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Volvo C70 TSBs, Recalls and Problem Codes



  • grsubgrsub Posts: 13
    Got my MY06 C70 July 2006. Never got any recall requests from the dealer. I knew about the 163A-F service campaign mentioned in this forum several months ago (thanks), so when I reached 7500 miles 2wks ago, I went in for several things. 1)first oil change 2)the 163A-F service campaign 3)adjusting headlights to aim higher 4)Barking dog software upgrade 5)to replace the back plastic cover which was stained by the 2 bumpers resting too close to it in the top up position (also mentioned previously on this forum. Thanks :).

    For the 163 service campaign, I needed only "A" which was to install a water shield for the roof module In order to reduce water contamination to the CRM (Convertible Roof Module) and/or wiring. My service dept. knew right away about the issue with the stained cover, and ordered a new cover and 2 new bumpers and replaced those. I haven't been able to assess whether the headlights are the same or not as they may not have been adjusted. The technician's reply was "they were checked to see if they conformed to spec, and right now they do." I also have not been able to determine whether the barking dog software is working or not. I should stop blasting the dynaudio ;)

    Interesting thing happened when I drove the car home. In the end, I must have pressed the wrong combination of buttons on the turn signal wand where you control the messages displayed on the info screen. The yellow "i" info button came on and said "check skid control mechanism". I turned the car off as I was alreading pulling into the driveway. The next morning when I restarted the car, the "i" came on again, but this time indicated "skid control temporarily turned off". I then began making sure the DTSC (?dynamic traction stability control)was on, which it was, and I decided to press the "w" button near the shift knob on and off. Since that time (3 days now), no info messages have come back on indicating a problem with the "skid control". The service representative (front desk guy), not the service mechanic, thought that those two mechanisms were also involved. He thinks on my drive home, I must have turned the DTSC off by accident when I was playing with the info system. He says that if there was still a problem, each time you turn on the car, the diagnostic program would pick up on the problem and flash the "i". The car is still running beautifully.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    I have a problem with a rattle between the rear and driver side front window. Took it in for service once and they realigned the windows and greased the area where the two window meet to form a seal. Still have the problem, anyone ele have this and what was done?
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    Just received this notice today saying Volvo has developed improved components to help ensure continued satisfaction with my C70.It is campaign 175A, 175B and 175C.
    1 - Retaining clips for retractable top mechanism will be inspected.
    2 - Wiring harness in retractable hardtop will be rerouted to prevent chafing and improve functionality.
    3 - Replacement of the trunck lid seal will improve the opening and closing performance of the trunk lid.
    4 - A fault in the Supplemental Restraint Sysyem (SRS)control unit may not allow software downloads to be performed. To correct this, the SRS control unit will be replaced.
    5 - The installation of a protective moulding will prevent a cable harness from coming in contact with the edge of a support bracket in the floor.
    6 - The hinge bolts for the trunk lid hooks may be incorrectly tightened. The bolts will be inspected, and if necessary, tightened to the correct torque.

    Statement says as usual your C70 may have some of the components already installed from the factory, not every action may apply. Please speak to your authorized VOLVO retailer for details.

    My dealer said they have what improvments I need in stock and will do the campaign requirements this Thursday. Said it should take about three hours for mine. I will update after visit to them.I bought my 2006 C70 in June of 2006.

    Sorry to take up so much space, but check with your dealer and give them your VIN number and they can see what is needed for your vehicle.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I got a recall notice yesterday. I read it quickly but it involves the door assembly and the door latch. I guess the door can open and you can fly out if you get in the wrong type of accident and you don't have your seatbelt on. Didn't seem all that significant for those that wear seatbelts.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    I haven't received that one as of today but I will ask dealer about it Thursday while my car is in shop. Thanks for update.

  • I just got both letters (in the same envelope) yesterday. I think that at least some of the "C70 improvement" items were already done, or corrected, on my car before I took delivery (late January 2007), but we'll see. My concern with some of the items is that things will be messed up in the process of dealing with the recall.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    I know what you mean. Sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone. That gasket around the trunk goes everywhere and I am going to ask them if it is necessary to replace it when nothing has been leaking etc. The SRS module they will be replacing might be a necessity, but my car which is 14 months old now only has 5,600 miles so maybe they will leave well enough alone.

    I imagine yours coming as late as it did probably has most of the items done at factory. I still have not received the letter about the door. Maybe they changed something on the 2007 that did not work out too well. Time will tell.

  • antilantil Posts: 1
    I have a c70 2006 delivered in Co USA and shipped it to the caribbean. In the morning when we drive backwards from the driveway the brakes make a loud screeming noise. Car went into service twice for this, without result. It is the only c70 on the island, so they don't have any experience with it. Also, both rear compartment doors don't close anymore because the little hooks are broken. Since we never use these compartments they are never used, still the things broke off.
  • Hi,
    Whare would I find that service bulletin on the convertible top. Mine started to give me a problem - first the sound that you would normally get announce completion of the raising or lowering cycle stopped. Then the last time when the top was put down the boot cover remained open on one corner about an inch.

    I'm told now a controller has to be replaced to solve a starting prooblem. It would be helpful if there was a site that I could look at all of the volvo tsbs and recalls for this model. I had my last Volvo for 17 years. Now it seems like with this car it's fix or repair every month. Convertible looks great but even my Volvo repair guy said stay away from the C70. We were Volvo for Life people But now we have a new Volvo slogan - Never Again.

    A site where I could find all of the TSPs and recalls for this model would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for your help.

    All the best,
    Ted Sudol
  • I have an '07 C70 that I took in for its first service several weeks ago. The service dept did a search and found that there were several "recalls" for the car and included them with the service. One of the fixes was to put a 2" piece of clear tape (maybe twice the thickness of scotch tape) on the weather stripping at each side where the top touches the windshield - apparently there were problems with the weather stripping wearing at this point. When I drove the car out I immediately noticed that the top (over my left shoulder) had a lot of body noise when my speed was at or below 20mph. I took it back that day and asked what they did that would have caused the noise to start; their answer - nothing that they knew of. Since it was near the end of the day on a Friday they said I should drive it a while and see if the noise went away. I drove it for two weeks and took it back. When I picked it up they said that it was fixed. They took off the tape and the noise vanished. Apparently the good news is that the tolerances are so tight on the top that even a piece of tape stresses it.
  • heisnsteinheisnstein Posts: 45
    I had a similar noise issue with my 2008 C70. The tech explained that the issue was supposed to have been fixed with the 2008 models, and that he had to go to a 2007 TNN (83-39) to figure out how to fix it. I hope the fix is a permanent one, and now I wonder what other 2007 issues still were not resolved for the 2008 model year.
  • freddy8freddy8 Posts: 13
    Hi, I've an '7 C70, and finally got the Pasadena, CA dealer to find out how to adjust the too-low xenon headlights (via Volvo USA). They just raised them to the "highest allowed setting", which gets me some light-flashing from oncomming drivers occasionally (but a great view of overpasses when they're at a distance). Has anyone figured out how to adjust them themselves? I'd rather try some different settings without dealer visits. There's 2 adjusting nuts per light, one is capped. I heard there was some software involved too.

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