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2009 Honda Pilot



  • powder73powder73 Posts: 15
    thank for that steve i tough has much and like i said i had zero problem so far with new model (when i mean new it's not the end of the first year model..more the first batch model)

    oh and i know you'll call me crazy (someone already did :P )but i actually like the look of the pilot....maybe it's because i love truck in general but for me it's a beautiful car...inside and outside....but reading all the my-god-the-09 pilot-is -ugly i wonder if my eyes are :blush:
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    It seems as though Honda is really taking a lot of help from Acura, its co-company, especially when it comes to the interior.

    And it seems Honda (Acura's PARENT company) is starting to be pulled down by Acura's ugly-wierdness. All of thier cars look goofy now (well, I actually like the new MDX). I do know one thing: If Honda ever, EVER tries some goofy styling on the Accord, the brand will TANK.
  • cabbqkingcabbqking Posts: 11

    How is the ride quality on the 09 pilot vs. your sienna awd? We have a 06 honda Odyessy, and I just test drove the 09 Pilot. It seems the Pilot is not "stuck" on the ground as the minivan. I am looking for a suv that is comfortable on the highway as we take a lot of trips with the kids.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    I am looking for a suv that is comfortable on the highway as we take a lot of trips with the kids.

    Are you set on a Honda or would you be willing to look at competition like the CX-9 or Acadia?
  • powder73powder73 Posts: 15
    i can't tell you about the cx-9 we never tried it my wife didn't one period. But the acadia is another matter. I had one for a full weekend and we test about everything.About the ''stuck on the ground'' feeling maybe it's because the pilot has nearly double ground clearance then the odyssey. For me i drove a suburban so the pilot feel more to the ground...

    I didn't like the acadia after comparing the pilot. It's the same as with the suburban. I like a stiff wheel with good response and didn't found that on the acadia...but to each is own....i recommend you go test it and see for yourself....go luck with your next car!!!

    p.s: How many kids do you have.,...i have 4 so the pilot was the best option for me ..
  • cabbqkingcabbqking Posts: 11
    I have two kids, but sometimes we need the third row.

    I tested drove the Pilot this past weekend. It is not as quite as I was hoping for. My biggest complaint (maybe only complaint agaist the Odyessy) is the road / wind / driving noise. It is loud. I don't know it is because of the design or the stupid run flat tires I have.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Did you happen to have the cross-bars on the Pilot you test-drove?
    This is a problem to most vehicles with cross-bars.
    I know Odyssey did not come with them
    unless you bought it yourself. It seems to be standard on new Pilot.
    Tires could also be a factor if the noises come through the floorpan or window.

    However, I am not gonna defend for Honda. All the Hondas I have owned were
    sort of noisy. 1999-2001 Odyssey was among the worst.
  • genethekgenethek Posts: 9
    There is a known issue with the cross bars. If they are installed backwards there is noise. Check with the dealer. This was a problem on a brand new 09 Pilot I just purchased and it was fixed and now it's super quiet.
  • zorcereszorceres Posts: 23
    Crossbars are an add-on on the 09 Pilot :(
  • powder73powder73 Posts: 15
    well like he say maybe the crossbar are backwards??? Because even at 130km/h i don't hear that much noise.....
  • rlevensonrlevenson Posts: 7
    Does Honda make a bug deflector for the 2009 Touring 4WD?

  • powder73powder73 Posts: 15
    My biggest complaint (maybe only complaint agaist the Odyessy) is the road / wind / driving noise. It is loud. I don't know it is because of the design or the stupid run flat tires I have.

    you know i was remembering your comment today while driving it and it's true there is road noise when driving in old pavement (we have plenty of that in quebec :P ). As soon as you hit newly made pavement it stop. I guess with the music/kids i didn't pay attention....but you are right...of course after 15 min i already forgot about it....i guess my brain is good for something...LMAO
  • shaybahshaybah Posts: 4
    I took delivery today on an '09 Pilot and one of the accessories I added was the Honda Remote Start, as seen here: ories.htm

    The dealership offered a less expensive aftermarket starter, but I liked the idea of a Honda-made starter that's integrated with the vehicle's climate controls. Hot outside? The starter automatically turns on the A/C and cools it to 72. Freezing outside? The starter automatically turns on the heat and the defroster. Downsides: For one, it's very expensive. It only comes with one remote fob, which is annoyingly huge. It also has a much shorter range than many aftermarket starters. My dealership had never even installed one before. It only came out this year, and is only available with certain vehicles. In short, no one knew to talk me out of it.

    If you have experience with aftermarket starters, it usually works like this; once you use the starter remote to start the car, you must use the same remote to unlock the doors and get in (i.e. your factory remote is temporarily disabled). You put in the key, turn it to the on position, and go. If you tap the break, the car shuts off. I assumed a Honda Remote Start system would at LEAST work this way, if not better (e.g. the starter does not disable the factory remote).

    I'm dumbfounded by what actually happens. You use the starter remote to start the car, and it does disable the factory remote. However, the starter remote does NOT have lock/unlock buttons for the door. So when you get to the car, you actually have to TURN OFF the engine with the remote in order to unlock the vehicle, get in, and RE-start the car. If you attempt to even use the key to unlock the door, it shuts off the engine.

    Does anyone agree that this is unacceptable? Not only is it unnecessary wear & tear on the car's starter because you have to start the car TWICE every time you use it, but more importantly it almost defeats the purpose of having one. I'm dumbfounded that Honda would go to market with a product that has LESS integrated functionality than the 3rd-party starters available.

    Does ANYONE out there have this product and have a different experience? I'm holding out a little bit of hope that somehow mine was installed or programmed incorrectly.. Feel free to email me at jon @


  • cabbqkingcabbqking Posts: 11
    I think the run flat tires add a lot of noise as it has harder tire walls. still haven't bought a pilot yet. I like the car, but the plastics still bother me for a $37000 car ( 4wd touring with res)
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    The Ody has run-flat tires? :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Touring model had PAX run-flats. Sounds like Michelin has given up on them.

    actualsize, "Run-flat, self-sealing, PAX tires for Minivans" #1291, 25 Jun 2008 9:31 am
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    PAX is not based on thick side walls (unlike Michelin's run-flat).
    It needs special equipment to change tires. That means "say goodbye to your Costco, indie shops for tire changes or balancing".
    What if you get a flat, keep going at 50mph, but find a nearby Honda dealer quick!

    PAX has an inner supporting rubber ring. No matter what kind of run-flat, they are heavier, more expensive and less energy efficient (due to rotational mass). What you get is peace of mind (retain control of vehicle in a tire blowout) and be able to get away from bad situation pronto (heavy rain, bad neighborhood, etc.)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The BMW owners don't seem all that happy with their run-flats. Don't know much about them though. The Pilot seems like it could be a better application since you aren't as concerned with some performance aspects of a grippy tire as you would be in a sports car. But I've been on some roads where a full size spare gave me some peace of mind.
  • cabbqkingcabbqking Posts: 11
    I went to test drive the 09 pilot touring again. Confirmed several things from my previous test drive two weeks ago:
    a. it drives nicely, i love the feeling of the steering wheel
    b. i love the nav. and electronics, they are just so much better than the $55000 MB GL450
    c the road noise is very obvious. I think the noise is coming from Tires. I had many cars, the noise is still among the loudest...very similar to my odyssey touring pax van.
    d. the cheap plastic on the dash board, and around the instrument panels still bugs me.

    All in all, I think for the price and utility function, it is probably the best value on the market. It is just not a luxury or entry luxury SUV with polished interior... Kind of expecting that for a $38000 touring...
  • watson524watson524 Posts: 10
    I first sat in a gray interior 09 EX-L and looked at the plastic and thought CHEAP! I had been debating about an 08 vs 09 and had decided that if i liked the 09, I was going to wait and probably get a '10 but then I saw the plastic and got nervous. My dealer told me to come back down and look at a tan interior... I must admit, that really does help it look less cheap, but I agree with you, I'm not thrilled by it.
  • Just got a 2009 Pilot to use as a tow vehicle. Didn't come with wiring harness. Dealer wants $170 for the harness. Anyone know if the 2008 aftermarket harness will work? The plug was quite easy to find inside the left storage compartment just inside the tailgate. There's a panel inside that easily comes out to expose the harness recepticle.

    Also what about the brake controller? Anyone have any experience? I use a Prodigy copntroller and haven't been able to find out if the 2009 Pilot is compatible with the 2008 Pilot harness.

    I've been towing my 2500# travel trailer with a 2009 Odyssey and bought the Pilot to take over the chore.

    hjharris @ Wichita Falls, TX
    2009 Pilot LXI
    1999 Odyssey LX
  • You can get a 2008 Pilot 4-pin adapter for about $25 from Cheap enough for a test, anyway.IMO
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    There are many dealers who sell Honda OEM parts for cheaper prices than your local dealer. You can order the OEM harness from one of these dealers online and either install it yourself or have a local mechanic put it in. installing a wiring harness is no big deal. I installed the whole hitch assembly on my M-class including the wiring harness and it wasn't a difficult job at all.
  • I loved your story and your grammar (I could hear the French Canadian accent as I read it and I enjoyed it thoroughly).

    I am in that decision making phase now and I just test drove the Pilot last night. I didn't really like the 09 Pilot when it first came out, but after looking at and getting prices for the Highlander, Acadia, Saturn Outlook, etc., I have to admit that the Pilot is looking better to me.

  • powder73powder73 Posts: 15
    :P yeah i do have a big accent in real life....anyway we had it now for almost a month and the only negative comment would be that i tough it would be cheaper on gas...when you drove 90km/h on cruise it will go down to around 10.9l/100km. But it's more 14l/100km if you drove a lot in town and have a ''heavy foot'' on the highway. But it's still better then my suburban!!!!!!

    Beside that we love it. the HandsFreeLink wireless telephone interface is simply awesome. The nav is like any other nav system wich is a good thing. Man i can't beleive i didn't had one make life so much easier. The seat are amazing too. Way better then my sub or late sienna. Driving 7 hours without back pain was a new experience for me. :shades:
  • Took this route (etrailers 2008 Pilot kit). When the parts arrived (including fuses) I went about trying to wire it up but couldn't get any voltage (tailights, turn signals etc) to any of the pins even at the auxiliary fuse locations. Went to the dealer and learned that what they sell is a package of about 10 items that includes a relay and a couple of modules. I went ahead and ordered one this weekend for $181. I'll be installing it next weekend and post my results.
  • jim35jim35 Posts: 5
    Back in late June and early July there were a number of posts discussing the amount of cargo space in the crossover suv's. About 6 months ago we went to look at the new 08 Highlander and after taking measurements found that we could not put more that one set of golf clubs behind the second row seats without having to remove most of the clubs. The rear wheel wells are too close. Our 01 mdx with only 80 c.f. of cargo spaceI can haul 4 passengers and get 4 sets of golf clubs in with lots of room on top left for luggage. The distance between the wheel wells is 49" which leaves an inch to spare for the clubs. My wife and I would like to compare the new pilot and highlander and wondering if any golfers out there have figured a way to haul their 4 golfing buddies and clubs in their highlander?
  • I have had Touring for 6 weeks now. Having problems with Bluetooth (using Verizon chocolate). About 20% of calls going out fail to come over the car's speakers. I can hear the person on the phone earpiece. Dialing is not a problem. i.e. I can dail out through the car, but voice is only heard on the phone.

    Anyone else with this problem? Afraid dealer knows so little about the car, they'll try to blame my phone/Verizon.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Read your observations with interest, exspecialy the ROAD NOISE. I have a 2006 with leather and nav. the road noise is like something out of a 1960's Chrysler! Loud and annoying. A new set of Michilen Cross Terrains helped but maybe 10%. Does anyone out there know of a cure? In the old days we used to undercoat the vehicle for rust, and it also helped with road noise. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone went so far as to add insulation in the doors etc? I am considering an 09 or 2010 but sure wish Honda would have addressed this problem since there have been many complaints of road noise from buyers of the 2003 thru 2008 years. I am hoping somebody tried something. I would spend up to $1000 to have a more insulated cabin. thank you
  • They are GoodYear tires, I believe. Does anyone know the life of the tires? 50K? 80K?
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