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Mitsubishi Montero



  • Well, try to help it a little. Stop the car, put the transmition in neutral and move the shifter to 4H. If it doesn't go, put the car in drive and move forward a few feet. If that does not work either try reverse (I hope you remember that can't shift if you are driving over 65MPH).
  • theej9theej9 Posts: 2


    Have you had any luck with this? I am experiencing the exact problem and have had no luck getting the 4wd to transfer. Please let me know what you did to get this resolved. Thanks.
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Despite wonderful reviews from co workers about the Montero, I wonder if Mitsuibishi is actually going to survive with everyone pulling the plug on their support (Daimler Chrysler).

    Is the Montero in its final year, any replacement in sight?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I don't know about long term prospects, but the NA boss abruptly quit a few days ago.


    Mitsubishi: Falling Further Behind (Business Week)


    Steve, Host
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Thanks Steve, that sounds real bleak...

    Warranties aren't worth much if they aren't in the US.
  • dineldinel Posts: 6
    Does anyone know how to remove the radio? My battery died and the radio needs the code to be resurrected. I don't believe I was ever provided a card, and when I called the dealer where I purchased they no longer are in business. Therefore , I need the radio serial # and the other dealer wants $85 to remove radio. How do I get the radio out on a 2001 montero.
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    As I have just put in a DVD player in my 2004 montero by CircuitCity which required to install a RF antenna, I saw the Radio/CD removal process. you have to pull/pry out the plastic ( wooden texture) portion on top of the radio with a flat screw driver carefully so that you do not scratch it. Then simply remove 2 bolts ( or 4 bolts, I do not remember) are holding the radio. Disconnect the Antenna connection from the back and the power connection. It's very easy as long as you can take the top cover off carefully. You may have to unscrew the Airconditioning unit and simply put screw it back to remove the radio.
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    Whoever is thinking to buy the NEW Montero/Pajero should do this by this year as this great SUV is going to be discontinued with the 2005 model production ( which is available to dealers now). Here is the news blurb for future replacement by Edmund's -


    It's believed that Mitsubishi will be introducing a seven-seat version of the Outlander for the 2007 model year. Part of the appeal for Mitsubishi to introduce this larger variant of the Outlander is the fact that the company is dropping the seven-seat Montero from its lineup for 2006. It is not certain whether the five-seat Outlander will remain in production in its current form, although the company has apparently considered pairing the tentative seven-seat Outlander with an entry-level SUV. The new Outlander is expected to be powered by 3.0-liter V6 which will yield about 250 horsepower. This engine will be mated with a six-speed automatic transmission.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    I went out to the garage this morning and noticed something that I haven't before, on the top portion of the spare tire cover (black), there's about a 1'x2' section in which a clear layer has separated from the black. Has anyone else experienced this? FYI, it's a silver '01 LTD, 50k miles, So CA car. I can't imagine this as being normal wear and tear, and wonder if this is something Mitsubishi should be responsibe for? Thanks for any advice/opinions.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    I was having diffy issues as well (it would make noise on tighter turns, ad buck slightly) and the dealer said the fluid was very dirty. Changed it out and all is well. Dealer recommended every 30k miles.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Checked with my SA yesterday, and apparently he's been seeing more than a few of this. I should be hearing from the manager this coming week. Also, I passed another LTD this evening and noticed his cover looked even worse than mine, with a lot more peeling.
  • bldrbldr Posts: 11
    All the 01 covers are going bad. I caught mine right before 36 months was up. Replaced with an 03 cover in black. After 36mos it wont be covered under warrenty. I havent seen an 01 yet that hasnt peeled.
  • dineldinel Posts: 6
    I did as you suggested and the radio was then easily accessable. However, there is two screws that connect the whole ensemble? which are under the top of the dashboard. Thanks for the info, it saved me $85.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Is it only '01 or other years as well? Is this a known defect?
  • I work at a dealer and most dealer demos are driven by responsible people. demos now days are not driven by salespeople!
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    Hello Dinel - sorry about not mentioning the 2 screws on the dashboard but at the end glad to know it worked for you. Just for information - what you really have to do to bring the radio back to work ? Is it every time you have to do if the battery goes down?
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    So I call Mitsu customer service about this, and all he can say is that I'll have to have the dealer check it out. What does that mean? He says there has been no recalls about it, etc., and the dealer needs to see it and determine if it was nornal wear and tear, weather related, abuse, etc. How could it be normal for the clear to separate from the paint in 4 years of So CA driving and keeping it in a closed garage nightly?


    I'm not too confident about my dealer, because I had recently taken it in for a check engine light and they wanted to charge me ~$300 for an O2 sensor. They said it was 3/36k, but I had to show them in the warranty booklet that CA has a 4/50k emisions warranty.


    Anyway, the CS rep at Mitsu wasn't helpful. My SA talked it over wih the mgr, and he will talk it over with the Mitsu rep, who come in next month. We'll see...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "In fiscal 2006, Mitsubishi will unveil a redesigned version of its flagship Montero SUV, described by an insider as essentially a reskin."


    Mitsubishi Announces Future U.S. Product Plans (Inside Line)


    Steve, Host
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    In addition to the reskin, they'd better increase the horsepower dramatically too. At least 260HP like in the upcoming Eclipse.
  • Looking at a 94 Montero LS 4WD. Seems to be in VERY good shape for an 11-year-old car. We're having a mechanic check it out tomorrow. KBB lists $3775, Edmunds $2061. 165k miles, very clean interior. Don't know what problems Monteros typically have. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions we would like to hear them. Seller asking $3800.
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    On any used 4-wheel drive vehicle I personally would drain the transfer case and then smell and examine the fluid and the metal shavings. If the fluid smells burnt or has a strange color or the shavings are the lease bit angular I would walk away because you may be asking for some major problems. Most people have a tendency to not change their fluids on a regular basis (especially the transfer case fluid) and this leads to problems in an older vehicle.
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    I have an 02 Montero and the cover barely made it a year before it started to separate. I have not seen a single Montero in Houston without some amount of separation. I took mine back to the dealer and they replaced with an 04 cover. I think the separation is probably a defect but I could never get them to admit to it. Nice thing about the 04 cover is the screws are attached unlike my 02 cover. Those screws had a tendency to roll around in the most amazing places. Lost one one time on the road - guess I just did not have it tightened enough. Anyhow, I would press the manager at the dealership if they balk at replacing the cover.
  • vik66vik66 Posts: 10
    there are bunch of 2004 Montero on the lots.

    I am thinking to buy one, who can tell what price i can get right now? and what price diference should be between 2004 and 2005 models? I would like to go as low as possable.. -:)

    Thank you
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    43,000 miles on the montero and the check engine light just came on. Most likely an o2 sensor. I believe there are 4 sensors on the Montero but I have not crawled under the vehicle to check. Can anyone tell me how to tell if an o2 sensor is functioning properly since I don't want to replace all the units until they go bad because of the cost? Thanks for the info.
  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    O2 Sensors: Some auto parts shops - Checker, AutoZone, etc.. will check your check engine light for free. Or, starting about $100 - $200 you can get a OBDII reader that plugs into the diagnostic port and you can read it yourself.

    Clear Separation: I wonder if it is due to the black tire under the cover absorbing extra heat and cooking the paint? Is the separation around where the tread of the tire is??? Or more on the body of the cover???
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info on the O2 sensors. The separation of the clear membrane material happened on top of the tire cover. Most of the ones I see are also on top only, although I have seen one or two that the separation was on the side. Don't think I have seen a cover that the separation has occurred on the front. Others may know better.


    The separation started for me after I had taken the cover off to replace a flat tire. I think the tire cover is more flexible than the clear membrane so the membrane ends up cracking and then peeling but this is just my idea. Since replacing with a new cover I now carry an under-inflated spare. One problem with my old cover was that it fit so tightly over the spare that it was difficult to remove without really tugging on it, thus causing damage to the clear membrane. By carring a slighly under-inflated spare I no longer have that problem. I have had two flats since replacing my old cover and have not had a problem yet with the clear membrane on my new cover. I carry a foot pump with me to inflate the spare up to the recommended pressure if it needs to be used.
  • We love our truck and have had no problems, but for the last 15k miles we have had the truck to the dealer 4 times for the brakes. At 32k we had a full brake job and it performed well. 8k later they developed a pull in the front and the dealer cleaned the caliper slides and replaced and aligned the shims. 4k later the same problem on the drivers side and once agin the slides were cleaned and the shims adjusted. 2k later the rear brakes began to modulate and it was clear that the rotars were warped. As a result they were turned and at my dime as the warranty expired on the replaced part. Now 16k after the first brake job the truck is having problems again. Did I get a bad brake job? Any TSB's on brakes? I just find it odd that I got 32K on the orginal brakes and half that on the replacements done by the dealer. Should I take it to a different dealer(there are 3 in my area) or go to Midas? I love this truck but these brake issues are driving me nuts!
  • vik66vik66 Posts: 10
    Can somebody tell me how Montero handles off-road?

    in reveiws everybody says: excellebt off-road ability, but avybody did actually take that vehicle off-road? How was it?

    I like Montero, but there is no way to check how it handles off-road untill you buy one and it can be too late after that...

    please, advice...

    Thank you
  • It's not a body-on-frame, rock-crawler it used to be and the body will flex if pushed too hard. The independent suspension that works great on the highway or in the Dakar desert, doesn't help in hard terrain either.


    The following review will paint a decent picture and cover some limitations:
  • I have been working with ADDCO to develop Sway/roll bars to help improve ride quality. Here is where we stand.

    Bars are in with new end links that are adjustable. My montero has aftermarket springs/struts to increase ride height approx 1 inch.

    First impression is that cornering and roll are greatly improved without increased harshness. There is still roll going from extreme side to side but far less than stock. From what I am feeling on the road I suspect the snow and dirt handling will also be improved via more positive control of the vehicle in spirited driving, sliding, or any other condition that would increase roll tendency.

    I have to thank ADDCO for undertaking this project as no other manufacture that I know off currently offers improved bars for the Montero.
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