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Sunroof/moonroof cancer cause

MiamiScotMiamiScot Member Posts: 1
edited July 2020 in Audi
Audi sells the vast majority of its cars with a sunroof/moonroof, If you want a car with useful extras like parking sensors and automatic entry then the package always compels you to have a sunroof. In six years I have never used the sunroof. Of the thousands of Audis I have seen on the road only a few use the sunroof. I have questioned many people who own cars with sunroofs and find that only one ever used the sunroof. Audi supplies a screen which is totally incapable of giving complete protection to the occupants from harmful sun rays. I have suffered several carcinomas because of this. Audi is causing enormous health and ecological damage by installing unwanted sunroofs. The electric motors, glass and cables create a mountain of waste. Cars without sunroofs are cheaper to make, more solid and use less gas. So why does Audi (a great brand) insist on forcing customers to have unwanted sunroofs? It takes a special order to NOT have a sunroof, whereas it should be the opposite. Sunroofs should be specified extra.
And how much protection does the roof screen provide after several years of use?
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