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Volvo C70 New Owner Reports



  • kathleen4kathleen4 Posts: 3
    We took delivery in Sweden in November 2006 of a silver C70 fully loaded, if you could buy it, we did. But due to the cold, rain, wind etc, never used the retractable HT until we took final delivery in California. In the 4 months we have had the car :lemon: , we've taken the car in for repair 6 times. The passenger window does not go up and down properly with the retractable HT and now the hard to stalls. It has even gotten stuck twice.

    It is now at the dealership and in a non repairable state. :sick: I'm so sad because we invested a lot of money and really like Volvo cars in general. We own two other Volvos that work well.

    Any one else seen the problem? :lemon:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,090
    "nonrepairable state"???
    sooo... does that mean they are giving you a new car to replace it?

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    We took delivery of our Zanzibar Gold C70 in Sweden in September, 2006. We have have used the top several hundred times. It has never failed or stalled. We have had minor issues with the passenger window not returning to its closed state after using the top, but to date that hasn't even been of a big enough issue to even bring it in to the dealer.

    If you haven't already you need to get a factory rep involved and your car fixed. Be aggressive the C70 is a great car and all can work flawlessly.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    Congratulation on your new ride. I don't have any of the noises you have, but the rear seat belts flapping almost drove me Boncos while on highway with top down. The little holders they have to put them under are useless, so I just started tucking my belts in behind the arm rest and it is absolutely quiet now at 70 mph top down. I have read about others on forum having the flapping also so have posted two pictures on MY SPACE to show how it is done. Mine is an '06 celestial blue with calcite white interior and as you can see after a year it is still sharp looking.
  • syellinasyellina Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Gold C70 I picked up in Sweden in September 2006 and have really enjoyed it. Although my wife wants to drive it much more than I had hoped.

    Also had the top start to periodically stall (top in trunk with the trunk lid straight up). After waiting about 10 minutes I was always able to put it back up but not finish opening. Took it to the dealer who found nothing wrong.

    After the problem continued I returned to the dealer who had just sent a tech to Volvo training on the top. He adjusted the top and no problems since. They acknowledged that this has been a regular problem for their C70s. Hopefully all the dealers have had similar training.

    However, since then the passenger window has not closed with the others. It closes and then reopens about half way. The first time I hadn't noticed it wasn't closed and since I park outside I was glad it didn't rain. I'll get it looked at on the next servicing.
  • I too picked up my Celestial Blue C70 on September 6th in Torslanda. I have had to return my car to the dealer twice for the passenger window/door problem. The first time the right front window would go up an down when putting the top back up. The dealer said it was a software programming issue.

    Friday I got the car back the second time for both the window and the right front door being hard to close. This time they replaced both the window mechanism and rubber weather stripping.

    We'll see if this works out over time. I have had the top down twice since yesterday afternoon with no problems.

    Good luck with your car. I absolutely love mine and it the stares it gets with the Swedish front license plate and the top going up an down
  • kathleen4kathleen4 Posts: 3
    Wow, this is my story exactly. Sweden, window, Swedish plates but ours is silver.

    We had the same window problem, and that is what started this in the first place. Once they fixed the window, my hard top started having issues stalling. I've since gotten it back, tested it for a week now, and it's symptoms are starting again. The retractable top starts to stall, and sometimes the truck too. (Good to know that waiting 10 minutes could solve the problem) What is weird is that this is a problem that starts small, then escalates. When I take it in, they are unable to see the problem until it gets really bad. This weekend I'm going to film it in action.

    I am totally in love with my car - my husband uses it too - so now Monday is his day! So when I have it and it works, i love to drive it.

    Please update this area with your issue since you and i are the only ones I know who are experiencing this problem. I'm taking it back to the dealership again on Monday - it's been in the shop now off and on for 4 weeks. Bummer.
  • doctord13doctord13 Posts: 22
    OK owners - question for you - out and test drove the C 70 (winner for our family v EOS and BMW) - only complaint with the C70 was that at speeds over 40MPH the Drivers side dealt belt was "fluttering" on my shoulder - happened to my wife as well...not in the passenger seat however. Cant believe this is not occurring to other owners - the salesperson wrote it off as a fluke, but would annoy me if not correctable - any owners experience in having similar occurances - or was it a flukey thing?
    car driven was on 06 demo.
    Haven't bought it yet - but close - Thanks for your input!
  • Yes, it happens to me, also. Only with the windows down, of course. The question that I have is whether it would go away with the windblocker accessory, which I don't have.

    Cars that have the seat belt stored in the seat back itself are probably immune from this problem, but I've always thought that the seat belt built into the seat back makes the seat look funny.
  • tim2ittim2it Posts: 2
    Dear Lemenn,
    I too had the same difficulty with the trunk lock. I re- read the owner's manual and found that youy need to unlock the car, not the trunk to access the trunk with the key in the ignition and the car running. The trunk unlock button only works when the car is off. Go figure! The fob controls are a little counter-intutive, but when the car is running, and you want to open the trunk, just hit the unlock button and the trunk will then open with a finger on the trunk latch. Good luck. Tim
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    We managed to get our OSD C70 right before our July holiday weekend (on 7/3) and take it for a short weekend road trip.
    The car did great. We saw just about all types of interstate and windy back roads you could imagine, including some steep swtichback mtn roads where other people liked to drive like the English (probably just lazy). One guy almost smashed into the guardrail trying to avoid a headon with us; but he managed to pull out just in time... :sick:

    The accelleration was decent. It won't drag race with a BMW, but you can certainly dart into traffic if needed. The engine had loads of torque for the big hills and tolerated low rpm boo boos quite well. It handled the twisties and s-turns solidly without protesting. The suspension is a good mix of ride versus handling. My only complaint is the nagging feeling I'm hitting the bump stops every now and then because the car is so darn heavy. I keep meaning to check the tire pressure, because it didn't feel that way in Sweden.

    On the interstate, the car ran flawlessly. This is definitely a good cruising car, and with the top up possibly the quietest car I have ever owned (not counting my dad's old Caddy when I was in high school). Our navigator/MP3 player plugged into the AUX port and played music and directed us through the mountains without fail. We purchased the Sat option, but have not been motivated to activate it yet. We also haven't tried the CD changer yet either.

    Trunk space was excellent. The divider worked well to help us keep things under control. We were able to pack way too much stuff and the put our "soft" suitcase and cooler in the back seat.

    Top down, the car was a bit windier than our BMW was, but it was certainly well within reason. We will order the windscreen soon (to help hide stuff in the back seat as well as cut some wind.

    So far the wife really loves the car, which is important since it is her daily driver. I really like the car too!

    The stock steroe system is awsome, and the bass is amazing for a car without a subwoofer. We are both thrilled we did not spend the outrageous cash for the Dynaudio. The xenon headlamps are nice, as is the rear park assist. The seats are okay, but not quite a sporty as our old BMW (less side bolsters).

    My only concerns/observations are below.

    1. As someone else noted, the interior door pull is right where my elbow rests while driving.... OUCH!

    2. I guess it doesn't matter, but I can never tell if the doors are locked during the day. At night, the locked symbol on the buttons seems to light up brighter than the unlock symbol.

    3. I wish the Sat Radio would display both Artist and Song title, instead of making the user choose one or the other.

    4. The wind buffeting with windows down and top down is harsher than our old BMW soft top. It is tolerable, but surprising. The wind with top down and windows up ("sissy mode") is much better than BMW. Adding the windscreen drops wind to nearly zero with windows up. Riding with windscreen up and windows down is also very comfortable. The seatbelt fluttering is only noticable occasionally when we are near big rigs on the interstates.

    5. Wish at least one of the three door compartments was large enough for maps and papers larger than index cards.

    6. Wish the clock was centrally located, so passengers could see it too.

    7. Wish the car was about 500 lbs lighter for improved handling, fuel economy, and performance.

    8. Immensely pleased with standard stereo power & sound. The bass is amazing for a car without subs!

    9. A second 12V power outlet in the cabin would be really nice...

    10. Really wish the RHT did not require the windows to be UP at the end of putting the top down. Just creates extra wear & tear on the window motors when I have to lower them...

    All in all a fantastic vehicle! We are glad we purchased this instead of the various options. IMHO: The C70 is truly one of the best combination of features on the market. :shades:
  • bobparisbobparis Posts: 28
    I noticed this the first time I had the top down and the seat belts worked their way loose from under the retaining straps. Went to a home center and bought some self-adhesive felt strips that would normally go on the bottom of furniture legs etc. These strips are dense. Cut 1/2" squares and stuck them on the underside of the strap at the end. These catch and retard the seat belts from going past the end of the strap so that they cannot work themselves loose. No more flapping. Surprised that Volvo did not simply mold-in such "projections" on the strap itself.
  • Jeckels - regarding #5, have you tried using the "nets" attached to the front seats (between your legs) for maps? Works for me.....

    Also, I saw your other posts and while the Navi is a bit clunky, I am glad I got that option (I have a Garmin as well). Because the Volvo navi is built into the dash board, I can shut it down and leave the car with the top down without worrying about theft (the garmin would have to be stowed).

    And, lastly - I did spring for the Dynaudio and am very glad I did. The stock stereo is good...but you don't know how much better the Dynaudio is until you live with it. I can hear much more separation of the instruments (which is important to me). I would agree that the subwoofer is not great and I keep it VERY low. As fir the cost and buying a home entertainment instaed...I don't see this as a choice...I just buy both :)
  • "As fir the cost and buying a home entertainment instaed...I don't see this as a choice...I just buy both :) "

    True enough.

    I'm not doubting the great sound, but the price made me doubt whether I would enjoy it a proportionate amount (compared to the stock radio). Fortunately, the stock stero system well exceeded my expectations. :)

    Since it was my wife's car, she felt we should spend the money on other things... like maybe a side trip to the fjords in Norway when we picked up our car. It was hard to argue with her logic, since we love to travel. :shades:
  • We originally went to Sweden and picked up our car in late November 2006- and drove it in the dark, rain, and cold. We loved every second of our adventure! But we never (for good reason) put the top down during our travel.

    A while back - in June actually, I posted a notification about our retractable HD stalling. It all started with a passenger window not working in sync. This is what we discovered when we took US delivery in late January. The crazy part was, that this would happen occasionally and inconsistently. Finally the HD started stalling too. It was a problem that was hard to recreate all the time. Oh, I got the factor rep involved last May. Well it took 4 months - and my car only had 5K on it. I felt like a crazy person going into the dealership nearly weekly. Well, finally, I left the car at the dealership and said they could keep it for a month and try to recreate the problem.

    As it turns out - Volvo corporate took back the car in August. Can you believe it? and my wonderful people at the dealership found a new 2007 for me. I took delivery about 10 days ago. I have a BRAND new 2007 - oh, I put my Swedish plates on it.

    Volvo stands behind their product. They do NOT make the customer jump through too much paperwork or distress either. My dealership was a gem throughout the process. We did not pay a dime for the exchange. (We paid for the upgrade of new wheels)

    As difficult as this situation has been for 7 months (imagine if YOUR car was behaving this way) I am here to say, that I LOVE my C70.

    Oh the only thing that is different are the wheels - apparently I was told that the Euro delivery models can not have the larger wheels - oh I love the difference in performance on these. My car has it all - if I could buy it I put it on the car and I agree the extra money is worth the stereo upgrade.

    We have other Volvos too and NONE of them have ever had a problem.
  • Jeckles - you have good is more important than accumulating things / gadgets / options! I travel a lot for work & pleasure and have to say that my time in Scandanavia (Stockholm, Humlebaek, and Copenhagen) was very memorable.
  • I have an '06 C70 with 18 inch wheels and have cracked two wheel rims. Has anyone else had this problem? I have had no problems with the top but have had the car in a few times to attempt to fix the passenger window going up and then coming halfway down. They also have been unable to completely rid the car of the "barking dog" sound.
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    We have had our 07 C70 for 17 months. No problem with the wheels. We have had ours in 4 times for: 1) the barking dog (that is still barking), and 2) the windows that go up then down during the auto return mode after opening or closing the top.. Now we have added the roof cables rattling. Otherwise the roof works great, no leaks, and we love the car!
  • My dealer told me they can install for approximately $2k ?
  • I am in the process of purchasing the C70 and am wondering if I should get the Violvo navigation system or something aftermarket. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this?
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,204
    I have no experience with the factory Nav, but you can get an excellent Garmin for a whole lot less than $2k! Plus you can take it with you.
  • Aletarw,
    I have a Garmin that I like a lot, but did go with the navi on my '07 C70. The Gramin is more user friendly and cheaper, but I like to walk away from my car with the top down and not have to worry about someone swiping the Garmin and / or having to stash it in the (very small) glove box and lock it away. Plus, the C70 navi folds into the it doesn't block your view / windshield. The commands are on the steering column so it is also easier to use while you are driving than a Garmin / Nuvi. And, lastly, where it pops up in the C70 is a really good reading level for me. So, even though it was expensive and a bit hard to use at times, I am glad I got it.
  • I have been shopping for an 06 or 07 with a navigation system. Can finds lots of used C70's with everything I want except a navigtion system. It made me wonder why people were not getting car with the nav system. Volvo wants $2200 for nav system and $2k to install. When I add that to the cost of a used car, I'm at $39K, but I can buy new for $43k. So it appears I will buy new.
  • Anyone have any experience leasing a C70? Any pricing info to share? Thanks!
  • I researched leasing a 2008 C70 extensively. Bottom line was that this car does not lease well at all. Volvo Financial Services does not offer a lease for this model, nor does Volvo Cars NA offer any 3rd party lease subventions. The best deal I could negotiate on a fully-loaded C70 was around $800 per month for a 36 mo/12K lease. I finally decided to lease a comparably-equipped S40, which cost about $500 per month. It is a much more cost-effective vehicle.
  • I think that leasing varies by region. That's why websites like Volvo's always ask for your Zip code when you go into "build your Volvo" page. Today's local paper had an ad for Volvo that included a lease offer on the C70 that threw in a "no charge" hands free bluetooth setup. I live in the northern New Jersey area.
  • aw57aw57 Posts: 12
    I live in Northern New Jersey and priced out a lease of a fairly loaded C70 last week. I was quoted a lease price of well under $600 a month based on a 36/12k term. Looking at the numbers, the residual value is low, but I was given a good interest rate (through US Bank, not Volvo finance, although through the dealer), and the incentives must be so high that the price of the car is below invoice.
  • For sure lessors offer different programs in different states. But I suspect that the primary reason that good deals, be they purchase or lease, are available on the C70 at the moment is that there is a lot more dealer inventory of these cars now than a year ago, when dealers were selling them at or close to sticker. In my area, several smaller dealers have four or five units in stock, and some of them have been on their lots for months. The largest volume dealer in my area has 13 C70s in stock! There are even some new 2007 cars still around. Unlike the S40 and V50, which were substantially improved for 2008, the C70 remained largely unchanged, save for the addition of a few options like BLIS and keyless drive. If a buyer can do without those new options, he might want to consider getting a 2007 C70 at a firesale price.
  • patient3patient3 Posts: 1
    I'm interested in leasing a C70 -- it looks like there are some dealer incentives now (the Vovlo website advertises $459/month, 36 months, $3,000 at signing, 10500 miles/yr) and a local dealer has a $479/month ad (for 11,000 miles, other terms similar). Has anyone had any recent lease/purchase experience with the C70 to share? I'm also trying to a gauge if there is a lot of stock on the lots and waiting another month might be worth it.
  • I am crazy enough to have purchased a fully loaded '08 C70 3000 miles from home which is Staten Island, NY I bought out in California as they had exactly what I wanted and no one in NJ wanted to deal any further than searching the northeast region of the US, so I took matters into my own hands. Locally, they kept trying to talk me out of packages that I really wanted.

    I'm awaiting delivery and I"m very nervous about this. I need to find a reliable service department in NJ only. I won't go to Brooklyn. Anyone use Volvo Edison, Volvo Bridgewater, Smythe Volvo in Short HIlls??? Any opinions are greatly valued. My stomach is in knots at the moment. Thanks.
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