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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • donethat_1donethat_1 Posts: 66
    As a former owner of a Honda Ody, I would stay as far away from this vehicle as possible. It is a ticking time bomb and there is no doubt the transmission will fail. The dealer won't even tell you if the transmission is bad. He wants to move it from the lot. Even if the transmission has been replaced, it has been replaced with a already defective transmission by Honda. This is a no win situtation. One in which you will regret. I only had 70000 miles when my failed. The dealer told me there was nothing they could do. Honda lost a multi-million $$ class action lawsuit over these transmissions. Not to mention that the motor mounts were broke and the sliding doors would not function properly. Run as fast as you can!
  • donethat_1donethat_1 Posts: 66
    keep in mind that the transmission you just purchased from Honda for $3800 is the same defective transmssion that they just took out. Get rid of the vehicle before you have to replace again.
  • mykiddosmykiddos Posts: 3
    Make sure when you get the transmissions fixed, you fix it with non-Honda parts or you will have the same problem. I wish I would have researched before buying my van. I thought they were supposed to have fixed all the problems with the 2005 model. I was wrong 85k miles and $3,100 later I now have a non-Honda transmission and a warranty to go with it. Honda lost this very loyal customer. Oh, and one other thing. The ac is a problem as well. Had mine go out completely in the middle of summer in Texas. Fortunately I had purchased the extended warranty and that was covered. The transmission was not. Honda's response. Remeber "you have all thiose miles on your car." They kept repeating it. I think they thought if they said it enough either they or myself would actually believe it.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,346
    my SIL had a problem today. on the highway, car starting "chugging" (her description, total non-car savvy person). Says the TCS and check engine light now on. Pulled into a rest stop and couldn't find someone to really look at it, but after a rest managed to complete trip (another 150 or so miles) OK, but I don't think it was likely running right.

    145K or so on it, and at some point I think she had the tranny done, but she has no clue what was done, other than it was expensive.

    I have a feeling I know what it is, but any input appreciated.

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  • richcarichca Posts: 1
    I am an original owner of a 2001 Odyssey with 79K miles and the transmission went. Why doesn't Honda recoginze the magnitude of the problems and replace the transmissions? Because they don't stand by their products period!!!

    Honda is just turning their heads to this problem. When is the government going to step in and deal with it...when a life is lost!
  • vanwaanabevanwaanabe Posts: 15
    I used to be a loyal Honda buyer; no more, I will never purchase another car from Honda again.

    Make sure you post your experiences on the Honda and Honda Odyssey page on Facebook.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,317
    >Make sure you post your experiences on the Honda and Honda Odyssey page on Facebook.

    Do those negative comments stay or do they get removed on Facebook....?

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  • donethat_1donethat_1 Posts: 66
    I too had a 2001 Odyssey and Honda turned their back on me. It only had 70000 miles and they wanted $5000 to replace the transmission. The motor mounts were broke as well. The bad part about this is that Honda will replace your current transmssion with the same transmission that has already failed. It is useless, so you are stuck with a vehicle that in the end is still useless and unsafe. Tell your story on Facebook and other all related sites. I have. Some consumers still think this is a great vehicle and they need to know the true story. Report your concerns to the NHSTA as well. If you remember, there was a class action lawsuit on these vehicles that Honda lost to the tune of about $90 million.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    These is no class action lawsuit for everyone; only Americans.
  • Our transmission story. About 3 weeks ago - just over 100K miles. Transmissions fails on freeway. Fortunately it failed at an exit and not in the middle of nowhere. A few calls and we get in touch with the best independent transmission repair in our neighborhood. A long tow, two weeks, a rental car to get home, and $4,000 (!) later we're back on the road with a rebuilt transmission.

    The story we got is that Honda Oddy's transmissions generally fail by 100K or so. The recommendation we went with was to buy a rebuilt (not by Honda) transmission with a 3 year warranty. We were adviced to avoid used transmissions because they all fail around this point anyway.

    This is our first Honda and I was looking forward to a car we could get 100K+ miles without problems. Didn't happen. Our last two mini-vans were Chev/GMC. I guess we should have saved some money up front and stuck with Chevy.
  • This all started last summer when my A/C compressor and clutch and coil went out I had to fork out over 600 bucks even though there were numerous complaints about his issue and yes it was in July and very hot with a three year old and of course we were out of town. Now my transmission seems to be stuttering between 40-50 mph kinda shakes at the same time two days ago received a steering wheel recall and had to fight with the dealership because the warranty said 7 years or 100.000 miles well mine was at 104,000 the dealership said no I said check service bulletin 06-085 still gave me hassle. I said this was a class action lawsuit which gave me another 5,000 miles warranty. They finally excepted. I believe we need to contact the BBB and file complaints. The dealership said they haven't heard of complaints yea right. I am getting ready to start my complaints I may even take to the lemon law site on the internet.
  • We are going to dump the damn thing in the very near future. We were left with no choice but to fix the stupid thing given we were on vacation with our three kids. Dumping it and flying home would have been just as expensive if not more so and a giagantic logistical nightmare.

    As a follow up to this, it would seem that the dealer that FIXED it did something to the steering which hasn't been right since. I'm caught in Honda Hell that the US tells me I need to take it back to the dealer that fixed it and Canada says not our problem.
  • Sounds just like what has happened to my family today. Driving home from a holiday in our 2003 odyssey, which has 89000 miles. On the freeway, car starts to rev really high. This being the second time the transmission has gone, I knew what it probably was,and was able to pull into a construction area. Van towed to the shop, where we have been told it will be anywhere from $3-5000 . Got the rental car and are now waiting to hear the final total. Second transmission only lasted about 30k miles. I'll be selling it ( hopefully) when we get home and NOT buying another honda ! :mad:
  • Well it happened to me also , got screwed by Honda . I have a 2002 odssey , bought new , loved it , great van except but now I will not recommend Honda to anybody , save your money . My van is in awesome shape , waxed and polished by my son (has a detail service) 68,000 mile (2002) tranny went out drove into Community Honda , estimate was $4500-5500 , then we would send a letter to Honda and maybe get $500 , I ended up walking out because of their price gouging (rear brakes $400 ) I ended up going to a transmission shop that has been in business for 30 years , he quoted me $2650 and a three year warranty. I got it done , filed a complaint to American Honda , took them 3 days to read my 4 page letter attached with photos and a letter from trasmission guy explaining the problem with there design . The spineless guy at Honda says he understands my frustration with my low miles and tranny replacement , but Honda will not help . I told him I will not buy Honda again and I will tell everyone that will listen . As a side note that tranny shop I went to had 4 hondas in the shop at the same time , he said his record was 6 . If anyone knows of actions against Honda or petetions , please post as i will not hesistate to sign . :lemon: Thanks for listening Honda .....I will not be back to Community Honda either
  • usetolikehondausetolikehonda Posts: 5
    edited August 2011
    Thank you , I will :lemon:
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    There are about one dozen Community Honda dealers. Which one & city, state did you buy from? I take it the transmission shop is a franzise; what's their name? I too have a 2002 (bought new) in Canada. Transmision replaced at 184,000 kms. Honda paid half the cost. Currently have 283,000 kms. Last August I put in a after-market (not Honda type) transmission cooler. Over the last several months changed the transmission fluid to Honda's synthetic. You should write to the Amerian Honda President.
  • Community honda in waterloo , iowa . Which cooler did you put in ? That was my next move . The tranny place was Metro transmission the owner was a great guy , they got the rebuilt from Chicago . Do you have the presidents address , I got no where with the posted address , if you dont feel comfortable with posting it , i can send you my email address , even though a few thousand letter would not hurt him....... :lemon:
  • The Honda story continues.

    Honda Motor said Friday it will recall more than two million vehicles in the United States and China to update the software that controls their automatic transmission.

    Honda said in a press release on its US site that the vehicles in the voluntary recall will include Accord, CR-V and Element models.

    No injuries or deaths have been reported, the statement said.

    Honda China said in a statement on its website it had notified the nation's quality watchdog that from Monday, it would recall 760,515 cars to update the software that controls their automatic transmission.

    The auto giant said the vehicles in the recall would include Accord, Odyssey and Spirior models, manufactured between July 2004 and November 2009.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I just did a lot of Googling to find your information. I am in Canada; where rhe Honda President is for Canada. In the USA it's a differernt President.
    The site I found has all the information you need.
    Go to honda.htm
  • THANKS , I will give it a shot , at this point I dont have much to lose , let me know if you see anything else happening that will help our case..... :lemon:
  • This is my second Odyssey, both bought used from dealers who are family. My '99 bought in '03 lasted 3yrs and the trans was going-it had only 72,000 mi on it. So in '07 we traded for the '04 with 63,000 mi on it. Perfect condition and history-and have kept it as such through out. No problems for an almost 7yr old vehicle that has 127,000mi now. In the last week, I cant' get the car to shift into drive normally and when I do, the car doesn't move fro about 10 seconds. Shift into Reverse, car wont move. When it finally moved, I hear whining noises. Driving down the road yesterday, it seemed like the engine was revving and I wasn't going steady at 30mph, but felt like I was going to shut down any second. I tried to shift down to D3, wouldn't let me. NOt sure what I was doing, but I thank God that me and my little ones made it home. Husband comes home and manages to get the car to a recommended trans shop where they tell him that it's completely shot, torque converter, 3rd drum and whatever else they said that I can't recall right now. I am about to be $2500=Tax poorer for a rebuilt. Had we had to have it towed, it would've been $3 grand+. I would never take it to the Honda dealer as I would be ripped of to the tune of $4-5 grand. I also will never buy a Honda again-a very hard decision for us as we have always been a Honda family :(
  • My 2002 tranny went out at 126,000 miles. I took it to an independent shop and got a new one for $2400. My ex drives a Toyota Tundra. He had to get a new tranny at 80,000 miles. His best friend drives a Toyota Tacoma and got a new tranny last week at 60,000 miles. Prior to purchasing my Odyssey, I drove a Mazda 626. I loved that car, but by 115,000 miles, it was costing me thousands of dollars a year to keep it running. When I finally got rid of it at 142,000 miles, I felt it was dangerous to drive.

    My van now has 139,000+ miles on it. I took it in yesterday for a new timing belt. The mechanic kept telling me what great shape the vehicle was in and that I should get another 100,000 miles out of it. This surprised me, because I don't take real good care of it. I know the Odysseys have issues, but I still feel like my van is a safe, solid vehicle, and overall I am pleased with it.
  • phu4phu4 Posts: 3
    I purchased my 2003 Honda Odyssey in the summer of 2002. It has about 98,000 miles mostly on high way. It gave me a few minor problems in 9 years until very recently. All of a sudden, the car jerked 3-4 times when going up hill at about 40 miles/h with A/C on the day before yesterday. I never had this before and was hoping that the jerk was caused by a sudden on/off of its air condition. After that, the car started to have difficulty to shift its gears at about 40 mile/h (from 4th to 5th gear?) especially going up hill even without air condition.

    Does the car have a transmission problem? Should I get it fixed or get rid of the car? What can I expect if I contact American Honda or local Honda dealers.

    It looks like 0.1% of Honda Odyssey have had transmission problem. ubles-inconsistent-response-from-maker.html


  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Yes it 'could be worse', much worse.
    You now have 13,000 miles on the re-built and as you mentioned you, "don't take real good care of it."
    For less than a hundred bucks you can have a "drain and fill" with Honda's new DW1 synthetic done on your a/t re-build to clean out any debris from the overhaul.
    I'll bet the shop that did the re-build would be delighted that you want to do it, or it's a pretty easy DIY project that might just give you that extra 100,000 miles.

    I am glad you are pleased with your Ody, even tho the original tranny needed a re-build at 126,000 miles. (Many Odys' didn't make it that far)
  • pbmanpbman Posts: 1
    My 2002-Odyssey ( 108K miles) started giving some serious jerky motion while driving over 45 mph. Took it to the Honda dealer today to learn that it is a transmission issue and the damage would be close $5,400. Any help to fix this at lower cost would be greatly appreciated.

  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I forgot to mention that the cooler I put in was Tru-Cool #4452 that cost me $226 taxes (13%) included; bought from Sauder's Camping in St. Jacobs, Ontario near Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • ibeplatoibeplato Posts: 13
    have your dealer call Honda and see if they will help out. We got the same price quote and Honda of America offered to kick in $1k. We still ended up getting rid of the van and buying a new one.
  • See if you can find an independent transmission place. Mine cost $2400.
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