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Mitsubishi Montero



  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I'm not sure if your concern should be with Depreciation on the 2002. It's heavily discounted with will off set depriciation. The depriciation and what you'd sell for in a few years is rated on the original sticker not what you paid new.

    The WORST thing you can do is what I did: Purchased a 2001 Model in July of 2000. The truck is now almost 3 years old with 73,000 miles on it but since it was designated as a 2001 in the year 2000, everyone thinks it's only a 2 year old car.

    I think the best idea is to purchase mid to late in a given years run or after, NEVER prior to it. I'd be comfortable with the 2002 your looking at. In fact, if I would have found that kind of deal prior to replacing mine with a boring Pilot, I would have done it.

    Good Luck
  • kbmortonkbmorton Posts: 8
    gunn4, I own a 2001 Montero LTD and the onlu differences between a 2001 and 2002 Limited is that the second seat has three vs. two headrests and the bezels, front grill and side mirrors are painted to match the body color. Also the three diamond log is silver instead of red. Other than that, there is no difference between the 2001 and 2002.

    In my humble option unless the cost is an issue (a $10,000 discount of of sticker isn't bad), I would go with a 2003. Not only is the engine displacement increased from 3.5 to 3.8, it has more horsepower and more torgue. And electronic anti-skid system has been added (not doubt to deal with the Consumer Report rollover report on the 2001 models)as well.

    The 2003 also has a new front grill, need side cladding, new 16" wheels (which in my option look fantasic, new rear lamp design. Also tne radio now puts out 315 watts. If you get the premium package on the 2003, you also get a dual power seats.

    Plus, I would not buy a 2002 in a 2003 model year.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    All your points about the improvements are valid. However, the thought to avoid buying an '02 in '03 makes no sense. That fact alone should be of no concern.

    IMO, the decision should be based on Price, the improvements and new features. Are they worth $10K? Maybe but I'd work for a heavier discount on the '03 than what they've been willing.

    In a situation where there are no changes, buying a left over previous model year makes a lot of sense financially. It would be the smart way to go. Much cheaper purchase price and you in effect get a free years worth of mileage in the depreication value when it's time to sell. For someone like me who drive as much as 30K per year, that's HUGE! The mental thing about owning the latest model year isn't worth much in the end.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I am going with the Bridgestone Revo A/T in the "C" load which is 6-ply. You made reference to going to "D" which should be 8-ply. The stock tire is SL or 4-ply so you made two jumps up. Some told me that the 8 ply might be too stiff. What did you find?

    I have the ARB OME springs and shocks. They offer a 1 and 2 step up in springs. I went one step up. The front lift ends up being 1-2 inches after breakin and the rear 2.5 or so but I will measure again. I love the springs but I think this SUV deserves a good adjustable shock/strut. I just find that I would like to make the shock a little firmer. This, with stiffer tires, should get rid of any concerns about stability and ride quality.

    If you ever hear about adjustable shocks/struts please let us know.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    The 02 Limited at 28K with options would be a great deal but it is not 10K off. Most of us here probably got the fully loaded LTD in the range of 32-34K but everyone can throw out thier deal later. Having said that you are just not going to find anything out there that can even touch the Montero at 28K. Your resale automatically looks better from that standpoint as well.

    Sure the 03 has a few cosmetic things and it is nice that it has a passenger power seat but unless you dont know how to drive well in snow/ice/sand/mud the traction control is just not worth paying that much for.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Wish my Mitsu dealer would have offered around 32/33 for a New Limited. He cost himself a sale if it's true that he could have discounted to that.

    Oh well. The Honda is boring but I think it'll hold up a little better and I'm trying to be happy. LOL

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I am speaking about my 01 not an 03 Drew. I paid 33 and some change plus a grand for exended warrenty which I have yet used and is probably a waste of money. This was before the consumer gig if I rememeber, too bad, I could have taken advantage of that gift and pressured them down even more.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Correct Brill, "D" rated LT tires are what used to be called 8-ply rating. However, my understanding is that an letter rating on a truck tire may or may not have the actual number of plys of cord/rubber. It means it will pass a test for that ply rating when the test was developed. I think the ply rating system was developed when almost all tires were made with Rayon cord and were bias ply, not radial.

    With the newer fabric(e.g. Kevlar)/rubber/belts combinations available these days, the number of actual plys is irrelevant. It is the load rating that is important. A "D" rated tire will have a higher load rating than a "C" rated tire.

    The ride may be a little stiffer with the pressure at 45 psig, but as long as my wife can't notice it, no problem. At the maximum inflation pressure of 65 psig for these tires, the ride would be somewhat stiffer. However, at that pressure, without a full rated load(weight)to increase shoulder road contact, the tire will wear excessively in the center of the tread.
  • gunn4gunn4 Posts: 4
    So is there any way to find out when the 2004's will be available and more importantly if there will be any major design changes...
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Where did you buy the springs and shocks? I thought Overlander in Huntington Beach, CA was a supplier, but their website is no more and no phone number is listed anymore.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    We agree again. As I researched for my new tires I found that going to C or D rated tires resulted in increased load capacity but not necessarily increased numbers of plys on the sidewall. I was reassured however that the C and D's will have tougher or thicker sidewalls even if they are only 2-ply thick as in standard 4-ply tires.

    Did you notice that the stiffer tire improved handling. I am hearing this from other Montero owners who are now beginning on thier second set of tires and many JGC owners (those suspensions are even softer).
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I went through ARB in Seattle WA. Here is an interesting site of ARB in AU and below is the email for Seattle. I am sorry but I cant find the web address for Seattle but I sent them an email to see if they have one.

    Be sure to ask about the different levels of springs that OME offers for the Montero. I got the first size up.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    OK, here is the best article I have seen on the 03 Montero. It comes from Australia where they really like the Montero. It even beat the LC not too long ago.

    Notice that the electronic control system is on the 03 but they have in fact modified to work better than systems like the Toyota if you believe what is written. Specifically it seems to be taylored to various conditions, low range, hi range 4wd, you can turn it off at lower speeds where you might need to in off road conditons, etc. See the article for details

    Notice how the hill decent brake now works. In the AU versions of the LC or Prado the reviewers did not really like the hill decent and hill holding set ups. The decent mech. would let the vehicle to too fast and the hill holding feature is a debatable option with an automatic (no clutch to worry about). Of note, I would like to see if Mitsu's descent mech works any better.

    I have not been a fan of electronic control to date unless you can turn it off under certain circumstances. Seems the New Montero type system may be getting closer to something I might consider.

    Also note that they are happy with the safety of the Pajero/Montero.

    Enjoy! - AB4-AFB08AC8CE7F7AD6&currentmodel=true
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    With my '02 4Runner, i can shut OFF stability system (and DE-THROTTLING function) in both HIGH and LOW ranges by locking the center differential. 4-wheel traction control is always ON. By locking the center diff, i can spin my tires in mud. BTW, Traction control intervention also varies by what mode my 4Runner is in (2wd vs. 4wd, LOW vs HIGH range, etc.).

    Can you show me an article by an INDEPENDENT reviewer from a respectable magazine that shows Montero beating the Land Cruiser???????

    Of course, i don't need to go into the other MANY weaknesses of the should know that already.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Read the post I submitted. I believe they illustrate the advancements in the traction control, stability control, brake holding and descent control better than I can re type. I have spoken with the Toyota rep and although close it does not seem to quite match the new Montero. The proof will be when 4wd Mag or someone does an off road test. Only then will we be able to see if the article is correct and translates into something measurable. For now you can either believe or not.

    The LC vs Montero was in AU, it was on a web site not in an article. I found it last year so I dont know if I will be able to find it again. I think it was with a LC without the new electronic control systems if I recall. The Montero was picked as 4wd of the year (newer model) if I recall.

    Personally, the Montero is very very close to the LC. I would have purchaced the LC if I had noticed any significant differences but the reliabilty that Toyota generated in the 70-80's was not enough for me to pay some 20-30K more. Just a personal financial choice. I am glad I didnt with each day now. Nothing against the LC/Lexus but they are way overpriced. Have you seen the prices on the new 4 Runner, in the 40+ range now, WOW, seems too much there as well. Good SUV but at that price I am not sure the value is there any longer
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    I just read the article very NOT see anything special.

    Where does the Toyota system fail to match Montero??? SHOW ME!

    US off-roading magazines HAVE ALREADY made the comparo between '03 Montero vs. 4Runner vs. GX470. IT LOST. It got no better than 4th place! BTW, GX470 won, with 4Runner 2-3rd place. If you don't believe these magazines, then why do you believe an Australian website with dubious reputation??????????

    When does a Toyota rep know anything about off-roading??!! I hate that about Toyota!

    I know something about my 4runner...ask me!

    Very close to TLC?? Ok, in what way?? TLC can climb 45-degree (100%) grade and can travel on a 45-degree side slop (again, 100%). It can ford 27" of water (yes, 27"!). It's ground clearance is 9.8" (LOWEST POINT)...the Montero's ground clearance is NOT static and those control arms?! Let's not forget about the engine torque and LOW-RANGE ratio, again far superior to your Montero. Please don't kid yourself about Montero vs. TLC. Your Montero has next to nothing wheel articulation. PLASTIC skidplates. VERY POOR departure angle. OH yeah, my grandmother can run faster than your Montero! (Sarcasm) Should i go on???
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    They responded and I guess I could have figured this out with some time. The ARB US web site address is

    They can help you with the OME suspension upgrades, good luck. I just love the increase in ground clearence especially since the departure angle was not as good as I would of liked AND I added a hitch which lowered it a little.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    For all practical purposes the TLC and Montero capabilities are identical. The TLC is approx 0.5 seconds faster to 60mph which doesnt mean anything. It still cant tow any respectable sized trailer or do anything in the real world due to the increased power. You have to jump up to an American sized V8 to see a real world difference.

    The stock montero is 9.5 inches clearence and I dont think 0.5 inches is again going to translate into getting stuck or not. My Montero with a simple couple hundred dollar upgrade puts it at 11 inches now with better handling.

    Plastic can take the place of metal in many applications and can be superior in that it will not bend. I agree that the skid plates should be upgraded for serious off roading but again this is simple to do.

    The 470 was compared to the MB500 which blew its doors off. If the Montero does even 90% of what these MUCH higher priced SUV's do, and it easily does, then it would be a better value. Having said that if you want capability beyond value/initial price then get the Hummer or MB500.

    Capability does not separate many of the SUV's much anymore when you look at the MB500, LC, Volvo, Montero, 4 Runner, etc. but price does for the person looking for value. Reliability might but this is more illusive to objectively judge and was my only initial concern with the Montero. With more experience and speaking with folks in places such as Austrailia and Europe, where there are far more Monteros/Pajeros I have become more comfortable that I will be unlikely to need the extended warrenty I purchaced.

    I dont think the Montero walks on water and I have a few ideas of where I would improve it but it was just so much value for the money I couldnt resist. I hope when I am in the marker for another SUV that things will only be better.

    I am happy you like your Toyota and I think as a group you are part of a large group of satisfied owners but I dont think you are being fair to the Montero.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Just to support what I have stated here is the comment made by the reviewer in a real world test of the new toyota down hill assist system.

    "Not so impressive, at least on very steep descents, is the Downhill Assist Control. Like other similar systems offered by rival manufacturers, it often allows the vehicle to gain too much speed to comfortably negotiate very rough downhill sections. And as the system automatically modulates brake pressure, it’s difficult for the driver to override this brake control when the system is activated."
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Compared to the Prado which I think is the new Toyota line with all the new bells and whistles.

    "The Prado quickly knocked the Pajero off as the top-selling mid-sized 4WD but now has to contend with an all-new Pajero, a vehicle that many see as the blueprint of future 4WD design."

    "Similar capacity engines power all three although the claimed power outputs vary from 132kW for the slightly smaller capacity Toyota up to 158kW for the Jackaroo, with the Mitsubishi sitting midway at 140kW. On-road performance reflects these figures with the Jackaroo offering the best full-throttle acceleration from 80km/h (typical overtaking speed) while the Toyota is the slowest"

    "The first thing you notice with the Pajero is that its monocoque construction doesn't isolate the cabin and its occupants from road harshness as well as the body-on-chassis construction of the other two. The Pajero also rides more firmly than the other two thanks to spring rates probably better suited to carrying heavier loads, although this firmer ride is more noticeable at lower speeds and on smaller bumps than at higher speeds on the highway and back roads.

    The flip side to all this is the Pajero's vastly superior stability at speed on rough roads. Both the rear live axle vehicles suffer from bump steer on potholes and corrugations and neither offer the high-speed poise or balance of the Pajero whose high-speed stability is akin to that of a good car than a traditional 4WD."

    It seems that not everyone agrees with consumer reports on the handling issue.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    - First, we're talking STOCK VS. STOCK. Toyota SUVs can be modified too.

    - Ground clearance: 8.6 or something, isn't it?? Last time i checked, the Montero had LESS than 9 inches. Don't forget about the clearance NOT BEING changes with terrain, UNLIKE solid axle. Do NOT forget about it's STAMPED steel control arms hanging down! You should look at a 4Runner's or TLC's control arms...FULLY-boxed arms for strength, not stamped steel.

    - How is being higher off ground (due ARB) help with handling??? If anything, handling at limits will suffer! Laws of cannot deny it.

    - Remember, a few hundred dollars (like what you spent on your Montero), and i can have the TLC or my 4runner higher than you!

    - Plastics don't bend??!! That's a first! No comment if you believe that! Which planet is the Montero's plastic made??

    - MB500?? You mean ML500, right?? It blew the LX470 door's off?? In what comparo or planet are you talking about?? Last time i checked, the LX470 took first place over the ML500 in Car & Driver comparo. BACK UP YOUR STATEMENT.

    - If you mean the G500, then when did that happen?? READ Edmunds recent comparo: - - - html?*

    I think it is fair to say that the LX470 BLEW the G500 away! Sorry.

    - I will admit that the G500 has more off-road capability than LX/TLC due to it's solid axles and lockers...but not by much. Montero is not even near these SUVs in capability! Saying that you can hang with G500 off-road is a joke!

    - Montero is NOT the G500. Let's get that clear! BTW, if i really want a heavy-duty off-roader, i would get the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which will be far more capable than anything on this continent (ONLY Defender is better).

    - "...Like other similar systems offered by rival manufacturers..." Thus, DAC from Toyota is no more superior to any other system...and neither is it inferior. What is your point?? All of a sudden, you claim that Montero is better??? That makes sense to you??? The article you linked to does NOT make a direct, where did you get your conclusion??

    - If downhill control system is a problem, SHUT IT OFF. Dumb comment by the reviewer.

    - That last post by you is from where?? Also, it just proves that the Montero is a CAR (a good car!), not the traditional SUV. You shot yourself in your foot there! Too funny! It IS a car...thanks for proving that for me!

    - Reminder: Consumer Reports = UNACCEPTABLE. Roll-over! Yeah, handling is awesome! (sarcasm)

    - What is the payload of the Montero?? Please!

    - Forget the TLC, it's too good for you. Let's compare my 2002 4Runner to your Montero. Similar class. Similar price range. I have 10" of ground clearance WITHOUT spending a dime! My approach angle is nearly as good as yours (36 vs. 42 degrees). My breakover and departure is far superior (breakover=29 degrees; departure=29 degrees). I am able to ford 27" of water too. My 4runner can climb 42 degree grade and cross 41 degree side slope...BTW, superior to both Merc. G500 and Hummer H2!

    - In the US, the GX470 and 4Runner have the 4.7L V8, which makes it go from 0-60 mph in 8 seconds. Montero is that fast???? TLC can do it in about 9.5 seconds (on average); LX470 in about 10 seconds. Your '01 Montero will be very lucky to get under 11 seconds!

    Brill, next time, don't COMPARE with Toyota SUVs when you say will never win. I just know too much about the Montero.

    In the end, it is flattering that you make Toyota SUVs the center of your comparisons.

  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The ground clearance is 8.6".

    Approach angle is 39 not significantly better than my 4runner.

    Departure angle is 18 degrees...sorry, but that is REALLY bad design! Who cares about approach angle when the departure angle is so bad! What were they thinking??!!

    Bottom line, you get what you paid for. There is a reason that the Montero is cheaper than even my 4Runner (despite being much bigger). Forget comparing it to TLC or Range Rover. You're out of your league.
  • wonbwonb Posts: 8
    On getting stuck with electronic traction control devices.....and how to disable this feature for improved driving

    "OK. After some snooping around and many inquires with Toyota, what I thought is true.
    While trying to get closer to my hunting spot earlier this winter, I eventually got hung up on a steep logging trail covered in about 1' of snow. I discovered (like many of you) that I could NOT disable the Active TRAC system (traction control) on my '01 4Runner SR5 4x4, which actually killed my forward momentum causing me to get stuck. (Really ticked me off.)
    So, while changing the oil one night, I snooped around a bit. I located a small relay box (fuse type box) over the passenger side wheel well. The cover markings notes a "TRC MTR" relay, which I thought might be the wheel spin monitor for the Active TRAC system.
    Before pulling the relay, I contacted my local Toy dealer to find out if any other 'critical' services passed through that same relay. Turns out their techs had the same misconception most do. They said that 'locking the center diff. (VSC OFF) would disable both the Virtual Skid Control AND the Active TRAC system'. Strike one. The two are completely independent. But they did mention that it didn't appear as if any other 'critical' services passed through that relay.
    So, I emailed Toy's customer support directly in hopes of getting some accurate info. Sadly enough, they too responded saying that 'locking the center diff. would turn off the Active TRAC and VSC system'. Strike two.
    Long story short is, I pulled the relay and tried it. With the "TRC MTR" relay removed, I clawed through 16" of snow with the 4x4 engaged and snow flying passed the windows. Life was once again good.
    The relay is a 12v, 4 post, relay. One leg is hot (red), one ground (white), and the other two (pink w/ black strip and yellow w/ black strip) probably run over to the ABS system and wheel spin solenoids. I hope to put a switch on the dash disable the Active TRAC so I don't have to remove the "TRC MTR" relay every time. Question is, which of the 4 legs do I connect the switch or I may even have to short two of the legs to get it to work??
    The manual states the 4x2 models have a "TRAC OFF" switch on the dash to disable traction control. The manual also states my 4x4 has a "TRAC OFF" LED on the dash that will light up only if the Active TRAC automatically disables due to overheating from excessive use. It will automatically re-engage once an acceptable temp has been reached. This exactly why I want to be able to manually disable the Active TRAC, so that I DO NOT damage the ABS/brake systems when I know some amount of wheel spin is needed/unpreventable.
    Ideally, I'd like to mount the "TRAC OFF" switch from the 4x2 models, on my 4x4 that will disable the Active TRAC system and turns on the "TRAC OFF" LED on the dash (next to the VSC OFF) so it'll remind that the Active TRAC is off.
    Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?? Better yet, anyone have a Electrical Service Manual for a '01 4Runner SR5 4x4 so that I might be able to get a little more info about the wire schematic related to the "TRC MTR" relay and how its wired/works??
    I'm willing to bet this also applies to the Sequoia 4x4 as well. I took a quick peek at my father-in-law's '01 Sequoia SR5 4x4 while I was in last weekend, but wasn't able to locate the "TRC MTR" relay, but I understand they share similar 4x4 functions.
    Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated."
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    And if you see my posts regarding this matter. His 4runner got stuck likely because of lack of traction (TIRES)! As stated many times, i am able to spin my tires and NOT lose momentum in mud, AS LONG AS I LOCK MY CENTER DIFFERENTIAL. In ALL electronic-based traction control systems, if you're able to turn OFF stability control (which i can do by locking center diff), you can spin your tires to get out of trouble.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    LOL.. why is this arguement such a big deal? They're both fine Off-Road vehicles. The only obvious winner is when you factor in Price.

    I love my new Pilot for over the road driving. I can beat both in that comparison by a long shot.. but.. who cares really? ;)

    Good luck guys.. just enjoy.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Road noise?? Handling?? Braking?? TLC/LX470 is the quietest SUV on the road. According to test numbers, the TLC can do 0.72g, which is not far behind the Pilot/MDX (around 0.74g). TLC has better braking distance than Pilot...which is pretty sad. Really, the Pilot can't beat the TLC in none of these. The ONLY thing the Pilot is better is acceleration.
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    "Don't forget about the clearance NOT BEING changes with terrain, UNLIKE solid axle. Do NOT forget about it's STAMPED steel control arms hanging down! You should look at a 4Runner's or TLC's control arms...FULLY-boxed arms for strength, not stamped steel."

    This is false, the control arms on the Montero are all boxed or solid metal, all 10 of it. When I bought my 01 Montero, we did a comparison in the parking lot, and everyone agreed that the Montero supension is much more substaintial then the 4Runner. The last generation 4Runner is base on a compact truck platform (forgot the name). You can make your case on all the subjective categories like how you like the 4Runner. It is clearly that the last generation 4Runner is a cheaper/smaller built vehicle interm of built structure and suspension that is as ancient as a Ford model A. By the way, one can jack the 4runner up to the sky, the 4Runner is still dragging its axel on the ground.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    4Runner cheaply build?? Maybe you should look under your Montero first before proclaiming this. You don't even have a skidplate for your transfer case! I have looked underneath the Montero...flimsy plastic skidplates. Control arms are NOT boxed...they are (upside down) U-shaped stamped steel control arms. Look at the lower control arms in front or rear (i forgot) and you will see what i mean.

    Who is "everyone"?? You mean, the Mitsu salesman?? Too funny!

    How is the Montero suspension "more substantial" than 4Runner (3rd gen)??? Tell me the details please. Last time i checked a solid axle is universally regarded as stronger than independent. In fact, i dare you to name ONE weakness of the 4Runner's suspension component. Just one.

    ONLY the front nose and hood are shared with the Toyota Tacoma...everything else is unique to the 4Runner. 4Runners have FULLY-boxed frame and fully-boxed crossmembers (yes, even the crossmembers!); Tacoma does not have this. Our front and rear suspension are very different. We do share engines. Sorry, YOU need to read up on the 4Runner before talking. Thanks.

    Bottom line, explain to me one thing: why is your departure angle and approach angle sooooo different??? Pretty bad when the Ford Explorer has as much ground clearance as you. WITHOUT mods, my 4Runner is OVER an inch higher in ground clearance!

    Another thing, with independent suspension, it is NOT a wise idea to do a lift (even OME lift). Over time, you WILL destroy your CV joints...and possibly your halfshafts...and may leave you stranded. Be careful! Thus, i have no plans on lifting my 4Runner because of IFS.

    Why do you think the 4Runner cost more than Montero?? Quality costs money, Viet.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Your too funny. My comments comparing a Pilot to a Montero or LC were more in humor. Who would really compare such different vehicles? I was more laughing at myself. But.. you still felt compelled to try and Prove your LC is superior to a different class of vehicle.

    The Pilot is a VERY different vehicle. As you know, the Pilot is a Car based SUV not a Truck based SUV so it will naturally be more like a car than a Truck. Your LC does a fine job on the road but when the road surface gets a bit rough, it's naturally going to feel more truck like than the Pilot will. This also holds true for handling and Gas Mileage.

    This is NOT a criticism. It just is what it is. I'm curious why your so complelled to argue the superiority of your LC over everything on the road. We know the LC is a great Truck but this forum is about the Montero. Some of us here may sound like Mitsu Sales people to you.. But.. What kinda salesman do you suppose you look like to everyone else? Your in our Showroom. LOL

    PS. I can Still Say "our" showroom because I do still have my Montero.
  • kbmortonkbmorton Posts: 8
    intmed99 why do you bother to post on this board. You should be on the Toyota message board for the 4Runner or LC. While I think Toyota does make fine SUV's (I really like the Sequoia) , I read this board for discussions on the Montero and not to listen to you rant and rave as to why Toyota's are better than our Montero's. WE LIKE OUR MONTERO'S. WE DON"T NEED, WANT OR CARE WHY YOU DON'T LIKE THE MONTERO AND LOVE YOUR 4RUNNER!!!!!

    Enough said on Mr. 4Runner a.k.a. intmed99, has anyone traded their 01 or 02 Montero on a 03. I would be interested in your thoughts concerning the differences between model years.
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