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Mitsubishi Montero



  • It is interesting that Edmunds states the private party value of a 01 Montero LTD with all the opitions, 49K miles and best condition at only 15,700. Thats a steal. I cant help wondering if that faulty roll over report years back still plays a major roll here. Since that report I really havent heard anything about Monteros rolling all over the highway???
  • vik66vik66 Posts: 10
    thank you for info... it was usefull.. they tested 2001 model , in 2003 it was redesinged a little bit.. Did they improve wheel travel for better off-roading?
  • Where do you reside? The buzz is if Mitsubishi is not gone today is only a matter of time.Type in the question hit search.Before you buy any old vehicle lift it and study it from below.Not for ten minits.Turm off the lights in the shop and look up with a bright hand held light.You may be amazed.Let "it " parked on the rack over night.Cool down can show a plethora of leaks.Call salvage yards with a grocery list of parts.Do the same at dealer parts department.Many imports do not carry parts..two days turns into two weeks.Call the bank for a loan on a nice 165k plus any thing, they will run as you should.The best home for any 165k import is where it is now.Unless it is $1000 or free.
    MITSI MAY WELL BE RUNNING OUT THE BACK DOOR IN THE USA.How many CEO's in two years?Read the posts at Mitsubishi performing loans and poor track records of quality and service are the death of MITZ North America.Lights are about to go out.Ask your bank who pays when they go?
  • rxrrxr Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2001 LTD, with 42k Miles.
    We love it, our first SUV.

    I am planning to get the running boards, spoiler and the hood guard, any suggestion on where to find them for a good price will be helpful.

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    See you at the gas pump ;-)
  • Was wondering if anyone might know what the problem is that I'm experiencing. Have a 2001 Montero Ltd with 58K miles on it. No problems at all up to this point. On a trip from New Mexico to Arkansas with the family we experienced a situation where the Montero wants to die and not idle. I can start it back up and drive, but when I stop and try to idle it dies. It's Saturday evening at 7pm and the nearest dealer won't be open until Monday morning. We're staying in hotel right now in Fort Worth. Any suggestions as to what to look for in hopes that I might be able to remedy this myself?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It wasn't clear from your message how far you drove with this condition but one thing I'd try to rule out first is whether you have gas in the tank (despite what the fuel gauge says!). Also, is your battery fully charged? Does the idle condition or lack thereof change if you turn off things like air conditioning? Just some thoughts.

    tidester, host
  • Thanks tidester,
    We had drove approximately 450 miles and stopped at our hotel. Have a half tank of fuel left and I'm not sure if it might have been bad gas.

    Went to start it back up after checking in and there was no electrical power. I jostled the battery terminals and it was able to start as normal. Got about 1 mile down the road going out to dinner last night and as we were idling as we were coasting into the parking lot, and it died. Was able to start and drive, but it would not idle - it died every time when it tried to idle. Since it was getting dark and late, I did not look at again until this morning. Never had a bit of trouble from 58K miles from this vehicle until this.

    This morning I cleaned off a little layer of scum off the battery terminals (but they were pretty clean already) and tightened them up, and started it up. I let it idle for 15 minutes and drove it around for a little while. There seemed to be no repeat of the problem. Will take it down to AutoZone or PepBoys and have them run a diagnostic and also check the battery this morning (original factory battery).

    I hope that was the problem. I heard that fuel injected vehicles like our Montero actually needed the battery while the engine is running. Is that true.... that this fuel injected engine requires a good battery condition and connection to operate properly?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm glad to hear you got it running! I'm not familiar with the specifics of the Montero but you might want to make a quick run over to Got a Quick, Technical Question?. And, certainly, you'll want the problem diagnosed ASAP by a qualified technician.

    tidester, host
  • dusterduster Posts: 37
    I have 2001 Monty, only 22322 miles on it.
    The back door has developed rust spots around the window frame. Has anyone had any problems like this occur? Is there a TSB about paint problems?

  • softhds1softhds1 Posts: 26
    I believe there was a 10 year guarantee on rusting on the car. Check with your dealer
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    Dude, drive it!!! You only have 22322 miles on a car that is 3 to 4 years old (depending on when it was manufactured within the year). That's like no miles at all. I think water is settling around your window frame because it hasn't been blown off the vehicle by the wind force of driving down the road. I have an '02 and already have almost 50,000 miles. I love this vehicle and drive it everywhere. The way this vehicle is built I fully expect to get over 300,000 miles from it.
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    I'm new to this forum. Just picked up a 96 mont w/133k. Antenna motor will not work. (no noise) How do you replace the power antenna. It looks like its sandwiched inside the fender.
    I searched other posts and found good advice on the whip, but nothing on the whole power antenna.

  • dusterduster Posts: 37
    I do drive it, right to the Metro (DC's finest) every day. I drive it more on weekends. I plan on taking it to the dealer next week. I also have a lot of pitting on the alloys. I keep it clean but it is exposed to the elements. I plan on driving it for many years. Good truck, needs more power but otherwise still better than an "Exploder".
  • jlamarjlamar Posts: 1
    Advice needed. Just bought a 94 Mitsu Montero LS 4WD. 140K miles. Body and interior are in great shape. I knew there would be mechanical issues in my future. I need advice on a situation. First, the 3.0 V6 has a tapping sound. I have been told it is a lifter and that it is no problem. I've been told that the sound is common with the Mitsu engines because of the way the lifters are designed. The tapping drives me crazy but I will learn to live with it if it is not a problem.

    I just replaced a cracked manifold. Not a major issue. Finding the part was the real adventure.

    Now....there is a noise coming from under the hood...a clunking sound heard when accelerating or when pulling a hill in top gear. I have been told it is either 1) a burnt valve 2) A lifter arm which has malfunctioned 3) some sort of chain loose in the 4wd mechanism

    -The engine (as weak as it is) is not losing power, skipping, etc. so I do not think it is a burnt valve.

    -I have no opinion re: the lifter arm.

    -The vehicle is not makes the same sound whether in 4wd or not.

    Somebody. Please help me : (
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I previously owned three Monteros and traded the last (a '96) for a Jetta for my wife. I miss driving the bulletproof Montero and am starting to crave some off-road fun again. I'm considering buying the current model either new or used, but it's hard to find any discussion of the off-road capability of '01 and later Monteros. I have some misgivings about the 4W independent suspension and I'd appreciate any offroad performance info from the increasingly few Montero buyers who've ever used the 4WD-L setting. Its seems a shame that the "city-fication" of real SUV's seems to be dooming US sales of one of the best-engineered and toughest real SUVs ever built.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Just bought a 94 Mitsu Montero LS 4WD. 140K miles.

    I'm curious - how much did you pay for it?

    tidester, host
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    I want to do some touch up work to the hood of my 1996 Montero. How would I find the correct color of touch up paint. The color is like a dark chocolate brown. I've tried to get this info from archive Mitsu with no luck. there is a plate with some color numbers under the hood, but it means nothing to me.

  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    If you can't get touch-up paint from a Mitsubishi dealer, any auto paint supply shop should be able to mix a paint match for you using your VIN plate info, but you'll probably have to buy at least a quart and its not cheap.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I bet you could get a smaller quantity from a place that paints to match pickup shells and camper tops, bug guards and the like. I used to know a canopy dealer and they could crank out small amounts with their computerized paint mixer.

    Steve, Host
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    Thanks guys, for all the feedback. I did finally find a cool website that had the paint. Turns out that the paint spec under my hood was both colors. (base color and plastic molding)
    i.e., L77 for the top color, and S74 on the bottom. The website [https//] has pens and bottles and spray cans to fix chips. Thanks again. Now on to find the Chiltons Manual for the 1996 Montero
  • hi, i have a 1997 montero SR, i was wondering about a spare tire cover. i wanted to order a cover off a Pajero from Japan, anyone know if this will work? or how?
  • smkitesmkite Posts: 1
    I'm curious as to your fix. A dirty throttle body can cause idling problems, and Mitsu recommends a throttle body cleaning every 60K miles, I believe.

    "Was wondering if anyone might know what the problem is that I'm experiencing. Have a 2001 Montero Ltd with 58K miles on it. No problems at all up to this point. On a trip from New Mexico to Arkansas with the family we experienced a situation where the Montero wants to die and not idle. I can start it back up and drive, but when I stop and try to idle it dies. It's Saturday evening at 7pm and the nearest dealer won't be open until Monday morning. We're staying in hotel right now in Fort Worth. Any suggestions as to what to look for in hopes that I might be able to remedy this myself?"
  • dandjnixdandjnix Posts: 3
    Oh My Gosh! I am on hold with Mitsu Motors Customer Complaint dept. because of the same thing. I went to the Mitsu dealership and they want $308 for a new one! So I came home and got on ebay and there are 3 that have the same problem as yours and mine. There has been no recall on this! I also noticed a car just like mine driving last week, with the same problem! It's like an epidemic and Mitsubishi doesn't or hasn't heard of any others! I don't believe it.
    Let me know what you have done.
  • dandjnixdandjnix Posts: 3
    We just had the same thing happen when we were travelling over spring break!
    We put in a higher grade of gasoline and it solved the problem!
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    I happened upon this link while trying to find out what a "throttle body" is.
    The web article shows how to clean v6 3.0 throttle body.

  • brillmtb2brillmtb2 Posts: 14
    I have an 01 with some mods, ARB springs, struts, larger sway bars, Bridgestone AT REVO tires. The engine could use more power but it still would be hard to get this thing stuck. The only "complaint" from a review that I have read is the decreased articulation which is a result of the independent suspension. Something has to give to get this. However, in the review they showed the montero front or rear tire off the ground but stated the 4wd system was so good (x fered power to the other wheels) that you just couldnt stop it.

    It is NOT a jeep but I know of someone taking a stock Montero 01-02 down the rubicon trail near Lake Tahoe (very rugged) and he made it. He lost some body plastic as you would expect. He was mad at his wife is the story.

    The stock tires are horrid and the REVO's make driving in 2wd similar to what I had to do in 4wd before.

    I have a Dodge Ram Diesel 4wd and if you compared its abilities with the Montero you would laugh. I ALWAYS take the Montero x mas tree cutting on the forrest service roads in the snow because it does so well.

    I have had NO service issues, breakdowns and it runs like a top. The unibody does not flex much if at all.
  • hello! i am new to this site. i'm doing this for my dad. he just wants to know what the effects of changing to taller but thinner tires are. The tires he plans to put on his PAJERO (MONTERO) 2.5 Turbo Intercooler Diesel (Japan Model ’94) are taller but slimmer/thinner (not wider). The specs are 235/85/R16. The present tires are R15 (15 inch reams) but a little wider.
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Taller tires will cause slower acceleration, possibly poorer crusing at speed as the engine is out of its preferred rev range. Also possible is damage to the tires when they hit the bodywork as the suspension flexes. These tires may be way too big.
    Braking will be worse due to an increase in unsprung weight, and your speedo and mile counter will be inaccurate. Cornering will also be worse due to the reduced tread width. MPG will also likely rise as you tend to open the throttle more to get the vehicle moving.
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