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Mitsubishi Montero



  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I meant to say I have a Yakama bike rack.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I took the plunge and ordered Old Man Emu's aftermarket springs and shocks for my Montero today. Will keep you all posted on the reported inprovement in handling.

    Reportedly even the LC benefits greatly with the use of thier kits.

    The Montero kit raises the clearance by 1.5 inches, stiffens the suspension a little and the shocks are supposed to have better compression and rebound settings that the inexpensive stock shocks do not provide.

    I just hope it does not make the Montero too stiff.
  • dchyornydchyorny Posts: 47
    What year Monty do you have? Did you put on bigger tires also?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    My Montero is a 2001, the suspension is not installed yet. Stock tires still and really no plans to go beyond 265/70-75-16 at this time. Will be looking at the new A/T Geolander as it rates high and seems to have a more aggressive off road oriented tread
  • dchyornydchyorny Posts: 47
    I too have a 2001 XLS (the older style, right?). My stock tires came at 255/70/16s. Do you have the new redesigned Monty and is that why yours are wider? Is it alright to put a bigger tire or will the odometer will be screwed up? I want 265/70-75/16 but not sure if I should do that on a leased Monty, I have 2 more years left on the lease. The current crappy Geolanders were just too bold to begin with that were stock are screaching left and right and I only have 27,000 on it. How much are the ones you were talking about?
  • you have a yakima rack that clears the rear tire? I've tried yakima, thule, saris and none will clear the rear tire. What is the brand of your Hitch? I have an aftermarket by drawtite and am wondering if it is too far under the vehicle. I'me wondering if the montero factory hitch would come out to the bumper more. I've also tried the hollywood rack, but am thinking maybe I need to put a different hitch on.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    will they get a V8 into this?
  • My auto retract antenna got too close to a tree limb and bent on my 2001 Montero Ltd. Anybody else had the pleasure to replace yet and what the cost was? Are these parts available cheaper through a 3rd party supplier? The antenna motor should be O.K., but do not know if just the antenna can be replaced and what the cost will be. Any help would be appreciated. Considering any maintenance (except lube jobs) on the Monte's is ridiculous (for newcomers - ask the dealer what a simple tune-up with a plug change will cost or the timing belt@ 60K miles). Any way I am also considering a small whip with enough flex to not be a future problem and just remove for car washes. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help.
  • I finally got the courage to tow my 4,200 pound boat/trailer with the Montero with significant hills 100 miles. The 5-speed Sport tranny helped, but it was much much worst than I anticipated! Let's try 35-40 mph (60 mph speed limit) on some long hills using 3rd gear and lots of engine rev's. I finally learned to keep the rpm over 3000 rpm even on the flat. i did not plan to use the Monte for a lot of towing, but 35 mph max of some long hills was embarrising if nothing else. The Monte needs more torque/more HP, like a V-8 option.
  • just had the antenna installed on my nissan, and it was $35 for the mast, and 15 bucks to install. If the motor is trying to move it up and down, that's good it means it's not burned out yet.

    We decided to get a used Monty. So what does a plug change/tune-up cost?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543

    I use a yakama bike rack that holds the bikes by the frame with two arms sticking out to the rear. It does clear. I think the hitches can only go in one spot but it is possible your hitch reciever portion is in just a little more than mine. In that case why dont you just add an extension piece at the reciever. These are not too expensive and you can adjust out how far you want your bike rack.

    Again, if I was buying a new rack I would get the one where the bikes "sit on it". Either fork mounted or with both tires still one the bike, I have seen both. The second option allows you to keep the front wheels with the bike, hence, you dont have to pack them elsewhere. If done correctly this will also allow you to open the back door with the bikes off the rack.

    I have tried all kinds of racks on cars and the ones behind the car always seemed better.


    I am able to hold 55mph with my 3300lbs trailer in 4th at 3000 I think it is. I rarely if ever use the 5th (overdrive) and I found out from my friends who have large pickups that they dont either. In fact, when I told them I had to climb some steeper hills at 45mph they didnt even flinch because thats what they have to do with the heavier trailers anyway. So.....its a diesel ford F250-350 with 350hp and 600ft pounds if we want to tow better. Apparently the gas trucks dont do much better unless you get the V10's and then gas milage drops to 9-11.

    New old man emu suspension goes on the Monte Tuesday, hope I made a good call here.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    Where did you purchase OME suspension? Overlander? Or ? Price? Installation Price?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I cant remember the name but will get it for you.

    Price: 529 or 49 I think, includes shipping, 4 springs, 2 rear shocks 2 front struts.

    It is being put in as I write, no supprises from the shop so far. I was going to do it myself but he is only charging $150 including a 4 wheel alignment which was going to cost me some 50 bucks anyway so I said what the heck.

    Will be able to drive it today I hope and I hope I made the right choice, this makes me a little nervious knowing how good the stock suspension is.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Installed 4 springs, 2 rear shocks and 2 front struts.


    2.5 inch lift front and rear. Will take some getting used to but not to the point where it looks like some kids car overdone. They had told me 1.5 inches which would have been high enough for me but they have also said that after 500miles I can expect the springs to setting down by up to 3/4 inches.


    Definite improvement on washboard. Where I had to "speed up" a little with the stock suspension on washboards to get the ride a little smoother it seems that I can take them at any speed with increased comfort.

    Lateral roll.....what roll? I was able to comfortably slide the rear out on a gravel road without a hint of roll. On the street (dont try this at home) I was just starting to break the rear loose, no serious roll, when I decided to take it easy for a while. Seems that although comfort is maintained the combo of different valved shocks and perhaps 10-20% stiffer springs with variable rate in the back has resulted in a better ride AND handling. No, I dont work for these guys.

    It also seems a little more quite in the inside. I have seen this before when I put aftermarket shocks on my car. I dont know if it is reducing the vibration through the suspension better. The stock Montero is excellent to begin with.

    Also, on braking and little turns there is no nose diving down for the most part and the little giggles are 50-75% reduced.

    This is still a soft suspension for those concerned that it would be too stiff as I did. My understanding is that there are a set of springs above mine that are even stiffer.

    Going on a longer trip to the Mountains next week, will post my "longer term update" when I return.

    Overall, other than the ride height that I will need to get used to I am very pleased.

    Front ground clearence: to bottom of licence plate 22.5 inches

    Rear to bottom of reciever hitch 13 inches and this looks like the lowest part of my Montero now. Of course the A arms are lower but they move up with the tires so I dont think ground clearence is measured here.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    I'm seriously jealous. I want 'em. Where did you get 'em. I have to know.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543

    Cant I be the first 2001 raised Montero on the block for a little longer :)

    You might want to jack up you front and rear 2.5-3 inches and see if it looks too funny for you before making the big plunge. I dont think you will be unhappy with the handling. It certainly is not worse in any way.

    If you want me to update you after I pound around on it a little more I will let you know. Otherwise I got the whole thing shipped to me for $547.

    Parts OME109S, OME914, OMEN110, OME917

    From Overlander 800-288-4068

    You can also talk to the importers who I think are ARB in Seattle, WA for info.

    I have a pending question with them reguarding the cup that that front spring sits on. It may be that they sent me the wrong cup but they are not sure yet. You might want to let me clear this up. If it is the wrong one then I may need to take the front stuts out again which is no little task. The rears you could easily do yourself. Jacking up the rear decompresses the springs so they just fall out and the shocks are simple. The fronts "were fairly easy" but unless you have worked with stuts before I would have someone do them for you.

    I had a 4 wheel alignment as well. My tires seem to be leaning a little (tho oppisite way from the sagging looking stock look) but he assured me they are dialed right in to the stock settings. Makes me think that some of the reports of tire wear may be in fact to do the Monteros coming out of the factory without being at the stock settings

    I am going to speak to a 4wd specialist about this and see if what I am seeing is an issue as long as the caster, camber, toe in are factory specs.

  • I'm looking for an aftermarket suspension to firm up the handling (less roll), but I do Not want to raise the clearance on 01 Monty. I've had a very hard time trying to find suspension upgrades at all, more less, the 2 I found had a lift. Any suggestions?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Who is the second supplier of the springs (assuming the first are those in the OME kit that Brill just installed)?

    In your case, not wanting any lift, you'll probably have to have higher load rate springs (with a somewhat shorter "free length" than stock) wound.

    However, the calculations for the springs for such a modification are tricky (length, rate, etc), but it can be done. A spring winding shop should be able to help you.

    Also, it probably won't be inexpensive for having just 2 front and 2 rear springs wound.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    With the lift, do you think 275 or even 285-75x16 (although not recommended on 7-inch wide rims, supposedly you need 8-inch) tires would work without any interferences?

    Did you ever find anything out about the availability of any speedometer correction modifications for going with 265-75 rather than the stock 265-70 tires?
  • johcejohce Posts: 2
    I fell bad when I traded in my Monte '01 XLS because i really like it very much. I had it for 2 years (18,500 miles) without any problems except of recalls. (I've got $1,500 equity)Our oldies came here in the US and always complaining in coming up and my 6yr old daughter screaming that they're squashing her. To avoid conflicts I decided for a minivan(my life is over). Anyway, so far I like the '02 Town & country Ltd,AWD its like the Monte too. Happy driving! Enjoy your Montero guys..
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    Have enjoyed the postings. Very informative. Just purchased a new 2002 montero limited in the Houston, Tx area. Found dealers did not want to deal much with the 0-0-0 offer. My wife and I researched for months and test drove approximately 15-20 vehicles. My wife wanted the Land Rover Discovery which was extremely nice but I felt the Montero best fit our overall needs. By the way, most posts here talk about the Toyota LC as the standard in offroading. Maybe its just me but I'd put a Land Rover, even with its under performance problems, up against a TLC anyday. The TLC is just too overpriced for what you get. One question, do the tire covers have a tendency to disappear? Is there a way to lock it so it doesn't walk off while parked in a parking lot? Thanks for the info.
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    Does anybody had any experience with their check engine light coming ON after consistently climbing a really steep mountain? I thought it was the transmission overheating but according to the manual, the transmission has nothing to do with the check engine light.

    What's weird was, the check engine light turned OFF by itself the next day. I thought that those lights don't turn off by itself and need to be reset by the dealer.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    For those interested in off-road capabilty increase -- check out "good news" that Lloyd Swartz posted over at Outdoorwire regarding conversion of a Limited's Hybrid LSD to full-locker capability.;f=69;t=006418

  • dchyornydchyorny Posts: 47
    Does anyone know of a high performance air filter for the 2000 Montero XLS?
  • psaltypsalty Posts: 1
    which dealer did you ultimately purchase your Montero from in the Houston area and what did you pay for it ? I'm in the same market and looking at my options. thanks.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I had that light come on once as well. Temps seemed to be fine, ran fine and the light went out.

    Dont know what caused it. I thought it was the service light indicating service reminder.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Well, well, well

    Back from Tahoe, light 4wding, good fast highway driving. Hwy 5 down and 395 via Susanville and 89 on the way north for those of you who might know the roads.


    Still a great improvement. Wife said the roll was much less. Since she sits in the back a lot with the baby this was important in reducing motion sickness.

    Cornering improved, ride quality not "stiffer" in an unpleasant way. In fact, still on the soft side.

    I would say that washboard bumps still are a pain at certain speeds but the feeling is muted now and not so "sharp".

    Large hits are better.

    Overall, I am very happy and could recommend this to anyone wanting roughly 2.5 inches increased height, improved cornering (roll) without a loss in quality of the ride.

    Please note, I was sent the wrong front strut plates and was sent replacements that need to now go in. Be sure you get the right plates the first time. It took the Austrailian maker to figure this out as it seemed the US supplier had the wrong plates in thier strut boxes as well.

    I must say that they were very nice to correct the problem for me and they sent me the correct plates.

    This should correct the front end being just slightly higher than the rear when it should be just slightly lower.

    Rear clearence with over 500miles on the springs stands at 13inches to the bottom of my rear hitch. I dont see an area under 12inches now. This puts it just about an inch higher clearence than the 4 runner and anything else out there other than perhaps the Hummer.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    It looks like the rear tires could be huge now, the limitation is going to be where the front tire comes near the rear portion of the front fender when turning (if you know what I mean).

    I measured and it looks like you could probably go up a full inch in diameter (1/2 inch radius closer to the fender) and still be OK but I would want to double check again and see if it would work with chains.

    Since I didnt measure before the lift I dont know how much clearence is there in stock config.

    I have not found out about the electronic adjustment, or lack thereof, when replacing with larger tires. I sure hope they thought of this because it seems the new Geolanders are a little different in size but have a more aggressive tread in the A/T model. They also rated very high, 1st or 2nd if I recall
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Thanks for the great information, Brill.

    Susanville used to be a great little town. We used to go deer hunting just north of there, up toward Eagle Lake. Did you stop in McCloud, that area is a beautiful place too.

    I know what you mean about the front fender clearance. Never thought about chains, thanks for the heads-up.

    When you have time, could you measure the overall maximum height on level ground (from ground to highest point on vehicle, probably center-forward on the top rails)

    Thanks in advance, I want to know if I need to replace my tilt-up garage door with a roll-up for the 265x75-16's or 275x75-16's.

    Did you see my bitchin' about the Oregon Sand Dunes NRA over on your post at Outdoorwire?
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