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2009 Honda Pilot



  • Did you ever find out what the problem was? My 2009 pilot would not start. I jumped it and it started. Had the Bettery tested, it passes but I got a new one anyways. Even with the new battery, it was slow to start this morning. Thanks for any information you can give me.
  • Had similar issue. Hoping there is a recall soon. Solution: replace battery and positive battery cable

    My issue: car would not start but light did come on some which indicated issue. Jumped it without problem.
    Bought new battery and went to install it and found the positive battery connector was corroded. So called around for positive battery cable and only two dealers carried it and they were in Midwest or California and it would take 3 days to arrive and cost 110

    I got the positive cable part from online at parts or something like that overnighted for less than whAt dealers charge for the part

    Service center not Honda dealer cost 275 for labor to replace battery and positive cable. They also found. The positive battery cable connected to alternator was also corroded (there are 3-4 cables that come together on the positive battery cable.

    After replaced worked fine. It also temporarily stopped the vibration between gears caused by the Eco system. Seems having the computer reset helped that for a few weeks but it is now back.

    Hope this helps
  • I bought a 2009 Honda Pilot brand new and at about 20,000 the car started to shake when I applied the brakes in a downhill situation. I took the car back to the dealer several times and they would tell me that this was normal on the touring model. I found out that after having the car at the dealer about 8 times, they had not recorded any of my visit for this issue. On the 9th visit, I pushed the issue and was told I needed to have the rotors resurfaced and new brake pads. The problem seems to have subsided. I am now worried that this will be an ongoing problem-has anyone had an issue after they had the rotor's resurfaced? Honda denies that there is a problem with the brakes and rotors in this model. I would like to know if others have the same issue with thier Honda Touring models?
  • Wow: is this an issue for me, I had both my remotes replaced under warrenty twice now at three years. The cost to replace these little things on my 2009 Pilot is a $198 bucks, will lock the car using the old fashion method once the car is out of warrenty. Honda dealer just says I am hard on the remotes and that they should not be put into my pocket-LOL where to keep them so thay are not touched by something that will rest on the buttons.
  • My pilot has several areas where the leather has worn through and I was hoping that someone might be able to help me find a suitable repair kit for the leather, so I do not have to have the dealer do the work. It appears to me that the leather is very thin and wears prematurely on this 2009 model. My wife has a Honda Accord with leather interior and sha has never had an issue with any wear and tear and the car is 10 years, has survived three kids and now tow grandkids. My pilot had holes at 29,000 miles and was replaced, now that it has 60,000 miles I am told that the leather isn't covered. Leather is only covered for first 30,000 miles.
  • Our driver seat also had similar issue where one of the seems is separating. I have not bothered to take it to the dealer because I am afraid of how much they will say it will cost to replace the bottom seat leather. Instead I have been looking at neoprene seat covers for the front which cost about $250 for the front seats (both). We bought the neoprene seat cover for the second row seat from honda because we have two kids.

    Did you get an idea of cost from the dealer to replace your leather?
  • hrnhrn Posts: 6
    I have a 2009 Pilot Touring with 46,000 miles on it and have never done anything with the brakes or experienced anything that you have talked about in your post.
  • kel8kel8 Posts: 2
    I have purchased my 98 pilot in 1999 for 2.5 years with 35,000km so far. The first 2 year was fantastic. I did not hear any noise at all when you park or driving. Recently, I start to hear some fluid keep flowing under me when I park or stop my car. It is like swimming with my car but the fluid is just so close to you that distrub me so much. I start to feel driving my piolt is not fun at all....

  • dbljdblj Posts: 1
    Yes, I have had the rotors resurfaced and the vibration continues on my 2009 Ex-L. I had them resurfaced twice; first time at about 20,000 mis and second time at about 35,000 mis. The problem is occurring again at 50,000 mis. This seems excessive. Honda paid for the first two under warranty. If anyone has any suggestions on other alternatives I would be interested in discussing this with the dealer.
  • I just purchased a 2009 pilot with 41,000 miles and just realized while driving it home that when you get on the brakes that the steering wheel shakes. The guy I bought it off of said that the wheels wore funny but once replaced he no longer had an issue. I don't really know what to do about it. Any suggestions.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    It sounds like you have warped rotors. It's common with lots of vehicles.

    The only solution is to either turn or replace the rotors.
  • sonnydsonnyd Posts: 6
    it's your rotors, either have them cut the rotors or turn them. seems like Honda Pilot have this problem for a while now. I turned my 2009 pilot in and bought 2012 Honda Pilot Touring got almost 1600 miles on it. lets see if this one gives me any problem. When cutting or changing rotors make sure you also replace brake pads otherwise you'll have this problem again.
    Good Luck.
  • krs2avrkrs2avr Posts: 6
    I have a theory, because I am at the same point in my vehicle life. I have a nice shake when hitting the brakes. just got new rotors and pads... still there is a shake. So I bring it to my mechanic - both of my lower arm bushing brackets are torn! Need immediate replacement. I am off the warranty, so now what! He gives me a copy of the service bulletin... probably cause of this problem : "front suspension rear lower arm bushing bracket is FAULTY".

    Well, hello Honda.... where is the recall on this? Oh anyway.. don't know if this is your problem, but you may want to check. It is for my car!!!
  • verybeegverybeeg Posts: 19
    my remote gets sticky every 6 months. has nothing to do with battery. a dealer told me the circuit board creates a gluey substance over time. No idea how that happens. all you have to do is to open up the remote (use a tiny Phillips), get a cotton swab and rub it around the entire circuit board gently. be sure not to leave behind lint. make sure don't touch circuit board with your fingers to prevent shorting it. clean the back cover too, just in case.

    when opening the back cover, note how that cover fits into the remote so you know how to close it back up. pretty easy.

    i did finally have to replace the battery after 2.5 years.
  • My 2009 Pilots engine light came on and the "d" on the shift indicator is blinking I Googled it and it seems to indicate a problem with the transmission. Has happened quite a bit in older models with no recall notices. I guess they only recall safety items. [ so as to protect their reputation.] Anybody else with this problem?
  • I purchased my vehicle in 2009 and still have the exact same issue. Did Honda resolve this issue for you? If so how, if not, how do you plan to take care of it, as I would like to get mine taken care of?
  • I saw your March post. Did Honda fix the shaking, or are you still experiencing the shaking? What did they do to stop the shaking?
  • rocconh1rocconh1 Posts: 1
    By now you have probably guessed it is the transmission. I have a 2000 Accord with 307K miles... I have replaced the tranny twice. Honda is not known to have good transmissions... which is why I never buy a first out model upgrade (Like the 09 Pilots) I recommend going to a reputable mechanic and price out a new tranny. I found a nice one at but they do not offer one for a 2009 Pilot... If you call them they could probably point you in the right direction. Sorry bpierre...
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