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Mitsubishi Montero



  • HI...the number is MR506562..i know it because i buy one,cause i had same problem with my 2001 montero XLS,and that is not the solution. the problem is the hole intrument panel but the only thing afected is the temp gage,it is a comon problem in 2001-2006 models, and is expensive to fix(about 650$). .THE SOLUTION:buy a after market coolant temp gage (autometer is agood brand)install it and that all ...hope it help.">
  • i hav a question for everyone........ i hav a 94 montero n the 2 top tires on the 4x4 indicator started falshing n wont stop no matter what i hav tried...... tried diffrent positions ..... 4 hi... 4lo.... nuteral.... backing up with 4 wheel engaged.... i think frt drive shafts r engaged... very loud 0v0r 50 mph.. manual says in transition when flashing...... how can i get it to stop n go bac to 2 wheel.... ????
  • Hi, I have 2001 Mitsubishi Montero LTD.with engine 3,5V6 (6G74) SOHC. Does anybody knows if for this car can be used injectors from 1995 Montero with engine 3,5V6 DOHC. Thank you very much for help.
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