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2009 Honda Pilot



  • hi....quick question. what were some of the better lease deals youve seen out there for a pilot?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    What trim model and where are you at?
  • Hi everyone,

    May I please ask if anyone has any comments about the 2009 Honda Pilot's cylinder deactivation and performance?

    Can you feel the transition between running modes?

    How's the power and acceleration?

    I'm asking because that's the car, along with the Toyota Venza, that my wife has narrowed the choices down to. The reviews of the Pilot, while generally favorable, seem to think the car is a little underpowered.

    She currently drives a 2007 Toyota RAV- 4 with the V6 engine, and it's very responsive.

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, CanStacker
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    May I please ask if anyone has any comments about the 2009 Honda Pilot's cylinder deactivation and performance?
    On the whole, the system works well. I live in a very hilly area (Western PA) and therefore don't get too many opportunities to run extended distances on less than 6 cylinders.

    Can you feel the transition between running modes?
    Not at all. The only discernable difference is the amount of engine sound, fewer cylinders means less sound. Re-engagement of the additional cylinders when power is needed is very smooth.

    How's the power and acceleration?
    Power and acceleration are adequate. You're not going to be blown away by the power, but at the same time I don't find it lacking. My other car is a 265 hp Maxima and so I definitely notice the difference, but at the same time I don't feel like I'm mashing the pedal to the floor with no response.
  • citivascitivas Posts: 144
    It works well for me. It is probably on about half the time overall, and a vast majority of the time I am on the freeways. Once you settle into a consistent speed it usually kicks in even if you are going pretty fast. I can be in cruise control at 74 MPG and have it active as long as I am not on steep inclines. The transition is seamless -- you hear and feel nothing, and it can instantly slip in/out of this mode.

    Overall the Pilot accelerates less robustly than much of its competition -- this was one of my main "cons" when considering the vehicle. It has one less gear than most. That said, I have found that once I understood the rythym of the car I can accerlate very nicely. It doesn't want to be gunned, it wants you to increase pressure on the pedal as it builds up speed. If you go with the feel of the vehicle I have accelerated very nicely and in better time than was reported in most of the reviews.
  • Thanks for the information poodog,

  • Thank you Citivas,

  • Got the black side steps instead of the running boards, mostly because we liked the look better.
  • Didn't have too much of a choice in colors when we got our EX. Most dealers only had one or two. Black and white were not our favorites, but would have worked. Our last two cars were dark blue, so that was considered to be 'boring,' but again it would not have been a deal killer.

    We were down to two dealers with comparable prices, one had Mocha, the other Dark Cherry. We got the Cherry one.
  • donixdonix Posts: 16
    I have 2007 pilot lx and 2009 pilot touring. Lot of difference of driving experience 2009 pilot is more agressive in winding road. Braking is very good!!! (for me) because I used to drive with an adequate distance from the vehicle infront of me and I used to drive before with a brake pumping system. `LOL`
  • Here we are again, making a decision on the next family vehicle. We have been leasing for about 5 years now, and plan to lease again.

    Was wondering if anyone had any specific thoughts on one versus the other. Right now we are looking at a $40-60/month difference in payment, comparably equipped. We are looking at two trim levels of each: Pilot in EX-L and Touring, and Acura in Base and Tech. Feature-wise, they are comparable, although I realize the MDX will be a step up in ways that don't show up on lists.

    A little history... my husband had a 2005 Pilot, now has a 2008 Ridgeline, and I went from a 2004 Odyssey to a 2006 MDX. We have been very happy with all of these vehicles. I did spend a lot of time in our 05 Pilot and obviously know my 06 MDX very well. But it's hard to say if those comparisons even matter now because both vehicles have been redesigned.

    When I test-drove the new Pilot I was very impressed. The ride was better, and they improved the features and technology a bunch, it has everything I need. The new MDX has a very sporty ride, I liked it, but was surprised how different it drove from the old MDX.

    We were also considering the Mazda CX-9 (safety ratings aren't as high, so it didn't make the short list) and the Volvo XC90 (our first choice, but payment is sky-high due to poor lease terms right now).

    Anyway... I like that the automakers are constantly redesigning and improving their vehicles, but it makes it difficult sometimes -- just when you think you know everything there is to know, you realize you probably don't know much of anything!

    I'd love to hear any thoughts... thanks.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    It depends on what your purchase criteria is, but for me it was a no brainer to go with the Pilot.

    The biggest reason was more cargo/passenger room in the Pilot vs the MDX. I drive a Nissan Maxima and our 2009 Pilot is mainly driven by my wife. But it also doubles as our "utility / family vehicle" and is used when we need to take more than 4 people somewhere or if I need to take advantage of the cargo area. The Pilot is clearly superior over the MDX in that regard.

    In your case, it sounds like your Ridgeline may serve that role, in which case you might not see this as a benefit but possibly a negative due to gas mileage and handling concerns.

    There's also the price difference. For a few grand more, you'll get a more refined interior and the cache of the Acura badge. I'm not a status-seeker, and while I think they could have done more with the Pilot interior, the upgraded MDX interior wasn't enough for me to merit the increase in price.
  • citivascitivas Posts: 144
    We looked closely at both vehicles (as well as the CX-9 and Volvo) before settling on the Pilot in August. In terms of the major differences:

    MDX is a better driving experience and a vastly nicer interior finish (the exterior was nicer in our opinion too). And the nav system had a paid-option for real-time traffic alerts and re-routing, which is nice. On the Pilot’s plus side it has substantially more interior room. You could seat up to 8 adults in the Pilot (we have) where the MDX can seat 7 bodies, but only 4 seats are compatible with most adults(and lest you think 4 is enough, remember if you have little kids in car seats, they will need those middle row side seats which reduces adult space to 2 or 3). Neither the rear row or the middle seat of the second row are viable for grown-ups (I had to physically bend my neck sideways because I was taller than the roof, even in the middle of the second row; I am 6’1”). More storage space too. The Pilot also has more “tech” than the tech package on the MDX, ironically. I was shocked that the MDX still doesn’t have the iPod integration standard in the Pilot Touring. We use this more than our radio. Other than the real-time traffic on the MDX and iPod control on the Pilot the nav and radio systems are identical. The Pilot also gets better gas mileage and doesn’t require premium fuel so your cost to operate will be less. On top of all this, the Pilot retains as much residual value as the MDX, which is surprising. You should also make sure that you really are getting comparably equipped in your comparison. For example, the tow prep and tow hitch is not standard on the MDX in any package but is standard on the Touring…

    The CX-9 is a great car. It was the extremely close second for us. The Volvo wasn’t as impressive. It has a weak nav system, poor MPH and surprisingly its safety record is no better than the competition. Its customer satisfaction record is middle of the pack at best.

    Good luck.
  • donixdonix Posts: 16
    I have a 2009 pilot touring and I bought it as demo vehicle with a premium runing board and moonroof visor for 37,000 including taxes,registration and anything with 6,000 miles on it.

    this my first buy vehicle. is the deal was ok?

    after 1 month I noticed that the vehicle will slowly pulls to the right, and just brought to the dealer today. they let me enter in their service bay and alllow me to look at the computer wheel alignment monitor and they say it has a slight misalignment at the pass side front wheel and rear. now my 2009 pilot is back on track. Glad! to the mechanic and service crew...
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Not sure what your taxes were (always best to quote prices without taxes and mandatory fees like plate and registration), but this seems VERY high to me. I bought a BRAND NEW (3 miles) touring back in August for $34500 with no add-ons. That was when the $2k dealer cash was still in effect, so for comparison purposes you'd be talking $36500 in today's pricing.

    If you look at the dealer cost of those accessories and then back off what should have been savings on a demo, I'd think you should have been around $32k before taxes.
  • I just had the trailer harness installed on my 09 pilot. I would like to purchase aftermarket tow ball mount but I am unsure of the spec for the mount - Drop, rise and length. Can anyone help or know the specs for the OEM mount?
  • I purchased the Ultimate Tow Kit from Costco for $54.99 and everthing works great. 2" receiver with 2" ball. I towed a boat a few weeks ago with no problems.
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    I thought the 09 came w/ the tow package? When you say trailer harness are you refering to the ball or more than that?
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    Has anyone seen the bali blue honda pilot color in person? Does it look navy blue?
  • citivascitivas Posts: 144
    The Touring definitely comes standard with the hitch and the prep package with wiring. It is a standard Class II (2") insert. Buying the ball is extra. I can't speak for the other trims.
  • The Touring model comes complete ready to tow. The EX-L trim has the trailer hitch but the harness is not included. Still need to know on the tow ball mount the drop, rise and length so I can purchase an after-market kit.
  • I was looking at the pilot but am curious why a small v6 suv only gets 2 mpg better than a 300+ hp v8 tahoe? further why is the tahoe always at the top of the list in quality while the pilot has never been there?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Pilot isn't a fuel saving car, save 2 MPG is already money.
    Pilot retains its value so much better, that is another money.
    Plus Pilot is better than Tahoe in below (used CR's comapre it in latest models)
    Driving Position
    Rollover Test (govt)
    Body Integrity
    Body Hardware
    Power Eqip
    Used Car Verdict

    Don't judge a car simply by the exhaust pipe looks like a coffee can...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I was looking at the pilot but am curious why a small v6 suv only gets 2 mpg better than a 300+ hp v8 tahoe?

    The Pilot, with EPA ratings of 17/23, seats 8 and accelerates at roughly the same rate as the Tahoe (with its best EPA ratings of 15/20).

    The Pilot starts at roughly $10,000 less than the Tahoe, an offers the best fuel economy on the base vehicle, without having to step-up to an option (as opposed to the Tahoe, where the base Tahoe makes less power and uses more fuel than the 5.3).

    No doubt, the Tahoe gets good fuel economy considering its weight, but that doesn't mean that the Pilot is a guzzler just because it weighs less. It also doesn't make the Pilot a "small SUV"
  • SMALL SUV? Are you kidding? The Pilot is as big outside as an Explorer. Inside, much larger.

    You really want a Tahoe?
    Get the GM pimp car: the Escalade!
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    No has seen the bali blue??????
  • Every dealership we saw a Pilot EX AWD at had at least one Bali Blue...but we already have two dark blue cars, so it was a colour of last resort for us.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Doesn't rise/drop/straight and size of ball depend just a much on what you are towing as it does the vehicle itself? I don't think there is a "standard" type of hitch for a specific vehicle, you have to line up your trailer with the vehicle to see where they come together and they buy the hitch mount that compensates for any discrepancy.
  • dcfakdcfak Posts: 22
    I have not seen the Bali blue. Our dealership doesn't have one. Can you tell me if it looks navy blue? Thanks.
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