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01 Blazer sputters out downhill, dies if its hot, the more you push gas the harder it sputters-FIXED

MaMaBeAsT_7MaMaBeAsT_7 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2020 in Chevrolet
Our Chevy would stall while going downhill or in hot weather constantly. The harder you push on gas the more it sputters to death. No codes, no check engine light.
An old rancher who also owned a blazer stopped while I was on the side of highway with hood popped. Explained my symptoms and he said its a Vapor lock immediately.
Fuel hose is touching the engine or comes extremely close and vaporizes fuel before it has a chance to get to engine causing a stall out. We figured we've done everything else why not try it. Got some heat reflecting sleeves and put em on. Its been over a year and zero problems anymore! It even fixed our gas gauge.

I suggest at least trying before changing parts and a million other things. Hope this helps someone!
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