with electronic locks maybe trunk won't open. I have not heard about a lock out mode though it maybe an anti-theft process they program into car, not sure what you did to cause that?
  • I just got the DWS's on my 09 i GT after doing a lot of research. So far they handle very well. I would say about the same as my OEM Michelins.

    They do seem to have a quicker turning response. They also seem to roll down the road better, with less resistance but those two things could be my imagination. :)
  • mazda6hyymazda6hyy Posts: 7
    Thank you all for your kind reply. Not sure if anyone wanna duplicate the lock-out mode and if you are able to. ;)

    Basically what I did was as usual, stepped on the brake first, press the push start button, a little noise, gauges moved all the way to the right and back down to 0, Shocked!...Then I attempted to start 3 or maybe 4 times, then it locked up! Brake completely jammed and not step-able.)

    Husband did this again next day AM and he said he tried maybe in 3-4times neighborhood, and same thing happened. The only difference was, I was able to switch it OFF the day before to pop the truck and grab my jumpstart cable, but we failed to do so next day AM. The push button stayed at ON.

    I'll try to find that artitle from other forum that someone said his dealer told him about lockout mode. Will post later.
  • mazda6hyymazda6hyy Posts: 7
    Hi 626gt and all,!-09-Mazda-6-Won-t-S- tart-Push-to-Start

    This is the link that pointed out "lock out mode". (See 4/7/2009 posted by Rave_Noodles)

    We did not mess with anything. I was able to drive the car to Walmart 5 hours before the 1st incident happened that night.

    I live in San Jose, CA. The weather has been pretty mild.
  • numb3rznumb3rz Posts: 15
    Living in Minnesota, replaced the original battery in my 03 Accord in 2010. 5-7 years is a pretty accurate window up here. Starting up your car on a twenty below zero morning in January will tell you in a hurry what the condition of your battery is.
  • Hey Aviboy97 - Did this issue get resolved? I just bought an 09 Mazda6 and I'm experiencing the same issues. I know it's been like 3 years, but if your wiring harness and throttle issue fixed the problem, that would be good to know.

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