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Chevy Express/GMC Savana Owners: Meet the Members



  • Hello to all , newbie on this site ,have a ? i own a chevy express 1500 mark 111 conversion 1998 5.0 vortec just did a motor swap out had a wiped cam so i found a good deal on e-bay for another 5.0 vortec with a LT1 cam the cam being the only difference of course with new rocker arms ,springs,locks,gaskets now that we finally have the motor in it does not want to start,now the snap -on scan tool reads out no injector pulse width so i am a little worried [,have had trouble in the past with no injector pulse],of course the dreaded pass lock issue,now i did by-pass the pass lock system a little while before i did the motor swap,but i wonder if the pass lock is my whole issue again,or could there be another solution here or how to go from here,any suggestions would be appreciated from the tech heads out there.
  • jgarnaasjgarnaas Posts: 13
    Sounds like the onboard computer isnt recognizing the new engine.Have you reprogramed the computer with the new engine code number.I think that has to be done on all swaps due to epa standards and emmissions,or the brain from the old engine has to be replaced to stay with the old engine
  • sorry for the long delay in responding,thought the computer might have to be done here but before laying out that kinda cash wanted to get the motor to fire up at least,found out that this cam was actually a lt4 hot cam which by talking to summit they say wont work will never run,now every now and then it will stumble sputter for maybe 10 seconds seems like timing and i know computer takes over timing as long as you are tdc after about 2 seconds but this should fire up with starting fluid if only till it burns off,guy i bought motor from swears that this combo will work,after talking tom summit i want to get a stock camshaft only because the top end of this motor is new as i posted so looking for a good price on a 305 hydralic roller cam for the vortec,trying to get the a- hole who sold me this to at least split the cost with me.sorry for the ramble just at my wits end with this .
  • cndworkercndworker Posts: 2
    Hello, not sure if this is the right place for me,

    I'm a worker with a 2007 chev express 2500. This van works for a living, as do I.

    Would appreciate any experience regarding the best tires and any related info about tire pressure and front end issues.

    Feel free to e-mail me

  • jgarnaasjgarnaas Posts: 13
    I put 17 inch wheels with 265/70/r17 tires on my 2500 van.I used goodyear wrangler silent armor tires,and like them alot,no problems.It raised the van height up an inch more from the ground.Use a load class E tire for light duty trucks and suv.
  • tireman9tireman9 Posts: 8
    There are two different things to consider.

    Tire load capacity and Performance

    Load capacity is controlled by size and inflation pressure. With a 2500 (3/4 ton) I suspect you plan on carrying some loads. Your van came with a Tire Placard that specifies the original tire size and the recommended inflation for the expected load. You should not run a smaller size tire or less inflation unless you have put the van on a scale to be sure you are not overloading the tires.

    For "Performance" or Ride, Hanbling, Wet, Dry and Snow traction. The first question I would ask as a tire engineer is "What do you like about your current tire and What do you not like?"
    Once you have identified the performance characteristics that you want then the tire engineer or sales person has the information needed to fill your wants.
  • Hello, This is my first time here and sure won't be the last. I own a 2003 GMC Savanna Pro AWD 2500 3/4 Ton Cargo Van purchased new at a dealership in Orlando, FL. My van listed for $35,500 new ( less than 5,000 miles ) and after watching the dealer sit on it for almost a year I picked it up for $24,000. The milege was put on by the dealer, after seeing it in a GMC- CHEV Vehicle Show somewhere in the Northeast, purchasing it, driving it back to the big O and thinking they would make a killing on it. Only problem, no one in the area wanted a full size AWD Van. I did. Lived in the Pacific Northwest for 17 years. Grew up around 4X4's. At the time in 2003 gas was $1.45 in Central Florida. The 31 gallon tank was perfect until it went to $4 after the multiple hurricanes and now at $3.50 with no end in sight. I'm a master finish carpenter and carry about 800-1,000lbs of tools at any one time.This thing is the cats meeeooow! At the time construction was BOOMING! While all the other trades where fighting to park in front of the homes we worked on ( 8,000-32,000 S.F. ) I pulled around to the back through the DEEP sugar sand where only 4X4 ventured and unloaded. Loved IT. The PRO package consists of 12 volt lighting throughout and the 3 sections where windows would be ( 2 on driver side, 1 on P.S. ) they are solid panels which open, pop out and lift up with a push button FOB without even leaving the drivers seat. All I do is push them close and the automated locks keep them shut. I built real nice wood shelves to hold tools, I can pull out through the panels when open. First thing I did was put a 3,000 watt inverter under the passenger seat. Took out the factory AM-FM stereo to make room for a JVC MP3 CD-RW head unit ( I burn my own MP3's) connected to a 2,500 watt 5-way AMP going to 4-250 watt mono amps pushing 4-12"Subs, 4-8"Drivers, 4-6.5"Mids and 4-3"Tweeters. When the sub-thumpers pull up next to me I drown them out with Classic Rock N Roll. Put a back-up camera system in with a 5"monitor. Ran out of money with the custom hood & window deflectors, carpeted dash cover and a Reese V 5 Hitch that stays flush with the full-size rear underside tire (above the axle) battery isolator with another group 27 battery for the accs. These vans come with either an 8.6", 9.75" or 10.5" Limited Slip, Locking or AWD rear axle. The transfer cases are all the same, Borg Warner model 4473 RPO NP3, a one speed full time AWD. The transfer case is a planetary differential gear set which provides a 35 percent (front) 65 percent (rear) split, full time. The brakes and rotors come in 3 sizes the JH5, JH6 and JH7. All are the same diameter but have different thicknesses. The calipers also have either single or daul cylinders on all 4 wheels. Only the 10.5" rear axle comes with the eight lug step-up. Must go. My bad. Suns coming up. Don
  • New to this fourm. Just saying Hi! We have a 2001 Express LT (factory conversion van). This were great vans from the factory, but we changed it up alittle. Added 4 Leather Captains Chairs and a rear fold down bed from a 2005 Conversion van. Also took the GM track system seat tracks out. Added a DVD to the factory entertainment system.
  • russian2russian2 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, sorry fore my bad english. I have GMC Savana cargo van 1500 avd 2009 year. Can enebody help me, i want to make lift on this car, i want litle body lift and litle suspension, i need link where i can buy, without any problems, when parts come to Russia, i want this parts install correct with any surprises, maybe i can buy from different chevy or gmc car, more important fore me suspension lift, whithout problems fore front suspention, simple and relieble. I understand this truck, not jeep, but i am use this car in Russia, we have bad roads sometimes, sometimes no roads. I hope somebody undestand me.
  • New here. Own a Chevy 3500 with 6L disguised as a Roadtrek. Weight is 9650 lbs. so I am constantly testing the tires, suspension and then everything else in the mountains. Replaced the brakes at 52k miles because of the famous "shudder" problem down long mountainsides.
  • hello - i figured its about time to post my opinion of this van since buying it new in 05. as of this day i have 89,000 on odom. the van has the 6.0 vortec w/auto and tow/haul in color,hand crank windows,2 seats and nothing much else.
    1st id say the paint sucks..must have been industrial style and applied by a chimp tho when new it looked shiney as hell. roof paint is faded and looks the color of a broke in pair of jeans.
    2nd all the glass in the van absorbs all the crap mother nature can throw at it. if you let the glass go and dont clean regular it will take an act of gm god to get it clean again. im replacing windshield soon.
    3rd replaced the whole throttle body on engine at 38,000 miles because of built in sensor that couldnt be replaced by itself (gm paid for this one) but the 2nd time i replaced throttle body from same issue at 64,000 miles i had to pay half cost.
    4th brakes started squealing early on but performance aftermarket brake pads solved that with no issues even after turning rotors at 55,000 miles.
    5th o2 sensors and comp gave up the ghost at 72,145 miles but gm was fair and replaced all with my cost of $168.
    i bought 20 inch rims at 10,000 miles for the van and had no issues with drivetrain,shifting etc..i replaced the muffler and had true duals installed with magnaflow and had no issues. the motor has always been strong,sounds great thru duals and trans has worked great whether easy takeoff or stompin the go pedal. rearend has had no issues.
    id buy this van again in a heartbeat if my dad hadnt left me a 2002 chevy express conversion with the 5.3 and only 56,000 miles.
    let you folks know when either dies but i expect it will be a few yrs yet.
    later -
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