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Mitsubishi Montero



  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    There is a break even point so to speak where power and gas mileage intersect for the best value for customers. That is, most of us who cant afford 11 mpg @ $2 a gallon if you catch my drift.

    The Montero is underpowered to a degree but not to the point of covering 90% of the driving conditions you will encounter. Where it falls short is where increased torque would be nice, towing being one example. This is hp over time if I remember correctly. Absolute HP is not as important. You can find many other motors that may deliver more hp but not "drive as well". This is because the higher torque (or hp) is delivered in a narrow rpm band and not across the RPM range to the greatest degree.

    So, what does this mean in the real world. You really need to drive the vehicle and not focus on hp or torque numbers, higher torque will make heavy vehicles get up and go better than high hp and, as is the case in the Montero, sometimes a little more HP/torque actually improves gas mileage but beyond that you will trade this off.

    Toyota probably has one of the best quality small V8 motors that was introduced in the Lexus then modified a bit for the sequoia and now 4 runner. In the 4 runner it probably is more than enough (I am a little jelous here), in the Lexus car it was great but in the Sequoia the milage sucks and you really cant tow that well. Its not the motors fault but they should have stepped up the motor for the Sequoia and I hope they develop and in line 6 diesel or small v8 for the Montero for similar reasons
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well, my '01 Montero has 68K on it now. This is usually about the time I think about replacing my vehicle. I rack up the miles with my business travel.

    I made the mistake of peeking at the new Montero's during my last service at the dealer. I'd love to get a new one. I think the new look is pretty good and I'd like the increased hp as well as a limited with the AWD feature and Leather.

    They had a pretty healthy discount on one they had on the lot but only offered me about $11K for my '01. OUCH! That hurt. I'm reminded of my '98 Durango. I paid $30K. Drove it 2 years, hated it. Sold it for $21K and it had just under 60,000 miles. That deal was tough to beat. The market for my Montero for private sale is around $16,000.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to hang onto it for that kind of depreciation. I'm having a tough time finding financial restraint.

    Honestly, for me the Honda Pilot is more suited to my needs. On road comfort with a large Cargo capacity. I'd go that route if they offered a Sunroof like the Montero. Not just a "sunroof" but a Monti like sunroof! That would get me past the so-so styling of the Pilot. Inside, it's an almost perfect design for my needs as is the Montero.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I get about 19000 with your extra mileage dropping the price almost 2000
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    you are correct, pure numbers mean less, depending on where on the pwer band they are...400 HP only at 7000 rpm would not be useful for most of us...but when you are moving that much weight, having some guts under the hood is not something to complain about...:):):)
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Was at the Portland Auto Show this weekend and looked over the new Mitsu Endeavor. Close to the same size and function as the pilot. Might want to check it out when the dealers get one.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Not an option for me really. I need a third row seat. Mitsu really has me confused on this one. I like the Endeavor. The interior styling is interesting. What shocks me is that it's apparantly a bit larger than the Honda Pilot but does NOT have a third row of seating.

    Honda's 8 seat belts give it a huge advantage! Face it, lots of people are buying SUV's as alternatives to Mini Vans. Mitsu is killing it's chances with this mistake.

    It's really not that hard to come up with the right packaging for a sucessful seller IMO. I don't know why manufacturers blow it so often.

  • What kind of fuel Montero use? Mitsu web site say Premium, Edmunds - regular. Premium probably a little bit expensive for SUV..
  • We have an '01 and have always used regular fuel. There seems to be no problem there.

    $11k resale??!!! I understand somewhat with the mileage but that is crazy. When I bought the 01, I was aware that resale would be a problem but it doesn't matter as we will have it for several years and the 0% financing made it less expensive than a used one costing thousands less. (It would not have been a real option as '01 was the first year with the new body style) Also, we got our Limited for about $32k. However,I do sometimes worry whether I would have been better off waiting a year and buying used.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Does anyone know what is different on the 20 yr Anniversary Edition Montero that is coming out?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Buying used always is financially better but you have all the other downsides.

    I doubt anyone would let thier 01 go fo 11,000. Kelly blue book has it at 19,900, about the same as Edmunds. With only 30K miles that jumps to 24,000.

    4wd in general go down fast. Consumer reports saying the Montero rolls too easy when so many other vehicles would have similar problems did not help the resale issue either.

    Personally, I always hold on to the vehicle for 5 or more years. The resale of any vehicle at that point all seem to decline to the same levels and since the Montero is such a great value starting off you really cant lose too much. Heck, if I went with the LC and it only dropped half as much it still would be just as big a loss given the high starting price. Rather than percentage drop you could look at it from an absolute value drop.

    I did a quick calculation comparing the Montero to the Sequoia (do to its higher resale) using 60k miles and both in excellent shape. The Sequoia had lost 30% by now and the Montero 40%. The absolute loss came out higher with the Sequoia because of the higher starting price. So, like I said, they all seem to get to be worthless in short order.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Did you know.

    The Montero in Japan has a 3.5L GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine, that is rated at 217hp and 257ft/lbs torque. Also a 3.2L, turbo, 4 cylinder diesel that produces 275ft/lb torque.

    Now if we could get the 3.8 in GDI form in the US, I figured that hp would rise to around 235 and torque to 280ft/lb. Based on 8.5% increase in hp and 12% in torque over the old 3.5 US Engine compared to the Japan 3.5 GDI motor.

    The GDI is suppose to get better fuel economy to boot.

    Now only if those Mitsu engineers can figure out a way for it to run on our high sulfur content gas.

    I think it is just around the corner for the US market. Starting to see some other foreign manufacturers having GDI engines in the US.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Shouldn't the percentage be more important than absolute value when talking about the "value" of a car?? Your argument is "interesting". Ok, so, i am really happy now because IF i had bought a Lamborghini, i would have lost so much! According to you, a Yugo is a better value in comparison! Ok....
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    The 20th Anniversary Edition is basically a limited with some cosmetic differences.

    They include:

    Very nice looking Ally Wheels, Aluminum-Finish interior accents that look awful. Grey finish wood trim that looks awful. Monochrome color trim. "6 plus 1 CD" audio system. and a Rear Air deflector.

    The only improvement over a Limited is the different Wheels In My Opinion. There is NOTHING mechanically different on the Anniv model.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I would prefer to loose less total dollars than less % dollars. If I loose 1000 and 50% vs 500 and 40% who the hell cares that the person only lost 40% if they ended up with 500 less dollars in thier pocket?

    I guess some fool would sit smugly and suggest that he had a better deal with only 40% loss but actually have lost more money.

    It just follows a simple rule. If you buy a much more expensive car it will likely be of better quality and depreciate less but with the higher entry price you end up losing as much or more as the less expensive cars. They are all money losers and should not be thought of as a value move. Lease if you want a new car every two years and buy and hold for true value, anything inbetween is a waste of money
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    You right on dude. After coming back from Europe I wished we had gone to low sulfur fuel long ago. We would have direct inject motors with a win-win, better gas mileage and power.
  • I have a Montero XLS (2001) and I have had two instances where the rpm went up suddenly. I was either shifting from park to drive or from drive to reverse. I had to jam on the foot brake and then shift into neutral. Engine quieted down then.

    While I didn't look since I was so busy avoiding a plate glass window, I suspect the rpms went up to 4000 plus.

     It way be weather related as we have had a very cold snowy winter in Northern Pa. The dealer is to look at the truck shortly.

     Speaking of snow, I had to take off the original tire as they were shot with less than 24,000 miles om them.They were really bad on snow even when new.

     Replaced them with Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires. Excellent so far. Does great on snow and not too bad on ice if you watch yourself.

     The tires are rated at 700 and they are the standard P265-70-R-16
  • I now have 26000 miles on my 2001 LTD. THe tires look brand new and the car goes through the snow like a tank!!
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    37,000 and now at wear bars. New Bridgestone A/T Revos on order, 6 ply. Cant wait to see what effect the stiffer tire has on handling and given the ratings of this tire would like to hit some mud and snow as well.

    I didnt think the stock tires were that great in the snow or mud. Great on hard pack and street. These new tires should really give the Montero a big off road and long term wear improvement
  • I never did bring in my '01 Monty Lmt. to fix the left rear light that went out on the wheel indicator. One day it came back on again and has been working ever since. I will need new tires soon and the tire dealer that I use suggested Firestone tires. He said they are not having problems with them anymore. We live in South Louisiana so snow and ice aren't a concern,(sometimes mud is!)and I don't do any off-roading except when I have to park in places other than a parking lot. Has anyone put Firestones on their Monteros? I have almost 50,000 miles on the Yokohoma's that it came with.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    As you may already know Bridgestone owns Firestone. I have heard nothing but great reviews over the A/T Revos that I have on order but the ship dock workers strike has really had an impact as they may not be available in the 6 ply for another month.

    I was reassured that the Firestone issue was because Ford convinced Firestone to make softer and softer sidewalls to "correct" for suspension "flaws" as the SUV got larger without proper adjustments to the suspension. This is all rumor mind you as neither Firestone or Ford would ever admit to this.

    In general there is an acknowledgement that the OEM tires have more wear and softer sidewalls and that any aftermarket tire, even the replacement Yok H/T, will feel stiffer, handle better and last longer so you really cant go too wrong.

    The A/T Revos have excellent reviews at the TireRack and so do the Yok A/T but I heard that the Yok A/T wear a little faster than expected, whatever that actually translates into.

    I would check out the tire rack surveys, good luck
  • Hi All,

    At just a little over 40K the dealer said that all four brake pads needed to be replaced (~450). With Disks I have always done this type of service myself. I looked for an after market service manual and could not find one. The dealer is asking ~150 for the manual. So has any one done the brakes on their Monty? Any things to look for. Did you also machine the disks? I know it is usually recommended. Could someone email a copy of the procedures from their manual?? Or at least the torque settings for any bolts that have to be removed.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I had to have my pads replaced(front) at 25,000 miles. Got to watch the process. Mitsu recomends that the rotors be turned.

      The manual says that you have to screw bolts in the rotor to force the rotor off the drive shaft. Sounds good but the rotors get rusty at the thinnest point. Thus Mitsu had to replace a rotor that got cracked in the process of removal.

      The only other way is to strike the rotor on the inside to force it away from the shaft. Take your chances there too.

     I beleve that the removal of the brake pads isn't that hard a process. May not want to turn rotors unless you know what you are doing. You can't turn the rotors on the truck either as the cutter won't fit.

     Also Mitsu has replaced some Alum. wheels on the 01s as salt has caused a great deal of corrosion where the wheel fits on to the shaft.
  • My left rear indicator light is still working (it went out, and them came back on a few weeks later), now the right one has gone out. I find this strange. I just leave it for a few more weeks and see what happens. The last time I brought my '01 Montero Ltd. into the dealership for an oil change, I was told that my rear rotors needed to be turned. I told them that I had a complete brake job done a few months before. The next question was " did you have that work done here?" I had actually had the brake job done at a locally, well established, family owned tire and brake shop closer to my home. I thought that all of the rotors were turned then. I went home and checked and found out that they were. I brought it back to the shop that did the work and looked at them again they said that they were fine. Funny I didn't get the JD Powers questionaire this time and all of the letters from the dealership that were sent beforehand to make sure I was completely satisfied before the JD Powers form was sent.
  • I'm thinking about buying a 2003 Montero Ltd. After reading all of the road tests and reviews, the one thing they always harp on is the on-road ride. Is it really that bad? I like to go 4 wheelin once in a while so I have an old Jeep sitting around. I understand that the Montero has great off-road capabilities, so I could go 4 wheelin in style. Are there any tip over problems etc...? I read that that was an issue in previous models. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I spend 80% if my time on the highways. There's nothing wrong with the ride IMO. It's not like the ride of a BMW 7 Series but if you want a mid level SUV, the Montero is as good as any.

    For similar or less money, the Pilot will be better on road but not as good off road. For more money and less room the QX4 from Infinity has a great on road ride as well as the Lexus SUV's and most other Luxury SUV's. Good luck.
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52

    Please let us know what dealer you took the truck to and suggested unnecessary work. Also, if you are in California, you should report them to the BAR (Bureau of Auto Repair). I had a very similar issue with Midas in San Francisco on our Suburu Outback and threatened to report them. The Midas district office made it very clear that the shop screwed up and made amends. Stories like yours make my stomach turn every time I get a car serviced.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    37K on my Monte and plenty of pad left.

    IMO dont turn the rotors unless you notice something visually or feel there is vibration. I have replaced pads on all my cars, followed this, and have never had problems with warping, pulling, etc.

    NEEDAMOTOR: there is a tsb that describes the addition of shims to the brakes. You can get this online or I can try and send to your email address.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    What? The Monte is one of the best on road in terms of comfort. It was the question of being too soft and rolling too easy that was questioned.

    By the way, I had the hair raising opportunity to do an avoidance manuver at 35+ when a car parked on my right pulled out in front of me. I had to turn to the L then R as hard and fast as the Montero would move in order to miss him and not hit a car coming further down the road.

    There was NO feeling that I was going to roll at all. I now dont believe that consumer report article but would not have attempted this except for the fact that I had to.
  • cthegctheg Posts: 1
    I was in a car accident on the freeway where a greyhound hit an Suv that then lost control, rolled several times landing into the backend of my Honda Accord.

    Luckily we all walked away with minor physical issues to deal with.

    My car was totalled.

    I want to buy this 1990 Mitsubishi Montero that is owned by someone that was referred to me by a friend. It's had 2 very good owners, 240,000 miles and now they put in a new engine and total rehaul of everything. It has a few quirks that I don't care about, and is clean inside and out. No car accidents.

    I'm just curious as to your opinion about this vehicle, as I am ready to write a check tomorrow for it and I really don't know much about cars in general.

    I want a car that is reliable and will get me to and from San Diego and LA without going haywire on me. I will be using this vehicle to get me to work, and I am a photographer who mainly photographs weddings, so if my car can't get me there - I'm in deep trouble!!!

    I heard from another friend that this car is known to be top heavy and so it is prone to roll. That's not comforting!!

    I know this car will give me about 2-3 years - will is ok with me as it will give me time to raise money toward a newer car.

    any advice? They gal selling it gave me the name of the mechanic which she has seen since she bought the car, and I know if that particular place and plan to call him tomorrow.

    Are there any specific questions I should remember to ask??

    Thank you so much!

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