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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I own a 2004 Honda Odyssey-heard such "great" things about Honda's outlasting all other cars~yea sure if you got money laying around to replace a durn transmission!! My Odyssey only has 108,000 miles on it and the troubles began in 2010 after only owning the car for 1 year!!! There are warranty's and recalls listed for the 2004 Odyssey all over the internet even in the New York times this year and yet Honda still ignores the real issues!!! Weird how one recall listed applies to my vehicle-but they say had already been updated years ago yet the other recall for the tray listed on the same page right above the fuel system recall "doesn't apply to my vehicle" wow-this is the lamest bs i've ever heard. I am a single mother that was laid off in Feb.~ what I am suppose to do???? My children have no way to school everyday yet Honda has no answers!!! If I ever get through this and outta this Honda I will NEVER purchase another one!! Can someone give me some kinda advice????
  • 2004 Honda with transmission problems-I don't even know where to began-only owned this vehicle for 2 years and started having problems last year and now-need a new transmission!!! "Recall doesn't apply to my particular 2004 Odyssey" WTF??? Why is my 2004 Odyssey different from any other 2004 Odyssey???? Wow-you can't trust anyone these days~but I can tell you I will NEVER EVER purchase another Honda and will steady put the word out about Hondas and the service you get when you own one!!!
  • I also have a 2004 Honda Odyssey and have the same problems going on. The TCS light and transmission light came on and well now-it needs a new transmission. I took it to a mechanic whom told me to raise sand with Honda because there is a warranty that covers the transmission problems. So as a single mother myself whom purchased this vehicle 2 years ago thinking it was gonna a least make it till i could pay it off-i am furious with Honda!!! I recently lost my job and i don't have any way of getting another vehicle and don't have the money to fix this one!! What to do?????? I understand your stress if you come up with anything keep posting it and i will do the same!
  • disgusted123disgusted123 Posts: 7
    edited May 2011
    I have a 04' Honda Odyssey-it is down-i need a new transmission-what did you do to get through to Honda???
    Who do i need to call?? I really need some help with this!!
  • After 50,000 miles, my replacement Honda transmission has failed. Honda Inc. has had no sympathy with my $4000.00 problem and in fact, each person I have talked to has said exactly the same thing - not just the same idea, but exactly the same words. 'We know you are not satisfied but there is nothing we can do for you. Anyone else at Honda you talk to will say the same thing. And no, you cannot have corporate or Tetsuo Iwamura's phone number.' Well, so much for the loyalty of an owner of 11 Hondas with a complaint that would appear to be a no brainer.
  • ml4416ml4416 Posts: 1
    Just got my 2002 Honda Odyssey Transmission replaced three months ago and cost $5K at Honda's Dealership. A van only had 110,000 miles. Where's Honda Quality and Reliability????
    Honda's should recall their auto transmission??? I will NEVER buy another Honda Cars or SUV.
    I should have bought Toyota Sienna.. I have 2004 Toyota Corolla with 187,000 miles and never had any Engine or Transmission problems... Go Toyota and bye Honda !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jerdesabjerdesab Posts: 11
    Honda sucks..My odyssey 2007 less than two years have to change stabilizer and parts also change on transmission due to excessive shaking.. My next car would be Ford or Toyota. Goodbye HONDA...and all salesmen at Honda dealerships SUCKS too....they squeezed every penny from you.
  • Yea-they don't wanta help you at all there!! Gonna charge me to diagnose the transmission when I have had 5 other mechanics diagnose it already!! To top it all off-the service manager told me I had better not say one more thing about never purchasing a Honda again because they would just make it that much more difficult to get Honda to help with the cost~really~at this point I'm to pissed to care what "Honda" thinks!! If he were in this situation he would understand my frustration I'm sure!!
  • Do you mind me asking?
    Only because I have a 2007 as well.
    Did you have your TCM (transmission control module) software udpated when the van was recalled for this?
    I had mine reprogrammed in 2009 and 2010 and so far no problem.
  • I just purchased this vehicle 2 years ago and the carfax said all updates and recalls had been completed! I have gotten so frustrated that I give up-traded it in for a Nissan Quest!! Shoulda bought a Nissan from day 1-always been a big fan just thought I'd give a Honda a whirl and well.......I must say "Lesson Learned" ~I'll never go that route again!!!
  • I agree~see ya Honda!! Not only did the van need a new transmission after 2 years of me owning it~the service dept manager suggested that I stop junk talking Honda if I wanted their help~Whatever I'd rather move on then bow down to a company who can't take responsibility for the raggedy Van's they are selling that might I add are way over priced!!! I just sold it and got a Nissan Quest-I am so in love with van-not only is it purrrrin like kitten-the features way out do my Honda's!!!! Yeah-so happy!!!!! Finally back on the road after weeks of misery dealing with the Odyssey!!!
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    "see-ya-Honda" is the ultimat fix for us Ody' Owners. They knew about the
    Tranny troubles for years and the best they did was a patch up re-call to install a return line fluid diverter in the top of the gear box to squirt a little oil down onto the gears and shaft that were buring up due to oil starvation.
    As for the rest of the multitude of problems in their a/t's, nothing short of a total re-design of the whole system would fix what's wrong with them. We know that's not going to happen. They even put in the a/t from the Honda Ridgeline truck as a stop gap until they came up with then new a/t's from the last few years. Of course they forgot to re-program it for the Ody but hey, it was a start.

    Consumers Reports gave the 1999 to 2004 Ody's a clean bill of health for years until they finally had to admit the a/ts they were giving full red stars to, were actually solid black in the real world. This accounted for thousands of unsuspecting Van buyers getting taken to the cleaners along with all the other HOnda vehicles that used that transmission.

    I have a friend that re-builds transmissions and he sees Honda Ody's in the shop every week for burnt up clutch packs, fried tourqe converters and tranny fluid that smells like burning garbage.

    For one thing he has never used the Honda Z1 fluid in his re-builds (that he guarantees for 5 years 50,000 miles) even tho if you read the owners manual you would think the world would come to an end if you didn't.
    Just this year they have finally/quietly dropped the Honda Z1 and replaced it with a synthetic for all their a/ts.
    Claiming they did it to "increase milage on cold starts" More HOnda BS, they did it to try and stop the rush of people who have come to the same solution to their many years of reliability issues..."see-ya-Honda" :mad:
  • You are absolutely correct. The 4 speed and old 5 speed transmissions had many problems. They were replaced with the new 5 speed in the 2007 TL, 2003 MDX, 2006 Pilot, and 2007 Odyssey. The TCM (transmission control module) for the new 5 speed (found in the Ridgeline) was not programmed correctly for the Odyssey and if you didn't have the recall done (for new programming) your torque converter would burn out.
    As suggested by website I did a complete (not flush) transmission fluid change to DW-1 which is Honda's full synthetic transmission fluid. I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey with 120,000 km and only time will tell if this works!
  • hondawhohondawho Posts: 1
    Just returned from Honda service with an estimate of over $5000 to replace the transmission on my 2002 Odyssey. It has almost 120,000 miles but after reading the comments about multiple transmission replacements averaging every 50k miles, I guess I should be happy. I called Honda America but got the usual "nothing we can do" after every reasoned complaint I could think of. This is my 4th and last Honda needless to say!
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited May 2011
    Honda is making a small fortune on these a/t replacements.

    They are not "Honda Factory Re-builds" anyway...they bid out the contract for all their rebuilds to a big anonymous outfit with the fastest turnaround, and lowest cost.

    Guess why so many of the 'rebuilds' have such a bad reputaion? They use the same Honda parts, spend no time solving the basic design flaws of the unit, patch them up and quickly send them back to the Honda warehouse for dealer installation.

    Until Honda a/t's come with an easy to service filter (or you intall one yourself) these things are time bombs.

    Your best bet for anyone with these older Ody's (myself included) is to avoid the Honda shop at all costs and go with a re-buider who actually gives a ^&*T about fixing them and usually at a couple of thou$and less than the "Honda" re-build.

    Insist they install a Magnefine filter in the return line, put in a full synthetic fluid and change it often, drive it for a while.....then ...."See-ya-Honda"
  • uk_evvuk_evv Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Honda and I am the second owner, I bought it in 2005 and it has 103000 miles. After reading your post, I am very nervous about keeping the van. Is there something that I can do to get it checked because my wife and kids depend on the van?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    The number one cause of ANY brand of automatic transmission failure is heat. Have your transmission serviced annually. You don't need to flush it, just drain and refill. Honda now sells a synthetic fluid for its automatic transaxles. It's pricey, but far less than a new gearbox.

    Have your mechanic install a good aftermarket cooler. Hayden is an excellent brand. Their model 678 cooler will keep your transaxle happy for a long time. Here's a link:

    Don't drive it like a race car. Minivans aren't meant to be drive like someone is chasing you. A light right foot means less stress on all the compenents, front the engine to the tires, and everything in between.
  • Great advice. I would still do a flush to get all Z-1 out and then do drain and fill regularily with DW-1.
    Some Ody's have a tube type cooler. Do you think an inline is still required if you put in DW-1?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Synthetic fluid isn't magically better, its' just more stable. So yes, I would still install the Hayden cooler.

    Our Odyssey has that useless Honda cooler. It's a joke, and it should be replaced with the far more effecient *stacked plate* version. See this link for a quick tutorial on how heat affects the fluid:

    You can't cool ATF fluid too much. Spend the $60 on the Hayden cooler and have it installed. You could save yourself $100 and do it yourself. It really isnt' difficult if you have a little patience.
  • Yep you are right. This is very cheap insurance. I will give it a try.
  • This Hayden Cooler, according to the Amazon website, is only compatible with Honda Odyssey 1999-2004?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Check out the Hayden website and ask them which one you need:

    The compatibility issue concerns hose and fitting placement, and clearances at the radiator. I'm sure thye can tell you which one will fit your vehicle. I know the 678 fits my 1999 Odyssey.
  • ignorisblissignorisbliss Posts: 27
    edited June 2011
    I'm sorry my friend, Hayden's website shows they do not have a cooler for the 2007 Odyssey. They do have them for the 2007 Accord, Pilot, and Ridgeline. And they do have them for 1999-2004 Odyssey.
  • You say you sued Honda in Small Claims Court and won, are you still driving the Honda Odyssey 2003? Did they pay for you to get it fixed???? What do I need to do to get started with this same claim? I am also having transmission problems with my Trans. I have been to my dealer with all my Maintenance needs. Never told of an extended Warranty that covered this problem. My light went on and was told Po740 code only. Now they tell me that I need a rebuilt Trans for $5,600.00 and a new computer board to connect it to. Wow what problems this Honda is giving me, I will never buy a HONDA again.
  • I've been reading the horrific posts here, and I'm ready to ad my story now and seek advice. Our van has 90000 miles on it, however the transmission was replaced with "new" at 26000 when we bought it at the dealer in 2006. Admittedly, I have never changed the transmission fluid, my bad, never thought to. Coming home from the beach three days ago, with cruise control set and about to go up a slight highway incline, the engine raced to 5k rpms and oil coated the back window. We got the car home, determined it to be transmission fluid and are currently weighing our options. Point #1, the fluid level (albeit dirty and smelling burnt) is not lower, and is not leaking where I can see. Also, the van is performing, shifting, and running just fine. Am I playing with fire by just changing the fluid? How can fluid blow out but stop leaking? I'm thinking of trading it in for a 2008 or newer. Any help is appreciated!
  • jmnygaardjmnygaard Posts: 48
    $5600 is too much for a transmission. I agree with an earlier post (longo2?)that you should go to a shop that will totally rebuild the transmission themselves. My Ody needed a transmission last year after 9 yrs and 103,000 miles. (Not that bad, in my opinion.) Anyway, I got an estimate from one shop for over $4000. They also charged me $800 for flushing, changing selenoids, "diagnosis," etc! Finally got the name of a good mechanic who sent me to a great transmission shop. For the transmission, torque converter, and two engine mounts, I paid $2300, parts, labor, and tax.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Have you been checking the fluid level? I'm asking because when we bought our van several years ago it had WAY too much fluid in it. Too much fluid can cause cavitation problems and burn up the pump. Have the transmission serviced, and have the tech trace the leak too it's source. You probably popped a hose off the cooler, and it needs to be fixed. You may be experiencing symptoms of a failing torque converter. These transmissions are actually pretty stout, and will regular servicing and a decent cooler they will live long, happy lives.
  • eharestadeharestad Posts: 1
    We are currently having this same problem with our Odyssey. We took it in once and they thought it was just low on freon.

    They adjusted those levels.

    It was fine for a few weeks, and then the battery was dead again. Once started, it made the same hissing and let off the same steam. I took it in once more and they diagnosed that the whole ac compressor would need to be replaced for $1000.

    I am supposed to take it in tomorrow for the compressor to be replaced, but I'd much prefer to just replace a relay.

    They look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I think that the battery and the a/c problems correlate.

    Was there any better terminology that would help me explain things to them so that we can properly diagnose this?

  • robardskyrobardsky Posts: 1
    Our 2010 Odyssey that we bought new in 2009 just clicked over 42,000 miles and the warning signal came on indicating that tranny fluid needs to be replaced. Have been driving various models of cars for 45 years and have never had to replace it that quickly. Honda service mgr says typical replacement time is every 38-40,000 miles.

    After ready many of the horror stories on this forum, it's starting to sound true but still ridiculous. I researched Odyssey vs. many other minivan models before we bought the Odyssey and don't remember seeing the tranny problem discussed much. Just hope it isn't an indication of tranny replacement in the near future.

    Anyone else seeing tranny fluid replacement warnings at the 40,000 mile range? Does $155 to replace the fluid seem like gouging?
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