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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • Everyone has to file a complaint with NHTSA it takes 3 minutes !! Tell everyone if they get enough complaints they will have a recall !!! They just looked at this issuse back in April but not enough complaints !! Telling honda is useless !!! Make a complaint !! Chris Jenson from the NY TIMES wrote about this problem back in January. NHTSA looked into but not enough complaints they said back in April which was amazing to me out of 269 transmission complaints 169 were from Honda owners !!! Go Figure???? SO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THEM !!!!! PASS THE WORD !!!
  • I bought my 2004 Odyssey as a Honda certified car with 19,000 miles on it in 2006. In hindsight, I have imagined that someone else heard about the transmission problems and traded theirs in. Anyway, their good luck was my bad luck.

    I first started noticing the slippage at about 125,000 miles in Spring 2010. We had the 4th gear pressure switch fixed at 130,000 miles (over $200)...but it didn't fix the problem, so we had the transmission rebuilt at 139,155 from a local transmission center ($2633) NOT THE HONDA DEALER. That came with a 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty. In April 2011, while on the highway the transmission started to slip out of gear and lose power and the car overheated. I towed the car back to Massachusetts from New York (at a cost of $800 which I swallowed) so the transmission place could fix it again. They did.

    We paid the car off on August 1st, but on August 9th at 139,155 miles, the transmission (AGAIN!) died. Again, it was on the highway at about 70mph, when the gears slipped. I sat on the side of the road for 2 hours with my wife and 5-year old daughter until AAA got through a traffic jam. (I called the police but they police never arrived!). Oh, by the way, we have put 29,000 miles on the car since the transmission rebuilt last year, so we are 6,000 miles beyond the warranty. My mechanic thinks it is electrical - either the Throttle Position Sensor (telling the transmission to downshift at 70mph) or something else electrical/computer related.

    This car is dangerous. I want to unload it, but hoped some dealer might take it for a trade-in. Unless Obama brings back Cash for Clunkers, though, I have feeling that I am out of luck.
  • I would like to file a small claims against Honda in NYC any Idea who I would make the claim against? it cant be Honda of north America because their not in NYC. I can make a claim up to $5000 for a filing fee of $20 I think everyone should do this. I dont think you can lose. This is a known fact about Honda transmissions.
  • sww2sww2 Posts: 9
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    American Honda is very set in their ways, and it's extremely difficult to get them to switch their position, but it can be done. Be persistent and let them know you're not going to just give up and go away. Keep calling them.

    - There's a press release on the Honda website where they admit the transmission problem. It also contains a statement from their Executive VP saying "Our priorities are making sure our customers are taken care of and reassured they can continue to depend on their Honda of Acura automobile for a long time to come.". Is any part of that statement true for you?

    The Internet has several message boards, complaint sites, and a ton of information that has to do with Honda's transmission problem. Here are a few that I had saved to my favorites: - ubles-inconsistent-response-from-maker.html - ersist/

    If you end up pursuing the small claims case, you're going to want to go after American Honda as your main target, not the dealer. It's okay to name both in the suit, but American Honda is the one that holds most of the responsibility. They're the ones that built the vehicles with the faulty transmissions, set the warranty, extended the warranty, and are the ones that reimburse the dealer for any warranty work the dealer performs.

    Secretary of State website by State and do a Business Search for "American Honda". It gave the name and address for the Agent for Service of Process.

    This should get it done.
  • That's not correct, the '05 Odyssey filter is a different open cartridge filter type. On Amazon it's the Beck Arnley Part #: 044-8002 , not the BeckArnley part 004-8003 that other Odyssey models use.

    To change the transmission filter on an Ody 05 there's limited enough room to get at the cover plate. Many have done it but the space is very tight. I removed the air cleaner to get access, but the filter sits under the VSA modulator/controller and it's difficult to lift the VSA high enough to get the bolts and cover off without bending brake lines, etc. The filter is so tiny that you have to believe that it was originally designed to be replaced every 30K miles or so but then someone at Honda decided to locate the VSA controller right over the filter access plate and it became a "non servicable part". Other considerations are to just put a Magnafine filter in the line for safety and maybe try again sometime in the future to replace the Honda filter.
    ** This is where those flexhead gear wrenches come in REAL handy.
  • I loved our 2003 Odyssey until last week while I was going 70mph on the freeway with my children in the back seat, suddenly & without warning at 70mph it shifts into 2nd gear/3rd/2nd/1st/ continues wildly shifting back and forth while RPM's careen around from 1,000 to 5,000... lucky for us we were not in a horrible accident. Pulled off the road; trans fluid had sprayed out the vent all over the engine, and TCS and Check Engine light were on. Took it to dealer who (for $100) tells me that the trans overheated, cooked the clutches, and I need a new trans which will cost $4800. No warning before this, no trouble, no nothing, just sudden and catastrophic failure on the freeway. He tells me that my $4800 will get me a rebuilt Honda trans, which I don't consider a good investment based on all the posts I've read. I called Honda America, who told me, "There is no known problem with the 2003 Odyssey transmissions," and further that my Odyssey was sold with a 36,000 warranty on it, which I am beyond, so Honda America can do nothing... although (when pressed) he said that if I had more like 100,000 miles on it, he could probably do something more for me. He said that we were lucky to have gotten 160,000 miles out of it. He also asked me if this was "still my first transmission." He said he'd call dealer and ask them for an adjustment, which he thought would be substantial. But he never called or followed up. The next week, H.A. says they aren't "authorized" to do that. After more pushing they agree to send a message to dealer asking for dealer to make a concession. Dealer offers 10% off total. Unfortunately, my blubook value even with a good trans is only about $5,000 and I see that these fixes don't last, so now I have a very big, very expensive paper weight in the driveway. We have 2 other Honda's.. I am ashamed of Honda America the way they are treating this problem, this has totally destroyed my trust in the brand and I will go back to buying GM cars.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,354
    I do recognize that there have been many people with really premature failures (like 75K). But at some point, you got your money's worth, and getting 160K out of it seems to be up there?

    Sure, you would love to see the tranny last as long as the engine, but with that kind of miles, I don't see that Honda really has an obligation to pay for it.

    You mention GM cars. If you had bought a venture van instead, and it puked a trans at 160K, would you be going after GM, expecting them to do anything about it?

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • I had a similar experieince with 70000 miles on my van. Please be sure to tell your story on Facebook in the Honda Odyssey section. There are still people who are buying these vans and think they are wonderful and Honda is great. I too will never buy another Honda on any kind.
  • augeydoggyaugeydoggy Posts: 7
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    The Honda dealer service manager who handled my original inquiry when my trannie failed called me at 7 am this morning. He wanted to complain about the poor marks I had given them when Honda called to survey my experience with service. "Failure," he said, is anything less than the highest possible score and it reflected directly on him, so would I please revise my scoring and comments on a follow-up email that would arrive to me from Honda? So this is how Honda handles customer service - by having the service manager whine and grovel! I reiterated that my main complaint was with Honda corporation, but also reminded him that the dealership had been abrupt and dismissive, and offered no help or constructive advice. I told him I resented his call, that I would never buy a Honda again, and to talk to his boss and Honda headquarters if he felt the survey reflected unfairly on him. He asked if there was anything he could do to improve the situation, and I said get me back the $5,000 I spent on the new trannie.
  • Good for you! My Honda dealer told me that he would look into this (transmission failure) and call me back, He never did. I had to call him back to get an answer. I would provide addtional feedback to Honda about his followup. They won't care but it is certainly worth a shot.
  • Honda knew about the problem and sold to consumers anyways.
  • pisciottapisciotta Posts: 54
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    I spoke with someone from small claims court in NYC and they said I could only use small claims against someone that is NYC, Can I sue the dealer? because Honda of North America is in California and I would have to File a civil case against them. After all the dealer did sell the car. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Did you go to the Secretary of State in NYC and look up under businesses and type in American Honda. They should list someone there. In my State, they did not list Americian Honda but someone else will no doubt have to answer the complaint. It was a 3rd party apparently that handles their legal affairs in my State. I would not think the dealer is your best is certainly better than nothing at all. I would try and do both if at all possible.
  • Thanks donethat I tried but the site was down I'll try again. It just sucks that Honda can get away with this!!

    Here's the link to file your complaint. It is the only way to get the govt to force Honda to do anything.

    Personally, I'm having a large sign printed to display on my PT Cruiser that Honda Odyssey's have reputation for Transmission Failure!

    Posting it on Craig's List For Sale - Needs Transmission. Might get a little something by someone who can do the work.

    Honda Odyssey transmissions are KNOWN to fail at even 40 or 50K miles REPEATEDLY.

    and Honda REFUSES to fix their mess!


  • kitkat13kitkat13 Posts: 1
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    I have had 8 Transmissions with my 2000 Odyssey. My first went out about 5000 and now I have 137000 and on my eighth transmission an average of 17000 on each one which wasnt the case for any but one transmission
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
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    Yours is the classic case of the old saying .......

    "you can't keep making the same mistake over and over and expect a different result"
  • Had the exact same problem years ago with my EX-L and thought it was my transmission as well. Turns out the motor mounts in that model are known to go bad quickly. I had mine replaced and it fixed the problem. Hope this helps.
  • eng2eng2 Posts: 10
    I purchase in 2002 a new Odyssey , and we just hit 100,000 miles, and the transmission is gone. The quote for the repair is $4,300. Honda will not cover anything as it is passed the seven years. This was regularly serviced at the Honda dealer. They are offering a 36 month 36,000 mile warranty on the rebuilt transmission. My concerned is how reliable is this rebuilt transmission, and have they solved the problems. I read of many post of individuals, having second and third replacement. Has the problem been resolved. Am disappointed as I expected more reliability with the Honda. I also have a 2005 Odyssey with only 20,000 miles, and am wondering how reliable that transmission is.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I have the same year. The tranny went at 184,000 kilometers (you convert it to miles). I had the 36 month warranty. If cost $4200 & Honda refunded 1/2. I currenty have 285,000 kilometers on it, Last year I put in a tranny cooler and Honda changed me over to their synthetic tranny oil.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    The Honda rebulds they use are just as problem prone as the originals, no engineering done on the system, no better fluid filtering, no improvments to the torque converters.

    As for your 05', I would get the Honda ATF Z1 fluid out of it ASAP and get it filled with the new DW1 sysnthetic fluid. Ad an in line Magnefine filter to it and put it on a strict fluid and filter change every 30,000 miles.
  • steve378steve378 Posts: 2
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    If the transmission is rebuilt and warranted by Howard Engineering, DO NOT buy it. The Better Busness Bureau in LA has given Howard Engineering an "F" rating. Per the BBB website, Howard Engineering has a history of not responding to complaints and failure to honor warranties. I can atttest to this through personal experience. I'm not sure why Honda would use this type of company to rebuild tehir transmissions.
  • The Honda tranny that is the replacement is the same as the bad one they originally put in. I had the same dilemma and quickly traded the van in. Not only was the transmission bad the engine mounts were broke, etc. I traded it ASAP. The bad part was that when I went to trade it in, the dealer, not Honda, asked if I had any transmission issues with the van. This is a very well-known issue with Honda.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    I had my 2003 Ody tranny replaced at 80k. We are now at 143k. I am so paranoid that I'm going to have to replace again. I want a new van, but hubby just spent $500 on the new key ignition (another known problem), he wants to keep the car since the van is paid off.

    So how many if you out there have had your Honda Ody transmission replaced more than once?
  • casbar54casbar54 Posts: 4
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    This site links victims with class action attorneys. Might be a good thing for everyone who has posted to post their story here, too.
  • andxandx Posts: 3
    I have the exact same problem. the dealer changed transmission fluid for $220, it helped, but it still shudders every once in a while. I think the transmission is gonna fail just a matter of when. shame on Honda.
  • My 1999 Ody with 180K miles is on it's third transmission...
  • joem18joem18 Posts: 2
    have had my 2001 Odyssey tranny replaced twice as well with only 105,000 miles. fighting honda on third tranny but not willing to help me. file complaint with honda of america in torrance calif and better business bureau as well as ntsb site. enough complaints may trigger class action law suit. good luck
  • joem18joem18 Posts: 2
    have 2001 odyssey. tranny replaced at 76,000 miles at no cost by honda. only given 12mo / 12,000 mile warranty. now at 104,000 miles tranny shot again. wrote 2 page letter to honda of america, honda automobile customer service, 1919 torrance boulevard, mail stop:500-2N-7D, Torrance CA 90501-2746. detailed entire history. got phone call stating honda will not help me. she stated honda would not reply by letter regarding refusal to replace tranny. EVERYONE affected should send complaint as well, and also to "better business bureau autoline". i have filed with ntsb as well. if bbb autoline gets enough complaints, it may trigger another class action law suit. Am going to call torrance tomorrow and demand written reply from honda. written complaints must be filed to initiate action on part of honda. told woman i would never buy another honda. paid top $ for odyssey and maintained it very well. great vehicle with exception of tranny. honda knows trannys are defective. file your complaints to honda and bbb autoline. good luck
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