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Volvo C70 - Options Chosen or Rejected



  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    We didn't investigate the prices of accessories when we were in Sweden for OSD a couple of weeks ago - maybe we should have. Just about everything is more expensive in Sweden so it just didn't occur to us to check. It may or may not be cheaper depending on the currency exchange rate at the time you go. Right now a US dollar will get you about 7 Swedish Krona. There is also a cost for making the conversion, even if you use your credit card so take that into consideration. You may also want to throw some business at your dealer since he did you a big favor in letting you use one of his allocations for OSD.
  • We did OSD in September. You will be given a price list at the factory for acc. Some will be 'specials' and discounted. When we were there, the price list specifically said the Bluetooth was a dealer installed option. The saleslady we worked with concurred. However, at the lunch, we discovered another couple was having the bluetooth installed during the tour. We inquired after the tour, but it would have taken two hours, so we waited. Moral,Just because your price sheet and salesperson say something isn't available, ask those at the front desk before you take it as gospel.
    We got the rubber mats, windscreen,back seat cover as accessories.
    If you get the Nav. ask to Borrow their Euro set. They'll set it up for you and you return it when you go for drop off.
    Sweden was great. Friendly people everywhere. :)
  • Good luck if you can get the sunglass holder! We took OSD and the factory was waiting to get some from their supplier, tried to get one from the dealer two months later, (having told him once a week for eight weeks that I wanted it) and they had them back-ordered. After another month was told they couldn't get one. BUT the area right behind the console in front is the perfect place for the glasses.
    My bluetooth works great. Just be aware that you need a phone that is compatible with the particular BT unit that Volvo uses. The website tells you that not all BT phones will work with All BT units.
    I'm 15 miles west of Denver and we've had the most snowfall some natives can ever recall having. We had 4' in our yard from Christmas until about 10 days ago and I couldn't get my car up the driveway, so don't know How it would have handled the ice and snow. :confuse:
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    "Run flats are available for some cars, not the C70 though. The ride is terrible with them since thir side walls are reinforced."

    This is a quote from the accessories page of the Volvo website for the Sadira wheels (standard equipment on the C70), "Sporty multi spoke 17" wheel design. Prepared for use with SST (self Supporting Tire) in combination with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)." Is this the same thing as run flats? Also, I can't find any reference in the owner's manual to a tire pressure monitoring system in the C70. Anyone know what's up with that?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Run flats are not an option currently on the C70.
    Neither is the TPMS.

    The run flats are more trouble than they are worth.
    They ride poorly and are very expensive to replace.

    No idea why the TPMS system isn't offered, might be a cost issue.
  • The US Volvocars web site has the ordering choices for Overseas Delivery of 2008 US C70's posted, so you can see what will be new for this Fall:

    Most of the options and packages are basically as in 2007, but there is one new package - the Convenience Package, at $1595. It inludes power-retractable rear-view mirrors, IAQS (interior air quality system), Park Assist - rear, keyless drive, and BLIS (Blind spot info system). It doesn't appear that any of these will be independently orderable in the US, but maybe things will be different when the main web site is updated for 2008. The note on this package said "production starting week 28", which I would interpret as mid-July.

    Other things that caught my eye:

    - Ice White (plain, non-metallic white) as a new color choice, in addition to White Pearl
    - a mention of "decor inlays with laminated oak wood" as a standard feature (Does this mean that the aluminum center console "waterfall" will be in oak? On the global Volvo web site they show an oak center console, but I had thought that this might be an optional feature, and might also be for non-US cars.)
    - In addition to the regular leather interior (as part of the Premium Package), there is now an upgraded leather choice called "Sovereign Leather", for an additional $995 over the Premium Package. The interior colors are basically the same, except that the Sovereign Leather also adds the choice of Cacao leather.

    The form that showed this info was labeled as: OSD Pricing for 2008 US C70 models. That said, I might still be interpreting something wrong. Oh, it also seems pretty clear from the pricing that the typical OSD discounted pricing will be applicable to the C70 for 2008.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    OSD pricing has indeed changed. According to an email newsletter from Volvo, you can get the usual 8% discount on 2008 C70s. Volvo expects them to sell out quickly, but you have to figure that competition from BMW and Volkswagen played a part. We paid full sticker for our '07, but have no regrets. We had a great vacation AND we love our convertible.
  • tim2ittim2it Posts: 2
    I got a C70 last month and was glad I did. I took what the dealer got in, as he gets one every three months and it goes out the door fast. I had no choice of equipment, but can say a few things about what I did get. Rear detector was a nice touch, I wish it had come with a front one, but I can add it later if I want. The Dynoaudio is just so totally breathtaking. Better than what 99.9% of the world has in their home theater systems. Worth every penny of the fifteen hundred dollars. Wind shield is a must if you drive with the top down often.
    I live in California and have found that parked in the sun, top up or down, the aluminum trim pieces hold the heat better than anything Wolfgang Puck sells on QVC. The wood trim pieces look cheap and just plain innapropriate, but the brushed aluminum will cook you. I bought a Volvo leatherlike gearshifter replacement for $86.50 and also cut a patch of gray, matching leather for the steering wheel. The steering wheel has metal on the underside from ten to two o'clock. When you turn the wheel a few revolutions, the red hot metal burns your fingertips. I covered the metal with the leather, stitched it tight, and the covered the whole wheel with a memory foam . Works and looks great, and a lot cheaper than the wood. Nothing to do for the parking break and door latches, just don't touch for too long.
    I also got the headlight upgrade and like it as well as the 18 inch alloy wheels with the P zero, run flat tires. Looks and feels nice. Power seats, auto locks and keyless entry are expected.
    I also agree that any built in navagation system is a wastew of money. After market units that you learn once and take from car to car are half the price, with one easy learning curve and do not rely on you buying updated rediculously expensive discs every few years. Skip that one. Good Luck.
  • timcolotimcolo Posts: 2
    I have just bought a 2oo3 hpt and was wondering about a couple of things.
    1. Can I purchase a wood grain steering wheel to match the gear shift....and if so, any idea on where and how much it would cost?

    2. I'd like to know if the windscreen is a valuable option and how it gets set up and stored.
    Any ideas on where to buy one and what the cost might me.

    Lastly, I was told that Volvo offered a navigation system in later model 2003 c70's. Mine doesn't have one. Anyone seen one?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,204
    For answers to all three questions, check with your dealer first. Don't know if the wood wheel is available for your model or the price. The windscreen is definitely a valuable option, and to me, worth the price. Can be purchased at the dealer, around $350 to $400. Sometimes they're on Ebay. Just be sure it will fit. Check the mounting holes in the side of the rear seats, above the reading lights. It will be either a slot or a round hole. The screen must have the correct attachment. The two are not interchangeable. Takes about 30 seconds to install over the back seat and does not interfere with the top's operation. It should come with a zippered bag for storage off the car, but I leave mine installed all the time, unless the back seat is needed. Will fit in the trunk.
    Believe the Navs have to be factory installed. Get a Garmin Nuvi.
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    Our C70 has the climate and premium pkg (xenon headlight, homelink, leather, seat warmers, and compass are what I remember), we also added the sirius sat radio, and rear park assist.

    The navigation was too expensive for our tastes, and wasn't very well integrated into the car (see Acura TSX as example). We are using a nice Garmin portable unit, for half the price, which I can move from car to car as needed.

    We are still learning to enjoy the sat radio; but with the aux input and the MP3 capabilities in our portable Garmin Nuvi 670, we haven't used the sat radio a whole lot. We are about a month into the 6mo. trial, so ask me again in 4mo if what we think... We love the aux input feature for the radio!!!

    The rear park assist seems to work well. The field of view of the sensors is decent. It will take some time before I trust them completely: I still get nervous if I don't know what is behind me.

    Don't waste your money on the Dynaudio upgrade. The premium stereo is awsome and the bass is amazing. We are thrilled with the sound. I also couldn't justify spending more on my car stereo than I did on my home theater system. I kept thinking "I could get a 42" HD TV instead!"

    I think the car options are nearly perfect. Don't know if I would add BLIS if we could. The most awesome thing is to see the car automatically adjust the seat and mirrors for me when I either use "my remote" or seat memory. I can't think of any other options we wish we had.
  • Hi, we picked up the vovlo yesterday 30 Nov at, by 6pm it wouldnt start!! It sounds like it will start but doesnt do the last kick in. We were told by the dealer it could be low battery, it isnt, then could be the immobilser, not sure, we go towed home, the dealer is sending a breakdown truck tommorrow, to look at it on Monday. Any ideas?
    Thaank you
    Julie 15
  • mimswmimsw Posts: 2
    The biggest reason for me and C70 is the hope that the metal top will significantly reduce noise at highway speeds. Is this the case? How would you compare noise levels to a non-convertible Volvo?
  • I can't compare it with other Volvos since I have very little experience with them, but compared with ordinary sedans, minivans, etc. it is a reasonably quiet car inside with the top up. Depending on the weather, I have noticed faint squeaking or clicking sounds coming from the seals between roof sections and the side windows but that usually goes away after a while. I noticed it most on a cold morning after a rainy day when all of the moisture along the seals had frozen. The sounds stopped after the car warmed up a bit. I've noticed the same thing with pop-out windows on minivans. It really doesn't bother me - I just crank up the Dynaudio a little more! I think most people wouldn't guess its a convertible riding in it for the first time if they haven't seen it top down. Certainly road noise wouldn't give it away.
  • Hi
    I'm interested in purchasing a C70. Have you tried washing your car in a car wash. I have read that C70's all leak due to a design error. Have you had any problems?
  • Do all Volvo C70 Convertibles leak when vehicle passes through a car wash? If they all leak then I will not purchase this vehicle. I would appreciate any updated information. ;)
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I wash my C70 at a commercial car wash about once or twice a month and I haven't had any leakage yet (1 1/2 years). If you wash it yourself, I wouldn't aim a pressure nozzle directly at the seams. I am not aware of any design problems. I believe the roof was designed and engineered by Pininfarina, a company that has been in the coachbuilding business about 75 years.
  • I wash it myself, never saw any leakage except for the first time I received the car to my door for delivery. It was filthy coming from CA to NY so I didn't know better, aimed the hose right at the seams and I noticed a teeny drop of water on the inside passenger window. Never saw it again. Car seems very solid.
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