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Buick Regal Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks jipster. I'll give it a shot. 3 mechanics told me it was transmission is shot. I really didn't want to hear that.
  • I had the same problem, even had people tell me it was the tranny. Wrong! It was a bad spark plug wire.
  • I've had a similar problem with my 95 Regal. Like sometimes I’ll be driving on the highway, and having no problems. Then I’ll be going up a hill at around 55 mph, and then the car will shudder as I try to maintain a speed of 55 mph. So I have to ease off the accelerator and slow down. At first I thought this was a transmission problem, but I’m guessing it’s the same problem that causes my choppy idle.
    So I had this acceleration problem on the highway when I was going up a hill. And a weak idle. These problems have been going on for several months now. They were annoying, but didn’t seem that serious. Then all of a sudden, on a rainy day, the car was really responding poorly to acceleration at all speeds. I was able to drive around, but I couldn’t count on the car responding right away when I hit the gas pedal. And the car would shudder at times.
    Then, I didn’t drive the car for a few days, and then it was dry, no rain, and the car ran better. So I’m thinking humidity makes the problem worse.
    I have also noticed over the past few months, that the car runs best when I start it up after a few days of not running it. Then if I drive the car a few miles and let it sit for about 2 hours or so, it would idle weakly when I would start it up again. The car’s been doing that for several months now, but it wasn’t really affecting the drivability or the response of the car when I hit the gas pedal.
    Now it’s gotten much worse. So, I’ve already replaced the following items myself to no avail: mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, and egr valve. I’m guessing the next thing to fix is the pcv valve. But I also think it might be the fuel pump. My first guess though is the pcv valve.
    So I guess you have a similar problem. I'll let you know more as I learn more. Have you figured out what's causing your hill problem yet?
  • takertaker Posts: 1
    I have the very same car and its acting the very same way, I have replaced the crank position sensor, ignition control module, fuel pump and filter. My problem remains and im totally at a loss on this thing. And to make things even easier its not even turning on a check engine light, this thing really has me stumped. Other ideas I have gotten while researching include the ECM (BRAIN) and ignition switch but after already wasting over 200 its time to have a different approach on this thing.

    If anybody has any idea what could be going on im all ears!!!! :sick:
  • bjjetrichbjjetrich Posts: 1
    My 2001 Regal 3.8 coughs (I've heard it called fishbite, hesitation, misfiring, loss of power, and chuggles) at about 50-60 mph, 1500 rpm on hills or upon acceleration. I've replaced TPS, EGR valve, MAF, MAP, O2 sensor, spark plugs and wires, coils, ICM, and PCM. Fuel pressure is okay. Starting and idle are okay. Gas mileage is okay. Catalytic converter and exhaust are okay. Transmission is okay. No problem with performance at any other time. I haven't replaced the crank position sensor or injectors (too expensive for just a troublehshooting guess). I suppose after 196K miles it could be time to replace those, too. I read that there is a new and improved GM throttle position sensor (part no. 24504798) that will solve my problem. I'm not sure what the one was that I just put on new, but I don't think it's any different than a new and improved one. Has anybody figured out the solution to this problem?
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