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Mitsubishi Montero



  • I have an '01 Monty with the same gurgling problem. It didn't start until I had lots of maintenance done to it, including having the timing belt replaced. I have no idea what's causing it either...
  • OK. Now I have better information. The shift indicator on the instrument panel shows that the transmission is in Reverse. How do I get it into Park or Neutral so that I can crank the car?
  • sbeachsbeach Posts: 15
    I also have the same noise. It started after the timing belt was changed. I had a shop change the belt and I believe the noise is probably from air in the cooling system. It looks like the cooling system must be drained to change the belt and most likely the system was not bled properly. Just an idea. I am taking mine back to the dealer to see what they have to say and will let you know.
  • mitcakmitcak Posts: 1
    Hi,I have 2001 Montero Limited-full size.I have 82 000 mil on it.I'm very happy with the car.I'm looking for replace my suspension(front+rear)-still there OEM.I was looking for it on web and I found it only OEM and products from KYB company,which is offer two kind- GR-2 Gas Shocks and Struts and Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers.Can you tell me if somebody got experience with exchange suspension.Is it better OEM or KYB.I found somewhere on the web,that OEM Montero suspension is also KYB.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • here's what I did with my 01 monty ltd. (85000 mile)I changed the shocks and springs with ones from OME Suspension(medium rate is preferred). Check out also changed the wheels/tires to 17s with 265/70/17 rubber.This mod raises the ride to 3.75 inches higher than stock.The overall effect is perfect for on/offroad performance.Cornering, towing, and full load driving is greatly improved. Also, I changed my stock air filter with cold air intake from Injen Technology(they make one from monty sport ltd.but will fit monty perfectly.this mod adds 10hp and 20mpg per tank. i still have original rotors with no other problems so far.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Does anyone have experience with aftermarket shock absorbers. How does Monroe stack up against OE, or others? Also, will aftermarket springs help improve the ride? Thanks.
  • I have a 91 Montero 4x4 with the 4-speed auto w/OD. It often shudders into gear and has a hard time staying in gear when the wind blows really hard while I'm doing 50+. I was told that it was the torque converter. That's a $576 repair price. Is this for real, or is there something else I can do? It has almost 200,500 miles on it. Thanks!

  • toasttoast Posts: 50
    I own a 2001 Montero with more than 49,000 miles and have not had any brake problems. I'm sure they are approaching replacement time. I also ran the original Brdigestone tires for 44,000 before they neede to be replaced.
  • brjohnsonbrjohnson Posts: 10
    Had a 2001 with 80k plus and no issues that I replaced with a Denali Yukon to pull boat and trailer we got last year.

    Now just replaced wife's car with 06' Montero Ltd...really missed it and with the pricing out there now, no better deal for this sized SUV. Looked also at the Commander, but with 3rd row, when folded down, the cargo space is really limited and optioned out, was still going to be over 12k more for us.

    The Monty may not have a couple things (nav, memory seats, satellite radio), but for the money, really a great vehicle. I really like the updated white gauge faces too!
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    Update on my sister's Montero. She still loves it. Has had absolutely no problems with it. Continues to take her to some of the roughest locations in the mountains of NC without complaints. She now has 85k miles on it.

    Great vehicle, hate to see them leave the US.
  • sageh2osageh2o Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with the overdrive on my 94 LS- did you ever get this solved? please help!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please visit the Mitsubishi Montero: MPG-Real World Numbers discussion and report on your gas mileage. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • sageh2osageh2o Posts: 2
    I found the problem or I should say my realy nice local transmission guy did! All it was was some sort of plug not pluged in its just part of the overdrive i guess you can ask any tranny guy about it?
  • mharveymharvey Posts: 1
    The 4WD shift stick on my 1994 Montero SR is in 2H but the 4WD is still engaged. Any insights as to how this mechanism works or what needs to be adjusted would be appreciated as I do not have a mechanical manual on the vehicle.
  • ultraman1ultraman1 Posts: 1
    Cna anyone tell me what the SR stands for? Thanks!
  • montero1montero1 Posts: 1
    I have the Old Man Emu 1.75 lift on my '03, with 265 70 17 BFGs. Awesome.

    ">link title">
  • I have the same problem with the tranny being in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel trying to engage on its own. Usually after the 4-wheel lights start blinking and I've came to a complete stop. Did you ever find out any more information on the problem? Thanks Harvey.
  • i think the montero can be better...maybe the next evolution have more style and can be more weird than the one is one on the roads... :mad:
    they should start a revolution in 4x4...again :surprise:
  • milgirlmilgirl Posts: 2
    I recently have had the same problem. The top two wheels are blinking and I took it to the dealer. It only does it when I come to a stop or ride over a bump. I have never taken the car out of 2WD. The dealer said no codes were coming off and they were awaiting information from the Tech Line....this scares me because I travel alot and I cant afford transmission work. Can anyone help or tell me what may be causing this.
  • lemersonlemerson Posts: 5
    Dealer said it was my 4x4 detection switches. For my model year (mid-2002) there are 4 switches that needed to be replaced (parts = $182.00 + Labor = $250.00; sorry extended warranty does not cover these parts – go figure). Now, prior to replacing, the front Diff was engaging almost every time I drove the car…when the light was on (blinking) it would not engage again by itself. After I picked the car up from the dealer it ran fine for about 150 miles…Now the diff is still engaging & the light never comes on? One of the four sensors/switches replaced was on the front diff and I think this senses when the front Diff is engaged and controls the light on the dash (they will stop blinking and just stay on when you put the car into 4x4 mode & the diff is fully engaged). The dealer had a problem after they installed this sensor – the problem: the 4x4 light was just blinking so they shimmed it out (FYI this is leaking now!) and the light stopped blinking. Another issue I noticed today (probably due to being shimmed) I tried to put the car into 4 wheel drive high which did work however, the light never stopped blinking to let me know the diff had engaged???? It’s going back to the dealer on Monday – most likely still a sensor issue. I’ll let you know what happens.
  • Since yesterday, there is a noise(grinding or two squeaky)coming from somewhere near or in the ABS cylinder that is located under the hood near the switch box. The noise comes every few minutes. Sorry if i couldn't more clearer or the right word. Please help with any advice how to eliminate the noise. I had great help in the past. thanks again.
  • This is my first time in any kind of forum whatsoever, so please understand if I don't exactly get it all quickly.

    However, there is this beautiful, fully loaded Montero for sale down the street by a local relator - 85,000 miles, perfect condition - for $8,000

    All I want to know is if there is any problems with the manufacturer, this model, or the year, (1999).

    Got hosed on a Jeep Cherokee in the past, which is part of my fear.

    None of my car family knows anything at all about Mitsubishi's - seem very distant about the whole thing.

    My view is that the price is just right, can live with the gas mileage issue (really only 18?) since I don't drive alot, but do need a vehicle that will be reliable.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the True Market Value while waiting for opinions.
  • Mitsubishi is a reliable brand. Especially Montero ( full size). I personally own a 2004 Montero LTD. But before that I owned '85 and '93 Montero. Montero has a long history of reliability. One thing you should think about 99 Montero is - this model year does not have stability control option as a safety measure ( they started inputting Stability Control from 2003 model). If you think you can drive safely and maintain the car, it will serve you for a long time. If you think you can live with 15/19 MPG fuel consumption, at 85,000 miles it is a definitely a better buy then any US made SUV undoubtedly. This is my 2 cents. hope this helps..
  • mujan:

    You are my only reply and thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

    The price is right at $8,000 and it is a totally luxury vehicle. I am not a wild driver, so the stablity control is not that big a deal for me. I do like sitting high on the road, out here in California anyway for the times I have to compete on the freeway.

    Probably would never use the 4WH drive feature, so that is kinda a draw back. A little concerned about the gas mileage - but basically would use it only to and from the airport and grocery trips.

    One question I have not been able to answer is whether the third row seats can be removed, and if the second row seats fold FLAT.
    Do you know?
  • Please see the link - as per the MSN-Auots you cannot remove or fold the seats for 99 model. But it is always good to ask the dealer about that where the car is: odel=Montero&trimid=1566#trimsel

    Hope you enjoy the car if you are thinking to get it. Take care.
  • Sorry for the delay in replying but this is usually sorted out if you dis engage the 4x4 to 2x4 and then reverse your vehicle back for approx 10 meters.
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    Mitsubishi Montero/Montero Sport
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    Nothing at this point to my knowledge. Actually Montero is discontinued in US only- the euro-asian version of Pajero (same SUV) will be still manufactured. That suggests that Montero or similar will be back again redesigned so that it can be more competetive with other SUV in market. But nothing in near future..But who knows what Mitsu has plan for US !!
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