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Acura TL vs Infiniti G35



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Nobody was more stunned than me.
    Set it to 70 mph and just drove.
    Instant read spent a good amount of time over 40, but the average was less.
    Note that this was reset to start reading while at speed on the highway and checked before getting off, so this was strictly at speed highway mileage. (approx 30 minutes)

    The Type-S did not fair as well though.

    But, yeah, it happened.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    "looks" wise only- the S model also has chrome accents on the front grill and a different under body kit than the regular TL. note- I'm not referring to the A-Spec package- that is something totally different.

    Mechanically- different story vs. the regular TL.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Maybe a tail wind was involved too?
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Out of curiosity- how do you know they weren't traded in for different models other than the TL?

    Obviously, this is subjective but the rear end setup of the G is butt ugly. Well- go ahead and add the interior to that as well.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    While I don't doubt that the TL can get 35+ when driving modestly like you were doing, the most accurate readings come from trips that use much more fuel.
  • bator1bator1 Posts: 16
    I would get my windows treated, as well as use good old Armour All.
  • bator1bator1 Posts: 16
    The problem I have is with the front passenger seat and some leather wrinkling.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Maybe a tail wind was involved too?

    Both ways?

    Think what you want, but it's no exaggeration.
    Keep in mind that I'm talking about the TL.... the car I didn't choose. ;)
  • bator1bator1 Posts: 16
    Armor all makes a leather upholstery cleaner.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    You're pretty much off base...unless you have seen a bunch of used 07 G's on a lot...doubtful. The redesign of the G, while slight on the outside, is about as radical as the redesign of the 03 TL to the 04 (Both of which I have owned...well leased). Back in o4 when I drove them both (Along with legacy), the TL had it..hands down. The situation is flip-flopped for 07...I'm sorry if that doesn't ring so well with people. This 3.5 V6 turns like 7600 rpms...that's only about 500 shy of my 2.2 liter S2K. One blatently ugly thing about the current tl are those hideous clear tail lights...unless of course you have a 1995 civic...then god bless you. As far as info on the TL...I got it form my driveway (See previous picture link) Truly bad thing on the G is the MPG..I think they will put a higher (Lower numerically) rear in it next year to deal with all the's a torque need for such low gearing.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Type S seats are horrendous...unless, of course, you want your seats to look like a retro. On a better note, maybe the leather will ear better than my 04...which wore shamefully.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    It's a torque need for such low gearing.

    Yeah, my next purchase should be a neck collar.
    The snap from starting is rediculous... still trying to get used to the power under the pedal when starting off. :)
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Girlfriend calls it "Jerky" lol. Much more controllable with 6mt I'm sure. Have you noticed the auto trans is ready to run hard at a moments notice. I take a turn, goose it a little (Cracks me up how easily the slip light comes on), then it holds first like I want to run...even with no throttle input at about smart. I started tapping the right paddle to upshift it when I play like that (Admittedly, the car has trouble reading my stupidity!!) Can't completely disable the ESC..I guess much like the IS. My smiles turned to frowns the first donut I tried only to have it push me wide...Damn thing only lets you brake-torque the motor to about 2500 rpms if you ever want to drag race someone. I practiced that after a hemi daytona charger got me out of the hole by about 1 1/2 lengths. By 75 I caught and passed him..this thing really is fast.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I like how if I come into a corner and let off the gas a little, it knows enough to drop a gear and hold it until I'm out of the corner and accelerating again.
    Seems to know right where I want to be before I want to be there.
    Definitely wants to run.
    I really wish I had a "Grandmother" switch for when the wife was in it.
    I could pretend it's just a smart "Dad's" car when she's in it, but from the sound of the exhaust note and the snap from starts, she knows I bought more than a "Dad's" sedan.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    That's really funny..I couldn't agree more. Sub Legacy (The limited edition one) has something like that. I was just reading new gsxr1000 does also. Of course, M5 as well. With todays tech, it's only a matter of time before we click and pick...horsepower....economy....towing.....etc. It already exists in the aftermarket...especially for the big diesels.
  • buyer777buyer777 Posts: 70
    I got 34 mpg on a 4 hour trip NJ to Rhode Island. Same on way traffic, no a/c used.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    All thos #'s are nuts. I think if I see 25MPG highway with the G I will be happy. I hope the 6mt people are doing better with real world #'s ! !
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    You wrote "A note on the G, the seats are more adjustable, and the steering wheel is both tilt able, and telescopic, unlike the TL"

    I didn't know that TL's steering wheel isn't tilt able and telescopic? hmmm, I need to check my car again maybe its a hyundai. :P

    ooh I know maybe its my neighbor's TL(4 cylinder) sir william hill
    R&T : "The new Infiniti G35 Sport was the odds-on favorite coming into the test. It’s the newest of the bunch, it possesses the strongest engine (tied with the Lexus), and it has distinct sports-car roots, sharing its drivetrain and platform with the Nissan 350Z. However, it brought up the rear here, being soundly pummeled by the Lexus and losing out to the less-powerful Acura.

    "Smooth and quiet"
    G35 As impressive as the engine is, the rest of the drivetrain isn’t up to the same standards. A high amount of vibration resonates through the 6-speed manual gearbox, and the take-up point of the clutch is like an on/off switch, making it nearly impossible to leave the line smoothly.

    The pedal engagement feel for the clutch is poor. And because of this, even though we usually applaud cars that come with manual transmissions, I’m thinking that I may prefer this one with an automatic"
    The major complaint is the steering, which is a bit numb and heavy.

    2 seconds faster? I'm speechless
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    Obviously, this is subjective but the rear end setup of the G is butt ugly. Well- go ahead and add the interior to that as well

    Couldn't agree more. Also kind of effeminate looking ??? Huh? Yea? Acclimation?
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Since you read back 70 posts..maybe you should have read a few more :
    #377 of 447 Re: G35 all day long [hauss] by johninnj Apr 23, 2007 (12:18 pm)
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    Replying to: hauss (Apr 23, 2007 12:07 pm)
    Know what's funny..I forgot the wheel telescoped (I just went outside and checked). Sorry for the bad info!!!. I think I'm still mad at acura for giving me a key AND a remote when even the pilot has it integrated into one. Add that to giving the tsx blinkers in the mirrors (Love that feature), and it seems they play their cards carefully considering they offer 3 mid-upscale sedans.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    2 secs is a lifetime. Few tenths...sure. There will be another test that straightens that assured. BestMotoring has one where the G beats the IS and the 335 (Legacy also), but the track is wet. Not sure why no acura in that test. As for the complaints with the 6mt...mine is I don't share those issues. The funny part is people are arguing about a car on it's way out Vs a car that has just been redone. As far as the cars looks...Love the TL's side and rear...front is terribly boring (Screams Honda). Since that's subjective...I'm sure the young kids like the clear/smoked tail lights.
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    I knew it's telescopic and tiltable as soon as I got in and test drove the car, well you had to adjust the seat, right!

    That happens, you just reminded me of a friend (Bill H.)
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Let me try to explain this to you the best I can. I just got out of an acura TL that I had for a 42 month lease. Since only myself, or rarely the girlfriend, would drive it, there was never a need to adjust the steering wheel. It has not been adjusted since late 2003. So I forgot...and quickly corrected myself once it was pointed out. A thousand pardons...please ! ! Now, the G raises it and moves your seat back upon turn the car it's in your face daily..not an easy overlook...Oh yeh, it does all this while your key remains in your pocket...good stuff.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    You've mentioned the clear/smoked tail lights on more than one occasion. What third generation TL comes standard w/ clear or smoked tail lights?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I wouldn't go so far as to say the G's styling is effeminate, but I've never really taken to its styling, even though the '07 is a significant improvement.

    I think people think the TL looks dated only because they've seen so many of them for a few years now. If the TL were to be introduced today, as a brand new model, I think people would still gush over its styling
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Just curious, but what part of the TL's front end "screams Honda"? Does it look like the Accord? No. The Civic? No. Pilot? No. S2000? No. Odyssey? Maybe a little. So does that count as "screams Honda"? Unless you're point is that Honda and Acura are the same company. Then I could say the G front end screams Nissan.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    I agree re: the TL's styling. I only hope Honda/Acura doesn't botch up the next generation.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Am I missing something? Doesn't the type S (At least) come with clearish/smokish tail lights?
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    The effeminate comment was kinda I didn't even respond to it. Front of TL is Honda in that it is conservative...not offensive, not impressive. Sharp rear lines..aggressive side panels...with a boring front end. They're learning...New MDX and RDX have bold front ends...i'm sure the TL will follow suit.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Styling is....subjective, of course, but front of TL is conservative? Those mean-looking headlights? The TL's face looks like it wants to bite off a couple of Gs and spit them out! :P

    The only minor complaint I have about the TL's styling is that the standard 17" wheels look a tad undersized.

    For the record, I don't care much for the MDX and RDX front ends.
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