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SX4 Options



  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    yes , you are so right! Unfortunately my less than two month old SX4 sport was nearly totaled yesterday by a teenage girl on a cell phone. Go figure! Any way it held up really well for what was almost a head on, so I think they are built well for crash impacts. I only hope when it is repaired, it is unnoticeable. I hate to think of paying on for five more years and not be happy with it as I was. I really love that car. I am driving a Nissan Sentra rental and the Suzuki is so much better!
  • beth28beth28 Posts: 1
    I am getting a new sx4 w/o the "touring" package...but I'd sure love to get the keyless option that the touring package offers. Anyone know if it can be installed at the dealer, and if it can be, would the quality be as good as factory installed? Also, guesses as to price?

  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i cant find this info out online but i wanted to ask you owners does the SX4 Crossover have lockable storage, like the Glove box?
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