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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I am having a couple of issues with my 2006 Honda Odyssey that has 156K miles and I sure could use some good advice on what the problem(s) may be.

    1. I believe I am having a transmisison issue as when I take off in the morning my van has a difficult time switching into the next gear. Sometimes it will shift with just a little jump and sometimes it has a harder time and I have to push the accelerator more to get the van to go. I have had the ATV fluid changed several times but never flushed and I have never changed the ATV filter.

    Recently I have noticed some ATV fluid leaking from underneath the van and I am unable to tell where it is coming from. I thought it might be the drain plug but that area is clean. I had a new alternator put on a few months ago and the mechanic indicated that a couple of my motor mounts were bad.

    I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to help me get this vehicle running right again.


  • hilapat12hilapat12 Posts: 26
    Having the ATV fluid changed or flushed doesn't help this problem in my 2002 van has had the switching gears problem for around 3 years. I now have to start in second gear whenever accelerating, and if I don't go over 30 mph--I stay in second gear. To go over 30 mph...I get past 30 mph and then switch it to 3rd and then drive at the same time. The acceleration is tricky after this process, and then when I get past 40 mph--it is usually fine (for now). I don't take the van far, and I have my new transmission place information with me so I can have it towed there when it dies. Our vehicle has over 189,000 miles which they say we are lucky...Good luck!
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    You might want your dealer to look at a device that controls the accelerator pedal. I had to have something like this replaced on my 2002. I would push the pedal down only to find it 1st stuck at top than suddenly went down. It happen after I had parked it for a week on a slant in a friend's driveway while I was on a bus trip.
    Just before the bus trip I had to replace my engine seals. My dealer suggest I do this.
    These items were done back in 2005 at 180,000 kilometers. I currently have just under 300,000 kilometers.
    At 184,000 I had to replace my transmission at a cost of $cdn 2100. Two years ago I added an after-market transmission cooler.
  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    If you need a transmission for your Odyssey and have seen this company on-line..............

    Do not do it! I cannot express my feelings enough! Just do not allow Rami Transmissions, e-bay seller Rami5566.718, aka YS&D Engine to supply you with a remanufactured (suposedly) transmission. If you live within walking distance of the shop them perhaps you have a chance in hell of receiving satisfaction. Unfortunately If you are using them via the internet to provide you with a replacement transmission then prepare to be ripped off!

    The deceit and dishonesty runs throughout this FAMILY operation. Do some research and you will find that there are a number of unsatisfied customers. The 5 star reviews are from the family members themselves! I only wish that I had done a bit more due dilegence when researching this sham of an operation. Look at 5 star review from ykadoch ! this is the e-mail address for the company! HAHA Check out showmelocal all bad reviews. I just wish I had done more homework before purchasing from them 3000 miles away.

    All family members are obviously trained in the ways that they operate. I have not found one honest person on the other end of the phone yet. Rami, Amir, the wife, etc. All well versed in the art of telling you exactly what you want to hear with out ever delivering.

    They knew all the right things to say on the phone, and seemed very knowledgable on the transmission issues. Remanufactured transmission with 2 year warranty (HAHAHA) with free torque converter and in line filter available for reasonable price! I took the hook! Initial purchase and shipping happened very quickly, But the transmission they supplied had issues from the start! Troubleshooted the problems directly with Rami! Thought it may have been a selenoid or something on my end. Replaced selenoids. This was never the problem. Rami finally says..............I will send you a replacement! Dont believe him!

    At this point I am thinking its just my luck, but I do not want to belive I am being scammed. 2 months later............... excuse after excuse, need to wait for a core to rebuild one (what about my core that I returned that you never credited my account the $450.00 for the core refund?) Oh we just rebuilt three, waiting for the dyno to check. OK all 3 are good sending today. Wait wait , call for tracking number. Given bogus number. Call shipping company..........NO we never had a pick up for you!. Oh now Dyno is broken waiting for Dyno repair to test. OK, wait wait wait. OK here is pick up number xxx using new shipper. I call shipper! Oh yeah we have pick up scheduled, But we do not even deliver to California! WTF! This is over a period of several weeks where they dodge your phone number. I am now only getting thru by using friends cell phones from out of state numbers!! OMG then the numerous hang ups on me and the promisses to call back. And all of this is using “God willing” and other just rediculous comments that try to allude to the fact that they are somehow honest! HAHAHA

    So in short! Do some more research! These people are scam artists. Luckily my Credit Card company agrees and I did not wait to long to start the restitution process, but these people are crooks and should not be allowed to prey on people on the internet. I am actually happy at the outcome now, because even if they had come thru somehow in the end I would not ever trust the transmission that they would have shipped to me so good riddance RAMI TRANSMISSIONS!

    PS Rami transmissions..............its been over a week and I havent received the return phone call you promised “on your word” to return that day!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,384
    I assume you gave them a 0 on the feedback rating on ebay? When I read any bad comment before buying something, I take a long, long look. Just one bad one does it for me.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    Unfortunately I am not able to review them on ebay as I did not ultimately purchase thru ebay. I found them there but contacted them directly to discuss the product, etc and ended up purchasing directly from them. I cannot see how i can comment on them on ebay in this situation?
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    I just bought a exl res and while test driving I noticed a pinging noise but it was very subtle. I bought and now it's bugging me. I hear it when I accelerate and when it hits 2500 rpm and continues if I accelerate. I can feel and hear it clearly when I accelerate. I only put 20 miles on it so far.. Will this be a bigger problem later and is there a fix for the new car? Any recourse? Can I exchange?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    I don't think you have any recourse. My '10 Pilot EXL that I traded for a CRV had the pinging problem. Honda service told me to try higher octane gas but that didn't work. Your Odyssey has the same VCM engine as the Pilot.

    Check out Honda Pilot forum link title
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    it's 2 days old.... how loud if your pining noise? I can hear mine when the radio is off.. and it's subtle but very annoying!
  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    Update! Never heard word one from Rami! No attempt at making things correct for the customer. No refund to my credit card from the transmission and torque convertor that was returned for a core charge of $450.00.

    I had the transmission rebuilt locally and the vehicle is back in service! running nicely. Visited the rebuilder today to take pictures of the replaced parts. Removed parts were newly installed. Transmission from Rami had been rebuilt. Problem was the servo body was warped causing the shift valves to not function properly. This was an internal transmission issue that Rami should have warrantied immediately as they promised! instead of dodging my calls and all responsibility. That is inexcusable as a service / parts provider.

    It is one thing to entice people to purchase based upon a longer warranty period. In this case two years as opposed to the one year I now have. But if you never intend on making good on the warranty its really just a sales ploy to hook people.

    The biggest issue that is just unforgivable is to be an outright crook and not return your core charge. That is just plain thievery. And there is absolutely no defense for it! The shipping manifests have been published here for all to see. There is no question that they received my transmission and have not credited my account. So in my mind they can make every excuse in the book why they did not honor their warranty, but how do you explain plain and simple stealing $450.00 from a customer for a refundable core DEPOSIT?

    It is really a shame that because they had a rebuild of theirs go wrong with a faulty servo body that they chose to blow me and my $1770.00 off and even in one post telling me to shove it! Is the reputation of their company really only worth a few thousand dollars?

    I hope what they are starting to feel is the power of the internet and the sharing of information. One persons experience can make a difference. It will continue to be my goal to share my experience and spread the word that YS & D Engine and Transmission, doing business as Rami Transmission are without a doubt thieves. And I challenge them to disprove that fact.
  • dd09dd09 Posts: 4
    I really appreciated the facts and comments that have been shared on this site. I was an inch away from purchasing the Odyssey Elite when I came across this site. I called the dealership the next day and left a message for the General Manager whom I'd been on the phone with every day for 4 or 5 days asking questions and dealing. The last message I'd gotten was to call if I had any more questions, so I did. My question on the message was " how can he assure me that I won't get a faulty transmission?" Never heard another word from him or anyone at that dealership. They know what they have and are passing it off onto unsuspecting consumers. I feel as though I dodged a bullet!! Thank you to all who have written in this forum.
  • kseto007kseto007 Posts: 1

    I cant believe I found your post on this issue. I had it happen to me twice but the dealer cant figure it out. They said all systems are running fine and they dont see any issues. Im hoping to record it on my iphone the next time it happens so I can show them.

    Did you ever figure out what it is?

  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    not sure if you mean my msge of somone elses . lete me know
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    There are over 750 document cases of bad Odyssey transmissions at this site:

    Everyone needs to post their story here too!
  • I am not what this means. I have tried the website and nothing comes up on this topic. Is there a petition already out there?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,705
    go to the home page, and search on honda. It will pop up.

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  • sadamsadam Posts: 1
    I had been a victim of the same Rami Transmission. I purchased the transmission from Ebay and had my vehicle towed to his facility in Brooklyn. They claim they have fixed it vehicle died on the way back from there facility. I had to tow it again back to my garage.

    I tried to reach out to the owner Rami but it is shame he does not return your call. He does not care about the service he has rendered.

    After 3 weeks of waiting, i finally disputed it with AMEX and ebay. I paid $1750 (incuding $600 in cash on delivery).

    I will fight it out with this guy so that no one in future will be affected.

    Also anyone has suggestion on any mechnic who could fix the Transmission problems in NJ.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,215
    Isn't there some way to post in these forums about businesses that rip folks off? This company seems to be big time rip off artists...there must be a way to warn other folks about their shady practices. And, always pay for something like that with a credit card so if there is a problem, the credit company can take back any payment.

    Shame there are people in the world who do these kind of things to other folks...hopefully what goes around, comes around to this slimy business!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

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  • jlsflajlsfla Posts: 4
    First time posting but desperately need advice on my 2000 Odyssey transmission. Never had any major problems with car until now. ALWAYS service at HONDA dealership and they have been great. Developed a SMALL leak under car which i noticed after 14 hour round trip to SC. Took to dealership immediately. Was told seals needed to be replaced which I did that day. However, upon checking car again next day still small leak..Back to dealership 4 more times until they diagnosed a leak in the transmission case. Was told they could repair with HONDA BOND since fixing problem would be around $1500.00. I followed their suggestion and saw no further leaks UNTIL another emergency road trip to SC and upon getting home decided to recheck for leak and there it was again! VERY SMALL....didn't even have to top of the fluids BUT now the dealership is saying NEW transmission to the cost of either $5500.00 - $6500.00. Have had NO problem with car on the interstate, no lights coming on and no slipping of the transmission. Called HONDA USA and talked with them. They think the price quoted is higher than national average and suggests discussing with service mgr.What i don't understand is how the problem can go from leak in transmission case to suddenly replacing the transmission. I am older lady with just enough car sense to get into trouble :).but i really don't want to get rid of my Odyssey which i LOVE but wondering if it's worth the cost of replacing the transmission at this point. NO OTHER problems with car. Have had all hoses, belts replaced long before they recommended and oil changes every 3 months. Sorry for the long post but any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,705
    if the trans works fine, I would not consider a new one. Sometimes you get a leak that to actually fix would require tearing the whole thing apart (gaskets wear out over time). In your case, put a piece of cardboard on the garage floor under it, check the fluid level regularly, and live with it, assuming it does not get worse. Maybe reseal it?

    My guess is that it will be fine around town, but those long highway runs really heat it up and expand the pieces, letting the leak reform.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • same issue. do not replace the tranny. there is no fix and the tranny that they will replace yours with is no better then the one you have. Get rid of the van ASAP for the tranny will fail. I did and was glad I did. Honda lost a $90 law suit of this tranny and many others. Like you I lived and learned my lesson with Honda and will never buy again. Mine only have 60K miles on it. I will bet you motor mounts are broke as well.

    The leak can only be fixed by replacing the tranny. Do not waste your time or $$$. Trust me on this one. Been there done that. Loose the van and stay away from Honda. The 2012 tranny is no better either!
  • jlsflajlsfla Posts: 4
    THANKS loads for the replies....I DO put something under to check for leaks..and ONLY happens on the darn long trips....NO leaks at all around town driving....guess it's time to think about another car...this is a great forum. All info is greatly appreciated.
  • vanmom6vanmom6 Posts: 12
    I haven't posted since May 2009. Three years ago I fought Honda and finally got them to pay 1/2 of a rebuilt transmission for my 2001 Odyssey. They did give me a 3yr/36k warranty on it and I planned on selling the car before we got to the end of that warranty. I forgot! BIG MISTAKE! I'm a few weeks short of 3 yrs. but just over the mileage. And I was stranded at midnight with 4 ballerinas in the car in Atlanta! And my van with 143K miles is getting its THIRD transmission! I paid top dollar because I wanted a reliable van that I could drive forever. I have had no other expenses (except maintenence things like timing belt $$$, brake work.... things you'd expect to maintain a car so you can get to 200K). But 3 transmissions in less than 150K miles???? Called HOnda and they told me again that they know there were problems with that design, but if I were over by 100 miles they would NOT honor the warranty. Frustrating that they won't stand behind thier reputation and do what it takes to fix this problem. My Honda transmission lasted less than 3 yrs.! I won't buy Honda again!
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    Did your garage where you get service start using synthenic transmission oil 2 years ago? Have you got a tranmission cooler?
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347

    First off, sorry for your Honda experience with the infamous Honda Odyssey a/t's.
    Your decision to get rid of the Van before the rebuilt a/t warranty ran out was a GREAT one.
    Honda built their reputation on their engines, but if the motor is hooked up to a junk transmission, then people should stop buying them...forever.

    I have a 2003 Odyssey that is a rolling money pit as well, I know from the many discussions that my tranny will fail, and soon, but I can't get my wife to part with it or it would be SOLD.

    So I have been doing everything possible to extend the life of the thing by changing a/t fluids often, installed a Magnefine in line filter, changed out the Z1 and drive it like it will break any moment.

    The hardest use you can do to an Odyssey is loading them up (even with little ballerinas) and then endless stop-start-stop-start driving in the city.

    There are a/t rebuilders out there that actually do a pretty good job of fixing the multiple issues inherent with the Honda transmissions, but you keep getting the Honda Rebuilts with the same problems as the last one, so nothing gets resolved.

    This time, don't even go near a Honda Dealership for a re-build.
  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    i will not buy a honda again either , never, ever dever
  • shasolshasol Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 odyssey with now 181000 miles, I changed transmission at 130000 miles. My TCS and check engine light are on (for the last 5 months) it some times go off by itself and re-appears maybe after a week The ODB code is P0135 I believe this refers to an upstream O2 sensor. why the tcs light is on beats the hell out of me. Additionally my A/c at the front only partial cooling while the back unit works fine. Can anyone explain this too me?
  • hilapat12hilapat12 Posts: 26
    I have a 2002 odyssey and the check engine light has been on for at least five years. I did get it checked out at some point and then just let it go. My TCS light will come on at odd times here and there. I have posted that my trans has had issues for a couple of yrs...i have 191000 miles now so I was told that i was lucky and see that i am at this point. When i accelerate from being stopped...i have the van in second gear. When i get past 30 mph I shift into third and drive right away...the problem is usually hills. I think it would go into gear itself if i wasn't on a hill. I have a trans place ready to go to when it goes out...they fix the problem that the vans are notorious for having. It is not a honda dealer...
  • Anyone install the transmission cooler early on in the life of their 2000-2005 Honda Odyssey's and STILL have to replace a transmission?

    Would be interesting to see what the replacement stats are for those odyssey's w/ the cooler vs those w/out the cooler installed.

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